PNC 03/13/2022

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Old Business

  • tabled platform committee proposal by Joe

New Business

  • Request by at-large member to have some earlier PNC meeting times
  • Pirate National Conference planning
  • Kentucky state status proposal
  • quick proposal by Joe


  • Wodensday: Anthony Jay, IN
  • Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Platform Committee Chairperson, MAPP Representative
  • pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
  • Oz: Ethan Osborne Kentucky

Probationary States


  • yari: Rose Klein, PNC chair
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, Massachusetts
  • Radiojoe - lurking



  • IT: Blog software uses the latest versions. Looking at issues with CiviCRM.
  • Platform: We discussed the No fly zone and if we should have a policy on it. Decision was made that as US pirates, we should support the international pirates but try not to become directly involved.
  • Treasurer: Exploring getting a debit card
  • Outreach: Nothing to report
  • Swarmwise: Formation of Kentucky and Pennsylvania parties is progressing
  • re:Discord harassement and re:Bosun and Sayyida's resignation - Chair is holding off on any Discord moderator action that would further complicate what still seems to be an ongoing situation in need of moderation. Once things are more resolved, I intend to discuss with this body further actions about how to make our community spaces into better places of productive discussion.

Old Business

  • discussion of who will be representatives to PPI
  • pmchi elected alternate platform committee chair without objection

New Business

  • motion to survey member states and officers to determine a new meeting time - 3-0-0
  • Pirate National Conference planning discussion tabled to next week without objection
  • KY admitted as a member state - 3-0-0
  • WI placed on probationary status - 4-0-0


