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06/20/2012 18:00h PST
Room: #pnc
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Members of the PNC

  • Zacqary Adam Green, NY
  • Bradley Hall, Florida
  • Jeff Talada, Washington
  • Jarod, GA
  • Erik Zoltan Massachusetts
  • Jake Ziering, CA
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon

At Large Members of the PNC

  • Sacha, Michigan


  • Meeting opened at: 9:08pm EST by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting closed at: 10:49pm EST by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting chaired by Travis McCrea
  • Secretary for this meeting is QuazarGuy
  • Quorum is established. 6 Members out of 8 present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

Review of previous minutes


Short report of the board members

  • has a consensus to offer a VPN service to its members
  • absent
  • have an ideal place to recruit from
    • also good for holding meetings and conventions
  • absent
  • nothing to report
  • nothing to report
New York
  • postponed the rehearsal for the Pirate Choir protest
  • recruiting participants from Anon and Reddit
    • also Occupy
  • Josh Lafazan (18 year old school board member) isn't going to be available till August but is still interested in talking with us
  • getting our delegate in order for the convention in San Diego
  • there's a convention on the free trade agreement that Mr. Simon flew from Australia asked us to be a part of
  • trying to find an event planner in the Bay Area that can help us with a few ideas for this summer
  • were part of an interview a few days ago with the Huffington Post
  • The Daily Dot article is also going to be coming out shortly
    • they're going to do a follow up at the convention in San Diego
      • first week of July
  • radio interview with KFBK in Sacramento
  • trying to get host some public debates, and perhaps a anti-copyright concert

Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • LiquidFeedback not implemented
  • ConsiderIt not implemented, maybe not possible to implement
  • State sign up progress ( )
    • Colorado hit threshold for sign-ups and we should expect their presence

Progress on Temporary PNC Objectives

  • motion to extend deadline by one week
    • 3 for, at-large (.5) for

Speaker and Promotions

  • Travis is moving back to Idaho and plans on helping out the US

Jeff Replacement Secretary

  • Lindsay will stand in next week


  • Wiki
  • Promotions committee
  • Policy committee
  • What to do with newbies
  • Pirate Party Picnic
    • Considering July 21

Next meeting: 6/27/12 at 9:00pm EST

Meeting closed: at 10:49 pm EST


  • <@teamcoltra> I officially call this meeting to order, at 6:08PM (18:08) PST
  • <@teamcoltra> Can I get a roll call please
  • <@teamcoltra> (name, state)
  • <Zacqary> Zacqary Adam Green, NY
  • <Rush> Bradley Hall, Florida
  • <QuazarGuy> Jeff Talada, Washington
  • <@teamcoltra> We don't actually have quorum
  • <@kusanagi> Liz Brunner, NY
  • <@teamcoltra> kusanagi who is representing NY
  • <QuazarGuy> teamcoltra, can you unlock the pad?

>>> erixoltan has joined #pnc

  • <@teamcoltra> Done
  • <@kusanagi> Zac is the rep now
  • <erixoltan> sorry to be late
  • <@teamcoltra> It's alright
  • <@kusanagi> !deop

>>> ChanServ sets mode -o kusanagi

  • <@teamcoltra> !voice Zacqary

>>> ChanServ sets mode +v Zacqary

  • <@teamcoltra> !voice Rush

>>> ChanServ sets mode +v Rush

  • <@teamcoltra> !voice QuazarGuy

>>> ChanServ sets mode +v QuazarGuy

  • <@teamcoltra> !voice erixoltan

>>> ChanServ sets mode +v erixoltan

  • <Sacha> Sacha, Michigan, observer?
  • <kusanagi> Actual name, no?
  • <@teamcoltra> the PNC didn't actually agree to that
  • <@teamcoltra> I just made a suggestion
  • <@teamcoltra> no one adopted it as a motion
  • <jarod_> Jarod GA
  • <@teamcoltra> There that gives us actual quorum
  • <@teamcoltra> !voice jarod_

>>> ChanServ sets mode +v jarod_ >>> Axeman has quit IRC: Quit: Leaving.

