PNC 07/03/2022

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Old Business

  • Check in on last week's discussion with Alex and the American Coalition of Third Parties

New Business


  • Rose Klein, CA
  • Drew Bingaman, PA Captain
  • Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
  • Maya, INPP

Probationary States


  • Anthony Jay, INPP, PNC Chair
  • Matt, South Carolina
  • David Hall, Florida


Meeting called to order at 9:06pm EST.


Old Business

New Business

Meeting adjourned at 9:58pm EST.


Record of the meeting

18:06:36 <Wodensday> I’m going to go ahead and call this meeting to order at 9:06 EDT.
18:06:39 <Wodensday> IDs?
18:06:44 <yari> Rose Klein, CA
18:06:44 <Wodensday> Anthony Jay, INPP, PNC Chair
18:07:00 <DreadPirateDrew> Drew Bingaman, PA Captain
18:07:24 <Wodensday> Pmchi
18:07:26 <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
18:07:35 <Wodensday> Excellent.
18:07:39 <pmchi> I was punctual you should’ve given me a moment lol
18:07:50 <pmchi> I’m here I promise!
18:07:50 <Wodensday> Did we get an agenda prepared for this evening? Yari
18:08:04 <Wodensday> Well, y’knowww, I never know what to expect from the Chicagoland Pirates
18:08:09 <Wodensday> They’re Chicagoan and all
18:08:32 <yari> I did not, unfortunately
18:08:55 <yari> I was moving house so this last week has been a no go for me
18:09:00 <Wodensday> That is alright, it feels like it’s been a busy week.
18:09:18 <Wodensday> I know we have one agenda item, that should be enough for a small meeting before a holiday.
18:09:37 <Wodensday> I’m going to go ahead and get reports, though.
18:09:41 <Wodensday> Platform?
18:09:58 Jester has joined
18:10:05 <Wodensday> Welcome Jester!
18:10:07 <Wodensday> Please ID
18:10:11 <Jester> Sorry I'm late
18:10:20 <Wodensday> No worries, we’re just getting start.
18:10:27 <Jester> Maya, INPP
18:10:44 <Jester> Just a forewarning I may have to leave early to take care of personal matters
18:10:55 <MJordan> Did I need to ID?
18:10:56 <Wodensday> That is alright.
18:11:05 <Wodensday> Only if you wish to participate as an observer MJordan
18:11:09 <pmchi> We are going to get more in-depth during our meeting on the 11th via VC chat (cancelled tomorrow for the 4th). I think we want to look into the bylaws about our platform mandates and how some are propositional and some mandatory
18:11:17 <MJordan> Matt, South Carolina.
18:11:27 <Wodensday> Danke Schön, MJordan
18:11:32 <Wodensday> Sounds awesome Pmchi!
18:11:39 <MJordan> Bitte Schon
18:11:59 <Wodensday> Yari - any IT report? May be a long shot
18:12:53 <yari> I was not at the IT meeting on thursday :(
18:12:57 <yari> so not from me
18:13:04 <Wodensday> That’s alright! Was anyone here?
18:13:23 <Wodensday> I presume no, but speak up if that’s not the case.
18:13:58 <Wodensday> In the meantime, I’ll do outreach - a bit slow this week, still working on our “Ask a Pirate” event. It’s also going through a transition period as I try to find out how to hand outreach stuff over so I can do more chair stuff
18:14:36 <Wodensday> I would assume it’s time to move on to officer reporters.
18:14:46 <Wodensday> Pmchi - Swarmcare?
18:16:28 <pmchi> Wodensday and I spoke with our connections in Mississippi and I’m excited about how the meeting went and the formation of the MSPP
18:16:48 <pmchi> Had a chat over VC, it went really well I thought
18:17:01 <Wodensday> (MS Mitch is a very cool guy, I support this message)
18:17:22 <Wodensday> Yari - Secretary?
18:18:38 <yari> I have been nearly absent from stuff last week, so that sucks. Will be catching up on stuff this week. Trying to keep up on emails at least. Please as always send me an email at secretary(at) if you need anything added to the website, etc
18:19:04 <Wodensday> We totally understand. Thank you so much for all that you do.
18:19:12 <Wodensday> I’ll give a chair report then.
18:19:21 Jester has quit
18:19:43 <Wodensday> So, I have a surprise for everyone, because it was a surprise for me lol. I got the info late this week.
18:20:08 <Wodensday> But I woke up at 3 AM on Saturday to attend the Pirate Parties International General Assembly, where we were voted in as a member.
18:20:20 <NomadOfNorad> Kewl
18:20:32 <Wodensday> Please ID NomadOfNorad
18:20:39 <NomadOfNorad> David Hall, Florida
18:21:18 <Wodensday> It was a pleasant meeting. They do seem to be going through a transition period at the moment and there are still old issues that seem to be present, but I left the meeting feeling like things were about to move in a major new direction.
18:21:32 Jester has joined
