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Old Business

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Meeting started at pm Eastern.


Conference Planning

USPP Chair Dissolution Proposal

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Meeting ended at pm Eastern.


Record of the meeting

[9:06pm] Wodensday52: Calling this meeting to order at 9:05 PM Eastern
[9:06pm] Wodensday52: IDs?
[9:06pm] pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[9:06pm] Wodensday52: Anthony Jay, INPP, outreach chair, appointed very temporary chair until a legal one can take over
[9:06pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Massachusetts, Secretary
[9:06pm] Wodensday52: Jester?
[9:06pm] jokeefe: Shmiel -
[9:06pm] Jester: Maya Melody, INPP
[9:07pm] Wodensday52: Excellent!
[9:07pm] Wodensday52: Do we have the agenda handy? I believe we have one major topic of discussiob.
[9:07pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:07pm] Shmiel: Shmiel, New York
[9:07pm] Wodensday52: I am not in a position to pull them up. If someone can I’d greatly appreciate that.
[9:07pm] Joe: Ahoy
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Meeting page/agenda -
[9:07pm] papegaai: Title: PNC 05/08/2022 - United States Pirate Party (at
[9:07pm] Wodensday52: Welcome Joe! You are legally allowed to take this meeting off my hands but I can also continue
[9:08pm] Wodensday52: I can do this until 9:30
[9:08pm] Joe: Is Yari unavailable tonight?
[9:08pm] Shmeagle: Hello, I am new year and am interested in how I can be more involved
[9:08pm] Wodensday52: Yes.
[9:09pm] Wodensday52: I’d like to get to some reports if that’s alright with everyone though.
[9:09pm] Joe: Ids
[9:09pm] Shmiel: whats up shmeagle
[9:09pm] Wodensday52: We got IDs
[9:09pm] Wodensday52: I’ve been running the show.
[9:09pm] Wodensday52: Illegally, probably
[9:09pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Massachusetts
[9:09pm] Wodensday52: Thank you Joe.
[9:09pm] Wodensday52: Swarmcare? Pmchi
[9:09pm] Joe: If it's on record than not at all
[9:10pm] Joe: Reports, IT?
[9:10pm] Wodensday52: Okay okay, this is confusing.
[9:10pm] Wodensday52: Joe do you want to do this or should I? Haha
[9:11pm] Wodensday52: (Mitch, please continue with your report if you have one)
[9:11pm] jokeefe: No meeting. Working on crew. Will have a sign up sheet/event up by mid-week
[9:11pm] pmchi: Ohio has created proper social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook) and I believe the website is a WIP. I believe Ohio’s presence at PNC will be sooner rather than later. Pennsylvania will also hopefully be appearing at these meetings weekly soon. I haven’t reached out to Florida to see how they’re holding up yet
[9:11pm] Joe: Ok, Wodensday?
[9:11pm] Wodensday52: Are you calling on me for outreach or something chair related?
[9:12pm] Wodensday52: Thanks for the report pmchi!
[9:12pm] Joe: For outreach but Swarmcare works. I never remember what order
[9:12pm] Wodensday52: Outreach is working on the newsletter, I do not know the exacts, yari is taking a much deserved mental health day
[9:12pm] Wodensday52: Platform? Pmchi/Joe
[9:13pm] Joe: I am behind on platform currently
[9:13pm] Wodensday52: I guess Pmchi haha
[9:14pm] pmchi: I have a new system in place for Platform to better get them from committee to PNC. This week will be the first trial run
[9:14pm] Wodensday52: Awesome! You’re killin it, we really appreciate it.
[9:14pm] pmchi: Hopefully it makes the process more effecient
[9:14pm] Wodensday52: Secretary? Treasury?
[9:14pm] Joe: Nothing to report on Treasury
[9:15pm] jokeefe: Secretary - updating minutes
[9:15pm] Joe: Since the major topic was to discuss Yari's topic, lets open up to the new people here. Welcome smeagle.
[9:15pm] Wodensday52: We do still have to give a PNC report.
[9:16pm] Wodensday52: I can make that quick and simple, though.
[9:16pm] Joe: My mistake
[9:16pm] Wodensday52: No worries!
[9:17pm] Wodensday52: PNC 2022 is going rather well. If any of you are going to do a panel, we definitely need all of those submitted by the 15th. Nothing major, just your ideas. We’re already working with existing panelists to get their times and projects set in stone, I want to throw them up on the website as soon as i van.
[9:18pm] Wodensday52: Keynote speaker stuff hasn’t progressed, I pitched to the committee that one of us should just give a keynote address, hopefully we can have an update on that before next week.
[9:18pm] Wodensday52: Do we have any questions?
[9:19pm] Wodensday52: (If not, are there any objections to moving on?)
[9:19pm] Joe: Is there any submissions for who is running for next year yet?
[9:19pm] Wodensday52: Mitch has officially announced his re-bid for swarmcare.
[9:19pm] Wodensday52: I’m sitting on an announcement based on something.
[9:20pm] Wodensday52: Who wants to openly say they’re going to reprise their roles? I think we do need to do that soon.
[9:21pm] Wodensday52: Joe, ~jokeefe?
[9:21pm] Joe: I am happy to do what is requested or required of me.
[9:22pm] Wodensday52: That’s greatly appreciated, and you do have time. You’re an awesome treasurer though, for the reckrd.
[9:22pm] Joe: If that means being the Treasurer or the Secretary, I will be here to ensure that we keep moving forward.
