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Posted this from the current version at was being flaky when I got it and I was not able to determine whether this version had been modified post meeting. It looks ok, but would be good to check the version at the end of the meeting once stabilizes. -- jokeefe.

::PNC Meeting Agenda::

--- 05/17/2017 21:00h EDT ---
Room: #pnc


Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PNC


  • Sayyida: Megan Cochran - Wisconsin
  • bosun: Roll call - Joe Klein Wisconsin USPP Chair
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Massachusetts
  • tanager: Scott Tankard - California Rep.




1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

1.3 - Officers of the PNC

  • bosun: Roll call - Joe Klein Wisconsin USPP Chair
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Vice Chair
  • Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero, USPP Secretary, MA

1.4 - Other Attendess

kusanagi: Liz Gorski - NY BrokeOne/Sone_: Jese Shaffer, AZ (unoffical observer) Viktyr: Viktyr Gehrig, observer from Wyoming. mcky: Kael McIvor- unofficial rep


  • Meeting called to order at: __:___pm EDT
  • Meeting chaired by _________
  • Secretary for this meeting is _________
  • Quorum is established: ___ out of 8 Members present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee

5 - Agenda Items



  • Chair
    • Liz Gorski
    • Joe Klein (withdrawn)
  • Vice-Chair
    • Megan Cochran
    • Joe Klein (withdrawn)
  • Secretary
    • Lucia Fiero

Three votes in favor of the slate (CA, WI, MA). No objections.

