PNC 09/12/21

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  • Went over database settings, still encountered email errors.
  • Discussed adding SMS to CiviCRM, priced it out and talked about how it could be added to the website.


  • Completed statement on the end of the war in Afghanistan
  • The infrastructure for writing weekly statements is set up, should be working.
  • It is possible for Outreach to turn USPP Youtube into a community channel, allowing for the same setup that we have with tweetdeck with shared posting.
   [Editor's note: Wodensday was referencing the resolution made during the PNC session on 07/11/21, which calls for any further expansion of social media platforms to use a similar access structure to tweetdeck or to ask for a PNC resolution:]
  • Outreach has created placeholder social media accounts on Instagram and TikTok, per the request of the PNC chair.


  • No formal meeting was held this last week, and a meeting will be held on this coming Monday, the 13th, at 9pm EST.
  • Platform meetings are held in the Discord server. At the next meeting, the subject will be 'Internet as a human right'.
  • There will be discussions of the USPP platform on constant war happening in the next few weeks.

Old Business

New Business

  • Should IT go forward with adding SMS capability to CiviCRM at a cost of $1/mo + $ 0.00750/msg ~ $120 yearly


  • James O'Keefe, MA, Secretary
  • Joe Klein, WI, Vice-Chair
  • Anthony Jay, IN, Outreach Chair
  • Mitch Davilo, IL, Swarmcare
  • Joseph Onoroski, MA, Treasurer
  • Rose Klein, CA, PNC Chair


  • Meeting called to order at 9:15 pm EST
  • Meeting adjourned at

Proposals Passed


Video posted to youtube: