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::PNC Meeting Agenda::

--- 9/25/2013 21:00h EDT ---
Room: #pnc


IT Committee Report

Discussion of US involvement in Syria

  • The US shouldn't be the enforcement arm of the UN
  • The US going to war should be the will of the people and not a few
  • All the facts should be out in the open for everyone to see
  • Less classification, more open debate
  • The pressure should be to stop the flow of munitions to both sides
  • Let the Syrians democratically sort out Syrian politics
  • Statement regarding Syria to be drafted by next week

Discussion of content for the main site

  • Content available to be posted on site, site access may be an issue
  • Joseph Klein given access to post on site



1.1 - Members of the PNC


  • WI - Francis Klein
  • FL - Steven Smith
  • OR - Kyle DeVore
  • WA - Jeffrey Talada
  • NY - Daniel Gorski


  • N/A


  • First Mate - Caleb Langeslag
  • CA
  • GA


  • N/A

1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

  • MD - Joseph Yaworski

1.3 - Officers of the PNC

  • Captain - Lindsay Anne Brunner
  • Quartermaster - Daniel Gorski

1.4 - Other Attendess

  • IT Commitee - Joseph Klein
  • International Observer - Andrew Paolucci
  • Pete Fein


  • Meeting called to order at: 9:17pm EDT
  • Meeting chaired by Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Secretary for this meeting is Daniel Gorski
  • Quorum is established: 5 out of 8 Members present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • Joseph Klein received password for site
  • Next meeting will be: Saturday, September 28th at 7pm EDT
  • Jospeh Yaworski volunteered to help IT committee

5 - Agenda Items

  • Discussion of US involvement in Syria
  • Discussion of content for the main site

- AOB -

  • Update on WIPP campaign for governor
    • Interview given with Madison newspaper
    • Delegation to volunteers a success
  • Proposals for IT committee to investigate the possibility of creating a news feed on the USPP website which gathers updates from the state sites, and report back to the PNC by next meeting.
  • Change the bottom of the uspirates page to reflect only those state parties which currently exist by deleting the links to those that do not, and that they report on any progress before or during the next meeting.
  • Reform the Content Committee
    • Francis volunteered to lead
  • Discuss hosting European Pirates
  • Specification of position on issues
  • Formation of Convention Committee
  • Consider removal of non-active states from PNC
    • There have been several states who appear non-responsive to communications and have not sent a representative to PNC meetings as required.
    • Meetings have been harder to start as such.

