PNC 05/15/2022

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Old Business

New Business

Police Reform Plank


  • Mitch Davilo, IL
  • Anthony Jay, IN
  • Joe Onoroski, MA
  • Ethen (Oz), KY
  • William Dappen, CA (arriving at 9:55pm and departing at 10:23pm)

Probationary States

  • WI


  • Rose Klein, Chair, CA
  • Drew Bingaman, PA
  • James O'Keefe, Secretary, MA


Meeting started at 9:07pm Eastern.


  • Outreach:
    • Will compile weekly articles from our writers and send out
    • Youth Pirates getting organized - 13-24 age range - will post link once they get organized with logo and rules
    • Anthony will attend next IT meeting on Thursday
  • Treasury: nothing to report
  • Joe attending PPI meeting - NY members participated
  • Platform handed off to Mitch
  • PA has provisional board and is working on platform. Expect to petition for membership soon, perhaps by conference
  • Swarmwise:
    • Platform sent police reform plank
    • Ohio has a website up, may be read
    • Will meet with Florida pirates
    • Meeting with American Solidarity party
  • IT - Meeting Thursday. Still having issues with email. Setting up mobile posting.
  • KY reaching out to Greens/disenfranchised Democrats. KYPP is posting articles to their site.

Conference Planning

  • Keynote - Anthony and Mitch asked James to give keynote and he said yes.
  • May or may not have a recording of a guest we have been trying to get
  • We have a number of things in the works, but could always use more
  • Urging people to submit descriptions by Sunday, May 15th

USPP Chair Dissolution Proposal

Lively discussion of the proposal.

Pirate Newsletter

See reports above.

Police Reform Plank

Motion passes to consider plank.

James suggested we should cover:

  • ending civil asset forfeiture;
  • require warrants for all surveillance since we believe in a right to privacy;
  • gather statistics to determine racial and other bias as well as determine what are effective method.

Anthony suggested adopting as is and request that platform update with suggestions. Additional discussion of what approach we should take.

Motion to have next week's meeting over Jitsi - vote was 5-0-0.

Motion to table discussion of the plank to next week - no objections.

Meeting ended at 10:26pm Eastern.


Record of the meeting