  • <+erixoltan> Erik Zoltan Massachusetts

>>> Jarod has joined #pnc

  • <@teamcoltra> JakeZ you are representing California tonight?
  • <JakeZ> yes I am
  • <@teamcoltra> You need to tell us your name (and reaffirm you represent california)
  • <JakeZ> Jake Ziering
  • <@teamcoltra> :) Thanks
  • <JakeZ> President California Pirate Party
  • <@teamcoltra> !voice JakeZ

>>> ChanServ sets mode +v JakeZ

  • <@teamcoltra> And welcome to our meeting :)
  • <+JakeZ> thankyou
  • <Sacha> No, using real names goes against the pirate party. If you are suggesting that.
  • <kusanagi> No, it does not.
  • <+Zacqary> How about we discuss that during the designated part of the meeting where we discuss things like that?
  • <@teamcoltra> There is no pirate party in the world that uses screennames in their meeting
  • <+Zacqary> So as not to derail the meeting.
  • <@teamcoltra> (on a national level at least)
  • <@teamcoltra> Zacqary fair enough, right now there has been no motion against it anyway
  • <@teamcoltra> Let's start with minutes of last week
  • <@teamcoltra> (Link:
  • <@teamcoltra> if everyone can read and agree that they are accurate
  • <+QuazarGuy> it's the wrong week
  • <Sacha> Yes, it does Kusanagi. Should we add it to the AOB for everyone to discuss it
  • <+erixoltan> lmao QuazarGuy is right
  • <+QuazarGuy> (Link:
  • <@teamcoltra> :) Thanks QuazarGuy
  • <@teamcoltra> Time flys when you are having fun
  • <+QuazarGuy> I need a replacement
  • <+QuazarGuy> this meeting is preventing me from recruiting
  • <@teamcoltra> QuazarGuy right now? or in general?
  • <+QuazarGuy> in general
  • <+QuazarGuy> can discuss at the end
  • <@teamcoltra> Has everyone read last weeks minutes?
  • <Sacha> QuazarGuy you are one of the officers though. Can y ou really like quit.
  • <+QuazarGuy> I said I would need to be replaced soon
  • <+QuazarGuy> when we voted on it
  • <kusanagi> Sacha: knock it off.
  • <@teamcoltra> Okay order guys. The topic is last weeks agenda
  • <+QuazarGuy> I looks fine to me
  • <+erixoltan> agenda looks good to me.
  • <+Zacqary> I wasn't there. kusanagi, this one's on you.
  • <kusanagi> Looks good to me
  • <+erixoltan> sorry I meant to say "minutes" not agenda.
  • <@teamcoltra> Okay we will go onto reports, if anyone has an objection to it later just say something
  • <@teamcoltra> erixoltan you are up first
  • <+erixoltan> I may have to leave early for personal reasons.
  • <+erixoltan> Massachusetts voted last week to move our weekly IRC meeting from Tuesday to Thursday.
  • <+erixoltan> For that reason we haven't met since the last PNC meeting. So this will be a short report.
  • <+erixoltan> On the agenda for Thursday is how to offer VPN to our members. We have a consensus to offer it, but we have to work out the details.
  • <+erixoltan> That's really all I have for Mass.
  • <@teamcoltra> Thank you erixoltan
  • <@teamcoltra> Oklahoma isn't here
  • <@teamcoltra> Washington, QuazarGuy
  • <+QuazarGuy> everyone in Washington is busy with work or life, I have an ideal place to recruit from but they meet on Wednesdays during this time and I'm the only free enough person to do it
  • <+QuazarGuy> we're also considering that same place to hold physical meetings and conventions
  • <+QuazarGuy> so not that much
  • <+QuazarGuy> done
  • <@teamcoltra> THanks, that's cool that you guys are looking into that
  • <@teamcoltra> Oregon is not here correct?
  • <+QuazarGuy> correct
  • <@teamcoltra> Okay next then
  • <@teamcoltra> Georgia from jarod_ / Jarod
  • <+jarod_> no changes
  • <@teamcoltra> Florida / Rush ? He may not be here
  • <@teamcoltra> Okay next
  • <@teamcoltra> New York from Zacqary
  • <+Zacqary> We postponed the rehearsal for the Pirate Choir protest to this Saturday. That's when we'll decide which day to do the action itself.
  • <+Zacqary> We're recruiting participants from Anon and Reddit.
  • <+Zacqary> Maybe some from Occupy.
  • <+Zacqary> Ideally they'd all want to get involved with the party afterwards.
  • <+Zacqary> Josh Lafazan isn't going to be available till August but is still interested in talking with us.
  • <+Zacqary> Otherwise, I don't think there's anything else to report. kusanagi, am I missing anything?
  • <@teamcoltra> (Josh is the 18 year old School Board member)
  • <kusanagi> That's everything I knew of
  • <+Zacqary> Okay. So that's it, then.
  • <+Rush> I can give Florida's report when ready
