Transparency and Openness

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We stand for transparency and openness. Government activities should not be hidden from the public.


Transparency and accountability are key to maintaining a free, democratic society. A wonderful thing about the constitution is that it guaranteed the Americans the right to assemble. This assembly allows for nationwide protests if necessary. Protests are a necessary part of any democratic system that values checks and balances. The american people give up a small measure of their power by electing representatives, protests allow them to regain this power by communicating what they want from their representatives. This process is necessary to having a truly free society and representatives that actually represent their constituents desires. However, there are issues when there is a lack of Transparency. Without Transparency no one knows what to protest. They cannot offer an opinion or suggest reforms because they have no idea what is happening. Without Transparency in trials and prisons there is no way for watchdogs to protect human rights. When things happen beyond closed doors and no one can see what is happening, freedom cannot be protect but it can be abused.


transparency is used as a means of holding public officials accountable and fighting corruption

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