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Next tasks:

  1. Meeting status
  2. Report from Bosun on
  3. archive SAB list messages
  4. update old pages in the blog/wiki such as the state contact pages



Old Business

New Business


  • Bosun: Joseph Klein USPP, WIPP, USPP. vice chair
  • Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Massachusetts
  • Radiojoe: William Dappen, CA


  • wodensday: Anthony Jay, IN
  • yari: Rose Klein, CA, PNC chair.
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, MA, Secretary
  • pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
  • Frank: Frank Decapio, West Virginia.
  • Chris: Chris Tidmarsh, Indiana



2021 Budget approved 3 to 0

Digital Freedom for Everyone! plank adopted 3 to 0:


Digital Freedom for Everyone!

1 Free, democratically controlled technical infrastructure

Modern society is hard to imagine without digital communication. The state’s actions should be geared towards securing and promoting public access to all forms of communication, including internet, radio, and television. The only way to ensure public participation in digital space is to own the hardware through municipally-controlled internet service providers. Furthermore, the transmission hardware itself, paid for by tax dollars, should also be owned and maintained by publically owned co-operatives.

2 Open standards

Universal access to data can only be ensured if information is available in an open standards format.  Open standards decrease our dependence on individual manufacturers and enables free competition between technical solutions. One only needs to look at the early days of cellphone chargers to see what happens when proprietary formats are given reign. We support the promotion and use of open standards and government policy must further this goal. An open standard is a protocol or format which meets the following criteria:

    All participants have full, equal and public access to the standard and can evaluate and use it equally;

    There are no components or extensions that depend on formats or protocols which do not conform to this definition;

    There are no legal or technical clauses that restrict use by any party or business model;

    Development is beyond the control of any one company;

3 Free software

We support the promotion of Free Software that can be used, analyzed, disseminated and changed by everyone, without restrictions. Free Software guarantees users the basic freedom necessary to take control of their own technical systems and to develop them collectively and democratically. It provides a significant contribution to strengthening the autonomy and privacy of all users. Particularly educational institutions and governments must work towards switching their entire technical infrastructure to free software. Doing so will reduce public expenditures, government's dependence on individual manufacturers and provide the public with better access to government documents. The digital infrastructure must operate equally across all major operating systems.

4 Access to digital communication

It is undeniable that children of poor and working class families lose out when educational materials are only accessible online. If we expect people to participate in a digital economy, we must provide them with the access to do so. Libraries across the state have started offering laptop and wifi access bundles to loan, this is a good model to replicate until a broad public takeover of the telecom industry takes place.

5 Possible uses of digital communication

A small number of financial companies exercise an effective stranglehold over private commerce, acting as censors and decency police over the sale of completely legal, adult material. We cannot allow private companies to control the conduct between consenting adults. 

6 Learning how to use digital technology

Media literacy skills, especially related to identifying and resisting misinformation, must become an integral part of social studies curriculums. Furthermore, we owe it to our seniors to teach them to protect themselves online as well. Schools must be encouraged to use open source software, both institutionally and to teach digital media creation.

7 Digital society worldwide

Free communication through digital networks allows our society to reinforce classic freedoms such as freedom of speech and free personal development. It creates informed citizens and strengthens democratic discourse. It also helps create new economic sectors and contribute to the wealth of society. Therefore, efforts towards the establishment of free communication networks in the United States and in other countries must also be welcomed and supported. They enable more democratic forms of government around the world, more informed and tolerant societies and, consequently, more stable structures. The establishment of free communication networks must become a part of development aid all around the world, wherever feasible. Even if there is limited range or technical support, robust systems that can be implemented will give disadvantaged communities a chance to not only learn from the greater world but be enabled to take their place in the greater digital world.

Free communication networks around the world have time and again been threatened by censorship. These attempts are usually directed against the country’s own population and against the freedoms of its own citizens. Under no circumstances must Massachusetts support censorship in other countries. The technical prerequisites for censorship must not be tolerated, even if they are created at home or abroad. Initiatives, political or technical in nature, for undermining filtering systems must be supported. These policies should be spread as far as foreign relations permit. 

