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We stand for open culture. No one should have the power to prevent the free exchange and expression of ideas, tools, or works.


To repress culture is to instill ignorance. To limit who has access to culture by putting a price on it means spreading ignorance unequally. This is the Core Value that relates to Copyright and Patent reform. Not only do Copyright and Patents restrict access to ideas, tools and works but they also restrict the creation of such. The original purpose of Intellectual Property Laws was to promote innovation yet now we consistently stifle innovation in the pursuit of profit. Intellectual Property was never meant to protect an individual's personal income but to enrich society as a whole. However, Intellectual Property Laws can and have helped to increase innovation in the past. This is why we need to reform copyright and patents. Each individual state party forms their own ideas about the degree to which they are reformed but Open Culture remains a core value of all.


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