PNC 11/06/2022

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  • No meeting held this week



  • Nothing to report


  • Swarmcare: nothing to report
  • Secretary: Nothing to report
  • Treasurer: nothing to report
  • Chair: Met with PR to catch her up on recent events and talked about the future of the outreach group of committees


Old Business

New Business

  • IL: proposes discussing locations for PNC 2023, suggests Cincinnati
  • MA: suggestion to discuss outreach methods that can be done during pandemic, adapting strategies to long-term lack of networking events


Probationary States



Meeting called to order at pm EST.


Old Business

New Business

Meeting adjourned at pm EST.


Record of the meeting

21:12:47 <WodenButRealThisTime> Calling the meeting to order at 9"12 Eastern
<WodenButRealThisTime> IDs?
<yari> Rose Klein, CA, PNC secretary
<WodenButRealThisTime> Anthony Jay, PNC Chair
<Mariah-Lynne> Mariah-Lynne, KY Secretary
<Oz> Ethan Osborne captain Kentucky Pirate party 
<DreadPirateDrew> Drew Bingaman, PA Captain
<WodenButRealThisTime> Which KY member is voting, by the way?
<Joe> Joe, Treasurer, Mapp & Uspp
<yari> ^
<Mariah-Lynne> Ethan will
<WodenButRealThisTime> Cool.
<WodenButRealThisTime> Anyone have the agenda?
<WodenButRealThisTime> I can fetch it but I can't promise it won't cause my death
<Mariah-Lynne> Unless technical difficulties.
<WodenButRealThisTime> Internet is not great
<Oz> Sorry lagging 
<WodenButRealThisTime> No worries
<papegaai> Title: PNC 11/06/2022 - United States Pirate Party (at
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager. Not participating in discussions tonight; left reports (or lack there of with our lovely WodenButRealThisTime and Yari. I’ll speak if asked something but no IL vote tonight otherwise
<WodenButRealThisTime> Focus on proper road safety, we will focus on voting
<WodenButRealThisTime> Seeing that no other officers have anything to report, I will make a mention of my item as chair
<WodenButRealThisTime> I spoke to PR earlier and talked to her about recent events. We are scheming for the future.
<WodenButRealThisTime> Welcome Brianna! Please ID
<WodenButRealThisTime> Also, do you have anything to report?
<Brianna> Brianna Coyle - OH - Nothing to report that’s relevant to my position :( 
<WodenButRealThisTime> I see similar of the committees
<WodenButRealThisTime> Seeing no real reports this week, do we accept the reports?
<Joe> Aye
<DreadPirateDrew> aye
<WodenButRealThisTime> The nonexistent reports
<Oz> Aye
<WodenButRealThisTime> I will take that as a consensus.
<yari> aye
<WodenButRealThisTime> Moving on to new business, we have a proposal by IL to begin discussing PNC 2023, mainly location.
<WodenButRealThisTime> This is a discussion and not a motion, so discussion is open.
<yari> note by secretary that IL suggests Cincinnati as a possible location for the PNC conference
<Oz> Are we anticipating an IRL PNC 2023?
<Joe> Seems likely. 
<WodenButRealThisTime> Yes, that has been the consensus so far to my understanding.
<Oz> Yeah well that's pretty convenient for me lol
<yari> we had suggested it when motioning for the PNC 2022 to be virtual
<Oz> Considering it's right across the river 
<Joe> OH is the middle of the country. I think the sentiment is that we hold the conference in a new state every year.
<Brianna> I would also love for it to be in Cincinnati lol. Not too far from me at all! 
<WodenButRealThisTime> I will throw my hat into the ring and say I think it;s most practical for us to have it in a predictable Pirate hub. New England and Chicago seem obvious, but Mitch wants to save something like that for 2024
<yari> <-- this was when it was suggested for 2023 to be in person if practicable
<papegaai> Title: PNC 01/30/2022 - United States Pirate Party (at
<Joe> We could also do D.C. 
<Oz> Yeah NKY is part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area I could probably find us a good place to hold it 
<WodenButRealThisTime> I like the suggestions, but I would love for them to be of substance. Anyone want to give us their best pitch for their location of choice?
<WodenButRealThisTime> I am making you fight for it