  • <@teamcoltra> Rush go ahead
  • <+Rush> Florida has nothing to report.
  • <kusanagi> LOL
  • <@teamcoltra> :) Glad we didn't miss that
  • <+Rush> lol
  • <@teamcoltra> Presenting for the first time (I believe) to the PNC as a member: California
  • <@teamcoltra> JakeZ please tell us what you guys have been up to for hte past couple of weeks
  • <@teamcoltra> (or last one week really)
  • <+QuazarGuy> we already have their past couple weeks before this week
  • <@teamcoltra> Yeah that's why I corrected myself :P
  • <@teamcoltra> buuuuuuuut JakeZ doesn't seem to be around... or he is writing a text wall
  • <grabby> (I am also here from California, I was late so I missed the initial Rollcall, JakeZ might be writing a textwall though)
  • <+JakeZ> sorry was in bathroom!
  • <+JakeZ> California has been getting our delegate in order for the convention in San Diego
  • <+JakeZ> there's a convention on the free trade agreement that Mr. Simon Frew from Australia asked us to be a part of
  • <+JakeZ> Beyond that we're trying to find an event planner in the Bay Area that can help us with a few ideas for this summer
  • <+JakeZ> we're trying to get host some public debates, and perhaps a anti-copyright concert
  • <@teamcoltra> (psst mention your interviews)
  • <+JakeZ> hah, that's right. We were part of an interview a few days ago with the Huffington Post
  • <+JakeZ> The Daily Dot article is also going to be coming out shortly
  • <+JakeZ> or rather, that one is out
  • <+JakeZ> they're going to do a follow up at the convention in San Diego
  • <+JakeZ> which is the firts week in July
  • <@teamcoltra> (psst and the radio interview ;) )
  • <+JakeZ> I think we might have mentioned that last week
  • <+JakeZ> but it was with KFBK in Sacramento
  • <+JakeZ> I think that covers it :-)
  • @teamcoltra looks at the rest of the pirate parties in shame
  • <+Zacqary> Hey, we've been getting interviewed. D:
  • <@teamcoltra> I am just teasing. You are all special
  • <+Zacqary> *<4
  • <+Zacqary> **<3
  • <@teamcoltra> Speaking of special - matuck are you around?
  • <kusanagi> Hahaah
  • <@teamcoltra> IT Committee
  • <matuck> barely
  • <@teamcoltra> What kind of awesome things have you done?
  • <matuck> ummmm... slept... changed baby... handed to wife to feed and repeat again...
  • <kusanagi> Awww
  • <@teamcoltra> Ummm so no IT Committee stuff then :P
  • <matuck> no
  • <+QuazarGuy> what's the current state of the site?
  • <+QuazarGuy> what's implemented? what's not?
  • <matuck> the only thing i know thats not implemented is LF
  • <@teamcoltra> I would suggest covering topics 6 and 7 and AOB before 5 if you guys don't mind... because 5 usually drowns out the rest of the meeting
  • <+QuazarGuy> you have considerit working?
  • <@teamcoltra> (whoops sorry, I pressed enter while pre-typing)
  • <+erixoltan> I forgot to mention that Massachusetts Pirate Party is having a hackathon July 1 to get liquid feedback implemented on our site.
  • <matuck> and considerit... i probably won't get considerit working we have been unable to get a ruby app working after trying multiple different apps
  • <@teamcoltra> too late erixoltan , now you have to say it next week
  • <@teamcoltra> ;)
  • <+erixoltan> matuck jogged my memory
  • <kusanagi> erixoltan: that is awesome
  • <+QuazarGuy> cool
  • <+QuazarGuy> can't think of anything else
  • <+QuazarGuy> next week could we have an estimate of how many people have signed up in different states?
  • <@teamcoltra> also matuck can you update California to be a full member state
  • <matuck> sure
  • <+JakeZ> thankyou
  • <@teamcoltra> Okay so thats all for IT Committee... Actually this is where we should insert our new committee --
  • <@teamcoltra> The PNC 2.0 committee
  • <Sacha> Okay, I need to go now. Sorry to interrupt. Would it be okay if I sent my AOB stuff to the SAB list
  • <@teamcoltra> Sacha yes
  • <Sacha> wait, nvm I want to stay for this. After that I need to go though. Please continue. Sorry.
  • <@teamcoltra> Zacqary
  • <@teamcoltra> Have you guys accomplished anything as of the last week?
  • <+Zacqary> I was on vacation when the committee was formed so I haven't been in touch with anyone yet.
  • <@teamcoltra> So are you guys going to need to extend your deadline, which I believe is next week
  • <+Zacqary> I think we COULD do it by then, but it might be a good idea to push it forward.
  • <@teamcoltra> How much time would you request?

