PNC 10/10/21

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Next tasks:

  1. Meeting status



Old Business

New Business

A proposal: That the IT committee create the infrastructure such that state parties represented in the PNC have optional access to the CiviCRM contact data of the PNC with the following restrictions:

  • That each state's organizers will only be able to access the contacts which live within their respective state.
  • That, for the purpose of the Pirate Party movement's continuity, each state must share with the PNC any additional contacts they acquire during the time they choose to retain access to the data of the PNC.
  • That each person who submits their contact information to the PNC be informed in writing that their information may be shared with state organizers.


  • Bosun: Joseph Klein USPP, WIPP, USPP. vice chair
  • Radiojoe: William Dappen, CA
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, MA, Secretary
  • pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager


  • yari: Rose Klein, CA, PNC chair.
  • wodensday: Anthony Jay, IN
  • Richard Carro - Illinois Pirate



  • IT committee meeting
    • Events page is up and are adding events
    • Bosun created duplicate CiviCRM to work on issues.
    • jokeefe setting up SMS account
    • Meeting weekly on Thursday, 9pm
  • Outreach
    • PATRIOT Act 20th anniversary:
      • Planning live streams 25th-27th
      • Reached out to other groups and have received some responses
      • Looking for more people to help
    • Meeting weekly on Tuesday, 9pm
  • Swarmcare
    • ILPirates plan to apply soon

IL Pirates Formal Application

  • CA Nominates
  • WI 2nds
  • Passed - Mitch will send required info to jokeefe for note keeping
  • Mitch will be primary delegate, and Richard Carro will be secondary delegate.

Data Sharing Proposal

Discussion of Yari's US-State Party Data Sharing Proposal.

Bosun suggested that we review the proposal, edit it and come back to it next meeting for formal adoption. Proposal is at:


Record of the meeting

Live Stream at