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General Information

About the Party

Core Values

Official Site

Social Media

PNC Quick Reference

How to form a committee
IT Deals with the technology behind the scenes
Pirate National Committee Collaboration of state representatives
Press Puts out press releases
Promotions Makes, collects, and distributes promotional materials
Policy Researches & develops policy

Presidential (Full List)

  • None at the moment

Congressional (Full List)

Judicial (Full List)

  • None at the moment
  • None at the moment




  • S. 3414
  • OPEN Act
  • S. 968 Protect IP Act (AKA:Internet Blacklist, PIPA)
  • HR 801 Fair Copyright in Research Works Act
  • HR 96 Internet Freedom Act
  • HR 848 Performance Rights Act
  • HR 1319 Informed P2P User Act
  • HR 2196 Design Piracy Prohibition Act
  • HR 3261 Stop Online Piracy Act (AKA: SOPA)
  • HR 3699 The Research Works Act
  • HR 4431 Business Should Mind Its Own Business Act
  • HR 5175 Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act


Executive Orders

  • EO Draft - Cyber Security
  • EO 13603 National Defense Resources Preparedness
  • EO 13618 Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions
  • PDD 51 National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive
For/Non-profits and PACs