Next meeting: October 2nd at 9:00 PM EDT

Meeting closed: 11:14 PM EDT

Logs of the Meeting

Sep 25 21:17:55 <kusanagi>        time is now 9:17, I call this meeting of the national committee of the united states pirate party to order
Sep 25 21:18:15 <kusanagi>        Please identify with your full name, state of representation or residence.
Sep 25 21:18:51 <kusanagi>        Lindsay-Anne Brunner, Capt., Ny
Sep 25 21:18:52 <FrancisKlein>        Francis Klein, WI
Sep 25 21:18:56 <narrenburg>        Steven Smith, FL
Sep 25 21:19:08 <OyajiVyse>        Daniel Gorski, Quartermaster, NY Rep
Sep 25 21:19:39 <MrSquared>        Kyle DeVore, OR
Sep 25 21:19:55 <Bosun>        Joseph Klein, WI 
Sep 25 21:21:27 <kusanagi>        To clear for the record, Bosun, you're here for IT, and FrancisKlein you're here as the rep?
Sep 25 21:21:36 <Bosun>        yep.
Sep 25 21:21:41 <FrancisKlein>        correct
Sep 25 21:21:52 <kusanagi>        QuazarGuy: are you in?
Sep 25 21:22:45 <QuazarGuy>        Jeffrey Talada, Washington
Sep 25 21:22:50 <kusanagi>        awesome
Sep 25 21:23:12 <kusanagi>        So, first thing up
Sep 25 21:23:18 <kusanagi>        Bosun: what's happening with IT?
Sep 25 21:24:28 <Bosun>        I still have yet to get password. - I'll put out the red lights and flashing signs for Saturdays meeting and I ask everyone interested to attend.
Sep 25 21:24:54 <kusanagi>        Password for?
Sep 25 21:25:01 <Bosun>        website.
Sep 25 21:25:13 <kusanagi>        You're serious.
Sep 25 21:25:18 <Bosun>        yes
Sep 25 21:25:21 <kusanagi>        Caled still hasn't given it.
Sep 25 21:25:31 <Bosun>        no
Sep 25 21:25:36 <kusanagi>        I'm PMing you his number right now.
Sep 25 21:26:07 <kusanagi>        I'll also schedule some posts.. maybe that will help out
Sep 25 21:26:46 <FrancisKlein>        kusanagi? May I make a motion?
Sep 25 21:27:19 <kusanagi>        go right ahead
Sep 25 21:27:23 <FrancisKlein>        Pursuant to fixing the situation with the IT committee, I move that the PNC unanimously direct Caleb to immediately give the website password to Bosun. 
Sep 25 21:27:38 <FrancisKlein>        unless there are objections, of course
Sep 25 21:28:12 <Bosun>        Let me call him ...
Sep 25 21:28:24 <kusanagi>        We can have Bosun call him
Sep 25 21:28:49 <FrancisKlein>        I think he already did...
Sep 25 21:29:14 <Bosun>        again
Sep 25 21:29:29 <jyaworski>        Joseph Yaworski, MD. I'd like to volunteer my knowledge and skills to IT if needed. I work as a professional SysAdmin. Let me know if I can be of assistance.
Sep 25 21:30:07 <kusanagi>        Any help we can get is needed
Sep 25 21:30:39 <Bosun>        If you can attend Saturday and also Francis to discuss content. My number is 414 628-3380 and mail is
Sep 25 21:31:00 <FrancisKlein>        yes.
Sep 25 21:31:14 <FrancisKlein>        seeing no second to my motion, I retract said motion
Sep 25 21:31:24 <kusanagi>        Bosun: this is a logged meeting, if you want that stuck from the record, since there's personal information
Sep 25 21:31:40 <Bosun>        Yes I don't mind.
Sep 25 21:31:49 <kusanagi>        Ok.
Sep 25 21:31:53 <kusanagi>        just double checking
Sep 25 21:32:10 <Bosun>        I will not hide under a rock.
Sep 25 21:32:37 <kusanagi>        understandable... unlike others around here..
Sep 25 21:33:45 <kusanagi>        Does the IT people want to say anything more? Perhaps the time of the meeting, so I don't mess it up again while posting?
Sep 25 21:33:49 <QuazarGuy>        I'm not sure chairs get to make quips
Sep 25 21:34:12 <Bosun>        Next Meeting on Saturday 5pm Eastern 6pm Central 7pm Mountain 8pm Pacific.
Sep 25 21:34:23 <Bosun>        I appoligise.
Sep 25 21:35:34 <kusanagi>        Wait, is that backward?
Sep 25 21:36:21 <Bosun>        No … the rock statement feed the beast.
Sep 25 21:36:33 <kusanagi>        I meant the times.
Sep 25 21:36:42 <QuazarGuy>        The timezones are backward Bosun
Sep 25 21:36:46 <Bosun>        ooops 
Sep 25 21:36:57 <kusanagi>        8pm eastern?
Sep 25 21:37:14 <Bosun>        7 eastern six kentral 5 mountain 4 pacific
Sep 25 21:37:25 <Bosun>        central
Sep 25 21:37:35 <Bosun>        I'm bad
Sep 25 21:37:40 <kusanagi>        okay, 7 Eastern. I'll have it posted
Sep 25 21:37:55 <kusanagi>        no worries, as long as the record and I have it right, all is good
Sep 25 21:40:38 <kusanagi>        okay, that said
Sep 25 21:40:44 <kusanagi>        moving onward to the items
