PNC 12/16/19

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  • P.O. Box reserved at the Chicago Loop Post Office 100 W Randolph 60601-3218


  • Request board support for NY multi-party protest of change for ballot status from 1% of Gov. Vote to 2% *basically doubling the bar to get on the ballot as a party*
  • COC discussion (Sayyida/Megan)
  • Suggested adjourn at 30 minutes.







Record of the meeting


[9:00pm] Bosun: OK time has come.
[9:00pm] Bosun: Who do we have?
[9:00pm] Sayyida: IDs please
[9:00pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:01pm] Sayyida: Megan Klein vice chair WI
[9:01pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, MA
[9:01pm] jokeefe:
[9:01pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 12/16/19 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:01pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, MA
[9:01pm] jokeefe: ahoy
[9:01pm] Joe: Ahoy
[9:01pm] Bosun: Joseph T Klein, Chair, WI
[9:01pm] Bosun: Joseph T. Klein, Chair, WI
[9:02pm] Bosun: I repeat due to lag.
[9:03pm] Bosun: FYI - I paid for a year for a very small PO Box at 60601 - Chicago - it will fit letters.
[9:03pm] Sayyida: thank you
[9:03pm] Joe: Awesome
[9:03pm] jokeefe: thank you
[9:04pm] Joe: What did it cost?
[9:04pm] Joe: So I can mark it as an In-kind contribution
[9:04pm] Bosun: Meg and I will go down and show are IDs and promise not to use it for bad things. - That will make it active.
[9:05pm] jokeefe: ok. put it up on the website?
[9:05pm] Joe: Motion to put on website?
[9:05pm] Sayyida: second
[9:06pm] Bosun: Not until we go down and finish the paperwork.
[9:07pm] jokeefe: ok
[9:07pm] Bosun: At that point I will add it to the website and wiki.
[9:07pm] jokeefe: great
[9:08pm] Sayyida: next item?
[9:08pm] Bosun: I will send Joe a listing of my contributions including incorporation costs and P.O. Box
[9:08pm] Joe: Thank you sir.
[9:09pm] Bosun: NY Greens contacted us about support protest against NY raising the bar for ballot status.
[9:10pm] jokeefe: how would they like us to help?
[9:11pm] Bosun: With your permission, if agreed, we will draft a letter and send it to the appropriate NY office.
[9:11pm] Joe: We could post a statement on twitter as well.
[9:11pm] jokeefe: and the blog/FB page
[9:11pm] Bosun: I have also asked what else we can do.
[9:11pm] Joe: ^
[9:12pm] Bosun: We should make noise and protest.
[9:12pm] Sayyida: yes
[9:12pm] jokeefe: thanks for offering to write it Bosun. please send it to sab. will hopefully get suggestions for improvement, especially from NY
[9:13pm] Bosun: Are. We agreed?
[9:13pm] Joe: Aye
[9:13pm] Sayyida: aye
[9:13pm] jokeefe: sounds good
[9:13pm] Bosun: OK - discuss on SAB
[9:13pm] Bosun: content
[9:14pm] Sayyida: half time
[9:14pm] Bosun: Before I go to the last item. I want to know if we want to make a statement regarding inpoeachment?
[9:15pm] Sayyida: yes i think we should
[9:15pm] Bosun: Peachy-mint 
[9:15pm] Joe: I am actually against it
[9:15pm] Bosun: Why Joe?
[9:15pm] Sayyida: does not suprise me
[9:15pm] jokeefe: I think we have issues closer to our platform to focus on
[9:15pm] Joe: Why is that Sayyida?
[9:16pm] Joe: Jokeefe is right on track with what I am thinking
[9:16pm] Joe: This is a tangled mess that I think it would be a waste of our attention.
[9:16pm] Joe: I am no fan of Trump.  He'
[9:17pm] Joe: He's is a crooked businessman. There is plenty of proof of that.
[9:17pm] Bosun: I was not thinking of a diatribe, just a short statement.
[9:18pm] Joe: It's more based on the fact that it's a can of worms that is just not worth our time currently. Not when we could be focused on fixing the platform and building the states, such as CA
[9:18pm] Sayyida: aprox 10 min vote for more time?
[9:18pm] Bosun: He who says nothing gives consent.
[9:18pm] jokeefe: draft what you think we should say and send it to sab to comment
[9:18pm] Bosun: I will table this and we can discuss it next time, or not.
[9:18pm] jokeefe: would be my suggestion
[9:19pm] jokeefe: thanks
[9:19pm] Bosun: I will put it on SAB.
[9:19pm] Joe: If you wish to draft something, I will not stand in the way.
[9:19pm] Joe: Can we go back a moment, Sayyida, why do you think I objected?
[9:19pm] Sayyida: 10 min
[9:20pm] Bosun: OK .. Megan - last item.
[9:20pm] Sayyida: Thank you
[9:21pm] Sayyida: I have an issue with Joe and that is not a secret. My issue is not with his actions as chair but with the feelings left when I was chair
