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Edit this section December 20th

  • Congress is abandoning the 5th amendment (Article)

November 26th

  • Supreme Court rejects plea to ban taping of Illinois police (Article)

November 15th

  • Obama secretly signed a cybersecurity directive (Article)

November 6th

  • President Obama is reelected to office

October 26th

  • The FISA amendments allowing for warrantless wiretapping have gone before the Supreme Court (Article)

October 11th

  • Activist is jailed without charge for remaining silent during a grand jury (Article)

October 9th

  • The Supreme Court declined to hear a telecom privacy invasion lawsuit due to a retroactive protection law passed by Congress in 2008 (Article)

October 3rd

  • The Federal Appeals Court stayed the injunction on the NDAA's indefinite detention clause. (Article)
  • A Senate panel found anti-terror data-sharing centers are useless (Article)

August 16th

  • US Court upholds patent law allowing "isolated" genes to be patented. (Article)

August 15th

  • The US Circuit Court of Appeals in United States vs. Skinner declared that tracking via cell phone GPS falls under "stored communications" and doesn't require a warrant. (Article)

July 19th

  • S.3414 Introduced (govtrack Text)
    • This is a new less destructive form of CISPA, but it still requires work to become an acceptable bill. More about it by the EFF.
    • August 2nd Failed Cloture

June 8th

  • A US Judge shot down a case between Apple and Google calling the US patent system "dysfunctional" (Article)