<Joe> OH seems more logical based on our current situation. We want it to be as accessible to the largest amount of people. 
<DreadPirateDrew> So I know we did just have virtual PNC this year. I would suggest NOT having in person every year. Like set a schedule whether every year or only presidential years have in person.
<yari> I like Drew's suggestion
<Oz> If think Cincinnati is a good geographic location with more affordable as far as lodging expenses etc
<Brianna> I think our decision should be contingent on 1) affordability and 2) the willingness of someone to secure a venue. 
<yari> +1 brianna
<WodenButRealThisTime> DreadPirateDrew - Good point. My suggestion is we do virtual odd years and in person election year. 2023 is an exception because we are all dying for human touch
<yari> speak for yourself Wodensday I wouldn't be able to make it to the conference anyway
<WodenButRealThisTime> Haha\
<WodenButRealThisTime> So you think
<yari> ... I mean... maybe...
<Joe> Start a Yari flight gofundme oOo
<WodenButRealThisTime> Some good arguments for OH, Let me ask you all this, though, are those benefits not shared by New England?
<WodenButRealThisTime> PA and MA would potentially be able to drive and help use secure a lot of things
<Joe> I don't mind the drive. 
<yari> PA is our powerhouse right now, but my question is whether throwing an in-person conference will help that or just add more work?
<Brianna> Which state has the largest active affiliate? Would that be Massachusetts?
<Joe> Just need enough advanced notice. Child care is a tougher thing for me but not undoable.
<yari> Brianna it's PA
<Oz> I don't mind the drive either I haven't been to MA since I was in elementary school 
<WodenButRealThisTime> Is it?
<Brianna> Ooo I see
<yari> it is
<yari> 100%
<Joe> Mapp has quited down, something we need to work on.
<WodenButRealThisTime> I don't think it would be extra work for those closest, but having Pirates nearby might just help us orient ourselves
<WodenButRealThisTime> This is going to be hard. Have we even ever had a national convention in person?
<Brianna> I would be happy with any of the mentioned states so far. I love PA and MA. But also I live in Ohio lol so personally I’m okay with any of them. I’m more concerned about venue than state tbh
<WodenButRealThisTime> Non-state
<Brianna> We would need to prepare for a budget of $20-50k, probably. 
<Joe> There is an solid argument for holding it in a state that is not active, but our first one should be where we are strongest. 
<yari> Brianna where are you ballparking that firgure from
<Joe> Why so much Brianna?
<pmchi> If I may: my rationale for starting with Cincinnati stems from a couple things. One of the first things is the geographic centrality of Ohio, which makes it easy for our current membership and what would likely be our membership by the 2023 conference to be able to get to the location without much issue. Secondly, with my assumption being that Ohio will be a full PNC state member by the 2023 conference, if not during set conference, this would be a 
<pmchi> great way to kind of open up a new chapter in the USPP by celebrating our new membership. Finally, I like Cincinnati because it’s big, but not a incredibly large city and metro. Sure, they have professional sports and a bunch of people living in the metro, but this isn’t one of the major cities you’d first think up with thinking of the United States. I think saving a larger, major city for presidential years would be best and we should start in 
<pmchi> person conferences smaller
<Oz> Universities auditoriums can be an option 
<Brianna> I am planning a small conference with my job rn for 300 people and the costs came out to $75k. Though, that is including pre-purchased hotel rooms and meal plans.
<Oz> Sometimes free to use
<Brianna> Also, from prior knowledge, thats around the cost of a 3 day furry convention 
<pmchi> Cincinnati would be incredibly convenient for not just the Ohio Pirates, but also Ethan and many of our Kentucky Pirates as well
<Brianna> we can’t hold a conference in an auditorium. It needs to be a hotel or something with enough space