8. Ending the social media oligopoly

Big Tech companies such as Facebook and Google have grown so large that they can stifle competition either by buying competitors or preventing competitors from growing large enough to challenge them. They exploit human biochemical reactions in order to maximize user engagement to fatten their profits, and have an unprecedented ability to shape human society. They are unfit stewards for our digital commons. Our belief in democracy and decentralization convinces us that they should not have this much power. Such companies must be broken up using the anti-trust laws we already have. A pirate government will also require that users be able to take their data with them to other services easily and that all services must be able to interoperate. 



Record of the meeting


[9:03pm] yari: Quorum is achieved, so we will start. I hope the others will filter in soon.
[9:04pm] yari: calling this meeting of the PNC to order at 9:03 pm est. IDs please.
[9:04pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Massachusetts
[9:04pm] wodensday: Anthony Jay, IN
[9:04pm] yari: Rose Klein, CA, PNC chair.
[9:04pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, MA, Secretary
[9:04pm] Bosun: Joseph Klein USPP, WIPP, USPP. vice chair
[9:04pm] pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[9:05pm] Nolan joined the chat room.
[9:06pm] yari: Nolan, welcome. ID please If you want to participate.
[9:06pm] yari: Reports to start with. IT, jokeefe?
[9:06pm] Frank: Frank Decapio, West Virginia.
[9:06pm] Nolan left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[9:07pm] jokeefe: We had a good meeting. Looking for better blog event plugin
[9:07pm] Chris joined the chat room.
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Bosun still working on email issue
[9:07pm] wodensday: Welcome Chris! Please ID (Say your name and state)
[9:07pm] Chris: Hi, my name is Chris Tidmarsh, and I'm from Indiana
[9:08pm] wodensday: (y)
[9:08pm] jokeefe: Found the wiki files and will deploy them
[9:08pm] yari: Welcome Chris, feel free to speak whenever. Votes are restricted though.
[9:08pm] Chris: Ok thanks yari!
[9:08pm] jokeefe: working on clickatel payment
[9:08pm] wodensday: You can add input, just not vote (until the INPP becomes recognized, that is 
[9:08pm] jokeefe: That is all
[9:09pm] yari: Sounds good, jokeefe. Thanks for sharing. Are there any aspects of the IT work you want help with from other groups?
[9:10pm] yari: Glad the files got found, thanks for that.
[9:10pm] wodensday: Do we have an agenda for this meeting?
[9:11pm] jokeefe:
[9:11pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 10/03/21 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:11pm] wodensday: Thank you!
[9:14pm] Radiojoe joined the chat room.
[9:14pm] yari: Jokeefe?
[9:14pm] jokeefe: That is all
[9:14pm] jokeefe: sorry
[9:14pm] yari: What can others help with?
[9:15pm] jokeefe: I think we know our action items in regards to helping other groups, yari
[9:15pm] jokeefe: We need the db setup and fully useful
[9:15pm] Bosun: How are the il, in, etc web pages comming?
[9:15pm] yari: I meant more can anyone help IT
[9:15pm] jokeefe: Helping finding experienced people to help would be good
[9:16pm] yari: Okay, cool.
[9:16pm] Radiojoe: William Dappen, CA
[9:16pm] yari: Thanks for the ID, radiojoe
[9:16pm] jokeefe: Also a list of future needs would be good so we can plan next tasks
[9:16pm] yari: Welcome
[9:16pm] Bosun: Is that a sign?
[9:16pm] Chris: wodensday, you said you were setting up the web page for IN Pirates, right?
[9:17pm] yari: Good to know. Thank you jokeefe. Platform committee - Joe, what do you have to report?
[9:17pm] wodensday: I did! Should I go ahead now? Was going to let pmchi introduce it with swarmcare
[9:17pm] Joe: We finished one plank.
[9:17pm] Joe:
[9:17pm] papegaai: Title: Etherpad (at
[9:17pm] Joe: Motion to adopt?
[9:17pm] wodensday: Ah, in respects to the IT committee
[9:17pm] Chris: Sorry wodensday, I didn't realize you were going to wait to bring it up when the time came
[9:18pm] wodensday: My excitement can only be contained via the democratic process
[9:18pm] yari: Joe, please hold motions for after reports.
[9:18pm] Joe: Ok, you now know it's coming. 
[9:18pm] yari: Exactly!
[9:18pm] yari: On the horizon
[9:19pm] Joe: We also started on another plank.
[9:19pm] Joe: We seem to be keeping two on the table at any given time.
[9:19pm] Joe:
[9:19pm] papegaai: Title: Etherpad (at
[9:20pm] yari: Cool, thank you. What can others help platform with?
[9:20pm] Joe:
[9:20pm] papegaai: Title: Etherpad (at
[9:21pm] Joe: Please be a part of the open discussion on our discord channel and keep making suggestions for topics. Lets put the pirate perspective on everything!
[9:22pm] yari: Okay, nice. What do you have to share as treasurer for reports?
[9:23pm] Joe: I met up with Jokeefe twice this week. Shared all my notes.
[9:23pm] jokeefe: Will discuss in New Business
[9:23pm] yari: And my understanding is that we’ll be going over that today, yes?
[9:23pm] yari: Cool.
[9:23pm] Joe: There is not much to report other than what we have previously discussed.
[9:23pm] yari: Okay, thank you.
[9:24pm] yari: Outreach, wodensday?
[9:25pm] wodensday: We are slowly progressing when it comes to patriot act. I'm unaware of the full extent that we've progressed because I haven't been able to be super hands-on this week, but I know we at the very least have a few things the PNC would like to hear and could help out with
[9:26pm] Radiojoe left the chat room. (Quit: Connection closed)
[9:26pm] yari: Such as?
[9:27pm] wodensday: For one, we'd like to have some fort of livestream discussing the current state of digital rights and privacy on the evening of the 26th. I know Bosun, at one point mentioned wanting to lead something like that.
[9:27pm] wodensday: If we could get a few people on camera for a few hours, that would be the goal
[9:28pm] Chris: I'd be interested in attending that, wodensday. Possibly speaking, but I'm not always comfortable with public speaking
[9:28pm] wodensday: Doesn't have to be USPP, we can reach out to non-PP and non-US.
[9:28pm] Radiojoe joined the chat room.
[9:28pm] wodensday: Chris, noted!
[9:28pm] Radiojoe: Hello, sorry about the connection issues
[9:29pm] yari: Sure, cool! Okay, we’ll be making this our focus and building this whole patriot act protest a bunch this month, so I hope we have time to get a few things about it nailed down today.
[9:29pm] wodensday: Due to time constraints, would it be more appropriate to discuss this in our fancy new channel later?
[9:30pm] yari: Details, yes. Since outreach has the power to do so.
[9:31pm] yari: And I would say broadly, yes. The motion last time made this fall almost entirely under outreach. I just want to make sure we give it a push.
[9:31pm] wodensday: Yes. Let it be known that outreach has ironed out details the committee should be familiar with and are working on execution right now
[9:32pm] yari: What can others help outreach with?
[9:32pm] wodensday: Implementation of this could use as many hands as possible. Be sure to check out the new discord channel for this event
[9:33pm] Radiojoe: Permission to interject with another suggestion?
[9:33pm] yari: Please.
[9:33pm] wodensday: Other than that, we are seeking to put more pirate mass media in to the world. If you have any skills that may help, please attend our meetings on Tuesdays at 9 EST on IRC. Well, attend regardless
[9:33pm] wodensday: Radiojoe please do
[9:35pm] Joe: My capacity is still limited but I will attend as soon as I can to help out. Esp with the video publishing.
[9:35pm] wodensday: No pressure, only appreciation
[9:35pm] Radiojoe: Some assistance with the development of our contacts on etherpad would be of great assistance to my efforts, if anyone has any possibly interested groups, or contacts within previously listed groups, that would go a long way to help convince these groups to join us
[9:35pm] Joe: Tuesday are just tough for me because of local town events are Tuesday
[9:36pm] yari: Thank you for pointing that out, Radiojoe. Contacts are useful for this. I’m going to move on and we can discuss more of the event later. Pmchi- swarmcare?
[9:36pm] Radiojoe left the chat room. (Quit: Connection closed)
[9:36pm] jokeefe: brb
[9:37pm] pmchi: Indiana’s website is live! Congratulations to INPP on the launch of the new site. Last Wednesday, we had a joint meeting with the Pirate Party Australia. I thought it went well, it is currently up on their Facebook Page. I reached out to Miles, chair of PPAU, to see if they would be uploading the stream to their YouTube and if we’d be able to upload it to ours. The final touches are being places and the video should be up on
[9:37pm] pmchi: YouTube tonight, which we have permission to rip and upload to our own. Now, we work on the Patriot Act protest this month and we have a Pan-American event planned for November. Otherwise, I have nothing else to report.
[9:38pm] wodensday:
[9:38pm] Radiojoe joined the chat room.
[9:38pm] wodensday: It is an ugly, buggy mess. But it is live! Expect updates over the course of the month
[9:38pm] Joe: Very nice!
[9:38pm] yari: Thank you pmchi, and congrats on the new site, wodensday.
[9:38pm] yari: And all of INPP
[9:38pm] yari: Very exciting
[9:38pm] Radiojoe: Hi, sorry I missed it, what was the response on contacts yari?
[9:39pm] yari: Good call, pretty much
[9:39pm] Chris: Great, I'm glad to hear our website is up and running wodensday!
[9:39pm] wodensday: The Hoosier Pirates will prevail! Third time's the charm!
[9:40pm] yari: What can others do to help you, pmchi?
[9:41pm] jokeefe: sorry. have to take care of a family thing. budget notes are in
[9:41pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 10/03/21 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:42pm] yari: Hi you jokeefe
[9:42pm] yari: Thank you
[9:42pm] pmchi: Just want to say the best help is showing up to Outreach and attending IRC. If you have friends who might be interested in forming a party or getting involved, please send them my way! Nothing specifically I need help with otherwise
[9:42pm] yari: Thank you thank you. And Bosun. Anything to report?
[9:44pm] Bosun: Trying a different way to skin the cat. I seem to be having a streak of bad tech day, so thing move forward very slowly.
[9:44pm] yari: Thank you for your persistence with it.
[9:44pm] yari: What can we do to help you?
[9:44pm] Bosun: Mail, CiviCrm database issue slog.
[9:45pm] Bosun: Babysit my child and let my wife go out for as night.
[9:45pm] yari: Yeah, I can’t do that from here, sadly.
[9:46pm] Bosun: I'll be better with more sleep.
[9:46pm] yari: Fair en
[9:46pm] wodensday: Pmchi Add that to the Midwest Pirate Parties to do list
[9:46pm] yari: Fair enough
[9:46pm] yari: Yeah good idea wodensday

