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Regular IT meeting - Thursday, 7/29, 9pm Eastern

Next tasks:

  1. Report from Bosun on
  2. archive SAB list messages
  3. update old pages in the blog/wiki such as the state contact pages



Old Business

  • Update by-laws to implement a term limit system for both the office of the chair as well as the rest of the officers. Bosun will write a proposal

New Business

  • Implement a system for accepting donations and distributing the donations to further the party's goals. Questions to answer:
    • How shall we accept donations? Should we take donations electronically?
    • What process should we have for giving money/stuff to states?





Record of the meeting


[9:11pm] Yari: calling this meeting to order at 9:11pm est
[9:11pm] Yari: IDs please
[9:11pm] pmchi: Mitch Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[9:11pm] Wodensday: Anthony Jay, IN
[9:11pm] Radiojoe: William Dappen, California
[9:11pm] Yari: Rose Klein, CA, USPP chair
[9:12pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, Massachusetts (fallback)
[9:12pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Massachusetts
[9:12pm] Yari: okay let's start with a quick round of reports.
[9:13pm] jokeefe: Page:
[9:13pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 07/25/21 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:13pm] Yari: IT, you have a meeting on thursday. anything else? jokeefe?
[9:13pm] jokeefe: IT meeting Thursday, 9pm Eastern. IRC seems to be working.
[9:14pm] Yari: awesome. Outreach - wodensday.
[9:14pm] Wodensday: Outreach determined last meeting that we will develop a method of both recruiting blog writers and editing the content.
[9:15pm] Yari: cool. keep us posted on progress.
[9:15pm] Yari: and last but not least, platform - I know you've been out for a while - Joe, any updates? future meetings?
[9:16pm] Joe: I plan to start next week on the platform discussions. Anyone wishing to attend please let me know via Discord.
[9:17pm] Yari: Let's talk to the officers! swarmcare. pmchi - any updates on contacts? future plans?
[9:17pm] Yari: and thanks for the update, Joe! I'll try to be there! 
[9:18pm] Joe left the chat room. (Quit: Connection closed)
[9:18pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:18pm] pmchi: I got permission from the Pirate Party of Argentina to use their pamphlet and make it more US centric. I think it’ll help having something to handout to the interested
[9:18pm] pmchi: Will present once that’s ready, first to Outreach
[9:19pm] Yari: awesome, sounds good! Excited to see it! We can post to website as well as socials.
[9:19pm] Wodensday: pmchi, if you have any desire to make new material in the same vein, we can talk about that too
[9:19pm] Yari: Joe, let's talk treasury - any updates? current status? do we need to file for anything?
[9:20pm] Joe: I have no updates since the only activity has been inkind via Bosun. Our account is still in good standing. We
[9:21pm] Joe: We have a few ideas for raising funds via a webstore but not sure how to capture information required for reporting.
[9:21pm] Joe: I need to dive in to the site a bit more before I can be sure.
[9:21pm] Yari: yes, I have an item of new business about that, if we get to it! cool, glad we're on the same page.
[9:22pm] Yari: jokeefe - secretary! I haven't checked in with your role yet! what updates would you like to give?
[9:23pm] jokeefe: I have not updates to give at the moment.
[9:23pm] Yari: sounds good, feel free to make an agenda item as always if you do!
[9:23pm] Yari: (note to anyone - agenda items can always be suggested to jokeefe or myself, and we can add them!)
[9:23pm] jokeefe: will do
[9:24pm] Yari: Bosun, any updates from the vice-chair?
[9:24pm] jokeefe: BTW: PPUK is shutting down and it looks like their campaign materials page is gone, but I found an archive at if anyone wants to copy their materials
[9:24pm] papegaai: Title: Materials | Pirate Party UK (at
[9:25pm] Yari: jokeefe that's really good to know, thank you. Glad you found that!