[9:22pm] Wodensday52: Record*
[9:22pm] Wodensday52: Any other thoughts of this nature?
[9:22pm] jokeefe: So the date for candidate submissions is May 22nd and we need to post the candidates by the 23rd.
[9:22pm] Wodensday52: Yes.
[9:22pm] Joe: Lol, I generally dont but this is important
[9:23pm] Wodensday52: We can speak to that in or out of here so long as it’s done before the 22nd, to my understanding
[9:23pm] Wodensday52: If nobody has any plans, though, we should move on.
[9:23pm] Wodensday52: Objections?
[9:24pm] Joe: None, please feel free to conduct the meeting Woden
[9:24pm] Wodensday52: I will have to hand you the reigns in a moment, but that’ll come in a moment.
[9:24pm] Wodensday52: We are moving on to the proposal to disband the chair position in favor of a rotating model. The rationale and some of the how-to are present in a link on our agenda.
[9:25pm] Wodensday52: We are currently hearing discussion.
[9:25pm] Joe: Motion to table until next week. I would like to discuss this with Yari present.
[9:25pm] Wodensday52: If nobody else has anything though, I do want to know if Jokeefe found out anything on whether or not a chair is legally required.
[9:25pm] pmchi: Second
[9:25pm] Wodensday52: We have a motion on the table and a second.
[9:25pm] Wodensday52: All in favor?
[9:26pm] Shmiel: Argh
[9:26pm] Wodensday52: (You cannot vote)
[9:26pm] Joe: Aye
[9:26pm] Wodensday52: Pmchi, Joe/Jokeefe, Jester
[9:26pm] Jester: Aye
[9:27pm] pmchi: Aye
[9:27pm] Shmiel: my bad. sorry
[9:27pm] Joe: Shmiel, your opinion still matters though
[9:27pm] Wodensday52: It has been properly voted upon that we will table this until next week.
[9:27pm] Wodensday52: No worries shmiel!
[9:27pm] pmchi: All good! We’ve all done it (me, multiple times)
[9:27pm] Wodensday52: Our next item of business is the newsletter. Though, this is similarly a yari item and I have not been as hands on with it as I have been at points.
[9:27pm] Wodensday52: We may want to hear a similar motion.
[9:28pm] jokeefe: The FEC doesn’t appear to require a chair in their registration form -, but I need to check more
[9:28pm] Wodensday52: Thank you Jamie!
[9:28pm] Wodensday52: Thoughts and discussion on the newsletter?
[9:29pm] Wodensday52: If there are none, I do believe that essentially clears off the agenda. We have a half hour left, in the event we want to introduce anything.
[9:30pm] Jester: How is the newsletter planned to be formatted? Is it going to be geared towards those who have more experience with the pirates, or as an introductory lesson of sorts?
[9:30pm] Wodensday52: It’s primarily going to be about inter-party news, so I expect a little bit of both.
[9:30pm] Wodensday52: Awesome question.
[9:31pm] Wodensday52: Anything else?
[9:31pm] Jester: Nothing from me for now
[9:31pm] Joe: We had some new people here. What questions do you have?
[9:31pm] Wodensday52: That’s alright, I’m just thrilled you wanted to come out and be a rep. You’re doing great!
[9:31pm] Wodensday52: That’s an awesome idea Joe
[9:32pm] Shmiel: Thanks Joe. First off, why pirates?
[9:32pm] Wodensday52: As I do have to leave soon-ish, I suppose we could always call serious discussion to a close and we can continue the casual discussion for however long. That’s up to you all though.
[9:33pm] Wodensday52: I can also hand this off to Joe
[9:33pm] Shmeagle: Is there a way to bring the Pirate Party to my state?
[9:33pm] Wodensday52: Absolutely! Which state?
[9:33pm] Jester: Hey, just for clarity's sake, if you want to answer someone's question, please text "I'll answer" so that we know someone is answering.
[9:33pm] Joe: I don't have much to discuss as my last week was particularly busy. If the new people here have no questions then I would be in favor of having an early night.
[9:34pm] Wodensday52: Jester - good idea.
[9:34pm] Wodensday52: Should we close formal business and do casual operations?
[9:34pm] Shmiel: I do have questions if someone is willing to answer.
[9:34pm] Jester: I'll answer Shmiel's unless someone makes an answer before I do
[9:34pm] Shmiel: Thanks
[9:34pm] Wodensday52: That’s a hell of a sentence and probably none of those words are in roberts rules.
[9:34pm] Joe: There is a PPI board meeting this week that I plan to attend
[9:35pm] Wodensday52: Nice!
[9:35pm] Shmeagle: New York
[9:35pm] Wodensday52: Are you in our discord? We have a few NYers
[9:35pm] Wodensday52: We could set you up with them.
[9:35pm] Shmeagle: I have not joined the discord yet, I will be sure to join
[9:35pm] Shmeagle: Are there any ways I can help with being involved in the Party?
[9:35pm] Wodensday52: (I have to leave, Joe will be your chair from now on)
[9:35pm] Wodensday52: Thank you all!
[9:36pm] Joe: Lol, I'm the Treasurer but am happy to moderate.
[9:36pm] Shmiel: Thanks Wodensday52
[9:36pm] Joe: Please feel free to speak freely.
[9:37pm] Jerome joined the chat room.
[9:37pm] jokeefe: Did we have a formal adjournment of the meeting?
[9:37pm] Joe: Nay
[9:37pm] Joe: But we no long have quorum.
[9:37pm] jokeefe: Do we have quorum?
[9:37pm] Joe: Hmm, wait, we still may.
[9:38pm] Jerome: I have a question
[9:38pm] Wodensday52 left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 2m30s)