Sep 25 21:41:10 <kusanagi>        Discussion of US involvement in Syria is first
Sep 25 21:42:28 <narrenburg>        Point of order: switching to Xchat
Sep 25 21:42:33 <kusanagi>        OyajiVyse: did you have sometihng more, ah, specific?
Sep 25 21:42:38 <kusanagi>        narrenburg: go ahead.
Sep 25 21:42:41 *        narrenburg has quit ()
Sep 25 21:43:37 *        narrenburg ( has joined #pnc
Sep 25 21:43:54 <FrancisKlein>        who put this discussion item on the agenda?
Sep 25 21:43:57 <kusanagi>        He did.
Sep 25 21:44:06 <FrancisKlein>        narrenburg?
Sep 25 21:44:09 <kusanagi>        No, OyajiVyse 
Sep 25 21:44:12 <FrancisKlein>        oh
Sep 25 21:44:13 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Sep 25 21:44:24 <FrancisKlein>        gotcha
Sep 25 21:44:39 <kusanagi>        If anyone wants to bring up anything in regard to that topic, though, go straight ahead
Sep 25 21:44:40 <narrenburg>        yes
Sep 25 21:44:45 <OyajiVyse>        well, basically, what stance do we take on it, and how is it affected by the whole debaucle with PRISM
Sep 25 21:45:20 <OyajiVyse>        overstepping bounds and lack of transparency, I felt it was appropriate to bring up
Sep 25 21:45:29 <FrancisKlein>        fair enough.
Sep 25 21:45:30 <QuazarGuy>        I don't see how PRISM affects Syria
Sep 25 21:45:52 <Bosun>        PRISM pissed of the UK Parlament
Sep 25 21:45:56 <OyajiVyse>        not directly, but all of this happening within the span of a few months doesn't exactly put the US in the brightest of lights
Sep 25 21:46:24 <QuazarGuy>        that's because the government is doing shady things
Sep 25 21:46:36 <FrancisKlein>        The US was never in the brightest of lights, but nonetheless, they are two separate issues.
Sep 25 21:46:36 <QuazarGuy>        that's why we're here
Sep 25 21:47:00 <FrancisKlein>        We should put out a public position on syria and on PRISM in my opinion
Sep 25 21:47:17 <FrancisKlein>        although Syria is tricky
Sep 25 21:47:41 <narrenburg>        A PRISM statement is three months overdue, so I echo FrancisKlein's point.
Sep 25 21:47:43 <Bosun>        \ in International relations all issues are intertwined.
Sep 25 21:48:04 <kusanagi>        We did a statement for prism, iirc
Sep 25 21:48:13 <jyaworski>        Do we really want to make a statement on foreign policy at this time? I believe we should stick to out strengths.
Sep 25 21:48:20 <jyaworski>        *our
Sep 25 21:48:49 <FrancisKlein>        Yes, i believe we can't make a foreign policy statement soon enough
Sep 25 21:49:02 <FrancisKlein>        the more concrete we are about our statements the better
Sep 25 21:49:09 <FrancisKlein>        but we don't have to be for or against
Sep 25 21:49:20 <narrenburg>        The acronym "PRISM" in relation to the National Security Agency was publicized after the 8th of June, which is when the last USPP press release was published.
Sep 25 21:49:21 <QuazarGuy>        we're for actual democracy, we could say we'd support the people of Syria taking command of their own futures
Sep 25 21:49:33 <OyajiVyse>        we do also need content for the site
Sep 25 21:49:36 <FrancisKlein>        we could even write two or three positions based on the different views within the party
Sep 25 21:49:54 <narrenburg>        So, no, there's no public position on PRISM specifically.
Sep 25 21:49:57 <jyaworski>        We need a consistent message at the national level.
Sep 25 21:50:33 <QuazarGuy>        No PRISM would be a good start
Sep 25 21:50:38 <Bosun>        Spying on people is bad
Sep 25 21:50:47 <narrenburg>        m'kay
Sep 25 21:50:52 <FrancisKlein>        Yes and no... we should have a consistent message, but we can still point out the validities in the opposition argument
Sep 25 21:51:09 <FrancisKlein>        I feel that our democratic open debate is one of the strenghts of our party - 
Sep 25 21:51:11 <QuazarGuy>        of which there are none
Sep 25 21:51:29 <FrancisKlein>        I'm talking about Syria, not PRISM
Sep 25 21:51:43 <FrancisKlein>        on PRISM, i agree
Sep 25 21:51:45 <FrancisKlein>        completely
Sep 25 21:52:26 <FrancisKlein>        I'm trying to say that publishing a comprehensive 'guide
Sep 25 21:52:27 <QuazarGuy>        let's pick one to talk about
Sep 25 21:52:41 <FrancisKlein>        as it were about our position on one issue would be awesome
Sep 25 21:52:53 <FrancisKlein>        and we could acknowledge the counter argument