proposed honorary seats

platform committee

- AOB -

  • Next meeting: ______ at _:__PM EDT
  • Meeting closed: ____________

Logs of the Meeting

[9:12pm] bosun: Roll call - Joe Klein Wisconsin USPP Chair
[9:12pm] kusanagi: Liz Gorski - NY
[9:12pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Massachusetts
[9:12pm] kusanagi: not the rep
[9:12pm] Sayyida: Megan Cochran - Wisconsin
[9:12pm] Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero, USPP Secretary, MA
[9:12pm] tanager: Scott Tankard - California Rep.
[9:12pm] BrokeOne: Jese Shaffer, AZ (unoffical observer)
[9:13pm] Bluestreak: Hi Jesse!
[9:13pm] Viktyr: Viktyr Gehrig, observer from Wyoming.
[9:13pm] Bluestreak: Glad to see you!
[9:13pm] BrokeOne: yo
[9:13pm] bosun: Shall we get the vote out of the way first?
[9:13pm] jokeefe: agenda?
[9:14pm] mcky: Kael McIvor- unofficial rep
[9:14pm] Bluestreak: Doh!
[9:14pm] Bluestreak: I had a rough day one sec
[9:15pm] bosun: Be of good cheer 
[9:15pm] jokeefe: no worries
[9:15pm] Sayyida: I've been having those all week
[9:16pm] Bluestreak:
[9:17pm] jokeefe: thank you
[9:18pm] Bluestreak: Two things on the agenda for now.
[9:18pm] Bluestreak: Anything to add?
[9:19pm] Sone_ joined the chat room.
[9:19pm] kusanagi: I'd wait to add the logs, guys.
[9:19pm] Sone_: <Jesse Shaffer, AZ -- sorry forgot to turn off TOR 
[9:20pm] bosun: OK
[9:21pm] Bluestreak: Wait to add the logs?
[9:21pm] kusanagi: It would be a bit distracting, and it's alsoin the wrong spot..
[9:21pm] Viktyr: Bluestreak: I would like to add an item to the agenda if possible.
[9:22pm] BrokeOne left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[9:22pm] Bluestreak: OK
[9:22pm] Bluestreak: I guess
[9:22pm] kusanagi: It's been corrected, thank you
[9:23pm] Viktyr: Bluestreak: It was supposed to be addressed last meeting. I need to announce the resurrection of the Platform Committee and put out a call for new volunteers and discuss the possibility of a new communications platform to support it.
[9:24pm] bosun: Agenda Items: election, proposed honorary seats, platform committe
[9:25pm] bosun: hello
[9:25pm] jokeefe: sounds good
[9:26pm] Sone_: ^ aye
[9:26pm] Bluestreak: Can we get to elections? 
[9:26pm] bosun: Yes
[9:26pm] Sayyida: sounds good
[9:26pm] bosun: Who do we have nominated?
[9:27pm] Bluestreak: It's on the agenda.
[9:27pm] wizegoy left the chat room. (Quit: Bye)
[9:27pm] wizegoy joined the chat room.
[9:27pm] Bluestreak: There is some question of who is running for what
[9:27pm] Bluestreak: I am running for Sec.
[9:28pm] Bluestreak:
[9:28pm] Sayyida: I am for vice chair
[9:28pm] kusanagi: I've been nominated for chair.
[9:28pm] Bluestreak: Sorry I am on the wrong date... 
[9:29pm] bosun: OK
[9:29pm] Sayyida: meh it happens
[9:29pm] bosun: I thought I was not seeing things
[9:29pm] Bluestreak:
[9:30pm] Bluestreak: Sleep deprivation is a dangerous thing.
[9:30pm] kusanagi: Indeed
[9:30pm] Sayyida: true
[9:31pm] jokeefe: So do we have only one candidate for each office?
[9:31pm] Bluestreak: No I guess Joe is running against Liz?
[9:31pm] kusanagi: I believe Bosun was going for both chair and vice chair.
[9:31pm] jokeefe: ok
[9:31pm] bosun: OK, any othe nominations or abjections to the slate as listed?
[9:31pm] bosun: No I like whet is listed
[9:32pm] bosun: what
[9:32pm] Bluestreak: I'm good.
[9:32pm] Sayyida: same
[9:32pm] jokeefe: So then:
[9:32pm] jokeefe: Candidates:
[9:32pm] jokeefe: * Chair
[9:32pm] jokeefe: ** Liz Gorski
[9:32pm] jokeefe: ** Joe Klein
[9:32pm] jokeefe: * Vice-Chair
[9:32pm] jokeefe: ** Megan Cochran
[9:32pm] jokeefe: ** Joe Klein
[9:32pm] jokeefe: * Secretary
[9:32pm] jokeefe: ** Lucia Fiero
[9:33pm] jokeefe: ?
[9:33pm] bosun: No I withdraw my name 
[9:33pm] jokeefe: ok
[9:33pm] kusanagi: It's a bit last second to withdraw
[9:33pm] bosun: It is a statement to have an all female board
[9:33pm] Bluestreak: I like it!
[9:34pm] Bluestreak: Let him be noble.
