PNC 08/14/2022

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Old Business

New Business


Probationary States



Meeting called to order at 9:05pm EST.


Old Business

New Business

Meeting adjourned at 10:04pm EST.


Record of the meeting

[21:05:57] <Wodensday> Well, I think we can get started.
<Wodensday> Calling this meeting to order at 9:05 EDT
<Wodensday> IDs?
<NomadOfNorad> He BETTER not be dead! 0o (David Hall in Florida)
<DrewishHiPreist> Drew Bingaman PA Captain
<MariahLynne> Mariah-Lynne, Kentucky Pirate Party, Secretary
<yari> Rose Klein, CA
<Wodensday> Anthony Jay, PNC chair
<Brianna> Brianna Coyle, OH
<Wodensday> Pmchi?
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
<Wodensday> Quorum established
<Wodensday> We will start with reports.
<Wodensday> Secretary?
<yari> I didn't do anything this week because my adhd meds ran out! :D
<Wodensday> Perfectly acceptable answer!
<Wodensday> Swarmcare? Pmchi
<pmchi> Nothing for Swarmcare this week (or platform)
<Wodensday> PR? Can you save us?
<Brianna> Nothing substantial to report. I assume everyone knows from the last meeting that AJ talked to Jordan Willow Evans from IPR. Sadly I wasn’t able to make it last minute. BUT I know her from the LP, and it will be nice to have an outlet that is interested in specifically covering the Pirate Party.
<Brianna> Damn I meant to do a line break one sec
<Brianna> Not sure if this falls under PR, but I was able to reach out to the person who ran the official US Pirates Instagram account and asked if they would be willing to turn it over to the current PNC. They declined.
<yari> oh
<Wodensday> I doubt it was ever official haha
<yari> that's frustrating
<Brianna> Yeah but it says official in the bio 👀
<Brianna> They haven’t even posted since like 2019 either
<Wodensday> We will get our streamlined accounts together under your watch, promise
<Brianna> I guess I was naive to think that it would work out xD but yeah, hopefully people will know which is the real official account once we have a new one. Uhh end of report.
<yari> pretty sure the one that shows up with a simple search is ours at least
<Wodensday> Anyone we could ask?
<Wodensday> Well, actually, should we give PR room to introduce items of new business later? May be a nice night to let you get something done Brianna
<yari> oh I meant like - the one I'm finding more easily is the one we own
<yari> and yes to the above
<Brianna> We already have an IG??
<Wodensday> I have one in reserved
<yari> ^
<yari> there's nothing on it
<Brianna> Huh. I see. This is the one I’m talking about btw
<Brianna> Nvm upload failed lmao
<yari> copy paste a link? find the @?
<Brianna> Idk how to use this, but it was @thepiratesparty.
<papegaai> Title: Pirate Party (@thepiratesparty) • Instagram photos and videos (at
<Wodensday> Gotcha
<Wodensday> Anything else to report at the moment?
<yari> oh yeah I know who that is
<yari> no way they're going to turn it over
<Brianna> I wish they would so that the previous work put it to earn 400+ Followers wouldn’t be for nothing. Oh well
<Wodensday> Excuse me, I’m back.
<Brianna> Welcome back
<Wodensday> We can build back better or whatever the catchy phrase is
<yari> ugh
<Wodensday> I think it’s a good night to talk PR and get some stuff Brianna needs passed, but before then - anyone want to speak on behalf of outreach or IT?
<pmchi> I’m sure whatever work was put in for the 400 could easily be replaced/restored with our Twitter/Facebook presence
<yari> ^
<yari> outreach:
<yari> okay apparently I lied, I ran an outreach meeting. Outreach has been working on the event planning for a fundraiser for reproductive health per the direction of the PNC from last week. We have made some progress on specific plans for the fundraiser, what it might look like, how to do it, etc. dates will be discussed on tues.
18:20:44 Wodensday has quit
<yari> uh oh
<yari> did AJ's internet die?
<yari> this is why gigabit internet access as a human right should be enshrined as a value. sure, it's aspirational, but so are many other important values.
<yari> it's critical for communication
<MariahLynne> I've noticed desktops are beter for things like this, unlike phones that can drop.
<yari> ^
18:24:26 Wodensday has joined
<MariahLynne> I told Ethan to use ethernet next time and it worked for him better.
18:25:22 — 18:25:32 Brianna and Wodensday have quit
<yari> true, and also there are a number of people who cannot afford desktops/laptops
<yari> though thankfully those are getting cheaper
18:25:52 Brianna has joined
<MariahLynne> True too ^^
<NomadOfNorad> even used desktop machines? 0o
