PNC 10/14/19

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  • Sayyida Megan Klein chair WI
  • Pirate_Joe Joseph Onoroski, Vice-chair, MA
  • designanddraft elisa miller, missouri
  • Bosun Joe Klein Wisconsin



Record of the meeting


Pirate_Joe Ahoy!
Sayyida Pirate_Joe, HAHAHA
Sorry lol
Pirate_Joe <3
No worries
Long day
Sayyida same here!
Pirate_Joe Jokeefe can not make it tonight
Sayyida understandable
Bosun Never longer than 25 hours.
Pirate_Joe Feels like it
Sayyida ok its top of the hour
credentials plese
Megan Klein chair WI
Pirate_Joe Joseph Onoroski, Vice-chair, MA
designanddraft elisa miller, missouri
Bosun Joe Klein Wisconsin
Sayyida ok so we were supposed to do nominations, but looks like we all failed on that front
Pirate_Joe That I am sorry for.
Sayyida life happens I failed on it as well
Bosun Ok nobody wants. To run?
Sayyida i guess?
Pirate_Joe I never sent out the email to the lists
Sayyida womp womp
Bosun Ahhh - let's try this again next week.
Sayyida vote to send out nominations to next week
designanddraft suggestion, nominations happen 2 weeks after emails r sent, let us know when they have sent
Pirate_Joe Sayyida, could you email the sab list?
Or do you still want me to do it?
Sayyida will do at the end of the meeting
ill do it Pirate_Joe :)
Pirate_Joe I should have time to do more work in the
Sayyida ok.
Pirate_Joe *tomorrow
Bosun What is the committee the MAPP files with the FEC as - ie name
papegaai Title: OCPF - OCPF: Registered Filers (at
Bosun ... Joe
Committee Name:Massachusetts Pirate Party Political Action Committee
Had to look it up to be specific ^^,
Sayyida Pirate_Joe, *high five*
thank you
Bosun I am looking at the FEC site and can't find it.
Pirate_Joe I'll bring this up at the next MAPP meeting
Sayyida btw we have a pac i think in texas?
something Bosun sent me said that theres a pac in texas
Bosun What is the ID - because the name may differ.
designanddraft i tried to msg texas pac info, no response
Pirate_Joe It will be good to get an national email going, that way we can be sure.
Bosun Three matches for Pirate
Sayyida designanddraft, we dont have a texas pac
thats the point
designanddraft there is one registered
Sayyida someone is doing something without our support
rogue pirate work
taking the pirate name and running with it
Pirate_Joe Then we should make every effort to reach out and make contact.
Sayyida making money and probably going to muck something up in the paperwork down the road
Pirate_Joe, yes, this is just going to be a problem for us down the road if this is someone just using the pirate name for something
Bosun PIRATE PAC is a Super Pac
Sayyida creepy...
i would hate for people to get the wrong idea with us and it
Bosun Only Pirate PAC looks currently active - er filing
Sayyida we are down to 13 min
Bosun I can dig through the. Filings.
Pirate_Joe It seems I have quite a bit to look in to then. Both in making sure MA is being compliant as well as reaching out to other possible local parties.
Sayyida ok thank you Bosun
Bosun To file the national stuff we need MAPP's FEC number
Pirate_Joe It is currently under a mountain of paperwork that is my desk.
Bosun We need to list all affiliations..
designanddraft i reached out via fb msg, and email, if someone would like to try another
Pirate_Joe Are there any phone numbers listed?
Bosun Meg and I are fixing up WI. We are planning on letting WI go it without us at the end of next year. As we are doing Illinois.
Sayyida not sure but i can find this lady
Sayyida there is a mailing address and the treasurers name and I can work with that
Pirate_Joe They do not seem very active
Sayyida texas was never at large to my memory
which is what causes me the alarm
you can't just delcare yourself a pirate, have a one pirate show, then create a pac and not have 2 others with you
that isnt how our platform operates
Title: Form 1 for Pirate PAC FEC Form 1 for Pirate PACForm 1 for Pirate PAC (at
Sayyida aprox 5 min left
designanddraft lol
Bosun Cheshire Cat
Pirate_Joe Treasurer:
Cary Cheshire
1720 Bissonnet
Houston, Texas 77005
Phone # (202) 455-4727
Sayyida designanddraft, what's funny?
Bosun We can give the cat a call.
Sayyida hahaha Bosun well tomorrow?
I want to scratch that one
designanddraft irc meetings
Sayyida bosun, will you join me in calling tomorrow?
or at least finding her?
Bosun Ok. Bullet list - e-mails for nominations - file form 1 - get USPP Pac info -
Sayyida I voulnteer to find her and get back if the cell is a dead end
Bosun Cary could be NB
Sayyida true, spelling counts
Pirate_Joe Or it could be legit. Lets not put the cart before the horse. <3
Bosun How about adjourn?
Pirate_Joe 2nd
Sayyida all in favor?
Pirate_Joe Aye
Sayyida aye
Bosun Aye
Sayyida meeting is adjourned
designanddraft aya, thats what was lol
Bosun Is Joe Handeling the minutes?