18:21:55 <Wodensday> I trust our friends in PPI and look forward to getting to know them further (they like me too much, I’m now roped in to the international pirate scene and they aren’t gonna let me escape)
18:22:08 <Wodensday> That’s my report. Any discussion on any of the reports?
18:25:03 <Wodensday> I am going to assume there are none.
18:25:33 <yari> I'm curious a bit about the platform report but
18:25:42 <Wodensday> You have the floor.
18:25:42 <yari> I think that's more just something I want to talk to mitch about
18:25:52 <Wodensday> Fair enough.
18:26:05 <Wodensday> Stick with me everyone! We can even close early if need be, I just need to get us all through one more topic!
18:26:22 <yari> oh hey actually - 
18:26:25 <yari> PPI
18:26:28 <Wodensday> Yes?
18:26:47 Jester1 has joined
18:26:53 <yari> We need to actually assemble the application to send to them, and we got an email to that effect a while back
18:27:02 Jester has quit
18:27:12 <yari> has that been perchance done and if not can we set up a work jam to just do it?
18:27:21 <Wodensday> I was under the impression that we had one, they let us in as if we did.
18:27:44 <Wodensday> I do not know the actual status but, when I say we’re members now, I say we’re members now. I can ask Mike Gill about the specifics, though.
18:27:58 <Wodensday> If there’s anything they still need from us
18:28:06 <yari> I don't think we're members yet. 
18:28:30 <Wodensday> We were voted in as members last night haha. I was there, I was even able to vote.
18:28:41 <yari> oh huh
18:28:48 <yari> maybe Joe submitted everything then?
18:28:50 <yari> must have
18:29:00 <Wodensday> I will definitely ask if there’s anything else they need
18:29:21 <yari> yeah if they do then let me know and I can do that or we can work on it together
18:29:30 <Wodensday> Absolutely
18:29:31 <yari> that's it, just wanted to check in
18:29:37 <Wodensday> Any other debate or discussion on reports?
18:30:53 <Wodensday> Hearing none, I will move on.
18:31:27 <Wodensday> To my understanding, we have one item of business - a check in on how we feel about the Coalition of American Third Parties one week after.
18:31:51 <Wodensday> Would any of last week’s attendees like to kick this off? Pmchi yari dreadpiratedrew
18:32:20 <DreadPirateDrew> I am fine with it.  I don't mind being first to sign on.  And I think it will cost us little.
18:33:01 <yari> I think I'm on the record as saying it's a good idea, I still stand by that.
18:33:05 <Wodensday> Are you positive about it or just fine? That may be an important distinction
18:33:28 <yari> ^
18:34:04 <DreadPirateDrew> I see little downside, especially right now.
18:34:32 <Wodensday> Pmchi - do you have any input?
18:35:36 <pmchi> I don’t have a solid outlook coming off of the meeting to be honest
18:36:03 <pmchi> I think a coalition is a good idea, but I’m skeptical of the current proposal
18:36:04 <Wodensday> Also to recap for Jester1 - a guy by the name of Alex Darlington reached out to us about being part of a ultimate multiparty coalition, this was last meeting (we REALLY need to get you on the mailing lists, I am so sorry)
18:36:26 <Wodensday> Pmchi - can you elaborate on why you’re skeptical?
18:38:07 <pmchi> I’m not convinced this current proposal has been thought out with an end game in mind. I’m think Alex is a fantastic kid, and at 19 he’s got a hell of a future ahead of him. But the Stair Party needs more rounding out for my comfort, and I would like to see a plan for what happens next.
18:39:28 <DreadPirateDrew> This is a ground floor opportunity and honestly it isn't very fleshed out.  But that is an advantage for us to be able to shape and influence the coalition
18:39:49 <pmchi> Like right now, I still couldn’t tell you the core issues of the Stair Party. If the coalition is just to get more choices on the ballot, then I respect that. But I don’t know who I’m working with here. And then who we will be working with. Idk if reaching out to third parties for the sake of them being third parties is wise
18:39:59 <Jester1> Yea it's no problem Wodensday
18:40:11 <NomadOfNorad> well, he's in place, at least, and the connection is there.  Things can improve from that, but the foundation is there, ready for future improvement
18:40:33 <Wodensday> Pmchi - it sounds like you’re hinting at the ideological conversation we had.
18:41:03 Catmandom has joined
18:41:11 <Wodensday> Which sort of goes “Is supporting third parties noble in of itself, or do we only do that if they have good goals?”
18:42:09 <Wodensday> I do think that’s important. Some members of our party may not want us to work with the LP, others may not want us to work with the ASP, etc etc etc. Alex says he’ll draw the line at undercutting democracy, but where do WE draw the line? Thoughts?
