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Mailing List

Discord: it-committee channel

PirateIRC: #uspp-it


Nerdherder (Chair): James "Jamie" O'Keefe
Gunner (Vice Chair): Open

Current Projects

Volunteers with their name next to the project are expected to make a reasonable amount of progress each week.

To do:

  • Keep software up to date (Jamie)
    • Remove unused plug ins/themes
  • Keep software up to date
  • Keep software up to date
  • Make look more like
  • Create email templates for
  • Setup txt'ing to/from (Jamie)
  • Clean up dead links in
  • Add archived files to (Jamie)
  • Update/write how-to wiki documents / create how-to videos. Upload to YT/ (Yari)
  • Trello / Kanban?
  • HTML Page for No Safe Harbor Book resources (V)

Possible Projects

  • Test forum functionality on
  • Get SAB list working and officers trained on it
  • Automated weekly emails with links to board/supporters
  • Officer email inboxes?
  • add all youtube videos to web archive

How To Guides

Meeting Minutes