>>> erixoltan has quit IRC: Quit: Leaving

  • <+Zacqary> One more week?
  • <+QuazarGuy> I motion to extend the deadline for the PNC proposal by one week
  • <@teamcoltra> There is a motion on the floor:
  • <@teamcoltra> I motion to extend the deadline for the PNC proposal by one week = Seconds?

>>> erixoltan has joined #pnc

  • <erixoltan> whoops
  • <@teamcoltra> erixoltan would you second: motion to extend the deadline for the PNC proposal by one week
  • <+QuazarGuy> JakeZ, jarod_, Rush, Zacqary
  • <@teamcoltra> (not putting you on the spot, just you didn't see it)
  • <+Zacqary> I can second it, right?

>>> BradyMobile has joined #pnc

  • <@teamcoltra> Yes
  • <+jarod_> 2nd it
  • <+Rush> What
  • <+Zacqary> Okay. So I do.
  • <@teamcoltra> okay so do we need to debate or just vote?
  • <+QuazarGuy> there is a motion to extend the PNC deadline by a week
  • <+QuazarGuy> two weeks from now
  • <+QuazarGuy> jarod 2nded
  • <@teamcoltra> Okay well considering no one is discussing I will put it up to vote
  • <@teamcoltra> All in favour of motion to extend the deadline for the PNC proposal by one week -- say aye, against say nay
  • <+Rush> I second
  • <+Rush> aye
  • <Sacha> aye
  • <+Zacqary> Aye
  • <+QuazarGuy> aye

