PNC 03/14/21

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Old Business





Reminder: April 2nd set as end of external lists (it & sab).

Next tasks:

  1. teach people how to use to send emails - set for this Tuesday
  2. set a regular IT meeting
  3. archive SAB list messages
  4. update old pages in the blog/wiki such as the state contact pages




  • Bosun: Joseph Klein USPP Chair
  • Sayyida: Megan Klein Vice Chair WI
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, MA


  • pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/ILPP


jokeefe will setup poll for biweekly IT meeting

jokeefe will demo on Tuesday's Outreach meeting, likely over

Bosun/Sayyida will talk with pmchi about getting IL Pirates setup and setup transfer of authority for WI Pirates.

Bosun will propose dates for new elections at next meeting.


Record of the meeting


[9:09pm] Bosun: Please identify.
[9:09pm] pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/ILPP
[9:09pm] Bosun: Joseph Klein USPP Chair
[9:09pm] Sayyida: Megan Klein Vice Chair WI
[9:10pm] Bosun: Yari will not be with us per call. I had.
[9:10pm] Bosun: Is Joe going to make it?
[9:11pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, MA
[9:11pm] jokeefe: checking, Bosun
[9:12pm] jokeefe: Joe is not able to connect. He sends his apologies
[9:12pm] jokeefe: He will check online updates
[9:12pm] Bosun: OK then light meeting tonight.
[9:14pm] pmchi: Could I get TweetDeck access to the USPP account? Noticed it’s been idle for a week
[9:14pm] Bosun: I will invite you.
[9:15pm] pmchi: Thank you
[9:16pm] jokeefe: Been busy with MassPirates work. Haven’t sent out a poll for IT meeting. Will get that out early this week.
[9:16pm] jokeefe: Scheduled to demo at Outreach meeting
[9:17pm] Topic changed to "Welcome to the United States Pirate Party - | Have a question? Just ask here or at our Discord: | Sign up: | PNC: Sundays 9-9:30pm ET | Agenda:" by ChanServ.
[9:17pm] Bosun: Tuesday?
[9:17pm] Bosun: Your demo is on Tuesday?
[9:17pm] jokeefe: yes
[9:17pm] jokeefe: 9pm EDT I believe
[9:18pm] Bosun: 9PM Eastern for the notes.
[9:18pm] Bosun: We look forward to it.
[9:19pm] Bosun: Do we need another meeting method?
[9:20pm] jokeefe: besides IRC?
[9:20pm] Bosun: Yes because IRC. lacks screen sharing.
[9:21pm] jokeefe: For demos, is good as long as there aren’t too many people.
[9:21pm] jokeefe: MassPirates have used big blue button as well
[9:21pm] Bosun: I only think it will be 4 or 5 at most.
[9:22pm] jokeefe: has audio/video, share screem, chat and shared doc in one package.
[9:22pm] jokeefe: should be good enough.
[9:23pm] jokeefe: I’ll send Yari a link to share with others.
[9:23pm] Bosun: OK we can arrange everything on IRC then switch over.
[9:23pm] Sayyida: 7 min remain gentlemen
[9:24pm] jokeefe: or post on outreach discord channel
[9:24pm] Bosun: Well it will be short today.
[9:24pm] Sayyida: good
[9:24pm] Sayyida: motion to adjourn
[9:24pm] jokeefe: Dutch Pirates have an election Wednesday.
[9:25pm] jokeefe: I have a post going up at MassPirates. should I put it up on uspirates?
[9:26pm] Bosun: Meg and I will bother Mitch about getting ILPP up to standard. I need to replace myself at WIPP. We are shooting for us out in July.
[9:26pm] jokeefe: Sounds great!
[9:26pm] Bosun: Yes - we need to keep up content.
[9:26pm] jokeefe: Three parties is too much for anyone
[9:26pm] jokeefe: ok. will schedule it
[9:27pm] Sayyida: when are we going to have elections?
[9:27pm] Bosun: We have a motion to adjourn, and 2nd?
[9:28pm] jokeefe: 2nd
[9:28pm] pmchi: Election question first?
[9:28pm] jokeefe: soon I hope, Sayyida
[9:28pm] Bosun: I will propose dates for new elections at next meeting.
[9:28pm] Sayyida: same jokeefe
[9:29pm] jokeefe: I think we can discuss next week
[9:29pm] Sayyida: sounds good, my apologies, but i have a baby pirate who needs to get to bed
[9:29pm] jokeefe: will add it to the agenda
[9:29pm] jokeefe: understandable
[9:29pm] jokeefe: thanks, Bosun
[9:29pm] Bosun: Thank you . If we have no objections then we will adjourn.
jokeefe: none from me. notes up. night all!
[9:30pm] Bosun: Tank you James.
[9:30pm] Bosun: Thank you.
[9:31pm] Bosun: Night all.
[9:31pm] pmchi: Goodnight all!