Wodensday52 left bringing the number of state party representatives to 2 and ending quorum. Informal discussion continued:

[9:38pm] Joe: Sure Jerome
[9:38pm] Shmiel: What are the main positions of the party?
[9:38pm] Jester: We take the name "Pirates" from the international Pirate movement, which wanted to increase transparency in government, get rid of or reform patent and copyright law. There is also the fact that in the internet sense, a pirate is someone who downloads content illegally and during the time we got the name Pirates, the Pirate Bay a swedish based torrent site was under attack for copyright strikes and for hosting pirated content. That is just a small little b
[9:40pm] Shmiel: Thanks Jester
[9:40pm] Jerome: As far as liberty goes, does the USPP stand for the "liberty" of women to get an abortion, or the "liberty" of a child's right to life?
[9:40pm] Joe: Anti corp, individual autonomy, limits to copyright
[9:40pm] NomadOfNorad: (you got cut off at "small little b") (this is David C Hall from Florida, btw.)
[9:40pm] Jester: Small bit of history* don't know why it cut me off there
[9:40pm] Joe: We have been discussing this on our platform committee for quite a while now.
[9:41pm] Jerome: What conclusions have you come to?
[9:41pm] Shmiel: Thanks Joe. Does the party take stances on prominent issues or only the copyright issue while talking more broadly on other issues?
[9:41pm] jokeefe: MassPirates:
[9:41pm] papegaai: Title: Join the struggle for personal autonomy! – Massachusetts Pirate Party (at
[9:42pm] Jerome: Does North Dakota have a chapter?
[9:42pm] Joe: The overall determination we came to is that even though we value everyones right to live, we uphold one's right to decide for themselves what is right for their bodies. As a government organization,  we do not have the right to tell a women what to do with her body.
[9:43pm] Joe: That is between her, her doctor and her god(s) if applicable
[9:43pm] Jerome: What is your stance on masks in regard to COVID-19?
[9:44pm] Joe: I value life, but I value individual rights and freedom more.
[9:44pm] Shmiel: What separates you from libertarians?
[9:44pm] Joe: Too many questions, lol. I will go in order if that is ok.
[9:45pm] Joe: Anyone else who might jump in feel free.
[9:45pm] Jester: I can answer the libertarian one if you like
[9:45pm] Shmiel: please and thank you
[9:46pm] Jester1 joined the chat room.
[9:46pm] Joe: I am skeptical of anything at face value, including masks. As a front line worker,  I went the entire pandemic wearing it for work.
[9:46pm] Joe: My partner is a nurse, fully suited up and she still got it.
[9:47pm] pmchi: North Dakota doesn’t have a chapter (yet), but we can absolutely sooner rather than later! We posted earlier (thank you Jamie) the process of state formation if you’re interested in having a Pirate Party in ND
[9:47pm] yari joined the chat room.
[9:47pm] NomadOfNorad: Before or after The Jab?
[9:47pm] yari: Rose Klein, CA
[9:47pm] Jerome: Joe, do you support the Somali Pirate Attack on August 13th 2021, that was 100 nautical miles northeast of Mogadishu?
[9:47pm] Joe: Doctors due their best. As a political party, we are more scientific and data driven.
[9:47pm] jokeefe: ahoy yari
[9:48pm] Jester left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 2m30s)
[9:48pm] yari: ahoy
[9:49pm] Jester1: Compared to the Libertarians, we tend to trend more social libertarian in terms of philosophy. Though that doesn't mean you won't find conservatives here. We also believe in evidence based policy such that any decision we make should be made at the advice of experts and data rather than solely ideology or belief. Something that the Libertarian Party is currently struggling with if I'm remembering correctly.
[9:49pm] Joe: No, I am against war and violence. Though desperation forces people to do what they have to.
[9:50pm] yari: anything I need context on for the present convo?
[9:50pm] Jerome: What if it ends up being at the expense of another's freedom?
[9:50pm] Jester1: Does that answer your question Shmiel?
[9:50pm] Joe: When it comes to war, I think we should always be ready for it but still try to a oid it.