>>> Axeman has joined #pnc

  • <@teamcoltra> !voice erixoltan

>>> ChanServ sets mode +v erixoltan

  • <@teamcoltra> annd calling the vote
  • <+QuazarGuy> 3.5 for
  • <@teamcoltra> It passes. So the PNC will now continue to operate for 2 more weeks in it's current form.
  • <+erixoltan> aye
  • <+erixoltan> sorry
  • <@teamcoltra> Did the PNC itself need to discuss anything more on this topic, or are we differing all progress to the committee?
  • <+QuazarGuy> they haven't done anything
  • <+QuazarGuy> does the committee need anything?
  • <@teamcoltra> Exactly, my question is, is there anything that the PNC feels it needs to do on this agenda item before we move on
  • <+Zacqary> Well, first of all, I'd like to know who besides me is on it. Sorry that I wasn't in the loop last week.
  • <+erixoltan> I am on the committee. Brady is as well and we have one other person who volunteered and whose name escapes me.
  • <@teamcoltra> You are co-chaired by brady
  • <@teamcoltra> Dan
  • <@teamcoltra> or Dave... I think it's Dan
  • <+QuazarGuy> Brady
  • <+Zacqary> Okay. So Brady, Erik, and Dan?
  • <+erixoltan> I have an email from I believe an additional person who wanted to be on - can't remember exactly the name though.
  • <+Zacqary> Sacha expressed interest in being involved.
  • +QuazarGuy IT committee state sign up progress report ((Link:
  • <+Zacqary> And wait, the minutes from last week say Brad was running for chair. Is he on the committee too?
  • <+QuazarGuy> Rush, if you're on the PNC committee give your contact info to Zacqary
  • <+Rush> I have no idea what committee I'm on
  • <+Zacqary> Hooooly clusterfuck, Batman.
  • <+Rush> I forgot
  • <+QuazarGuy> to make the bylaws and such

>>> Sacha has quit IRC:

  • <+erixoltan> Zacqary, the other person is Chris Walsh of Massachusetts.
  • <+Zacqary> Okay. So the committee consists of Me, Erik, Chris Walsh, Brady, Dan, and...who else?
  • <+QuazarGuy> you can do this outside the meeting I think
  • <+Zacqary> Okay.
  • <+QuazarGuy> to save us time
  • <+Zacqary> I know what I'm doing, you guys, totally. I swear. :D
  • <+Zacqary> >.>
  • <+erixoltan> If there are other people, and since the existence of the PNC hinges on this, I think it would be relevant.
  • <@teamcoltra> So are we moving on or contenuing ?
  • <+Zacqary> I think we can move on. I'll duct-tape this committee together.
  • <+erixoltan> np
  • <@teamcoltra> I added the next topic myself, if a state wouldn't mind giving me the floor I have some good (?) news

>>> jarod_ has quit IRC: Quit: Web client closed

  • <+Zacqary> Motion to give teamcoltra the floor
  • <+erixoltan> second
  • <@teamcoltra> If anyone objects at any point please say so, and I will gladly open up a formal vote
  • <@teamcoltra> Okay, so I have decided that I am going to move back to the United States, something I swore I wouldn't do -- due to the legal threat I face by living in teh country. However, the US Pirate Party needs much more help than the Pirate Party of Canada
  • <@teamcoltra> and as such I am going to be moving back, and engaging state parties (and assisting in the formation of a Pirate Party of Idaho) and going to be doing speaking events
  • <@teamcoltra> That said, I am a great canvasser, I am comfortable with public speaking events, and so if any state would like my presence to help them with getting their state going as a full time dedicated person I just need my travel covered and a couch to sleep on.
  • <+erixoltan> wow that is big news!
  • <+QuazarGuy> welcome back Travis
  • <kusanagi> Wow
  • <@teamcoltra> Also if you have any local schools (high school / college) and you would like to have me do a speaking engagement
  • <+QuazarGuy> sort of feel sorry for you
  • <+Zacqary> That's really brave of you, Trav.
  • <@teamcoltra> I can do that