Sep 25 21:53:02 <FrancisKlein>        yes, let's pick a topic
Sep 25 21:53:03 <FrancisKlein>        sorry
Sep 25 21:53:31 <kusanagi>        we're on syria currently
Sep 25 21:53:35 <kusanagi>        try to keep it there
Sep 25 21:53:40 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Sep 25 21:54:25 <FrancisKlein>        I believe that US intervention should only be following a UN declaration of such intervention
Sep 25 21:54:35 <FrancisKlein>        i.e., follow international law.
Sep 25 21:54:52 <FrancisKlein>        (which the US seems really, really bad at doing)
Sep 25 21:55:22 <narrenburg>        Seems pretty ironic since the GA's in NYC and the US pretty much made the UN.
Sep 25 21:55:22 <OyajiVyse>        agreed, there wasn't any need for US to intervene directly
Sep 25 21:55:24 <Bosun>        Syria is being dictated by the missteps taken over the last decade. Finally we are talking about Congress having war powers and stepping away from a unitary executive.
Sep 25 21:55:56 <Bosun>        But the necons still rant.
Sep 25 21:56:05 <Bosun>        neocons ..
Sep 25 21:56:15 <QuazarGuy>        The US shouldn't be the enforcement arm of the UN
Sep 25 21:56:32 <kusanagi>        QuazarGuy: agreed fully
Sep 25 21:56:40 <QuazarGuy>        there are UN peacekeeper forces
Sep 25 21:56:44 <Bosun>        ever read Empire?
Sep 25 21:57:49 <Bosun>        Empire
Sep 25 21:57:50 <Bosun>        Book by Antonio Negri
Sep 25 21:57:50 <Bosun>        Empire is a book by post-Marxist philosophers Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt. Written in the mid-1990s, it was published in 2000 and quickly sold beyond its expectations as an academic work. Wikipedia
Sep 25 21:57:50 <Bosun>        Published: 2000
Sep 25 21:57:50 <Bosun>        Authors: Antonio Negri, Michael Hardt
Sep 25 21:57:51 <Bosun>        Followed by: Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire
Sep 25 21:58:12 <kusanagi>        Please stay on course
Sep 25 21:58:25 <FrancisKlein>        I'm sure it is, knowing Bosun
Sep 25 21:59:01 <FrancisKlein>        he will now explain how Empire is an analogy to our situation in Syria - or what we should not do
Sep 25 21:59:48 <QuazarGuy>        did the Syrians vote in US elections? why should they treat our forces as legitimate?
Sep 25 22:00:05 <Bosun>        The US acts like the Roman pro console for the global economic empire.
Sep 25 22:00:13 <FrancisKlein>        Im not arguing they should
Sep 25 22:00:19 <Bosun>        is the point of the book.
Sep 25 22:00:56 <FrancisKlein>        quazarguy, I completely agree - my point was that the US should not act at all until the UN says we should.
Sep 25 22:00:59 <Bosun>        Pour gins into Syria or troops is not the answer.
Sep 25 22:01:05 <FrancisKlein>        not act once the UN says syria is wrong
Sep 25 22:01:37 <Bosun>        Pouring guns. … god I cannot type on this thing.
Sep 25 22:01:45 <QuazarGuy>        the UN doesn't have the authority to send countries to war
Sep 25 22:02:22 <QuazarGuy>        the UN can't order a country to do anything
Sep 25 22:02:26 <FrancisKlein>        true
Sep 25 22:02:30 <Bosun>        The authority at the UN comes from its sovereign members.
Sep 25 22:02:52 <QuazarGuy>        their goal is to get countries to talk and come to concensus
Sep 25 22:02:54 <Bosun>        It has no authority except by treaty.
Sep 25 22:03:02 <narrenburg>        Even though the directions of the UN are just resolutions, they still carry important messages.
Sep 25 22:03:34 <narrenburg>        And if you don't adhere to them, you're seen as an entity which doesn't follow international law.
Sep 25 22:03:51 <Bosun>        The pressure should be to stop the floe of munitions to both sides.
Sep 25 22:04:13 <QuazarGuy>        that I'll agree with
Sep 25 22:04:33 <Bosun>        International Law is just traditional conventions.
Sep 25 22:05:50 <Bosun>        Who in the opposition is talking about building a democratic nation?
Sep 25 22:06:20 <QuazarGuy>        there are many opposition groups
Sep 25 22:06:37 <QuazarGuy>        several are fed weapons by the US
Sep 25 22:07:06 <Bosun>        So why are we not transparent about who we send arms to? 
Sep 25 22:07:34 *        kusanagi gives voice to narrenburg
Sep 25 22:07:49 <QuazarGuy>        I think that transparency ends with the US, every other country in the world knows
Sep 25 22:07:50 <Bosun>        Or money for that matter?
