PNC 05/22/2022

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Old Business

New Business


  • Anthony Jay, IN
  • James O'Keefe, Secretary, MA
  • Ethan Osborne, KY
  • Mitch Davilo, IL
  • William Dappen, CA

Probationary States

  • WI


  • Rose Klein, Chair, CA
  • Drew Bingaman, PA


Meeting started at 9:03pm Eastern.


  • IT: Met last Thursday. Added users to our services. Worked on getting sms working for crew. Did not succeed and working on creating a new crew instance.
  • Secretary: nothing to report
  • Treasury: nothing to report
  • PA: Ratified its by-laws and elected officers. Starting on platform. Ready to apply for membership in USPP. Working on conference presentation.
  • KY: Nothing to report. Working on conference presentation and own campaign.
  • Swarmwise: Met with American Solidarity rep. Productive conversation. Did not reach out to FL yet.
  • Platform: Police Reform Plank
  • OH: On hold for the moment, but the desire is there
  • Outreach: Did not have a meeting.
  • CA: Working on new website.

Conference Planning

  • Schedule is complete and up on the blog, but there are still openings if people want to fill them.
  • Will decide who will produce the livestreams at this Thursday's IT meeting
    • Current people are Yari, JamesO. WilliamD offered to run 1 or two. Yari will announce request in discord as well.
  • USPP and state parties should promote

Officer nominations

  • Yari will post the last request to the Discord
  • Email if you want to be nominated
  • JamesO will post the list of candidates to the blog/conference page/Discord.

Police Reform Plank

Anthony Jay suggested we need more of an efficient process. Drew offered the idea of up down vote and if it fails, people can join the platform committee to update the text with any PNC concerns. Will consider this later in meeting.

Mitch motions to adopt plank. Anthony 2nds. Vote was 5-0-0. The following was adopted:

We believe that major police reform is not only a legitimate idea, but a necessity. Due to the divisive and hot button nature of this topic, the USPP is dedicated to finding quality solutions that can be agreed upon by the vast majority. Here are a few ways we can fight police brutality:

• Demilitarize the police through actions such as ending the 1033 Program and discouraging technique sharing between the neighborhood police and the military or federal intelligence agencies;
• End qualified immunity and hold officers accountable when they break the law;
• End civil asset forfeiture and its enabling of "slush funds" to be used for any purpose;
• Invest money into community care instead of more policing, especially in areas currently impacted by over-policing;
• Require warrants for all forms of surveillance and end no-knock warrants;
• Force departments to collect statistics in order to outline biases in enforcement and which enforcement methods are better for the community;
• Ensure nobody is put in jail for actions of basic survival;
• Properly train our police forces with regular training in all aspects of the job. This will include but not limited to mental health assessments, first responder medical certification, community policing, & public engagement. 
There are many things that must be done in order to fix the issues with policing in our country. There are also many different end goals that many different people have in mind. What we need right now is an honest, no-nonsense start to the process, and that is what the USPP hopes to achieve.

USPP Chair Dissolution Proposal

Motion table until the meeting after the conference by JamesO. Anthony Jay 2nd. No objections were voiced.

Discussion of fundraising.

Motion to adjourn meeting by JamesO. 2nd by Anthony Jay. Passed 5-0-0.

Meeting ended at 9:58pm Eastern.


Record of the meeting