Pirate National Committee (PNC)

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The Pirate National Committee is an assembly of representatives from each recognized state Pirate Party.

PNC Membership


Full Membership

  1. A PNC member state must adhere to the three main planks of the Pirate Party. It is not required to adopt, nor is it prohibited from adopting, any other positions.
  2. It must have a membership actively attempting to grow.
  3. It should have both a PNC representative and an alternate, who must both be active members. The state must not miss PNC meetings.
  4. It must have an active web presence and an easy way to be contacted by prospective members.

Observer State Membership

  1. An observer state is any state that sends a PNC representative and which is not a PNC full member state. New observer states must be approved by the PNC.



  • California (Orion Steele, Max Bugrov)
  • Florida (Bradley Hall)
  • Georgia (Jarod Smith)
  • Massachusetts (Eric Zoltan)
  • New York (Lindsay-Anne Brunner)
  • Oregon (Kyle DeVore)
  • Washington (Jeff Talada)
  • Wisconsin (****)


  • Oklahoma (Marcus Kesler)


  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Missouri