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PNC Meeting Agenda

--- 11/212012 21:00h EST ---
Channel: #pnc


Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PNC

  • Attending
    • Erik Zoltan, Massachusetts
    • Joseph T. Klein, Wisconsin
    • Kyle DeVore, Oregon
    • Jarod Smith, Georgia
    • Bradley Hall, Florida
  • Excused
  • Unexcused
    • New York
    • California
    • Washington
  • Probation
    • Oklahoma


Record of the meeting

1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

  • Benjamin Sauerhaft Coplon, PA
  • Nick DeSalvio, Maryland

1.3 - Officers of the PNC

  • Lindsay-Anne Brunner, NY, Captain


Meeting opened at: 9:06pm EST by Lindsay-Anne Brunner

  • Meeting chaired by Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Secretary for this meeting is Daniel Gorski
  • Quorum is established: 5 out of 8 Members present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.3 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • Work on site is slow, need more people to help create content or just help out
  • Contact information for the State Parties is requested
Press Committee
  • no update
  • Coplon agrees to be "fallback" for press committee

5 - Agenda Items

  • Election of First Officer and Quartermaster
    • Caleb Langeslag is voted in as First Officer
    • Daniel Gorski is voted in as Quartermaster

- AOB -

  • Next meeting: 12/26/2012 at 9PM EST
  • Meeting closed: 10:20pm EST

- Logs of the Meeting -

<kusanagi> Okay, guys, called for 9:06pm, Roll Call! <mildbeard> Erik Zoltan, Massachusetts <kusanagi> Lindsay-Anne Brunner, NY, Captain <Bosun> Joseph T. Klein, Wisconsin <MrSquared> Kyle DeVore, Oregon <jarod_> JAROD SMITH GEORGIA

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<Rush> Bradley Hall, Florida <itspara> Nick, Maryland

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<OyajiVyse> Daniel Gorski, New York <kusanagi> Huzzah <kusanagi> Ok, in the topic is the agenda <itspara> the date is wrong <mildbeard> Hey I need an account? <kusanagi> no, i got the date wrong

<kusanagi> There we go, sorry <kusanagi> long day <itspara> >Guests are not allowed to join that pad. Please sign in. <kusanagi> I'll open it up.. could have sworn.. <MrSquared> <kusanagi> <kusanagi> thank you kyle <kusanagi> Man, I'm out of it lol

<kusanagi> ok, agenda in topic for reals now <kusanagi> Ok, to reports, is IT here? <kusanagi> itspara, anything on the IT front? <itspara> I don't believe IT has anything to report. CalebLangeslag can correct me if im wrong. <kusanagi> Don't think he's in right now, Mr CalebLangeslag <itspara> Work on the new website is slow and sluggish. like a wet sponge. <kusanagi> Is there anything we can do to try to step up that pace? :/ <kusanagi> I've started to work on it as well... is it just a personnel issue? <itspara> We can definitely include more people who are interested in creating content or participate otherwise. We are using wordpress. <mildbeard> What needs to be done aside from content? <itspara> Additionally we should probably decide what specifically needs to be worked on. <kusanagi> Contact information for states is needed, now that I recall <itspara> Not much, mostly content and figuring out which plugins we want to use and make sure they work properly. <kusanagi> So, if you guys don't mind sending your site/contact emails for your state party my way, that would rock. I could finish that as soon as I have the info <passstab> kbenjamin sauerhaft coplon chester PA (sorry) <kusanagi> Better late than never :) <kusanagi> itspara, that's pretty much all for IT? <itspara> I believe so <kusanagi> Press was cancelled this week, as I had an interview during the meeting time. i also would like if someone stepped up as new head for the press committee, because right now I'm still head of that.. I think someone else should take over <kusanagi> if anyone's interested, of course XD <passstab> i'll be fallback if you want <kusanagi> that would rock so much <passstab> :) <kusanagi> yaaaay! <kusanagi> ok, so, onward to FO and QM election <kusanagi> For FO, CalebLangeslag is the only candidate <kusanagi> So.. Um, I don't know how this is going to work.. Just aye-or-nay, I suppose? <Bosun> aye <mildbeard> aye <MrSquared> aye <passstab> abstain :) <kusanagi> jarod, Rush <kusanagi> Ok, I'll call it. 3 aye, 2.5abstain, CalebLangeslag is FO <mildbeard> Congratulations to CalebLangeslag! <kusanagi> Hooray!

  • kusanagi throws confetti
  • Missle59 throws a party
  • mildbeard sips rum.

<kusanagi> now, for QM, again, one nominee, OyajiVyse. So, let's vote on it. Aye, Nay, Abstain <Bosun> eye <mildbeard> aye <itspara> abstain <MrSquared> aye <passstab> aye <jarod_> abstain <itspara> *abstaining due to lack of information on nominee <Rush> aye <Rush> and aye on the other, there's only one nominee, right? <kusanagi> Rush, the first vote's closed already <kusanagi> Bosun, that's aye, correct? <Bosun> aye <Bosun> yes <Bosun> true <kusanagi> and calling it, 4 for, 1.5 abstain <kusanagi> congrats OyajiVyse \

  • mildbeard gulps rum and toasts congratulations to OyajiVyse.

<itspara> why are we voting publicly? I thought we did this privately <OyajiVyse> Thank you kindly :) <itspara> Congrats CalebLangeslag and OyajiVyse <Rush> There was only one candidate for each position <itspara> I know <itspara> but still. <kusanagi> itspara, it's one candidate for each position <kusanagi> ok, yay, full new board <kusanagi> Anyone have AOB to add? <itspara> I know. I have no probems with it.. i just thought all elections would have private voting regardless <kusanagi> Not for one candidate, but meh. <kusanagi> Anyone have anything else to go over tonight? <itspara> ok <kusanagi> Cos, if not, we can leave. Next meeting is December 26th (TWENTY-SIXTH) 2012. <kusanagi> Vote to adjourn?

  • kusanagi gives channel operator status to CalebLangeslag

<mildbeard> Hold on, why is the next meeting 12/26?

  • kusanagi gives channel operator status to OyajiVyse

<kusanagi> We're going to start going monthly instead of weekly <itspara> When was this decided? <kusanagi> It wasn't decided on, I feel it may be more productive to start having the meetings monthly instead of weekly. If you guys feel otherwise, then we can come back next week. <passstab> can i talk about my classes idea? <mildbeard> I'm not against it. Just came as a surprise. <kusanagi> sure, passstab <itspara> I think it should be voted on <kusanagi> Does a state wish to make a motion to vote on the meeting date/frequency? <passstab> i think that we should have pirate classes, for pirates , by pirates, about pirate stuff <kusanagi> Pirate stuff, like coding, crypto, and the like? <Rush> Hacker High School <mildbeard> Massachusetts Pirate Party co-sponsored a crypto party. Have you heard of them? We could have an online one using videos or something... <passstab> as well as stuff regarding running a party <passstab> getting a state party off the ground, campaign law, how to talk to people <mildbeard> We had a conference in 2012 - I think it was around March - and we were thinking of having a virtual conference that we'd publish as a series of videos. It is not exactly the same as passstab's idea but similar. I think MAPP is interested in your idea, but would have to discusss with them. <kusanagi> It was in March, OyajiVyse and I attended. It was awesome :D <mildbeard> thanks <passstab> my idea was to have them online <Rush> Passtab, only if the next video in the series is "how to talk to girls" <Rush> lol <passstab> lol <mildbeard> I would love to give a talk on peer to peer networks and the future of the pirate party. <kusanagi> kind of like a pirate ted talk <mildbeard> LOL we could create TED Pirate. <Rush> YES, but it'd have to be TEDx Pirate <mildbeard> Because x marks the spot... <Rush> Yes <mildbeard> love it <kusanagi> That is brilliant <kusanagi> We should work that. i really like that idea. <mildbeard> I will contact TED and see what it takes to use TEDx. <kusanagi> awesome, thank you <passstab> ted is cc-by-nc-nd :( <mildbeard> TEDx events may not be used to promote political agendas. <itspara> hrmm <kusanagi> :/ <itspara> not surprising <kusanagi> so it would have to be our own series <itspara> still.. we should totally do it <kusanagi> We really should, that would be excellent <Rush> What would we call it? W"B"T?? <kusanagi> Pirate School <Rush> That sounds like Driving School, something you'd go to if you got a ticket <itspara> true <itspara> Pirate U <MrSquared> Call it "The Poopdeck" <passstab> ^^ <itspara> U as in university <passstab> anyone interested in forming a committee for this? <mildbeard> SAB x Pirate <mildbeard> Pirate X <Missle59> The School of Swashbuckling and Adventuring <kusanagi> passstab, would you like to head the committee? <passstab> sure <itspara> This could go along with the youtube channel I suggested outside of this meeting <mildbeard> MAPP has a youtube channel already.

  • passstab is taking on a lot of responsibility while tired :/

<mildbeard> Should we just have a discussion on SAB and place this on the agenda for next mtg? <itspara> I think it would be nice to have a national channel.. so we can brand ourselves nationally <kusanagi> yes, mi <kusanagi> mildbeard, <itspara> on SAB or the forums.. yes <mildbeard> Does the new site have a forum? <itspara> we have had a forum for over a month <itspara> a nice new phpbb3 forum <kusanagi> I believe the one we have now will continue to be our forum <itspara> <mildbeard> ah ok. I didn't see a link on the site - so I wasn't sure. <mildbeard> I mean

  • passstab will register #uspp-video

<itspara> there should be a link along the top... unless someone removed it <kusanagi> I didn't see one last night.. <mildbeard> Aah. Didn't notice. That and the login links are kinda subtle.

<mildbeard> OK so I'd like to make a motion about the next meeting date if that's OK? <kusanagi> sure <mildbeard> Move to hold our next meeting on Wed 12/26. <kusanagi> second? <MrSquared> second <itspara> observers cant second :/ <Bosun> second <kusanagi> Vote on next meeting date to be Dec. 26 - aye or nay? <Bosun> aye <passstab> aye <mildbeard> aye <MrSquared> aye <itspara> nay <kusanagi> jarod? jarod_? <mildbeard> I wish we'd had more discussion before voting, because I'd like to understand itspara's objection. <jarod_> aye <jarod_> sorry at work <kusanagi> it's fine <itspara> I feel that meeting often helps keep everyone in the loop <itspara> and allows for voting on items more often <kusanagi> we can call a meeting sooner, if needed <passstab> we should have people on more committees to make up for it <itspara> ok... I still keep my nay vote... but that is good <mildbeard> This is a great time of year to have a break, but maybe every 2 weeks in the future would be OK? <kusanagi> we have that option as well <kusanagi> mildbeard, yeah, that may be better in the future <kusanagi> OyajiVyse, totals? <mildbeard> Also it would be nice to explore other times to meet. I know this doesn't work for some states. <OyajiVyse> 4 aye, 0.5 nay <kusanagi> especially the more western states <kusanagi> vote passed, next meeting dec 26th. make sure to bring boxes <itspara> I also want to see forums be used more... Eventually they should replace SAB as we don't have control over the SAB <kusanagi> that's true too, itspara <itspara> > make sure to bring boxes <kusanagi> boxing day joke. <mildbeard> ooooohhhhhh

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<itspara> Next IT meeting that actually happens I will try to make it a priority to build in mailing list functionality into the forums SAB section <kusanagi> anyway, bad jokes aside, anyone want to move to adjourn?\ <itspara> oh <itspara> I cant move <sacha> whoa what happened with the elections? <itspara> im an observer <kusanagi> itspara, i'll see if I can help with that <sacha> Everyone voted in that was supposed to be? <kusanagi> sacha, CalebLangeslag and OyajiVyse won. <mildbeard> Sacha, we have a new QM and a new FO. <itspara> sacha: we elected you supreme leader <sacha> Wait it has only been 14 mins <kusanagi> 14? <sacha> oh jk <mildbeard> 74 <kusanagi> uh.. you may need to fix your clock <itspara> an hour and 14 <sacha> I woke up late have no idea what time it is <kusanagi> we're about to adjourn <mildbeard> Are you in Australia? <itspara> I think we should give sacha time to bring up something if she wishes <kusanagi> i think she needs a coffee first <sacha> Lol <itspara> Sacha, any AOB stuff? <sacha> I was just going to ask about how making Liz's Fiance QM would affect things <sacha> Does it bother anyone? <kusanagi> it would lead to him getting beat if he doesn't do what he needs to. <sacha> They wouldn't be arguing as independent entities really <sacha> Or him getting beat if he disagrees with you <itspara> Im not sure, we will have to keep an eye on whether or not that causes any issues. <sacha> which could be a problem <mildbeard> Personally I'm glad someone stepped forward, and I don't think we should consider it a problem until it actually becomes one. <kusanagi> It won't cause any issues, and I won't beat him if he disagrees. <sacha> Is Travis banned from IRC? <itspara> If you do kusanagi, bear in mind both of you could lose your positions for abusing the system <kusanagi> He was temp banned because he was flooding before. he's been unbanned for some time now <kusanagi> itspara, well aware <sacha> I agree with you Mildbeard it is something I will just watch and I was curious what others thought <mildbeard> wait - what happened with Travis? <kusanagi> his client is messed up and it keeps joining then flooding out <kusanagi> he said to ban him when it happens, and I do and let him know immediately. <mildbeard> aah ok. that's not as controversial as it sounded!!! <itspara> not like he was arrested for building nukes <kusanagi> mildbeard, we almost had dramas! hahah

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<mildbeard> itspara - if you start using the forums I will be sure to reply to you there! <mildbeard> Move to adjourn. <kusanagi> oooh.. we fell under quorum. <kusanagi> anyone second? MrSquared, Bosun? <itspara> I want to see the captain actively using the forums as well... <Bosun> second <kusanagi> itspara, I will <kusanagi> ok, vote to adjourn <mildbeard> aye <sacha> k all is good <itspara> aye <mildbeard> I hope the IT committee will let me create a policy forum. I would post there a lot. <itspara> I can set that up now if you wish <itspara> I think we should remodel the forum after the green parties shiny new forum <kusanagi> ok, we're under quorum anyway, good night, next meeting is boxing day, dec 26th unless called before then. good night <Bosun> aye adjourn <OyajiVyse> good night all, and thank you once again :) <Bosun> goodnight <passstab> 'night