[9:26pm] Yari: hearing no updates, Bosun, I'm going to move on.
[9:26pm] Yari: On to old business - last time we discussed creating some sort of term limit system for both the office of the chair as well as the rest of the officers.
[9:27pm] Yari: we tabled that discussion, and asked Bosun to create a full proposition
[9:29pm] Yari: Bosun has just called me to say that he currently cannot send anything in the chat because of some tech issue
[9:29pm] Yari: I do not feel comfortable speaking for him, so I will simply request that we table this discussion and have the full proposal be submitted next week.
[9:30pm] jokeefe: 2nd
[9:30pm] Yari: motion is on the table then, are there any objections to tabling discussion?
[9:31pm] Yari: hearing none, the discussion is tabled.
[9:32pm] Yari: I have Bosun on the phone right now, which I realize is the opposite of the transparency we wish to achieve.
[9:32pm] Yari: So, let's just delegate some things for next time.
[9:32pm] pmchi: You telling us is pretty transparent, to be fair
[9:32pm] Joe: 2 minutes over time, motion to extend
[9:33pm] Yari: motion on the table, Bosun 2nds
[9:33pm] Yari: Any objections to extention?
[9:34pm] Yari: hearing none, I would like to discuss an item of new business which Joe brought up during updates - donations.
[9:34pm] Yari: we do not currently have a method of accepting them on our website.
[9:35pm] Yari: Is there a way this could be changed, and what steps would have to be taken?
[9:35pm] Joe: I can reach out to jokeefe to work out a solution though I am wary of making it an automatic process.
[9:36pm] Wodensday: Whatever the back end looks like, we’re all clear that the front end is along the lines of a massive DONATE button, correct?
[9:36pm] Yari: could I ask for clarification on what you mean by 'automatic process'?
[9:37pm] Yari: anything besides a person handing you cash involves some automation at this point (to be entirely pedantic)
[9:37pm] Yari: I'm curious which part you're concerned about
[9:37pm] Yari: wodenday I would hope so!
[9:37pm] Radiojoe: to wodensday- that is probably the best method, I see no issue with that
[9:38pm] Joe: A click and submit process usually has fees where as checks and cash do not. It would be better to donate to the individual states and have the states donate to the national party.
[9:38pm] Joe: Ie. Through yearly dues.
[9:39pm] Yari: Joe while I agree that such a method is the ideal, we have to recognize that we only have two states at present, and a lot of members who could be interested in helping out despite that.
[9:39pm] Joe: That said, there is many options so it will require some research for the best course of action.
[9:39pm] Wodensday: It’s semi-standard to make the payer pay for the fees of an online transaction, but I understand if we either don’t want to or cannot do that
[9:39pm] jokeefe: PPI uses that method and they don’t take much in and local party donations are a contentious issue
[9:40pm] Joe: I think we are required to "eat it" as the saying goes.
[9:40pm] Yari: getting states up and running takes funds. If the USPP had funds to give to states to start up, it would be easier to jumpstart them
[9:40pm] jokeefe: I suggest that USPP has its own method of taking donations. Fees are just a code of getting the money quickly.
[9:41pm] jokeefe: Also, there is no way MAPP can give to USPP FEC committee without our own committee and then we are limited as to how much we can give.
[9:41pm] Joe: If the USPP gives out money to the states then the possibility of misuse is greatly increased.
[9:41pm] Yari: jokeefe that's a really good point
[9:41pm] Yari: Joe how so
[9:41pm] Yari: misuse by who
[9:42pm] Wodensday: For the record, I’m fully supportive of the PNC funneling money to the state parties, not the other way around. It’s technically better, but we’re too small
[9:43pm] jokeefe: USPP can give money with conditions: Really party, defined use for funds, independent accounting, etc.
[9:43pm] Wodensday: get me?