<DreadPirateDrew> That's the question though. How many?
<yari> ^
<Joe> We could toll public libraries, since they are used to having conferences at them for political purposes. Also, would be free.
<yari> How many people determines a lot of questions here
<yari> If we estimate anything over 100, small hotel reservations starts to look like the best option
<WodenButRealThisTime> To Ethan's point, I can also schmooze people at one of the largest universities in the US. I could get us a pretty big room for cheap if we are desperate 
<WodenButRealThisTime> I don't forecast over 100
<WodenButRealThisTime> I would expect 30-50
<Joe> Well, lets poll then to get an assessment 
<Joe> Send out a mailing and see how many people are planning to go. 
<yari> That's an excellent idea.
<Mariah-Lynne> There are air bnb's that are cheaper to stay in.
<WodenButRealThisTime> Given we almost never send any mailing, those numbers would not be accurate
<WodenButRealThisTime> I like the idea, though
<WodenButRealThisTime> It sounds like we need the convention commttee back.
<Oz> What month is this planned for?
<WodenButRealThisTime> June
<yari> beginning of June
<yari> end of May
<Brianna> A convention committee is a good idea. 
<Oz> Copy 
<DreadPirateDrew> Second convention committee
<Mariah-Lynne> If everyone pays their own travel, and their own bnb, the money raised can go to securing a venue. Or a member's home?
<WodenButRealThisTime> We have one, but it is temporary rather than standing. If we want to pull the trigger on reviving it now, we can.
<Brianna> Especially if we have a convention every year, it makes sense to have a standing committee 
<WodenButRealThisTime> Mitch, yari, Bosun and I were convention committee last year. Shoutout to the Pirates Reborn CC. We killed it.
<yari> If less than 100, can probably swing it with local university rooms if connections are made. There is a reason, though, for booking hotel rooms as a group - things are cheaper that way. The way some of my friends organized a conference with a booked hotel and paid for it is they had an auction at the end of the conference.
<WodenButRealThisTime> Anyway
<Joe> Sorry, I have to go. I support the committee idea though.
<WodenButRealThisTime> I do not think we have a quorum then unless Mitch tags in;
<yari> CA, KY, PA...
<DreadPirateDrew> Suggest we take this item up next week
<yari> still technically a quorum
<WodenButRealThisTime> We need MA, IL, or IN
<pmchi> I’ll tag in
<WodenButRealThisTime> Danke.
<WodenButRealThisTime> It sounds like we have a lot of thinking to do. PA suggests we table, is that what I'm hearing?
<yari> yeah I would prefer this be an ongoing conversation for now than it be forked right off onto a committee
<yari> second
<yari> (to tabling)
<WodenButRealThisTime> All in favor of tabling?
<DreadPirateDrew> aye
<Oz> Aye
<yari> aye
<pmchi> Aye
<WodenButRealThisTime> Tabled.
<WodenButRealThisTime> Next 
<WodenButRealThisTime> MA: suggestion to discuss outreach methods that can be done during pandemic, adapting strategies to long-term lack of networking events
<yari> I think this convo is still worth having
<yari> even though MA had to leave
<WodenButRealThisTime> I agree.
<yari> it's directly relevant to the convention talk, for one
<WodenButRealThisTime> I would say, to start, that almost all of our current existence happened during COVID, so I don't think we are doing poorly. We just need to be prepared to be IRL again and start moving that way.
<WodenButRealThisTime> All very relevant to earlier
<yari> context: Joe and I were talking about how MA has had less in-person events that they could recruit and network at, and how he thinks that has hurt their membership. I mentioned that while we can hope for something different, it's worth preparing strategies for a pandemic world
<yari> I agree we aren't doing poorly
<WodenButRealThisTime> Of course.
<Oz> Most definitely 
<WodenButRealThisTime> All future events for a while should be immunocompromised friendly. Masks available, hand sanitizer, etc. That's a thought
<yari> agreed
<WodenButRealThisTime> Though that is more us and less us adapting to the world
