PNC 08/07/2022

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Officers & Other


  • support website
    • shared support.uspirates page with discord server, people have tested the input form and it works
    • meeting later this week to update look and feel of the website


Old Business

New Business


  • Drew Bingaman, PA
  • Rose Klein, CA
  • Rowan T., IL
  • Joseph Onoroski, MA

Probationary States


  • Anthony Jay, Chair


Meeting called to order at 9:07pm EST.


  • Treasury
    • Looking to get another signer on the bank account
    • IT is working on getting the donation button installed
  • Secretary
    • Working on building support.uspirates site
    • will be posting on actual uspirates site
    • trying to get support site fancy this week
    • looking to add state managers to list of CiviCRM data so individual state parties can access USPP contact data
  • Swarmcare
    • nothing to report
  • Chair
    • going to get a candidate in the PNC meeting two weeks from now
    • talking to PR, want to give PR the master keys to social media
      • a note that this may be limited by the motions previously passed by the PNC
  • Platform
    • the inquiry into the wording of the bylaws changes has not been fruitful, we will still pursue it, but not as each meeting's sole focus. the changes will come, but not in the timely fashion we anticipated.
  • Outreach
    • not much got done, trying to refocus.
  • IT
    • didn't meet, nothing to report

Old Business

New Business

  • CA new item: curious for the PNC's thoughts on having another event sometime soon. Should be smaller than national conference, but it would be useful to stress test our infrastructure for onboarding supporters.
    • suggestion for gaming nights
    • suggestion for fundraising event with, endorsement of candidates
    • suggestion for charity fundraising --> reproductive healthcare?
      • there was a doctor talking about going into international waters with a ship to provide reproductive services
    • fundraising for these groups would also generate funds for us
  • CA: motion that the outreach committee come back to the PNC in two weeks with a more detailed proposal with potential dates for this event. PA seconds.
  • PA: amendment that we add on a call for people on the discord that we are putting together a team specifically for fundraising. CA accepts amendment.
    • Motion passes without objection

  • CA new item: How do we get press releases happening?
    • press releases are a PR officer function
    • PR and chair are working on getting hooked up with IPR {}
    • confusion about how to join the press committee brought up, should there be one?
  • CA: motion to create the press subcommittee, PA seconds
    • Motion passes unanimously

Meeting adjourned at 9:55pm EST.


Record of the meeting

The meeting was livestreamed to youtube and can be found here: