PNC 7/26/20

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Record of the meeting


[9:03pm] Bosun: Please identify
[9:03pm] Sayyida: Megan Klein Vice Chair
[9:04pm] Pirate_69691: Hawaii Pirate Party - HIPP
[9:04pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Massachusetts, Party Secretary
[9:04pm] Bosun: Joseph Klein USPP chair Wisconsin.
[9:04pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Massachusetts, Treasurer
[9:04pm] yari: Rose Klein, California
[9:05pm] Bosun: HIPP, we use real names on the ID.
[9:06pm] Pirate_69691: Sorry, Esme Dudoit of HIPP
[9:06pm] Bosun: @Joe I need co[pies of the current bank statement. I need to fill out the biannual report for DC by Friday,
[9:06pm] Sayyida: hallooooo Esme!!
[9:07pm] Joe: Sure, though I have received no contributions except for MA....
[9:07pm] Bosun: Just scan and mail please.
[9:07pm] Pirate_69691: Aloha sayyida
[9:08pm] Bosun: I think we have checks in the mailbox. I will check on Monday.
[9:10pm] yari: agenda items?
[9:10pm] Sayyida: *nods*
[9:10pm] Bosun: HI has sent dues, correct?
[9:10pm] Pirate_69691: Correct
[9:11pm] Bosun: OK we need to get CA back officially.
[9:11pm] Joe: Any word from NY?
[9:11pm] yari: Yep
[9:11pm] yari: Sorry that was about CA
[9:11pm] • Joe nods to yari.
[9:12pm] Bosun: Sayyida, didi you talk with Liz? Can you follow up?
[9:13pm] Joe: Also, due to my current intense schedule, I move to deputize Jokeefe so that I made share duties to the council if I am unable.
[9:14pm] Bosun: Jokeefe is deputy Treasurer then?
[9:14pm] Joe: If we agree. Send to email?
[9:15pm] Joe: 1/2 time.
[9:15pm] jokeefe: I don’t have access to any treasurer records
[9:15pm] Pirate_69691 left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[9:15pm] Pirate_69691 joined the chat room.
[9:16pm] Pirate_69691: im not disconnected
[9:16pm] Bosun: Joe, please give jokeefe copies of everything you have.
[9:16pm] Joe: There is not much, two deposts and a few in-kinds.
[9:17pm] Joe: No expenditures.
[9:18pm] Joe: Jokeefe, maybe this week we could meet up and I can give you what I have.
[9:19pm] jokeefe: I’ll dig up any in-kinds I have made for hosting/domains/loomio.
[9:19pm] Joe: Jitsu ftw?
[9:20pm] Joe: Also, do you have gnu or should a make a copy of it?
[9:20pm] Sayyida:  Bosun ill talk with liz
[9:20pm] Pirate_69691 left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[9:20pm] Pirate_69691 joined the chat room.
[9:21pm] Pirate_69691: .
[9:21pm] yari: I'll contact the other CA peeps we have on the list and see who we can get on here for the next meeting at least, maybe start a discussion among them in discord
[9:21pm] Joe:
[9:21pm] Pirate_69691: ...
[9:21pm] jokeefe: great
[9:21pm] Pirate_69691 left the chat room.
[9:22pm] • Joe feels pirate_69691 's pain
[9:23pm] Bosun: I think HI is in a tropical storm.
[9:23pm] Pirate joined the chat room.
[9:23pm] Joe: Wb!
[9:23pm] Pirate: Sorry got disconnected
[9:23pm] Pirate: Its Esme
[9:23pm] yari: wb
[9:24pm] Pirate: ...
[9:25pm] yari: Was there a follow up to the proposal for a draft release from last time re:portland?
[9:25pm] Bosun: Are you getting hit by the tropical storm in HI?
[9:25pm] jokeefe: I think Bosun emailed one out to the sab list
[9:26pm] Pirate: Hurricane Douglas is howling on maui
[9:27pm] Joe: I hope you are safe over there!
[9:27pm] Bosun: Yes but it did not circulate, if yard has some ideas please share. I was just going to put a few constitution quotes and speak out against troops in cities. Remind people of Boston 1775.
[9:27pm] Pirate: im safe. 🙏🏾 thank you
[9:28pm] jokeefe: I can send the one that Malt wrote for us
[9:28pm] Bosun: Yari ... has ideas? Or anyone?
[9:28pm] Pirate: ahitate agitate agitate ???
[9:28pm] Sayyida: 2min left
[9:28pm] Bosun: That what I wrote.
[9:28pm] Bosun: Not a Press Release per se
[9:28pm] Pirate: @bosun was very awesome
[9:29pm] Pirate: social media account ex. Twitter
[9:29pm] Joe: That sound perfect to me.
[9:30pm] Joe left the chat room. (Quit:
[9:30pm] Pirate: i would like to be able to tweet  something like “agitate” from there
[9:30pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:30pm] Bosun: OK homework. A more formal denunciation of Portland et al.
[9:30pm] Pirate: and other relevant US issues
[9:30pm] Bosun: Get ahold of Liz
[9:31pm] Pirate: how do I get ahold of Liz?
[9:31pm] Joe: Bosun, may I exclude you inki d in the report?
[9:31pm] Joe: In kind*
[9:31pm] jokeefe: Email is good. Bosun/Sayyida would you send Liz’s email?
[9:32pm] Pirate: @Bosun I have no contact info for liz
[9:32pm] Bosun: HIPP and CAPP I invite you to work with me on the PR.
[9:32pm] Bosun: I will send a copy of my incorporation cost to the Treasurer.
[9:32pm] Pirate: sounds great. How will we communicate
[9:33pm] yari: Noted, I have some ideas - can I send to you on discord?
[9:33pm] Bosun: I think we are all on signal.
[9:33pm] Pirate: is CAPP going to get a Twitter acct? If so, handle ?
[9:33pm] yari: I have to contact the old CAPP people first, there are still vestigial CAPP accounts I think
[9:33pm] Joe: Each state should have its own.
[9:33pm] Pirate: whats USPP handle on discord?
[9:34pm] Bosun: We should adjourn, we are over or 30m.
[9:34pm] yari: Will update next week with official twitter though
[9:34pm] Pirate: i was in contact with old CAPP back in the day. Seemed nice
[9:34pm] Bosun: HIPP, we will send info on discord etc.
[9:34pm] Joe left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[9:34pm] yari: Motion to adjourn
[9:34pm] jokeefe: Thanks, Bosun
[9:34pm] jokeefe: 2nd
[9:35pm] Pirate: mahalo @Bosun
[9:35pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:35pm] Bosun: We are out, please publish the transcript.