<WodenButRealThisTime> How well have we adapted to the world?
<yari> I guess my question here is: does anyone have any wisdom to share?
<yari> any particularly effective pandemic-safe outreach they've been doing?
<Mariah-Lynne> I've told Ethan that after the election is over, he can start thinking of outreach locally during the holidays coming up.
<Mariah-Lynne> Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.
<Oz> I've got a new member through campaigning as well 
<Mariah-Lynne> What that will be is still up in the air.
<DreadPirateDrew> A big opportunity just passed. Halloween Parades
<yari> One of my next major tasks is setting up a local instance of mastodon for my city, so local stuff for sure
<WodenButRealThisTime> Yari - check the discord
<WodenButRealThisTime> So, I guess I'm wondering what this means to the internet party. We GREW during the pandemic when other parties shrunk just by nature of having stuff like a discord
<WodenButRealThisTime> That is partially why I jumped ship from being an LP orbiter so early rather than later
<WodenButRealThisTime> You all could still talk to me when others could not
<WodenButRealThisTime> So I found us
<WodenButRealThisTime> Early 2021
<yari> wodensday - what did you want me to see on there
<WodenButRealThisTime> Folks talking about a USPP mastodon, may be of interest to you
<Mariah-Lynne> A feeding the homeless and those in need during the holidays, and a toy drive for kids during Christmas.
<DreadPirateDrew> We're having a cook out now? I'm in!
<Oz> I'm not familiar mastodon 
<WodenButRealThisTime> Federated Twitter alternative 
<Mariah-Lynne> I got a Mastodon today for KYPP but I had to email their support because the confirmation email never came.
<Mariah-Lynne> I don't think I'll use it but I secured the name because so many of their top servers are closing registrations.
<WodenButRealThisTime> I'm hearing that we are feeling pretty good about this.
<yari> motion to grant the IT committee authority to leverage voluteer time to create a mastodon instance for the USPP
<WodenButRealThisTime> I thought you'd nevever ask.
<WodenButRealThisTime> Motion on the floor
<yari> haha
<yari> hey, we're done with the donation button now
<yari> any... seconds?
<WodenButRealThisTime> Good question. Any seconds?
<DreadPirateDrew> second
<yari> cool
<WodenButRealThisTime> Moved and seconded. Moving to discussion and debate.
<yari> sorry for sprining a motion on y'all.
<yari> didn't come up with it until just then
<yari> *springing
<yari> call the question
<DreadPirateDrew> Call the question?
<WodenButRealThisTime> Any... discussion?
<WodenButRealThisTime> Any objections to calling the question?
<DreadPirateDrew> No
<WodenButRealThisTime> Going once
<WodenButRealThisTime> Going twice
<WodenButRealThisTime> Sold.
<yari> do it 
<WodenButRealThisTime> All in favor?
<yari> aye
<DreadPirateDrew> aye
<Oz> Aye 
<WodenButRealThisTime> Il?
<yari> pmchi?
<pmchi> Aye
<yari> motion to adjourn
<WodenButRealThisTime> Motion passes unanimously. Mastodon project taken on.
<DreadPirateDrew> Second motion to adjourn
<Oz> Motion to adjourn 2nded
<WodenButRealThisTime> I just want to say, I like this. I think it will fill that in between discord and CRM role without it being a clunky forum or something lol
<Mariah-Lynne> I saw the talk on Discord about someone wanting to host a Mastodon for USPP. Is the person a member? I would be weary about just anybody hosting a server that will have access to private messages and IP numbers.
<yari> We'll hash that out in IT meetings - and make sure that it's not just anybody, and that access is difficult if not impossible.
<WodenButRealThisTime> nobody will be hosting anything without serious vetting, rest assured
<yari> you are welcome to join
<WodenButRealThisTime> All in favor of adjourning?
<pmchi> Aye
<Mariah-Lynne> Thank you.
<yari> aye
<Oz> Aye
<DreadPirateDrew> aye
<WodenButRealThisTime> Good work, gamers.
<WodenButRealThisTime> I will see you all next week! Or in my DMS if you need something
<Oz> Have a good week folks 
<DreadPirateDrew> night all!
22:05:36 <WodenButRealThisTime> Meeting Adjourned at 10:05 Eastern