Sep 25 22:09:11 <Bosun>        This should be what we are against. Who is making our choices. We want it to be the American people and not some faction at CIA or NSA headquarters.
Sep 25 22:09:14 <kusanagi>        Various reasons, I'd guess. Personal favors, CIA stuff..
Sep 25 22:10:36 <Bosun>        we want all the cans of worms opened an dumped out.
Sep 25 22:10:50 <FrancisKlein>        agreement with bosun on the who is making choices
Sep 25 22:10:56 <FrancisKlein>        and WORMS!!! :D
Sep 25 22:11:13 <Bosun>        IMHO -
Sep 25 22:12:14 <QuazarGuy>        you're saying the US going to war should be the will of the people and not a few
Sep 25 22:12:50 <Bosun>        Yes.
Sep 25 22:13:14 <jyaworski>        This is how it is in a representative democracy; it is always the will of the few, even at the ostensible request of the 
Sep 25 22:13:17 <jyaworski>        "people."
Sep 25 22:14:09 <jyaworski>        Take Dianne Feinstein, who said that the supermajority of her constituents didn't support the war, but then said "but they don't know what I know. They don't go to the briefings." Which are, by the way, classified.
Sep 25 22:14:23 <Bosun>        We have note declared war since 1941.
Sep 25 22:14:41 <Bosun>        not
Sep 25 22:14:42 <adpaolucci>        thats because you americans like to sneak attack
Sep 25 22:14:49 <adpaolucci>        or just go on "AID missions"
Sep 25 22:14:52 <QuazarGuy>        all the facts should be out in the open for everyone to see
Sep 25 22:14:58 <kusanagi>        adpaolucci: please identify
Sep 25 22:15:28 *        kusanagi (~kusanagi@us.newyork.pirate) has left #pnc (Leaving)
Sep 25 22:15:34 *        kusanagi (~kusanagi@us.newyork.pirate) has joined #pnc
Sep 25 22:15:34 *        ChanServ gives channel operator status to kusanagi
Sep 25 22:15:41 <kusanagi>        sorry, misclick
Sep 25 22:15:53 <adpaolucci>        I am Andrew Paolucci, outside international observer
Sep 25 22:15:59 <kusanagi>        thank you
Sep 25 22:16:11 <kusanagi>        the facts should be out there, but they are not. 
Sep 25 22:17:01 <Bosun>        And we should advocate for open public discourse and revelation of fact.
Sep 25 22:17:19 <kusanagi>        Shall we put together a statement as such?
Sep 25 22:17:52 <jyaworski>        One of our strengths is our strong commitment to radical transparency. Less classification, more open debate.
Sep 25 22:17:52 <QuazarGuy>        I was copying some of the ideas to the pad
Sep 25 22:18:38 <kusanagi>        QuazarGuy: thanks.
Sep 25 22:20:40 <Bosun>        We should stick to a platform of the way government should operate and not get hung up on the ends. Ends are for religions and Bolsheviks. 
Sep 25 22:21:14 <QuazarGuy>        let the Syrians democratically sort out Syrian politics themselves
Sep 25 22:21:39 <Bosun>        yes encourage negotiation
Sep 25 22:22:12 <Bosun>        Killing just breeds more hate.
Sep 25 22:22:26 *        Fatbag has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
Sep 25 22:23:14 <QuazarGuy>        any outside intervention will be seen as illegitimate by the Syrians and will eventually lead to more civil unrest
Sep 25 22:23:29 <adpaolucci>        Just like Iraq?
Sep 25 22:23:39 <QuazarGuy>        haha yeah
Sep 25 22:24:42 <Bosun>        Syria was once the jewel of the Eastern Empire and later of Islam. It has a great tradition as a center of civilization.
Sep 25 22:24:46 <kusanagi>        Not to cut this short, but we do have other items to get to.
Sep 25 22:25:11 <Bosun>        I fall silent now.
Sep 25 22:25:27 <kusanagi>        Should we work on a statement?
Sep 25 22:25:31 <FrancisKlein>        do we need a motion to create a first draft statement?
Sep 25 22:27:50 <kusanagi>        No, especially because we're not going to have time to finish a statement before closing
Sep 25 22:27:53 <Bosun>        I suggest Motion to draft a statement by next week. Francis and I are willing to draft
Sep 25 22:28:14 <kusanagi>        No motion required, I believe.
Sep 25 22:29:06 <narrenburg>        May you piratenpad it, please?
Sep 25 22:29:10 <kusanagi>        ^
Sep 25 22:29:30 <kusanagi>        Let us know the location of it, and hopefully something can be done by Friday or Saturday
Sep 25 22:29:33 <Bosun>        yes and put on SAB
Sep 25 22:29:34 <FrancisKlein>        did quazarguy already start a piratenpad?
Sep 25 22:29:40 <QuazarGuy>        no
Sep 25 22:29:48 <FrancisKlein>        ok i thought you said you did
Sep 25 22:30:02 <FrancisKlein>        "I was copying some of the ideas to the pad"