18:42:38 <yari> I'm of the opinion that as long as we can convince Alex & the other organizers to include a strong bigotry/bias statement, then we should just go for it
18:42:54 <yari> conversation between diverse groups for the sake of conversation is not a bad pitch
18:43:02 <yari> in fact it's a good thing overall, I would argue
18:43:32 <yari> adding on the goal of amplifying the voices of third parties is even better
18:44:04 <DreadPirateDrew> I also see nothing that would be binding to us and make it difficult to withdraw from the coalition if it goes south
18:44:12 <yari> ^
18:44:37 <Wodensday> That’s true.
18:44:58 <DreadPirateDrew> I also didn't see any red flags from the Stair site, nor hear any from Alex.
18:45:24 <Wodensday> Oh, Alex seems wonderful. I presume these concerns are more about other parties.
18:45:34 <yari> like, yeah, Stair could be better - and they will probably become better through conversation with us, same with any group
18:45:47 <Wodensday>  I do think getting in on the ground floor could be good if this is a concern, it would allow us to implement rules.
18:46:03 <Wodensday> For one, I don’t want anyone feeling obligated to support getting a candidate they think is disastrous on the ballot.
18:46:07 <yari> Again, so long as there is a strong anti-bigotry clause, I think it's a solid proposal
18:46:07 <Wodensday> I can see that coming up.
18:46:29 <yari> yeah, that's a valid concern
18:47:11 <DreadPirateDrew> Personally I don't think any of us should feel obligated to support any candidate Pirate or otherwise unless they are comfortable with them being a candidate.
18:47:18 <yari> ^
18:47:22 <pmchi> ^^
18:47:40 <Wodensday> Absolutely.
18:47:45 <Wodensday> How are you feeling Pmchi?
18:49:30 <pmchi> My thoughts here is that I would prefer a couple more parties signing off on said coalition, and an agreed upon end goal, before formalizing. I’d also prefer it if we have a more seasoned party there with us. Someone like the Transhumanist Party comes to mind but in general, just a group with some experience
18:50:17 <DreadPirateDrew> IIRC it won't be formalized until 25 groups sign up
18:50:27 <yari> correct
18:50:41 <NomadOfNorad> How many groups is in there so far, tho?
18:50:49 <yari> none
18:50:53 <yari> , I think
18:51:07 <DreadPirateDrew> Just his own party ATM
18:51:14 <NomadOfNorad> So, just Stair Party and USPP so far?
18:51:22 <DreadPirateDrew> If we join
18:51:22 <Wodensday> Not USPP yet
18:51:35 <Wodensday> Also, 10 minutes or so remaining until we should close down.
18:52:13 <yari> pmchi does that change anything or are your thoughts still the same?
18:52:15 <DreadPirateDrew> It may fail to reach the threshold.  If that is the case there is nothing to lose
18:52:47 <Jester1> I'm sorry, I'd love to chat on this topic but I have to go. Have a good night everyone.
18:52:58 <yari> gn Jester
18:53:02 Jester1 has quit
18:53:04 <Wodensday> May I suggest we consider joining, and only pursuing past the 25 party threshold if a certain number of respectable organizations are included?
18:53:07 <Wodensday> G’night!
18:54:01 <Wodensday> If the 25 include parties from the bracket we’re trying to get away from (borderline nonexistent, non-serious) then we know to pull out. But if they include some of the top 10 minor parties we continue.
18:54:02 <yari> as in, write our name on the list but only invest our volunteer time once others have put their names on the list also?
18:54:14 <Wodensday> Only include*
18:54:26 <pmchi> I’m of the same opinion as AJ’s statement of the 25 threshold
18:54:59 <Wodensday> It’s not hard to get 25 US minor parties together, it’s hard to insure that includes the 10-15 serious ones.
18:55:30 <yari> I'm down for that, I think that makes sense
18:56:21 <Wodensday> If that’s the consensus, I would suggest we hold off on votes and take it to the next meeting.
18:56:28 <Wodensday> So we can get the other half’s perspective.
18:56:50 <pmchi> I agree
18:56:54 <DreadPirateDrew> sure
18:57:12 <yari> okay
18:57:16 <Wodensday> Alright, I’ve kept y’all long enough on July 3rd. Any motions to adjourn?
18:57:22 <yari> motion to adjourn
18:57:25 <DreadPirateDrew> second
18:57:26 <pmchi> 2nd
18:57:32 <Wodensday> All in favor?
18:57:36 <yari> aye
18:57:38 <DreadPirateDrew> aye
18:57:44 <pmchi> Aye
18:57:53 <Wodensday> I love democracy.
18:58:00 Catmandom has quit
18:58:03 <yari> okay, AJ
18:58:03 <DreadPirateDrew> Goodnight everyone!
18:58:08 <Wodensday> Meeting adjourned