[9:34pm] jokeefe: no objections
[9:34pm] Sayyida: let's
[9:34pm] kusanagi: Why do we need such a statement. This isn't noble.
[9:34pm] K`Tetch_: Also, I'm still waiting for my emailed question from yestserday to be answered 'who is Megan'
[9:35pm] bosun: Megan is Sayyida
[9:35pm] K`Tetch_: right, i got that from the 'email' yestserday, nothing beyond that
[9:35pm] tanager: I have no objections to the current elections slate
[9:35pm] jokeefe: Megan Cochran, rep. from WI
[9:36pm] Sayyida: I can answer for myself.
[9:36pm] bosun: She is on the Wisconsin board
[9:36pm] Sayyida: I am the rep from WI
[9:36pm] Sayyida: my name is Megan Cochran
[9:36pm] K`Tetch_: ok
[9:37pm] Sayyida: I do believe we got off on the wrong foot. I hate to have a mistaken identity
[9:37pm] Sayyida: There are two of me haha 
[9:37pm] bosun: OK - Let's hear the votes
[9:37pm] Sayyida: anyways lets get the ball rolling
[9:38pm] Bluestreak: I vote for Liz for chair, Meg for VC, and myself for Sec.
[9:38pm] bosun: I vote for Liz for chair, Meg for VC, and myself for Sec.
[9:38pm] Sayyida: I am for the same. Liz chair, myself VC, and lucia for Sec
[9:38pm] Sayyida: bosun, you sec?
[9:39pm] bosun: I vote for Liz for chair, Meg for VC, and Lucia for Sec.
[9:39pm] kusanagi: Why are there now 2 WI votes?
[9:40pm] Sayyida: No, he is chair, I am WI rep
[9:40pm] bosun: OK I don't vote
[9:40pm] Bluestreak: Doesn't the chair get a vote and the rep?
[9:40pm] Bluestreak: Or only the rep?
[9:40pm] jokeefe: no
[9:40pm] Bluestreak: Oops
[9:40pm] jokeefe: only reps.
[9:40pm] kusanagi: Only the rep.
[9:40pm] jokeefe: no worries
[9:40pm] Bluestreak: So OK I don't vote then.
[9:40pm] Bluestreak: James is repping.
[9:40pm] jokeefe: So CA, WI and MA all vote aye or have no objections.
[9:41pm] kusanagi: If you're a rep, you vote. If you're not a rep, you don't vote. We had a clause previously about observers getting a partial vote.
[9:41pm] bosun: Yea that works
[9:41pm] Bluestreak: It's been a while since I've been to  PNC election, and much has happened to me
[9:41pm] jokeefe: Not seeing any other reps., then election carries?
[9:41pm] Bluestreak: So I forget these things.
[9:41pm] Sone_: (unnoffical vote) I second what was proposed
[9:41pm] bosun: CA needs to vote
[9:41pm] Bluestreak: Did CA vote?
[9:42pm] kusanagi: tanager?
[9:42pm] tanager: CA vote: I vote for Liz for Chair, Meg for VC, and Lucia for Sec.
[9:42pm] Bluestreak: Did you vote James?
[9:42pm] bosun: James?
[9:42pm] jokeefe: said MA had no objections
[9:43pm] Bluestreak: Bosun?
[9:43pm] bosun: OK so we have it.
[9:44pm] bosun: Kusanagi - you chair now and I go to WI rep.
[9:44pm] Viktyr: Do observers currently have "partial" votes?
[9:44pm] kusanagi: Not currently, due to how it was supposed to work
[9:45pm] Sayyida: it isn't in the bylaws clearly
[9:45pm] tanager: Viktyr, if I understand correctly, i think the statute still stands, but the "observers" in questions are officially recognized Observer States
[9:45pm] bosun: We'll do better next time.
[9:45pm] tanager: (as opposed to general observers?)
[9:46pm] jokeefe: can clarify at the next meeting
[9:46pm] Sayyida: this is what the bylaws say
[9:46pm] Sayyida: Officers and Subcommittee Liaisons shall not participate in PNC votes, unless the Officer or Subcommittee Liaison in question is also acting as a State Representative.
[9:46pm] Sayyida: All other PNC participants shall vote according to these Bylaws.
[9:46pm] bosun: Yep ... like a state with probationary status
[9:47pm] Sayyida: I need to step away my from my computer for a second
[9:47pm] Sayyida: I won't pull a leroy jankins
[9:47pm] Bluestreak: lol
[9:48pm] bosun: Liz - please chair.
[9:48pm] kusanagi: Ah, it's like old times.
[9:48pm] kusanagi: Thanks all.
[9:48pm] Sayyida: MEEEEG COCHRAN!!!
[9:48pm] Sayyida: haha 
[9:48pm] Sayyida: I'm back
[9:49pm] kusanagi: Could have just said that.