Sep 25 22:30:35 <QuazarGuy>        I have to go soon, Washington could use help writing up a candidate questionnaire, I will leave a link to the pad for it on the pad for this meeting
Sep 25 22:30:54 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: he meant the agenda
Sep 25 22:30:58 <FrancisKlein>        ok. thanks. we will have it done by next meeting
Sep 25 22:31:01 <FrancisKlein>        yes i see that
Sep 25 22:31:31 <kusanagi>        Okay, moving onward
Sep 25 22:31:41 <kusanagi>        Discussion of content for the main site was next..
Sep 25 22:32:11 <FrancisKlein>        we need more content, and I need to post my candidacy stuff
Sep 25 22:32:20 <FrancisKlein>        where on the website should I post?
Sep 25 22:32:43 <FrancisKlein>        I have speeches and position papers everywhere
Sep 25 22:33:36 <kusanagi>        If there's a PR for the candidacy, I can post it to social media 
Sep 25 22:33:45 <kusanagi>        the main site is under IT, and no password..
Sep 25 22:34:40 <FrancisKlein>        so... nobody can post content on site without IT password
Sep 25 22:34:48 <FrancisKlein>        correct?
Sep 25 22:34:51 <kusanagi>        From my understanding, yeah.
Sep 25 22:34:57 <FrancisKlein>        that's what I was afraid of
Sep 25 22:35:09 <FrancisKlein>        I thought caleb said we could post, just not edit site itself
Sep 25 22:35:13 <FrancisKlein>        I should go try...
Sep 25 22:35:26 <kusanagi>        Go ahead, maybe I was mistaken
Sep 25 22:36:10 <FrancisKlein>        yeah I don't see anything at first glance
Sep 25 22:36:22 <kusanagi>        :/
Sep 25 22:36:42 <kusanagi>        that's not what I hoped.
Sep 25 22:37:13 <OyajiVyse>        I have access to the site
Sep 25 22:37:22 <OyajiVyse>        tell me what you need, and I"ll post it
Sep 25 22:37:45 <Bosun>        More sub delegation.
Sep 25 22:38:01 <OyajiVyse>        can I give access to site?
Sep 25 22:38:24 <Bosun>        I would like it.
Sep 25 22:38:28 <kusanagi>        OyajiVyse: if you can, yeah
Sep 25 22:38:32 <kusanagi>        go right ahead
Sep 25 22:39:21 <Bosun>        you have my mail above
Sep 25 22:40:36 <kusanagi>        noted
Sep 25 22:41:06 <kusanagi>        are we good -- can we move to AOB?
Sep 25 22:42:58 <FrancisKlein>        if bosun has access then we are good because we have the ability to post PR stuff 
Sep 25 22:43:25 <kusanagi>        just note that it's from PPWI in the top of the release, and we're good
Sep 25 22:43:45 <OyajiVyse>        just set up Bosun
Sep 25 22:43:45 <FrancisKlein>        of course
Sep 25 22:43:50 <FrancisKlein>        awesome
Sep 25 22:43:54 <kusanagi>        wonderful
Sep 25 22:43:56 <OyajiVyse>        now waiting to see if I did it right lol
Sep 25 22:44:15 <kusanagi>        FrancisKlein: how's the campaign moving/
Sep 25 22:44:25 <Bosun>        not master key … but a key
Sep 25 22:44:57 <FrancisKlein>        campaign is moving well - got an interview with madison newspaper, will let you know when they publish
Sep 25 22:45:37 <FrancisKlein>        starting to finally delegate to volunteers, looking forward to establishing a good base so that we can get more than the amount of sigs needed for ballot status
Sep 25 22:46:04 <kusanagi>        good!
Sep 25 22:46:07 <FrancisKlein>        At the rate we are working, website should be beautiful and fully operational within the month
Sep 25 22:46:21 <FrancisKlein>        within A month, not by the end of Sept
Sep 25 22:46:23 <FrancisKlein>        sorry
Sep 25 22:46:46 <kusanagi>        gotcha
Sep 25 22:46:47 <FrancisKlein>        and I have got my hands on a voter database for free
Sep 25 22:47:08 <FrancisKlein>        so now we can use that to canvass/phonebank
Sep 25 22:47:12 <FrancisKlein>        which will be wonderful
Sep 25 22:47:33 <FrancisKlein>        I'm having people wright up scripts for phonebanking and canvassing
Sep 25 22:47:34 <kusanagi>        awesome
Sep 25 22:47:58 <FrancisKlein>        and I'm continuing to release position papers and deride scott walker on twitter in the nicest way possible
Sep 25 22:48:17 <FrancisKlein>        so - all good news.
Sep 25 22:48:28 <OyajiVyse>        12 minutes to end of meeting btw
Sep 25 22:48:34 <FrancisKlein>        I just would like to reference you all to the facebook page -
Sep 25 22:48:48 <FrancisKlein>        hope you can like it and share it with friends.
Sep 25 22:49:02 <FrancisKlein>        we may be a state race, but that does not mean that your support is useless.