>>> grabby has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 264 seconds

  • <+JakeZ> come this fall, I could try to find you a place to stay in San Francisco
  • <@teamcoltra> (plus if the highschool / college will pay my trip.. then you are off the hook) I specialize in the importance of civic duties and engaging youth in politics. I also do other speaking events which we can discuss later, but I can basically talk on anything technology / pirate / copyright
  • <@teamcoltra> Thats all, thanks guys :)
  • <+QuazarGuy> WA is going to abuse you Travis
  • <@teamcoltra> QuazarGuy I was thinking since I live 30 minutes away from Spokane, I would help build up your Eastern team
  • <+QuazarGuy> sure thing
  • <+QuazarGuy> I've been wanting to drive out there
  • <+QuazarGuy> but lets move on
  • <@teamcoltra> Indeed
  • <@teamcoltra> So self serving, as moving on is a discussion about Jeff
  • <@teamcoltra> ;)
  • <@teamcoltra> Jeff would like to step down as secretary of the PNC
  • <+QuazarGuy> oh you were 6?
  • <@teamcoltra> (it seems)
  • <+QuazarGuy> ok
  • <+QuazarGuy> so before we voted on secretary I announced that I'd need to be replaced around this time
  • <+QuazarGuy> should we take candidates and vote next week?
  • <@teamcoltra> QuazarGuy the PNC officials will need to be revoted in 2 weeks
  • <@teamcoltra> (if I understand the rules properly)
  • <kusanagi> I believe so.
  • <+QuazarGuy> ok well I'd like a week to train the next person then
  • <@teamcoltra> What I am saying is if we elect a new person
  • <@teamcoltra> they will have 1 week
  • <+QuazarGuy> ah
  • <@teamcoltra> then have to be reelected
  • <@teamcoltra> :P
  • <+QuazarGuy> right and the obligations will be rewritten
  • <kusanagi> Well, I could do both positions, sort of.
  • <@teamcoltra> QuazarGuy would you settle on having someone stand in for you instead?
  • <+QuazarGuy> yeah
  • <@teamcoltra> Like, keep your title, but have an alternate... in which case we don't need to appoint them, just fine one :)
  • <@teamcoltra> find*
  • <+QuazarGuy> sure
  • <+QuazarGuy> unfortunately, Brady can't
  • <+QuazarGuy> is anyone willing to stand in for me next week?
  • <@teamcoltra> They also don't have to be in this body, they can be anyone
  • <+QuazarGuy> anyone not already allowed to speak may say they're willing
  • <kusanagi> Would the position require a lot of typing?
  • <+QuazarGuy> I mostly copy/paste
  • <kusanagi> I could do that.
  • <@teamcoltra> Okay so on to Any Other Business?
  • <+QuazarGuy> what's with the wiki?
  • <+QuazarGuy> thanks kusi
  • <kusanagi> No prob
  • <kusanagi> Sacha was compaining in #uspp before the meeting
  • <kusanagi> About how the wiki is and the Tuesday meetings are
  • <kusanagi> I believe she said something aout bringing this to the sab
  • <+QuazarGuy> ok?
  • <kusanagi> Yeah
  • <kusanagi> Haha
  • <+QuazarGuy> so we'll do that in email then
  • <+erixoltan> no choice
  • <+QuazarGuy> promotions committee?
  • <kusanagi> Yeah
  • <+QuazarGuy> that too?
  • <kusanagi> Something like that
  • <+QuazarGuy> everything in purple Sachas?
  • <kusanagi> Yep
  • <+QuazarGuy> lol ok
  • <+QuazarGuy> so Mass and WA held a Pirate Party Picnic last year on the same day in July
  • <@teamcoltra> How did they turn out?

>>> Jarod2 has joined #pnc

  • <+QuazarGuy> at least 15 people came for WA
  • <+QuazarGuy> Mass had a better turn out I think
  • <+QuazarGuy> everyone had fun
  • <+QuazarGuy> but I think it would be great to turn this into a national convention type event
  • <+erixoltan> I was not actively involved at the time of the Mass event.
  • <+QuazarGuy> I think it would also be awesome if Pirates from all the states could communicate with Pirates from other states at the event

>>> Axeman has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer

  • <+QuazarGuy> like a google+ hangout or something
  • <kusanagi> Hmm
  • <+QuazarGuy> any other states interested?
  • <+JakeZ> that sounds like a great idea
  • <kusanagi> It does!
  • <+JakeZ> google+ limits to 9 people

>>> Jarod has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 252 seconds

  • <+QuazarGuy> last year we did like July 20thish
  • <+JakeZ> so the structure could be a bit awkward

>>> Axeman has joined #pnc

  • <+QuazarGuy> well that just limits us to 9 states participating at any one time
  • <@teamcoltra> :P I doubt we will have more than 9 states
  • <+JakeZ> true
  • <@teamcoltra> No offense to the party
  • <+QuazarGuy> and we're about there, we'll have to figure something out for next year
  • <+QuazarGuy> but July 21 is a saturday
  • <+QuazarGuy> this year
  • <kusanagi> Hm
  • <+QuazarGuy> would we all like to plan to have it then?
  • <+erixoltan> I'm sure Mass would love to be involved in a joint event.
  • <+erixoltan> I can bring up any specific ideas.