[9:49pm] kusanagi: Now, I believe the next item is the honorary positions
[9:49pm] Sayyida: yes
[9:49pm] bosun: I second the proposal
[9:50pm] Bluestreak: Wait...
[9:50pm] tanager: can we clarify the proposal a bit?
[9:50pm] Bluestreak: Don't you have to officially declare winners or something?
[9:50pm] Sayyida: I assuemed they were clear
[9:50pm] bosun: No ... we all saw the election - the slate won - throw confetti
[9:51pm] Sone_: *
[9:51pm] kusanagi: Anyway, moving onward
[9:51pm] Bluestreak: OK I'm good with that.
[9:52pm] Sayyida: onto the honorary seat questions
[9:52pm] bosun: *.;'^*
[9:52pm] Bluestreak: So Chelsea got out today, yay.
[9:52pm] kusanagi: My major concern with it is that while Manning is free (yay), Snowden is still facing charges.
[9:52pm] Sayyida: I staed the seat as a nod
[9:52pm] Sayyida: I understood other orgainazions have done that or something of the sort
[9:53pm] Bluestreak: The USPP Freedom of information awards for this year go to:
[9:53pm] kusanagi: This, while it would be a nice gesture, would make it a bad idea to give a seat to him. It could get us in legal issues as well, and quite fairly, I don't want to have to fight it.
[9:53pm] Sayyida: I am fully open for other suggestoins
[9:53pm] Sayyida: yea, can't spell today
[9:53pm] kusanagi: It's something I'd wait on more discussion for personally, but a seat is an out of the question no.
[9:53pm] Bluestreak: 1st annual USPPFoIAwards
[9:53pm] kusanagi: At least from me from the legal issues it could raise
[9:54pm] tanager: I'd like to suggest we draft/push legislation to pardon Snowden, and strike Manning's conviction from the record
[9:54pm] Sayyida: The legality of snowden is a concern
[9:54pm] Bluestreak: I am against honorary seats for a different reason.
[9:54pm] K`Tetch_: 'freedom of information awards' implies something else, based on FOIa's
[9:54pm] kusanagi: We need to hammer out a stronger platform first, imo
[9:54pm] Bluestreak: That they may not "self-identify" as Pirates.
[9:54pm] Sayyida: agreed kusanagi
[9:54pm] kusanagi: That's very true as well, Bluestreak
[9:54pm] kusanagi: I don't want to force anyone into anything like this,
[9:55pm] Bluestreak: Something in that vein though, K'Tetch?
[9:55pm] Sayyida: I was thinking an email or a questoin into it was needed
[9:55pm] bosun: OK - I like Tanger's sugestion
[9:55pm] Sayyida: i didn't want to throw them into it
[9:55pm] Sayyida: tanager, that is a really good idea
[9:55pm] Bluestreak: *scrolls back doesn't see banger's suggestion*
[9:55pm] Viktyr: tanager: I will bring that issue up for consideration by the platform committee.
[9:56pm] Bluestreak left the chat room. (Remote host closed the connection)
[9:56pm] Sone_: (unoffical AZ) I would like to know why he coppied so much data of the Intellipida; still i dont think he should be in fear either. -- There is more that needs to be investigated then the media naritive.
[9:56pm] tanager: kusanagi, Viktyr i'm all for debate/collaborative drafting. But I'm not sure this needs to be a platform issue per se?
[9:57pm] Bluestreak joined the chat room.
[9:57pm] Sayyida: for me, it should of been open info. as for manning, where does morals lay if your contry is violating international law
[9:57pm] Sone_: (unoffical AZ) < I was stationed in Hawaii too at one point. I think it warrents a full conversation.
[9:57pm] mcky: I don't like the idea of giving seats that are for leadership only. If somehow you got Manning and Snowden on board, it will distract from our platform if we ever run anyone. 
[9:57pm] kusanagi: I'm stating that there should be other priorities. We need to make sure our own house is in order.
[9:57pm] Bluestreak: Sorry about that.
[9:58pm] Sayyida: if you can not go through "proper chanels" because it would be thrown out then you blacklisted what would you do?
[9:58pm] Bluestreak: I like the idea of offering awards.
[9:58pm] K`Tetch_: Liz is right.
[9:58pm] Bluestreak: Agreed
