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General Information

The Pirate Party of Utah is an unregistered minarchist/anarchist political party in the state of Utah, in the United States. The party is loosely affiliated with the United States Pirate Party and the Vote For Nobody Campaign. Its founding and current Captain is Mark Van Gelder. Mark Van Gelder is looking to turn over the helm to a replacement, as he rejects political power.


The Pirate Party of Utah was formed June 20, 2012 by Mark Van Gelder, an anarchist and former Naval nuclear power plant operator.


The first constitution of the Pirate Party of Utah was written on June 20, 2012. The current and first edition is available here.

The constitution is in need of input and a steering committee. To assist contact Mark Van Gelder


The Pirate Party of Utah has a website under development at http://www.piratepartyutah.com

Anybody wishing to help, please contact Mark Van Gelder or Levi Senft.

Social Media

Note: Please contact Mark Van Gelder if you wish to assist with social networking.



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Contact List

All State Party Members may enter their information if they choose.

Reluctant Captain

Mark Van Gelder

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