>>> BradyMobile has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer

  • <@teamcoltra> QuazarGuy I am going to be in your neck of the woods on the last day of the month, if anyone wants to meetup
  • <+QuazarGuy> I think either July 21 or 28 would be good
  • <+QuazarGuy> sure teamcoltra
  • <+QuazarGuy> should we discuss a date next week?
  • <+QuazarGuy> give everyone time to cheak with their states
  • <+QuazarGuy> check*
  • <@teamcoltra> That sounds like a good option QuazarGuy buty ou should also come up with something tentative now
  • <+QuazarGuy> plan for July 21
  • <+QuazarGuy> like that?
  • <+JakeZ> I'll take a look at our calendar but I'm sure we can have someone there for either of those dates
  • <+QuazarGuy> well CA would hold their own picnic and join the google+ hangout
  • <@teamcoltra> QuazarGuy - would you like to invite world Pirates?
  • <@teamcoltra> or make this an American thing?
  • <+QuazarGuy> American thing
  • <+QuazarGuy> but they are welcome to join the chatroom beside it
  • <+JakeZ> I don't understand what you mean
  • <+JakeZ> oh I see
  • <+JakeZ> nm
  • <+QuazarGuy> I've never done a hangout, can others view the video feeds?
  • <+JakeZ> so we'd be broadcasting from a picnic?
  • <+QuazarGuy> yeah
  • <+JakeZ> yea others can view, to answer your question
  • <+erixoltan> I've sent a letter to the Mass Pirate party about this. Will hope to discuss it tomorrow at our IRC.
  • <+QuazarGuy> awesome, I think this will be great
  • <+JakeZ> I'm not sure the logistics though of wireless video streaming in a park or whatevs
  • <+QuazarGuy> WA will be using a hackerspace
  • <@teamcoltra> anyone who has a rooted android phone can set it up
  • <+QuazarGuy> it'll probably eat your data plan alive though
  • <+erixoltan> nothing wrong with a backyard too
  • <+QuazarGuy> sure
  • <+QuazarGuy> so lets aim for July 21st
  • <@teamcoltra> is that a motion?
  • <+QuazarGuy> well they need to ask their states
  • <+QuazarGuy> I do too :p
  • <+JakeZ> I like the idea of waiting for next week to set in stone
  • <+JakeZ> but lets shoot for that
  • <@teamcoltra> kk
  • <@teamcoltra> next topic?
  • <+QuazarGuy> I think I may have pasted that in the wrong place
  • <+QuazarGuy> someone's state report
  • <+QuazarGuy> thinking CA's
  • <+QuazarGuy> yes
  • <+JakeZ> what?
  • <+QuazarGuy> that's all then
  • <+QuazarGuy> I mispasted soemthign you said earlier
  • <+JakeZ> oh I see

>>> kusanagi has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer

  • <+QuazarGuy> so reminder, everyone in the PNC committee get your contact info to Zac
  • <+QuazarGuy> I motion to adjourn
  • <+erixoltan> second
  • <+QuazarGuy> teamcoltra
  • <@teamcoltra> All in favour?
  • <+QuazarGuy> aye
  • <+erixoltan> aye
  • <+JakeZ> aye
  • <+Zacqary> Aye
  • <+Rush> aye
  • <+erixoltan> teamcoltra, when you move to the US you'll have to say "all in favor" instead of "all in favour"... ;)
  • <@teamcoltra> okay
  • <@teamcoltra> :P
  • <+QuazarGuy> :p
  • <@teamcoltra> meeting adjourned