[9:58pm] tanager: kusanagi, I agree on that. Lots of ordering to do. Just putting it out there as a potential topic for future, not immediate
[9:58pm] Sayyida: I'm with you on that 
[9:58pm] Viktyr: tanager: I can see it both ways. If we're only going to make an official statement of moral support, that's on the Board. If we're going to make it part of our national agenda, it's a platform issue.
[9:58pm] jokeefe: awards sounds like a good option
[9:58pm] tanager: does USPP have any sort of task/issue tracker?
[9:58pm] K`Tetch_: right now, the party structure needs tightening, sorting, and it get working right, first
[9:58pm] Viktyr: ^
[9:59pm] bosun: OK
[9:59pm] kusanagi: We do not have it.
[9:59pm] jokeefe: tanager, we don’t have a task/issue tracker
[9:59pm] bosun: I move we table this until next month.
[9:59pm] Sayyida: three can't make the tracker, is there a board that chimes in?
[9:59pm] Sayyida: Moving it to next month is best
[9:59pm] jokeefe: continue discussion on email, then bosun
[9:59pm] Sayyida: we are at 9p
[10:00pm] bosun: Yes
[10:00pm] kusanagi: Do we have a second?
[10:00pm] jokeefe: 2nd
[10:00pm] Sayyida: sounds good
[10:00pm] tanager: aye
[10:00pm] bosun: Us who like ending on time.
[10:00pm] Sayyida: thank you tanager for the suggestion
[10:01pm] Sayyida: that was genius
[10:01pm] tanager: my pleasure
[10:02pm] tanager: maybe we can discuss setting one up, on the mailing list
[10:02pm] jokeefe: aye to postponing a month
[10:02pm] Sayyida: Could we add another for next month?
[10:02pm] kusanagi: Sayyida, sure.
[10:02pm] jokeefe: we can setup an issue tracker. forward suggestions please
[10:02pm] tanager: jokeefe, sounds good
[10:02pm] Sayyida: I was asked to give a segment and suggest a state/US intro to the japanese pirates
[10:03pm] kusanagi: Also, there is something i'd like to ask for. I was made aware of an executive committee during the last few months that meetings were held in; as those were meetings of the board, I ask for copies of those minutes.
[10:03pm] Sayyida: hideto zuzawa and I have been chatting a bit
[10:03pm] bosun: we never met
[10:03pm] Bluestreak: Did we even HAVE an exec meeting?
[10:03pm] Bluestreak: We kept threatening to.
[10:04pm] Bluestreak: If we had we would have shown the minutes.
[10:04pm] kusanagi: Sayyida, who?
[10:04pm] Bluestreak: Viktyr?
[10:04pm] Sayyida: he is the Pirate chair in japan
[10:04pm] kusanagi: Okay, that's fine then.
[10:04pm] Bluestreak: Did you get your time?
[10:04pm] Sayyida: they only have 50 in all of japan
[10:04pm] Bluestreak: Platform committee?
[10:04pm] kusanagi: Sayyida, that's not really relevant to the current discussion
[10:04pm] Viktyr: Bluestreak: No, it has not been addressed.
[10:04pm] Bluestreak: OK I move that we get to that before we adjourn
[10:04pm] Sayyida: they also have a private channel that is on local tv and online tv
[10:05pm] Sayyida: ah ok
[10:05pm] Sayyida: It was a suggestion for next month
[10:05pm] Bluestreak: Put it in a blog, Meg!
[10:05pm] Viktyr: Bluestreak: Thank you. I will be as brief as possible.
[10:05pm] jokeefe: kusanagi, I don’t know of any formal exec meetings, just email discussions that didn’t result in action items
[10:05pm] Sayyida: I can email you about it
[10:05pm] Bluestreak: I will make next months agenda now!
[10:05pm] jokeefe: kusanagi, but happy to forward any relevant emails for the record
[10:05pm] kusanagi: Please do. I'll ask that the agenda's be a bit more timely 
[10:06pm] jokeefe: much appreciated
[10:06pm] kusanagi: jokeefe, please do. I'd like to see where y'all left off and try to build
[10:06pm] bosun: Platform committee??
[10:06pm] kusanagi: Viktyr, all you
[10:06pm] Viktyr: Okay. Refresher course: I got tasked with heading the platform committee, to wrangle volunteers to write our national-level platform and the model platform for state parties.