<Brianna> Yeah. Phones disconnect rather quickly from this if you go to use another application
18:26:33 Joe has joined
<yari> eh, the availability of used desktops within a certain price range is really highly dependent on whether you are within a metropol
<yari> much like access to good internet access
<NomadOfNorad> or how many thrift stores might be around you
<Joe> Ahoy, sorry for the delay. 
<NomadOfNorad> or flea markets, come to that
<Brianna> I’ve never seen a computer at a thrift store before
<yari> welcome Joe
<MariahLynne> Check for sales during major holidays for great deals and discounts.
<NomadOfNorad> Craigs list is a good place for old computers
<yari> we're currently bandying about words while waiting for Wodensday to connect back to good internet
18:29:02 Wodensday has joined
<Wodensday> Back for real this time. Who and where are we?
<DrewishHiPreist> steal wifi from the neighbors
<Wodensday> Not a bad idea.
<Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Massachusetts
<Wodensday> Are we finished with our reports?
<Wodensday> Welcome Joe!
<yari> haven't really moved from where we were
<Wodensday> Anyone have anything from IT, then?
<Wodensday> OH
<Joe> It has nothing to report, will be working on donations this upcoming week. 
<Wodensday> Treasury
<Wodensday> Thank you!
<Wodensday> Chair report is simple. IPR interview happened last week, prepare to talk about an endorsement next week
<Joe> Ordered Debit cards to pay bills but have not received them so I will follow up. 
<Wodensday> Excellent.
<Wodensday> Any comment on any of these reports?
<Joe> I am ready to assist Mr. O'Keefe when called for the donation tab.
<Joe> Sorry, now I am done.
<Wodensday> No worries!
<Wodensday> Any objections to confirming reports?
<yari> none
<Wodensday> Alright, will take that as consensus
<Wodensday> Moving onto old business. It appears there is none.
<Wodensday> Moving into new business.
<yari> may I interject briefly?
<Wodensday> You may
<yari> The reason I proposed an event for the PNC to host is largely that I think we need to have some sort of conversion over from general membership toward members of the core volunteer circle. if there is no route for that, then we are essentially doomed. However - I am realizing now that perhaps relying too much on simply the general announcements for that is a foolish idea while we are still a small organization and that instead we should be recruiting from th
<yari> *those who we feel are going to be useful for the organization's future
<yari> so, I would ask this:
<yari> that everyone here (including myself in this) think on who in the discord or in their own life, etc, might make a good volunteer for being a part of the pirate group, and what they might be able to contribute
<yari> I think we can make room for their efforts
<yari> I think we need to
<Wodensday> Could this potentially be where the “Creating positions to fill” thing comes in?
<Wodensday> Because Brianna would love to completely restructure PR/communications/outreach and get more people on board, if she’d like to speak to that
<yari> Yeah, for sure - I think we can do that. I'll note here that we already have positions that are technically vacant/can be created (assistants to officers nonwithstanting)
<Wodensday> (Sorry, I don’t mean to make all of this about PR. I’m just excited she’s here and she has ambitions)
<yari> If Brianna has something to contribute then I'm all ears
<Wodensday> You’re right though, we do already have a couple things. In general we need to work on filling spots
<Brianna> I don’t know about a complete restructure but yeah, basically developing the org structure a bit more. Such as by having a communications committee to handle comms tasks specifically. AJ can chair that committee for the time being (since he’s already kinda doing it) if no one has any objections?
<yari> wait hangon
<Brianna> Another thing we can do to get more volunteers is maybe have weekly social video chats
<Wodensday> We probably can’t split things off from Outreach yet
<yari> I would like some clarification on that
<yari> Agreed with the social video chats
<yari> and I would recommend recuiting Nice Guy Sky for that
<Joe> On the matter of outreach?
<Brianna> Sure. I just think breaking things down further would be beneficial in the long game. I know we don’t have the people to fill a lot of positions right now but it’s kind of like a chicken and egg scenario from my past experiences.
<yari> Clarification requested on the matter of outreach. what does communications mean, in this context? note also that AJ will soon not be running that committee