--- Missing text due to disconnection ---

[9:48pm] yari: New business. (other than recognizing the kindness of pmchi) the budget.
[9:48pm] Joe: Wb Jamie
[9:48pm] Bosun: Dem Chicago boyz will have me sleepin with da fishes.
[9:48pm] Radiojoe left the chat room. (Quit: Connection closed)
[9:48pm] yari: Joe. We have the link to the budget on the agenda.
[9:49pm] pmchi: Yeah I’ll take care of you alright
[9:49pm] jokeefe: not really back. is someone could forward me their logs of the chat so I can fill in anything I missed. thanks.
[9:49pm] jokeefe: is/if
[9:49pm] Joe:
[9:49pm] papegaai: Title: 2021 Budget - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:49pm] Joe: I will mail them at the end Jokeefe
[9:50pm] yari: Jokeefe I can do logs for today.
[9:51pm] yari: Thank you for the link Joe. So… does anyone remember what we’re supposed to do with the budget?
[9:51pm] yari: I don’t.
[9:51pm] Bosun: Do we need to take action today on the budget?
[9:51pm] Joe: Yes and yes
[9:51pm] yari: Share, please!
[9:51pm] Bosun: Move we approve the budget.
[9:52pm] Joe: Approve the budget to make sure we are spending correctly
[9:52pm] yari: Motion on the table.
[9:52pm] Joe: And have it publicly accessible for transparency as we start to accept donations
[9:53pm] yari: For those with less experience in this sector, approval in this case means what?
[9:53pm] Joe: 2nd
[9:53pm] Bosun: I ammend my move to add the above
[9:53pm] Radiojoe joined the chat room.
[9:54pm] Joe: Approve means you feel we have spent money on the right things.
[9:54pm] yari: Thank you for the clarification, Joe.
[9:54pm] Joe: Dissent means a mishandling of funds
[9:54pm] Joe: 2nd
[9:54pm] Bosun: Where are the hotel and bar exspences?
[9:54pm] Joe: Lol, exactly.
[9:54pm] wodensday: Soon, Bosun, soon
[9:55pm] Joe: This is why the rum is gone
[9:55pm] Bosun: Pirates!
[9:55pm] wodensday: We aren't allowed to participate in blatant corruption until AFTER Mitch gets elected to congress
[9:55pm] wodensday: Then we should be good
[9:56pm] Bosun: Chair, please call the vote.
[9:56pm] yari: In that case, the amended motion reads: motion to approve the budget to make sure we are spending correctly and have it publicly accessible for transparency as we start to accept donations
[9:56pm] yari: All in favor?
[9:56pm] Bosun: Aye
[9:56pm] Joe: Aye
[9:56pm] yari: The budget is here:
[9:56pm] papegaai: Title: 2021 Budget - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:57pm] Bosun: CA ??
[9:57pm] yari: Radiojoe
[9:57pm] Radiojoe: Aye, sorry
[9:57pm] Chris: I'm new to the Pirate Party, so I'm going to abstain from the budget vote
[9:57pm] yari: Chris you do not have vote power anyway
[9:58pm] yari: Not yet at least
[9:58pm] Chris: oh yeah, you did say that earlier
[9:58pm] yari: Vote called, three in favor none against none abstain
[9:58pm] yari: Motion passes
[9:58pm] Bosun: When you doze off make certain you're secured so you don't fall out of the crow's nest.
[9:58pm] Joe: Motion to adopt plank
[9:58pm] yari: Joe you had a motion
[9:58pm] yari: Beat me to it
[9:58pm] Bosun: 2nd
[9:58pm] yari: M
[9:58pm] yari: Okay
[9:59pm] yari: J
[9:59pm] yari: Geez
[9:59pm] Joe:
[9:59pm] papegaai: Title: Etherpad (at
[9:59pm] yari: All in favor of adopting the the plank as part of pirate platform?
[9:59pm] Bosun: aye
[10:00pm] Joe: Aye
[10:00pm] yari: Radiojoe ping
[10:01pm] Radiojoe left the chat room. (Quit: Connection closed)
[10:01pm] yari: Oof that California internet
[10:01pm] yari: Waiting one more minute
[10:01pm] yari: Then calling
[10:02pm] yari: Vote called, two in favor, one abstain. Vote passes.
[10:02pm] Bosun: This ain't the Greens,  Dems, or GOP ... we can move this along quickly,
[10:02pm] Joe: Motion to adjourn?
[10:02pm] Bosun: 2nd
[10:03pm] Radiojoe joined the chat room.
[10:03pm] yari: All in favor?
[10:03pm] Joe: Aye
[10:03pm] Bosun: aye
[10:03pm] Radiojoe: Abstain
[10:03pm] Bosun: Comcast is not kind to you tonight.
[10:04pm] wodensday: Wow, if only we had decentralized internet connections
[10:04pm] yari: Fair enough. Motion passes, this meeting of the PNC is adjourned at 10:04pm EST.