Sep 25 22:49:19 <kusanagi>        deriding in the nicest way possible, taking a page from my book ;)
Sep 25 22:49:29 <FrancisKlein>        In fact, as a third party candidate that makes out of state support all the more important
Sep 25 22:49:44 <FrancisKlein>        so please check out what we have going there
Sep 25 22:49:48 <FrancisKlein>        thats it
Sep 25 22:49:49 <FrancisKlein>         thanks
Sep 25 22:49:50 <kusanagi>        awesome
Sep 25 22:49:51 <FrancisKlein>        :)
Sep 25 22:50:10 <kusanagi>        the next few things were IT specific
Sep 25 22:50:16 <FrancisKlein>        yes indeed they were
Sep 25 22:50:19 <kusanagi>        can those wait until saturday's IT meeting?
Sep 25 22:50:56 <FrancisKlein>        if nobody has objections to them, I don't see why not. They do not have to be PNC motions if they still get done.
Sep 25 22:51:14 <FrancisKlein>        But I think we should make sure that everyone agrees on those proposals
Sep 25 22:51:29 <FrancisKlein>        otherwise I don't think addressing it outside of PNC is legitimate
Sep 25 22:52:33 <OyajiVyse>        well if we can get through them in the next 8 minutes, I'm all for it
Sep 25 22:52:36 <kusanagi>        IT is an extension of the PNC and has full authority to act however it needs to to accomplish its goals
Sep 25 22:52:45 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Sep 25 22:52:53 <FrancisKlein>        will bring up at IT committee then
Sep 25 22:53:03 <kusanagi>        awesome
Sep 25 22:53:06 <FrancisKlein>        I was not aware if they needed a motion or not
Sep 25 22:53:10 <kusanagi>        they do not
Sep 25 22:53:15 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Sep 25 22:53:19 <kusanagi>        but that is appreciated
Sep 25 22:53:48 <kusanagi>        the committee topics, can they be included in next weeks agenda?
Sep 25 22:54:00 <FrancisKlein>        If IT cannot address on Sat due to lack of people on IT, then I will bring it up next week
Sep 25 22:54:04 <FrancisKlein>        and yes absolutely
Sep 25 22:54:07 <kusanagi>        only because we are short on time and someone is waiting ever so patiently
Sep 25 22:54:12 <FrancisKlein>        I didn't write all of them for just one night
Sep 25 22:54:14 <kusanagi>        thank you thank you
Sep 25 22:54:15 <kusanagi>        <3
Sep 25 22:54:32 <kusanagi>        ok, many of us hae heard of
Sep 25 22:54:45 <kusanagi>        we have n0pants here to talk about a rally going on next month
Sep 25 22:54:54 <kusanagi>        but he has 6 minutes.
Sep 25 22:54:54 <n0pants>        oh hi
Sep 25 22:55:02 <kusanagi>        can you introduce yourself?
Sep 25 22:55:02 <n0pants>        gr8 :-)
Sep 25 22:55:32 <kusanagi>        and the rally, of course
Sep 25 22:56:00 <n0pants>        I'm an agent w/ Telecomix (ad-hoc hacktivist cluster)
Sep 25 22:56:11 <kusanagi>        name please.
Sep 25 22:56:18 <n0pants>        currently I'm helping out folks on
Sep 25 22:56:40 <n0pants>        they're organizing protest in DC on Oct 26 & lobbying congress the day before
Sep 25 22:56:51 <n0pants>        busing people in, etc.
Sep 25 22:57:14 <n0pants>        we're looking for groups/indiv./corps to add as supporters
Sep 25 22:57:33 <n0pants>        and asking for help reaching out to your members
Sep 25 22:57:41 <n0pants>        big push starts tomorrow
Sep 25 22:57:52 <n0pants>        ...
Sep 25 22:57:58 <n0pants>        that's about it, I think
Sep 25 22:58:03 <kusanagi>        name. :)
Sep 25 22:58:08 <n0pants>        OH RIGHT
Sep 25 22:58:15 <kusanagi>        lol
Sep 25 22:58:37 <kusanagi>        I gave the word that USPP does support the rally
Sep 25 22:58:42 <n0pants>        sorry, my name's Pete Fein / @wearpants / this is me:
Sep 25 22:59:02 <Bosun>        sans-culottes?
Sep 25 22:59:08 <kusanagi>        and state parties should consider endorsing it as well
Sep 25 23:00:11 <OyajiVyse>        very cool
Sep 25 23:00:17 <OyajiVyse>        on that note, time is up
Sep 25 23:00:27 <OyajiVyse>        motion to adjourn the meeting
Sep 25 23:00:32 <FrancisKlein>        econd
Sep 25 23:00:33 <kusanagi>        We can go a few more minutes
Sep 25 23:00:38 <kusanagi>        we did start late
Sep 25 23:01:04 <n0pants>        I'll keep a bouncer here if folks have questions or want to endorse
Sep 25 23:01:10 <kusanagi>        n0pants: any word on when USPP will show on the site as a endorsement?
