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We are anti-monopoly. No monopoly should be able to prevent works, tools, or ideas from: being freely used, expressed, exchanged, recombined, or taught; nor to violate individual privacy or human rights. A creator's right to be compensated for their work or idea is only acceptable within these limitations.


The only way that capitalism can succeed is through competition. Regulated competition is one of the strongest forces in humanity. Competition leads to new innovations and expansions of thought. Monopolies are the antithesis of competition. They prohibit innovation and progress merely with their existence. To the capitalist business profit is the motive. To a Monopoly there is no check on how they can achieve this goal. With the rise of Marketing individuals have become the product that is sold. When corporations control our culture and form monopolies of perspective we see a lack of diversity, lack of innovation, lack of information, and a lack of societal progress.