[9:50pm] Jester1: Or would you like me to elaborate further?
[9:50pm] jokeefe: yari, don’t think we have quorum, so just a discussion
[9:51pm] Joe: Shmeil, we like to see if such moves have precedent and if so what happened. Good or bad.
[9:51pm] Jerome: pmchi, do you have to live in North Dakota to start a ND chapter?
[9:51pm] Joe: Jerome, did I answer your previous questions?
[9:52pm] Jerome: Yeah I'd say so. Thank you.
[9:52pm] Jerome: Does the USPP have a flag?
[9:52pm] Shmiel: Jester1, I think the sentiment makes sense. Certainly, it is desirable for data to support decisions but one must consider that multiple forms of data oppose each other in regards to every issue. Therefore, political parties must have a supporting ideology that helps them to interpret data.
[9:52pm] lurking joined the chat room.
[9:53pm] pmchi: Jerome yes, you’ll need to live in the state you represent (or encourage someone there to start a state chapter)
[9:53pm] lurking left the chat room. (connection closed)
[9:53pm] Jerome: Ah okay, thank you.
[9:54pm] Jerome: Does the USPP support the death penalty for interstate serial killers from Ohio?
[9:55pm] Shmiel: Jerome quit trolling man
[9:55pm] NomadOfNorad: And the significance of ones from Ohio ves, say, Maine is...?
[9:55pm] NomadOfNorad: *vs
[9:55pm] Jester1: That is true Shmiel, we tend to try not and adopt a full ideology in the sense of liberal vs conservative and rather allow individual party members to use said data to explain what they think would be best. This allows multiple ideologies to be able to influence our decision making but not force us to follow a strict doctrine of ideology.
[9:56pm] Jerome: I have friends from Ohio, and therefore, the politics of that state are more important to me than the politics from Maine. Just a personal preference of what issues are more important to me.
[9:56pm] lurking joined the chat room.
[9:57pm] Jerome: Shmiel, I am not trolling, I would just say I have rather niche interests in political issues, and I want to see how well the USPP represents my views. I appreciate you looking out for the integrity of the chat however.
[9:57pm] Joe: I can not speak to state politics of Ohio. Just to how many time have we been wrong and kill or stolen the life of an innocent person.
[9:57pm] Joe: *Just to my knowledge of how many times....
[9:58pm] Shmiel: Got it. How does the party plan on gaining serious political consideration given the somewhat levity of the name and small organization?
[9:58pm] Jerome: What about cases where we have CCTV evidence?
[9:58pm] NomadOfNorad: I personally am very much of the Blackstone's Rule perspective.  "It is better for a few guilty to go free than for one innocent to come to harm."
[9:59pm] Jerome: And I second Shmiel's question? Where do you plan on focusing your energy to get the first USPP representative elected?
[9:59pm] Joe: Justice reform is one of our planks.
[10:00pm] Shmiel: What are the others?
[10:00pm] Joe: We are focusing on building states one by one. After local, then state, after that nationally.
[10:00pm] NomadOfNorad: And then the world?  :-)
[10:01pm] Jerome: How will you plan on ensuring that the interstate serial killers do not escape the Ohio State Penitentiary if they are not executed prior to their attempts?
[10:01pm] Joe: We already have members in townships already. I hope to personally make it in the state house or as a congress person.
[10:01pm] yari: Jerome: Re: the name: and <-- the preamble
[10:01pm] Shmiel: If you don't mind me asking, what is your experience?
[10:01pm] papegaai: Title: FAQ – United States Pirate Party (at
[10:02pm] Joe: I am not as familiar with the case you speaking to.
[10:02pm] Jerome: Joe, this is a hypothetical scenario.
[10:02pm] yari: Jerome, since we are not running for office in ohio state, that question seems honestly unnecesary as of right now
[10:03pm] Joe: I don't have enough experience for Congress yet, which is why I plan to go for the state level first.
[10:03pm] Joe: Plus there are plenty of issues that are pressing.
[10:03pm] Joe: We are at time.