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Talk to people

  • get someone with experience to help me with new state guide and local party organization
  • get a point of contact for PNC and committees
  • Start committees page and sub pages
  • message about german wiki theme, say from ppus
    • caleb gave the go ahead

To-do list Wiki

To-Do Pirate Party FAQ

  • Repair/clarify wording
  • Figure out what 'points of unity' is and fix it
  • Fix list of secretary of state's websites (Make a list linking to specific how to make a party in each state info)
  • Add more FAQ (talk to Vic)
    • Replace broken links
    • flesh out

Aesthetic changes

  • Move 'USPP literature' to resources
  • Use states with at least one point of contact to fill in the map that is linked to on the USPP website main page, take it off the wiki
  • un-bold Nevada, Texas and Washington or find out why it is bolded because it is really annoying (QuazarGuy said that it was okay to unbold so just unbold)
  • change open projects to on-going projects
  • Front page edits
  • Front Header edits
  • Restructure page

Website changes

Potential ideas

  • Making a list of jobs, like things that need upkeep for people to volunteer for.
    • Potential jobs
      • Keeping the political news section updated
      • Keeping an updated list of committees (though this may be a duty for the committee's board if that proposal is approved)
      • Keeping an updated list of legislation
      • Keeping the general information section updated
      • Moderating forums