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Platforms Wish List

  • Student-led Education

To Do:

  • Learn to webdev
    • Get site working and updated
    • Get LF working
  • Create a platforms page
    • Overview
    • Democracy
    • Transparency and Accountability
    • Personal Privacy
    • Free Culture
  • Create tri-fold pamphlet
  • Get No Safe Harbor back up
  • Create candidate templates
  • Hold a Crypto party
  • WA State Questionnaire



The Pirate Party focuses on the issues the mainstream parties ignore, mislead, and hide their positions on. Despite what the major party politicians tell us, we don't have democracy in the United States, only a facade of one. Voting for either major party leads us to a more authoritarian state where we continually hold less and less influence over our own government and as a consequence our lives. To make matters worse, corporations hold ever increasing influence through lobbying and offering congressmen high paying jobs once their terms are up. This has created a situation where our government no longer serves the public, but serves special interests, and in so doing, our government has become secretive, always looking over our shoulders, and inhospitable to small businesses that create jobs.

Our aim is to reform our government to be more democratic so that it is the voices of the people that matter and not those of corporations. We demand a transparent government in order to make it accountable to the people. We demand that law enforcement respect our privacy and only search us when there is probably cause. We demand our culture to be free of limitations so that it and small business may thrive. With these demands, we will create a government we can be proud to say is "of the people, for the people, and by the people."


Washington Specific Articles