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Is the United States Pirate Party about filesharing and downloading music and movies for free?

No. Referring to our Points of Unity, "we gather to change laws, not break them." Downloading copyrighted material breaks several laws, and it is not the Pirate Party's goal to break the law, simply to bring the law's perspective into the digital information age. While we do not advocate for breaking current laws we do attempt to point out why current laws regarding Intellectual Property Laws and file sharing are harmful and not based on current evidence surrounding the topic.

What about all the other stuff? Abortion, Immigration, National Defense, et cetera?

Any platforms not covered by the United States Pirate Party are left up to the personal beliefs of the candidate in question. The United States Pirate Party does not seek to cover every possible topic up for political debate.

Each state interprets this in different ways. The USPP reflects how the United States handles politics, the state parties make a majority of the decisions. If you wish to understand what the pirate party believes you should specifically look at your own state as each state may vary widely in their own interpretation of what other issues are addressed.

How do I start my own state Pirate Party?

First, you should visit your Secretary of State's website. A list can be found here. The Office of the Secretary of State is in charge of all companies, corporations, partnerships, etc. that do business in their states, and this includes non-profit government parties (Section 527 under the IRS Tax Code). Each Secretary of State's Office will have specific ballot requirements per state; a certain number of signatures must be collected within a certain time frame in order to be validated in that state.