PNC 6/27/12

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06/20/2012 18:00h PST
Room: #pnc


Members of the PNC

  • Erik Zoltan, MA
  • Zacqary Green, NY
  • Brad Hall, FL
  • Kyle deVore, OR
  • Jarod, GA
  • Washington
  • California
  • Oklahoma

At Large Members of the PNC

  • sacha, Michigan


  • Meeting opened at: 9:08pm EST by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting closed at: 10:49pm EST by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting chaired by Travis McCrea
  • Secretary for this meeting is kusanagi
  • Quorum is established. 5 Members out of 8 present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

Review of previous minutes


Short report of the board members


Hosted Pirate luncheon to help spread awareness of hackerthon this coming weekend. hackerthon will try to build a liquid feedback system for their site. Will be offering VPN

  • absent
  • absent
  • Working on attending "Rock the Ballot" event in Portland at end of July.
  • Drafting documents to become official
  • Working on NSH2, asking for more contributions
New York
  • Pirate Choir isw to be held on July 14th, site for the action is at Please spread the word. Also have been working on Doing an experiment so members who wish to remain anonymous can vote via crypto keys
  • absent

Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • no update
PNC Charter Committee
  • the PNC votes to extend its existence until July 12 and will next meet on July 11 to consider the report of the constitutional committee.
  • vote to pass was unianimous, 5.5 votes for.
  • Motion to not have a meeting on July 4th, PNC voted and was passed, 5.5 for.

Official Naming Convention of State Parties

  • Discussion was had about naming conventions, no motions nor vote was made.

Adopting Science Based Reasoning as Official Policy

  • Motion to officially advocate science-based reasoning
  • Vote passed, 5 for, .5 against

Adopting the 1% of Tax Dollars For NASA platform

  • (we currently have no platforms)
  • Discussion, no motions. deferred to a nonspecified later date.

Ultimatum for Oklahoma to Participate in the PNC

  • Discussion about OK's nonparticipation in PNC. Letter was sent regarding nonparticpation, will return to this topic next meeting.


  • The name thing that Kusanagi keeps asking about, clarifying the roll call process at the beginning of meeting.
    • Motion for PNC representatives to use their real names
      • Vote passes, 3 for, 1.5 abstain
  • MrSquared has a concern in the USPP website
  • Matuck - please change "Oregan" to "Oregon"

Next meeting: 7/11/12 at 9:00pm EST Meeting closed: at 11:39 pm EST