[9:22pm] Sayyida: I felt manipulated, I voiced concern over johan and he stayed. I was advised to through a transational behaviour.
[9:22pm] Sayyida: then we had another woman who wanted to run for office, I said no. we voted no, yet she was only talking with joe
[9:23pm] Sayyida: the only way we could get johan out and save the party was to have a vote of no confidence
[9:23pm] Sayyida: I was sad because joe never got to lead in his own right
[9:24pm] Sayyida: however, the personal attacks over the SAB crossed a line and it was unprofessional
[9:24pm] Sayyida: i understand you had a really hard week personally
[9:24pm] Bosun: It is not good to have members sniping at each other.
[9:24pm] Sayyida: then the party blew up in a way that you were held accountable for transational friendships
[9:25pm] Sayyida: that took an emotional toll on you and I understand that it hurt
[9:25pm] Bosun: Do you mean transactional?
[9:25pm] Sayyida: yes, my writst is killing me and remembering spelling  is hard
[9:26pm] Sayyida: being petty isn't how this party operates.
[9:26pm] Sayyida: I don't care what emotionally is going on with any of us, including me. when I am here, i am here and I try to think as logically as I can
[9:26pm] Sayyida: my disorder isn't to be used as a weapon ever again.
[9:27pm] Sayyida: we are here to make a better party and hopefully a better world
[9:28pm] Sayyida: supporting politics with "if they are useful they can stay" its not about what someone can do for you to be good policy
[9:28pm] Sayyida: its dangerous
[9:28pm] Joe: May I retort?
[9:28pm] Sayyida: the floor is yours
[9:28pm] Joe: First, I never attacked your mental well-being nor used it as a weapon. If it came across as that, then I am sorry
[9:30pm] Joe: That being stated. You were having challenges moving forward which is why I suggested that I lead the party. It was not my intent to rule with an iron fist or what not. That is why when the vote came through, I accepted the council.
[9:30pm] Bosun: You both sniped, no ax grinding please.
[9:31pm] Joe: That said, though I had my suspicions, I had no proof, nor the time to research. When you brought it forward, I had no defense for Johan and offered no excuse.
[9:31pm] Joe: I'm just giving my perspective. I have no malice and do seek to continue my duties so long as you will find me useful.
[9:32pm] Sayyida: a party divided is a weak party.
[9:32pm] Joe: As far as the other women, though I spoke to her directly to get a better understanding, where I left that conversation was that she still did not have official support of the party
[9:32pm] Sayyida: i forgive you for what you said over the SAB
[9:33pm] Joe: There is no divide except your feelings Sayyida, please let me finish since I showed you the respect to let you finish
[9:33pm] Bosun: Johan's proposals practically flashed con-man in red glowing letters. I too said nothing.
[9:33pm] Joe: I did take my dismissal personally which was my failing but I still gave up all authority without question.
[9:34pm] Joe: I never challenged any choice made by previous councils and agree with 99% of our policies
[9:35pm] Joe: That said, I did what I thought was best and to accuse me of profiteering from this was completely unacceptable and that is why I no longer consider you a friend Sayyida.
[9:36pm] Joe: If you took the time to understand me, as others have, then you would know that is not me.
[9:36pm] Bosun: I don't think she said that Joe.
[9:36pm] jokeefe: I am not sure what the point of this discussion is
[9:37pm] jokeefe: also we are overtime
[9:37pm] Sayyida: jokeefe: its about forgivness
[9:38pm] Bosun: Shall we adjourn then?
[9:38pm] Sayyida: if I may say one more thing?
[9:39pm] Bosun: Say it please and the move to adjourn
[9:39pm] jokeefe: Perhaps you two could talk it over and come to a resolution and find forgiveness?
[9:39pm] Bosun: then
[9:40pm] Sayyida: per CoC if Bosun is wiling to stay with Joe to finish this converstaion here that would be good with me
[9:41pm] Joe: I have to be up in 4 hours for work due to the storm, I am not up for this discussion anymore.
[9:41pm] Sayyida: understandable
[9:41pm] Sayyida: ill send an email
[9:41pm] Bosun: The let's adjourn.
[9:41pm] Sayyida: aye
[9:41pm] Joe: Motion to
[9:42pm] Joe: and aye
[9:42pm] jokeefe: aye
[9:42pm] jokeefe: will post notes
[9:42pm] Sayyida: good night
[9:42pm] Joe: Ty and gn
[9:42pm] Bosun: Good night.