[10:07pm] Viktyr: I dropped the ball on multiple levels, including having a major depressive episode that left me out of contact for months.
[10:07pm] Viktyr: Mea maxima culpa.
[10:07pm] Sayyida: you are back on the ball that is all that matters
[10:07pm] Viktyr: But the job still needs done, and unless someone else is willing to take it from me, it's *my* job. 
[10:08pm] Bluestreak: What are you trying to accomplish?
[10:08pm] Sone_: who is eligable? what is the medium? how do we make submissions?
[10:08pm] Viktyr: Bluestreak: I am trying to design an official party platform for the USPP at the Federal level in order to attract people to join/form State parties in accordance with our strategy.
[10:08pm] bosun: OK what official board action is required if any?
[10:08pm] Bluestreak: Well, we have one already/.
[10:09pm] kusanagi: Sone_, anyone who identifies as Pirate, Slack, and join in the discussion
[10:09pm] Bluestreak: You want to improve it, change it?
[10:09pm] kusanagi: We don't need board action.
[10:09pm] Bluestreak: Make platform committe a slack channel?
[10:09pm] kusanagi: It already is
[10:09pm] Viktyr: bosun: I do not know if we need board action, but we do need some sort of official call to arms.
[10:09pm] bosun: OK
[10:09pm] kusanagi: In fact, it's already a whole slack
[10:09pm] Bluestreak: LOL What is the link pls?
[10:09pm] Viktyr: bosun: I need help replacing the volunteers I lost.
[10:10pm] kusanagi: Viktyr, we can schedule a call out via social medoia
[10:10pm] Bluestreak: OK well, you can post to the US Pirates Group if you belong to it.
[10:10pm] kusanagi: additionally, we do have the CiviCRM system
[10:10pm] bosun: How about we bless a slack channel
[10:10pm] Bluestreak: We can make a blog post and tweet it
[10:10pm] jokeefe: we also have the riot channel we haven’t used
[10:10pm] tanager: jokeefe, where's the riot channel?
[10:10pm] Bluestreak: We need to keep it simple
[10:10pm] Bluestreak: \
[10:10pm] bosun: I like riot
[10:10pm] kusanagi: We have a bunch of emails that we can contact, yet the system is not working
[10:10pm] Sayyida: yea KISS
[10:10pm] tanager: Bluestreak, blogpost and tweet sounds good
[10:10pm] Viktyr: Give me instructions and I will follow them.
[10:10pm] Bluestreak: More platforms (apps) isn't better
[10:11pm] Viktyr: I can't find a join link for the Slack. I have to send individual invites to email addresses.
[10:11pm] Bluestreak: I move that we use Slack only
[10:11pm] Sayyida: muti apps just brings chaos
[10:11pm] tanager: Viktyr, is there a simple point-of-contact to request invites?
[10:11pm] bosun: No all the APPs HAHAHA
[10:11pm] Sone_: Slack is invite only
[10:11pm] Bluestreak: oh
[10:11pm] kusanagi: Viktyr, I'd like the Pirate Wheel platformized, it's simple and to the point and OG PIrate.
[10:11pm] Sone_: A mod has to send invites
[10:12pm] Sayyida: we  need, I think an actual image of a wheel to make it work
[10:12pm] kusanagi: We can do it over the week.
[10:12pm] kusanagi: Sayyida, no, we don't.
[10:12pm] Sayyida: its chaotic to look at
[10:12pm] tanager: FYI i believe riot integrates into Slack and mirrors everything
[10:12pm] kusanagi: it's a flowchart.
[10:12pm] jokeefe: riot channel:
[10:12pm] papegaai: Title: Riot (at
[10:12pm] Sayyida: its an octopus meets uranium
[10:12pm] jokeefe: never formally adopted, but it is there
[10:12pm] Viktyr: tanagar: Best is to email me at with your name and state. Per the Board's sugggestion, I am accepting all requests.
[10:13pm] bosun: Flup! I'll draft a wheel that fits with the flowchart.
[10:13pm] Sayyida: bosun, thanks
[10:13pm] Viktyr: Liz has asked me to stick with Slack for the actual work.
[10:13pm] Bluestreak: OK so Riot doesn't require an invitation.
[10:13pm] kusanagi: I don't understand why that's needed, but.
[10:14pm] Bluestreak: I sort of do understand
[10:14pm] Bluestreak: Jason and I miss the wheel.
[10:14pm] jokeefe: another option is a loomio site, Netherland Pirates used it to write their platform
