PNC 11/4/19

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  1. Bank Status and plans for funding
  2. Website & Email updates.
  3. Supporting local and state chapters.
  4. Other platforms for our meetings.




  • OGPAF Johann Drolshagen, Webmaster, California
  • Pirate_Joe Joseph Onoroski, Captain, MA
  • Bosun Joseph Klein, Wisconsin Quartermaster



Record of the meeting


Bosun Ahoy
OGPAF Arrrrrgh
Pirate_Joe Ahoy!
Due to a family emergency, Jokeefe will not be joining us this evening.
You were missed last meeting Bosun. I hope all is well.
Bosun I am not dead nor incapacitated or worm food
Pirate_Joe That's a good start!
Lets start, IDs
OGPAF Johann Drolshagen, Webmaster, California
Pirate_Joe Joseph Onoroski, Captain, MA
Bosun Joseph Klein, Wisconsin Quartermaster
Pirate_Joe Is there anything you would like to add to the agenda?
OGPAF all good here
Bosun No
Pirate_Joe First order is the challenge we faced in securing the bank account.
Bosun Did you have any luck?
Pirate_Joe Tomorrow I am headed for a 10am meeting in Burlington, MA with an official from Rockland Trust.  We should have the account situated then.
The challenge will be adding you to it but nothing a little road trip could not solve.
Bosun Good - if you need anything from me just text - you have my number?
Pirate_Joe After that, I assume you would be able to add in the $60 you were holding on my behalf?
Bosun You have a PayPal account? I can send it that way.
Pirate_Joe I avoid PayPal whenever I can.  I would rather have you add it directly to the account when you are added to it.
Bosun OK
Pirate_Joe Unless you do not think you can make it up here this year.
Either way, sending it to me just seems like extra steps.
Bosun To Boston? Spring maybe.
Pirate_Joe That said, having checked the laws, we can take individual contributions from the states but not the other way around.
Since I currently see this as a fund to help organize a national meeting, I'm ok with this.
Any suggestions or thoughts?
OGPAF all good here
Bosun Not at this time.
Pirate_Joe I'll let you know directly Bosun when I get this done.  I am sure we can get you set up with online access right away though I think the funds will be limited at first.
Bosun Yes we are poor pirates.
Pirate_Joe Aye
There are ways to make money work, mostly by getting contributions and then not spending them needlessly.
Just because we have it does not mean we need to use it right away.
OGPAF OH, I have ideas - but for a longer conversation.
Bosun Or at all if we can for a while.
Pirate_Joe I hope that by the next council, we will be able to do something in Washington D.C. as a party as a whole.
Next up, Website and Email
OGPAF all federal elections are loaded
voting is working
Pirate_Joe Links please
Bosun I need to file the DC and FEC stuff before year end - and I am putting in all the organizational costs as a donation.
OGPAF I have a few interns working on profiles
Pirate_Joe Aye Bosun, In-kind
OGPAF note each state has their own election
Pirate_Joe And that is more than fine.
OGPAF we really need to talk about this...
OGPAF and the models at the bottom of this...
and, adapt this to suit...
all in all everything is working
social media campaigns have started
we are importing significant content
and starting to author our own as well
Pirate_Joe In issues, can we add Right to repair, personal privacy, etc
Rank choice voting is another big one for us.
OGPAF Absolutely. I will distribute the current hierarchy and we can have anything added at will
the voting model is RCV - not so easy to program - loved doing it
Bosun Main has it now for Presidential. Eliminates spoiler third parties.
OGPAF CA too for gov
Bosun Maine, - oops
OGPAF I just added a cheat sheet that any member can print off to take with them that give the pirate vote and the personal vote
Pirate_Joe Going to the email for a moment, did you both get the agenda for tonight?
still no 'crew' approval though
Bosun What er you using?
Pirate_Joe SAB mailing list
Bosun Content management software?
OGPAF me - Drupal 8
Bosun Drupal has a voting module.
It has all the voting models.
OGPAF yeah, but I used webform to sort by domain access
hence every chapter can have their own site
I call it a Quantum website
Bosun Maybe the voting API might be useful.
Pirate_Joe Is that something you can implement OGPAF?
OGPAF what for? - yes I can, but we need a purpose and the voting module is not domain control-able.
API to what destination?
Pirate_Joe We could use it for blogs and twitter polls.
For the purpose of driving traffic to the site.
OGPAF oh - wait until you see what I have added for blogging
bottom line - anything is possible, but we need to keep it in the greater scheme of things
we can even sort content by chapter - and roles
and blogs
Bosun OK - your baby.
Pirate_Joe ^
OGPAF talk about oranges in florida and apples in washington
Pirate_Joe Which brings us to topic 3, supporting our local chapters.
Pirate_Joe I have had little time of late to work on the CRM.  After I get the banking done, I plan to dive in on it for at least an hour or two tomorrow.
OGPAF added a form I hope you will like here too
I can add all of the US counties 3,100 on demand
Bosun Lovely
OGPAF I have taken this up to 60,000+ with municipalities - just waiting to turn them on and turn them over to the local chapters
Bosun State offices are a pain.
Pirate_Joe Please note OGPAF, I see the amount of effort you have put in and I do appreciate it.
OGPAF content get indexed as unique by google on each url
your welcome and thank you - I love this stuff
Pirate_Joe Motion to table Supporting local and state chapters; Other platforms until next week.
OGPAF do we want the same structure for the chapters at every level?
Pirate_Joe We are at time this week.
Bosun 2nd
Pirate_Joe All in favor?
Bosun aye
Pirate_Joe aye
Motion passes
Motion to adjourn?
Bosun So moved
Pirate_Joe All in favor?
Bosun aye
OGPAF aye - I'll send more in email
Pirate_Joe aye
Bosun Thank you.
← Bosun has quit (Quit: Leaving)
← OGPAF has quit (Quit:
Pirate_Joe We continue to go over time each week.  Starting next week I will see if we can extend it to the hour.