Sep 25 23:01:37 *        Fatbag ( has joined #pnc
Sep 25 23:01:54 <kusanagi>        And a few quick rundown of things
Sep 25 23:01:56 <n0pants>        kusanagi: mmm, might be a little bit, everyone's heads down for launch, but should be in next few days at most
Sep 25 23:02:13 <kusanagi>        awesome. 
Sep 25 23:02:32 <kusanagi>        i have posts going up ~1030am Eastern, so there's that
Sep 25 23:02:38 <kusanagi>        Washington is requesting help on developing a candidate questionnaire:
Sep 25 23:02:54 <kusanagi>        if you have anything to add, please do so on behalf of WAPP
Sep 25 23:03:38 <kusanagi>        and this last thing: Consider the removal of non-active states from the pNC
Sep 25 23:04:03 <kusanagi>        meetings are harder to start when people don't want to show, or member-state parties fall off the planet
Sep 25 23:04:33 <kusanagi>        Or don't want to show
Sep 25 23:04:40 <kusanagi>        They can easily rejoin later
Sep 25 23:04:53 <kusanagi>        but for everyone's sake so we can actually get meetings rolling.
Sep 25 23:05:16 <kusanagi>        And that's all I have
Sep 25 23:05:26 <kusanagi>        Anyone wish to add anything, n0pants included?
Sep 25 23:06:06 <OyajiVyse>        nothing on my end
Sep 25 23:06:14 <FrancisKlein>        don't think so
Sep 25 23:06:23 <MrSquared>        I had a comment
Sep 25 23:06:53 <kusanagi>        go ahead
Sep 25 23:07:18 <MrSquared>        We shouldn't let the negativity of individuals bring us down. We should try our best to not "feed the trolls" as they say.
Sep 25 23:07:51 <MrSquared>        Just an observation
Sep 25 23:07:56 <kusanagi>        I assume you're referring to one or two individuals in particular?
Sep 25 23:08:04 <MrSquared>        Yes'm
Sep 25 23:08:05 <kusanagi>        mostly SAB list?
Sep 25 23:08:16 <MrSquared>        Correct
Sep 25 23:08:36 <FrancisKlein>        Did I respond to that in a bad way?
Sep 25 23:08:39 <kusanagi>        I don't take it personally, at least not anymore
Sep 25 23:08:44 <kusanagi>        no, you did so wonderfully
Sep 25 23:08:58 <kusanagi>        notice his lack of response
Sep 25 23:09:03 <FrancisKlein>        ok good because it pissed me off
Sep 25 23:09:08 <MrSquared>        No, it was great, thank you for keeping the peace
Sep 25 23:09:12 <FrancisKlein>        and his lack of attendance
Sep 25 23:09:16 <FrancisKlein>        ...
Sep 25 23:09:21 <FrancisKlein>        anyway
Sep 25 23:09:22 <kusanagi>        see above about pnc removal
Sep 25 23:09:35 <MrSquared>        mm
Sep 25 23:09:41 <FrancisKlein>        well, at least he spoke up
Sep 25 23:09:46 <kusanagi>        yeah
Sep 25 23:09:54 <FrancisKlein>        better than not saying anything, i guess
Sep 25 23:09:56 <kusanagi>        and seriously, if there's anything that needs to be brought up
Sep 25 23:10:01 <kusanagi>        email dan or me
Sep 25 23:10:02 <FrancisKlein>        absolutely
Sep 25 23:10:03 <kusanagi>        or call me
Sep 25 23:10:15 <kusanagi>        seriously, the tx pirates call all the time
Sep 25 23:10:21 <FrancisKlein>        haha really?
Sep 25 23:10:38 <kusanagi>        yep!
Sep 25 23:10:47 <FrancisKlein>        can you PM me phone number? I don't think I have it
Sep 25 23:11:08 <kusanagi> has it
Sep 25 23:11:13 <FrancisKlein>        oh right
Sep 25 23:11:13 <FrancisKlein>        ok
Sep 25 23:11:17 <kusanagi>        I've gotten some great stories out of it too
Sep 25 23:11:24 <kusanagi>        but that's for another time
Sep 25 23:11:25 <FrancisKlein>        i bet
Sep 25 23:11:30 <FrancisKlein>        ...
Sep 25 23:11:34 <FrancisKlein>        motion to adjourn?
Sep 25 23:11:40 <kusanagi>        if you wanna
Sep 25 23:11:41 <kusanagi>        lol
Sep 25 23:11:43 <FrancisKlein>        so moved
Sep 25 23:11:49 <kusanagi>        dan's grumbling, prolly
Sep 25 23:11:57 <kusanagi>        any seconds?
Sep 25 23:12:05 <OyajiVyse>        second
Sep 25 23:12:11 <OyajiVyse>        why'd I be grumbling?
Sep 25 23:12:52 <OyajiVyse>        all in favor?
Sep 25 23:12:55 <FrancisKlein>        aye
Sep 25 23:12:58 <OyajiVyse>        aye
Sep 25 23:13:11 <kusanagi>        because i ignored your motion
Sep 25 23:13:14 <MrSquared>        aye
Sep 25 23:13:21 <kusanagi>        ping narrenburg 
Sep 25 23:13:33 <kusanagi>        I know QuazarGuy left for the night
Sep 25 23:14:41 <kusanagi>        well, we're way over time anyway
Sep 25 23:14:49 <kusanagi>        calling it for the night, 11:14
Sep 25 23:14:58 <OyajiVyse>        3 aye, 2 abstain