PNC 05/01/2022

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Old Business



Old Business

New Business

  • Pirate Newsletter


  • IN, Wodensday/Anthony Jay
  • IL, Mitch Davillo
  • MA, Joseph Onoroski (Treasurer)
  • KY, Ethan

Probationary States

  • WI


  • Drew Bingaman, PA
  • James O'Keefe, Secretary/MA
  • Rose Klein, Chair


Meeting started at 9:16pm Eastern.


  • PA Pirate Party:
    • almost done with their by-laws.
    • are at
    • are posting podcasts to YT.
  • Outreach
    • Working on first newsletter
    • David Valente would like to have a pirate on his show. Wodensday is coordinating it. Discussion of who can attend.
  • KY Pirate Party:
    • Updating website
    • Reached out to KY Green Party members
  • Treasurer - No updates.
  • Joe - Working on reports for platform committee
  • Swarmcare
    • Ohio and Florida is moving along
  • IT
    • Met last week. Updated website
    • Focused on sign up form/crew update
    • Need to update meeting page

Conference Planning

  • Working on keynote speaker
  • Have three presenters plus meetings and candidate forums
  • Jokeefe will ask Malt to be candidate forum moderator
  • Wodensday suggested May 15th as the date to get RFPs in, though we will keep it open. No objections to that.
  • Joe suggested ACLU
  • Drew suggested, and as speakers.

USPP Chair Dissolution Proposal

Discussion of the proposal.

Pirate Newsletter

Meeting ended at 10:13pm Eastern.


Record of the meeting