<Joe> I will be in Nashua, NH in less than two weeks. Any and all pirates are welcome to come and discuss politics. 
<Joe> I would also like to record/livestream if possible. 
<Brianna> I would propose splitting comms from outreach, which would allow outreach to focus on growth and not handling social media posts, emails, etc. Typically that stuff is handled by a comms committee. Although they are very similar and do sometimes overlap, I’m just a bit pedantic on keeping things as separated as possible so that tasks are more
<Brianna> manageable for everyone and so that the lines are blurred much less frequently
<yari> that makes sense. thank you for clarification
<pmchi> Joe could you clarify the business in Nashua?
<Brianna> Of course. If I’m rambling too much just let me know. This is also why I’m a fan of org charts, lol. There’s so many “teams” you can nest under a single committee when you get into the nitty gritty
<Joe> Trying to get things going for pirates up in NH if possible. 
<Joe> ^.^
<Wodensday> We should advertise that in the discord Joe
<yari> ^
<Joe> Two weeks from yesterday.the 27th.
<Wodensday> Having an NHPP is apparently important to one of our possible secretary plans, I don’t understand why though.
<yari> Brianna per your words about chicken and egg-ing the scenario too much, I guess my question for everyone is whether we should just create a communications committee right now and get some people working on it
<MariahLynne> About volunteers, I've learned throughout life that if I want anything done, I have to do it myself. I don't ask Ethan if I can do it. I just do it. I sent Ethan a message last night saying I'm putting together a post about abortion and I sent him a preview. He said great and that I can publish it.
<yari> of note, we made a press committee last week
<yari> and I mean, I still haven't told folks about that
<yari> so it's just a formality right now
<yari> oh, by the way the press committee report is: nothing
<Brianna> There is really no harm in doing so now IMO. I’d be willing to help get things sorted in that regard, too. (Comms and PR is my wheelhouse. Lots of overlap between those too, in some Orgs, haha). /// What functions would the press committee handle that PR wouldn’t? Also, do we have something that allows us to send mass emails and press releases
<Brianna> yet? Mailchimp, EINpresswire, Civi, etc.
<yari> Civi
<yari> yes
<yari> we have Civi
<yari> Brianna we really need to have an extended conversation, it feels like so many of the questions and hurdles you're running into are things I know the answer to
<Wodensday> I may suggest we have a press committee meeting this week that’s just getting Brianna ready to start the warpath
<yari> The intention of press committee as I understood it from last time was just to assist in writing press releases
<Wodensday> Yes, but
<yari> the intention of what you are proposing for communications committe is to handle (or help handle) all of social media
<Brianna> Yes we should. And okay so the press committee is just writing them and not sending them? /// Press committee could be a subcommittee under communications or under PR if we don’t want to break things up TOO much?
<yari> the structure of the org as is is just members, PNC, and subcommittees
<yari> there is no tertiary layer
<yari> unless we make one
<Wodensday> Maybe you can make a mock org chart for everything in this area? Brianna
<Wodensday> Keep in mind I also have an interested facilitator for the writer’s room
<yari> ^nice
<Brianna> Oh gotcha. We might not need that layer right now, but that’s a matter of personal preference and I would expect that many of us have different opinions on what the best structure might be.
<Brianna> I can do that, although if anyone has a chart maker to recommend I would appreciate that. It feels slow to make charts on canva
<Wodensday> Oh, expect and encourage clash and discussion between the Pirate hyper-decentralized way and your Koch brothers propaganda training.
<Wodensday> *I expect and encourage
<yari> it doesn't feel like we're discussing anything that needs action imminently, and I imagine that for now most of this can be solved with a PR assistant, so I'm going to go ahead and make a motion to adjourn. 
<Wodensday> I’m sure there’s an org chart app
<Wodensday> There is a motion to adjourn
<DrewishHiPreist> second
<Joe> 2nd
<MariahLynne> aye
<Joe> Beat me too it.
<Wodensday> All in favor?
<DrewishHiPreist> aye
<yari> aye
<Joe> Aye
<MariahLynne> aye
[22:04:47] <Wodensday> IL’s vote cannot do much, I will call the meeting adjourned. Good night everyone!