Respect local bill posting laws

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Please Post Legally

We get many questions about where to post. The basic rule is that as long as you are representing the Pirate Party, you must follow local laws. Our posters are our representation in the public arena, and and to be taken seriously in the political world, we must respect people's property and all applicable laws. Pirate Party assumes no moral position on where you post, so long as the previous point is respected.

Universities are excellent places to post, as students are energetic and eager. Also because the issues are new and evolving, due to he fact that the technology involved is new and evolving, it makes sense that it would attract voters who are new and evolving. Every school posting policy is different. You must call ahead and check for posting guidelines. One small private school I called allows no political posters at all. Universities and colleges exist within towns, though, and the town may allow you to post up. If you know the traffic of students around town, you will know where best to post.

Many businesses have bulletin boards for notices, especially cafes and such near campus. You can ask permission to post on these. Churches also have bulletin boards, and should be approached, but use your better judgement. Baptists might not be as recepetive as Unitarians.

Many events have literature tables. I went to see Noam Chomsky and Phyllis Bennis speak at a UJP event, and they had a table for people to spread out their literature. Again, ask permission first. Many event have these tables. If you take some flyers with you to the events you attend, you may be pleasantly surprised how eager they are for you to set them out.