[10:14pm] kusanagi: We already have a slack, so for now, it's best to use it.
[10:15pm] Bluestreak: I just propose we pick a channel and stick to it.
[10:15pm] jokeefe: please send the url for the slack channel. Know of CA pirates, not us
[10:15pm] Bluestreak: Riot is fine with me.
[10:15pm] kusanagi: jokeefe, Will do
[10:15pm] jokeefe: thank you
[10:15pm] kusanagi: I'll have it out by Friday
[10:15pm] Sayyida: I haven't used the slack yet so lets give it a shot
[10:15pm] Sone_: we could apply for a free office 365 license. We might qualify as a non-profit. Not sure though of the filing status and assoc requirement.s That would give us sharepoint and a whole host of other items for participants.
[10:15pm] tanager:
[10:15pm] papegaai: Title: Slack (at
[10:15pm] tanager: jokeefe, ^
[10:15pm] kusanagi: tanager, thank you!
[10:16pm] Sayyida: thanks
[10:16pm] jokeefe: thanks
[10:16pm] Viktyr: Wait, can you *request* to join from that link?
[10:16pm] tanager: for invitation contact:
[10:16pm] tanager: Viktyr, no you can't afaik
[10:16pm] jokeefe: please, lets not use M$FT products
[10:16pm] Sone_: 
[10:16pm] kusanagi: Additionally, we don't eed the wheel reinvented, literally. I want the platform committee to use that for a basis. Follow the flow.
[10:17pm] Sayyida: can we at least expand the flow? its chaos to look at. the lines meet and are all over the place
[10:17pm] Viktyr: Yes, I want to lean heavily on the Wheel.
[10:17pm] kusanagi: They meet for a reason, though.
[10:17pm] Viktyr: Sayyida: I'm planning on a text document.
[10:17pm] Sayyida: Viktyr, thats better
[10:18pm] tanager: this sounds like convo for the platform Slack/Riot 
[10:18pm] Viktyr: Sayyida: Boring, traditional political party platform indistinguishable from the Democrats or Republicans except by its content.
[10:18pm] kusanagi: yes, it is.
[10:18pm] kusanagi: Viktyr, that's basically what I want.
[10:18pm] kusanagi: People want it, we've been asked dozens of times, lets get it out there
[10:18pm] Sayyida: It would work better that way. KISS
[10:18pm] tanager: N.B. you can access the chat w/o invite here:
[10:18pm] papegaai: Title: Riot (at
[10:19pm] Viktyr: So, what does the Board need *me* to do to promote my committee?
[10:19pm] Viktyr: And then I'm done.
[10:19pm] kusanagi: Contact email, which we have.
[10:19pm] Bluestreak: "Follow the flow." What she said
[10:19pm] kusanagi: And for you to be able to add people as they come.
[10:19pm] kusanagi: from there, flow.
[10:21pm] jokeefe: We are over time
[10:21pm] Sayyida: way over time
[10:21pm] Sayyida: shall we move to end?
[10:22pm] kusanagi: Well, with constant distractions and non-sequiturs, it's hard to stay on.
[10:22pm] kusanagi: Looks to be all for tonight.
[10:22pm] kusanagi: Move to end?
[10:22pm] tanager: Viktyr, may i suggest you also draft a few sentences for the blog post/twitter
[10:22pm] jokeefe: 2nd
[10:22pm] kusanagi: jokeefe, you mean you move
[10:22pm] tanager: i also 2nd the move to end
[10:22pm] bosun: move 
[10:22pm] Sayyida: its done
[10:22pm] bosun: yep ok
[10:22pm] Viktyr: tanager: Either or both?
[10:23pm] tanager: Viktyr, both? just some language for the promo
[10:23pm] Bluestreak: Motion to continue the platform committe discussion on the SAB
[10:23pm] Viktyr: 2nd
[10:23pm] tanager: Bluestreak, sounds good
[10:23pm] jokeefe: do we need a motion for that?
[10:23pm] kusanagi: Thanks all. have a good night.
[10:23am] jokeefe: good night, thanks all
[10:23am] tanager: night kusanagi
[10:23am] tanager: night all
[10:23am] kusanagi: night.
[10:23am] Sayyida: Good night everyone and good luck
[10:23am] Bluestreak: Night all!
[10:23am] Sone_: nite ty all
[10:23am] kusanagi: reps, we'll be in touch.
[10:23am] Sayyida: okitay
[10:24am] Sayyida: im out
[10:24am] Sayyida left the chat room. (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[02:24am] jokeefe: kusanagi, updated log in