[9:44pm] jokeefe: I am more concerned about USPP having money to do things for USPP
[9:44pm] Yari: Wodensday I kind of understand what you're saying yes
[9:44pm] Wodensday: “Different colors of money” isn’t a revolutionary concept, we can delegate funds to be used for specific purposes. Misuse risks penalty
[9:44pm] Joe: I agree, PNC money should be used for PNC goals
[9:44pm] Yari: jokeefe, yes agreed
[9:45pm] Yari: Joe I don't think that's what jokeefe meant
[9:45pm] jokeefe: If we had money, we could do a 10,000 piece print run of flyers and be able to ship 500 to a state party to distribute
[9:45pm] Wodensday: Which is another fantastic reason to centralize money in the PNC, at least for now
[9:45pm] jokeefe: We don’t have to give money. We could give stuff: flyers, flags, shirts, etc.
[9:45pm] Yari: jokeefe that's another good point
[9:45pm] Joe: What I am saying is that I would rather give states materials than a blank check.
[9:45pm] Yari: you're full of them today
[9:46pm] Wodensday: It would be a terrible idea to give a state party a “blank check”, but I’m definitely not opposed to giving them money with a specific purpose in some instances
[9:46pm] Joe: Or pay for a rep to go to help a smaller state. #shipjamie4thegreatergood
[9:46pm] Radiojoe: Yes, Having one location to funnel donation money, then distributing it on a quarterly system in the form of funds or resources (or some other division of the year) to necessary causes is probably the most efficient and simplest method of distribution
[9:46pm] Yari: Joe agreed.
[9:47pm] Yari: Oh wow, I think we might all be on the same page here
[9:47pm] Wodensday: I’m pretty sure we all have the same general opinion
[9:47pm] Yari: "here here!" says Bosun
[9:47pm] Wodensday: We just have different ideas for the future
[9:47pm] jokeefe: We could spin up a finance and fundraising committee to talk this out and come up with a proposal.
[9:48pm] jokeefe: doesn’t need to be formal. PNC just needs a written proposal to vote on.
[9:48pm] Wodensday: Ah, the buried treasure/dubloons committee becomes a reality! Now outreach finally has someone to take on the burin of pirate shirts
[9:48pm] Wodensday: burden*
[9:48pm] Yari: jokeefe, that is not a bad idea. I would argue that we could begin the process to making a donate button without the committee
[9:48pm] Wodensday: Jokes aside, perhaps a temporary committee?
[9:49pm] jokeefe: I don’t disagree with you, Yari.
[9:49pm] jokeefe: Questions:
[9:49pm] Wodensday: To further develop this idea, before its distributed to the PNC and permanent committees
[9:49pm] jokeefe: 1. Should we take money for USPP needs?
[9:49pm] jokeefe: 2. Should we take donations electronically?
[9:50pm] jokeefe: 3. Should we have a process for giving money/stuff to states?
[9:50pm] Yari: Bosun: "1: yes 2: yes"
[9:50pm] Wodensday: Yes, yes, yes
[9:50pm] Yari: Bosun "3:yes"
[9:50pm] Yari: as for myself, I would say the same.
[9:50pm] Joe: Abstain
[9:51pm] Yari: we're not voting, per se, but fair.
[9:51pm] jokeefe: on all three questions, Joe?
[9:51pm] Joe: Si
[9:51pm] Wodensday: This is just casual discussion, where those in random Midwestern “I”” states still have power!
[9:52pm] Radiojoe: hmm, I agree with Wodensday on this, I think the committee should come before the donations, just to handle the site's logistics, especially since it looks like donators will be able to give to individual states, and yes, yes, yes
[9:52pm] Yari: Okay. Bosun "we should adjourn"
[9:52pm] Yari: I will take Bosun's comment as a motion, as much as I don't want to.
[9:52pm] Yari: do I hear a second?
[9:52pm] Radiojoe: 2nd
[9:53pm] Yari: jokeefe?
[9:53pm] Yari: Joe?
[9:53pm] jokeefe: Joe is MA rep, so he has MA’s vote
[9:53pm] Yari: motion on the table to adjourn.
[9:53pm] Joe: 2nd
[9:53pm] Yari: seconded, all in favor?
[9:54pm] Joe: Aye
[9:54pm] Yari: Bosun: "aye"
[9:54pm] Radiojoe: aye
[9:54pm] Yari: PNC in favor, meeting is adjourned at 9:54pm EST
[9:54pm] Yari: thank you everyone.
[9:55pm] Joe: Good night everyone!