Record of the meeting

[9:02pm] yari: Calling this meeting of the PNC to order at 9:02 pm EST
[9:02pm] yari: IDs please?
[9:02pm] Wodensday: Anthony Jay, IN
[9:02pm] Prussian_Roulette joined the chat room.
[9:02pm] Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Treasurer, Platform Committee Chairperson, MAPP Representative
[9:02pm] pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[9:03pm] yari: Rose Klein, PNC chair
[9:04pm] yari: jokeefe do we have you with us?
[9:04pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Secretary, Massachusetts
[9:04pm] yari: Thank you all, let's get into reports.
[9:04pm] yari: starting with jokeefe
[9:04pm] yari: anything to report?
[9:05pm] jokeefe: Blog software uses the latest versions. Looking at issues with CiviCRM.
[9:05pm] OzKentucky joined the chat room.
[9:05pm] jokeefe: nothing else to report.
[9:05pm] OzKentucky left the chat room. (connection closed)
[9:05pm] yari: thank you jokeefe.
[9:05pm] Oz joined the chat room.
[9:05pm] yari: next up, Joe - anything to report?
[9:05pm] yari: Welcome Oz, please ID
[9:06pm] Oz: Ahoy Oz Kentucky here
[9:06pm] yari: Oz ID is full name and state please
[9:06pm] Joe: We discussed the No fly zone and if we should have a policy on it. Decision was made that as US pirates, we should support the international pirates but try not to become directly involved.
[9:07pm] Oz: Ethan Osborne Kentucky
[9:07pm] yari: Thank you Oz.
[9:07pm] yari: And Oz, out of curiosity - can we look forward to a KY proposal today or next week?
[9:07pm] Joe: That was platform, for the Treasurer, nothing this week, though I do plan on getting us a debt card for easy access.
[9:08pm] Joe: That's all for me.
[9:08pm] yari: Thank you Joe. the debit card seems useful for some instances, I'm sure.
[9:08pm] yari: Next up in reports, Wodensday
[9:08pm] yari: anything to report?
[9:09pm] Oz: Yari I can submit proposal whenever yall are ready
[9:09pm] yari: Oz if you are ready today then I will add it to our new business.
[9:10pm] Wodensday: I know outreach has some stuff here or there but I’ve yet to follow up on any of them, for now I’ll say nothing to report.
[9:10pm] Joe: May I add a new business as well, should be a quick motion.
[9:10pm] yari: Of course, Joe. I do have the platform proposal from last week still up there. Anyone is welcome to add to new business.
[9:10pm] yari: Thank you Wodensday. next up is pmchi. anything to report?
[9:10pm] Joe: Tis a sad motion but important nonetheless.
[9:11pm] pmchi: Nothing to report past the inevitability of Kentucky and Pennsylvania’s formation. I reached out to Drew, things are organizing well over there!
[9:11pm] yari: sounds wonderful, thank you pmchi.
[9:13pm] pmchi: That’s all for Swarmcare
[9:14pm] yari: I'm not sure that I can make a succinct report on the current situation re:Discord harassement and re:Bosun and Sayyida's resignation, although I feel I should.
[9:15pm] Joe left the chat room. (connection closed)
[9:15pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:15pm] Joe: suc·cinct /sə(k)ˈsiNG(k)t/ Learn to pronounce adjective (especially of something written or spoken) briefly and clearly expressed. "use short, succinct sentences"
[9:16pm] Joe: Had to look up that word. Figured I would share.
[9:16pm] Wodensday left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 2m30s)
[9:16pm] Wodensday joined the chat room.
[9:17pm] Wodensday: Wodensday, IN, regular victim of IRC
[9:17pm] Wodensday: Anthony Jay*
[9:17pm] yari: I think for now I'll simply say that I am holding off on any Discord moderator action that would further complicate what still seems to be an ongoing situation in need of moderation. Once things are more resolved, I intend to discuss with this body further actions about how to make our community spaces into better places of productive discussion.
[9:17pm] yari: whether that be discord or otherwise
[9:17pm] yari: anyway ~
[9:18pm] yari: Is there any discussion or debate to be had on the reports as given?
[9:19pm] yari: hearing none, let's move on to old business.
[9:19pm] yari: Joe, you had an item titled simply 'platform committee proposal' last time which was tabled for time.
[9:19pm] yari: You have the floor
[9:19pm] yari: please elaborate
[9:20pm] Joe: As you know, platform committee has served two major functions since it's inception and no lack of controversy.
[9:21pm] Joe: The first has been to hammer out policys that are tried and true. And the second is to air out any concerns any of our members may have on any of our policies.
[9:22pm] Joe: We currently have a major vacancy with the international party. I hope that I may be excused from my post and have another take my place.
[9:23pm] Wodensday: I would like to ask a clarifying question, if that’s alright
[9:23pm] yari: Oh. okay.
[9:23pm] Joe: The two members whom has been interested in it has been Wodensday and Pmchi
[9:23pm] Joe: Of course!
[9:23pm] Wodensday: Is this a resignation from the platform committee?
[9:23pm] Wodensday: Okay, yeah, duh, makes sense now
[9:24pm] yari: Joe it sounds as though you are asking to be the USPP gobetween for the PPI
[9:24pm] Joe: Not unless there is another to carry the torch if you will. And that would be because I see this committee as vital to our pirate ways.
[9:24pm] Wodensday: Well, I guess now my question is… Joe, are you sure? This doesn’t have to happen. The committee isn’t super consistent right now, but you’ve been a solid chair. I want to make sure you make this decision for the right reasons.
[9:24pm] Joe: I am but that would be a topic for new business next week.
[9:25pm] Wodensday: If you decide this though, I would like to nominate Mitch Davilo as our new platform committee chair.
[9:25pm] yari: What I'm hearing is more of a request for a different task than a resignation
[9:25pm] Joe: I would not be able to maintain both with my busy season looming over the horizon. I have my limits.
[9:25pm] Wodensday: I understand
[9:26pm] Joe: Yes, I am not going anywhere, you have my full support Yari.  But to continue forward I have to lighten my plate a bit first.
[9:26pm] yari: of course, that makes sense
[9:26pm] yari: and you're right in that having someone as the advocate for PPI business is critical
[9:27pm] Joe: The other factor in this decision is that I hope to become MAPP observer for PPI anyways.
[9:28pm] pmchi: Question: would/should all state parties seek individual membership in PPI as well?
[9:28pm] Wodensday: Not so long as the USPP is there
[9:28pm] Wodensday: In terms of voting member
[9:28pm] Joe: So I know that I will be there. Plus I will continue to absorb FEC rules and regulations to be a better Treasurer for us too.
[9:29pm] Wodensday: I know you will do fantastic in your other and future tasks, Joe.
[9:29pm] Joe: That is a question that I can not answer until I am there but pirate beers are pretty fun.
[9:29pm] yari: I'm curious what others' thoughts are on this. Since having Joe as the PPI advocate would affect the whole group - should there be one person in that role only? Do you have any alternate suggestions or nominations?
[9:30pm] yari: jokeefe? Oz? I am fairly certain Radiojoe would be on board.
[9:30pm] jokeefe: representative and an alternate
[9:31pm] yari: The statutes state max is 6 representatives, to be clear
[9:31pm] Oz: Im interested in any international pirate stuff
[9:32pm] Oz: when I am a full member I mean
[9:32pm] yari: (delegates)
[9:32pm] pmchi: I likewise would like to have a hand as an alternate on the international stage. I have the utmost confidence in Joe as our primary representation of the USPP
[9:32pm] Wodensday: I think we have an org chart to fix and Joe’s idea could help us start
[9:33pm] yari: Okay. I've heard what is essentially a motion and a second here.
[9:33pm] Joe: To be clear, I am requesting that we have an alt for platform committee chair. We could have a proper vote for PPI next week. Our agenda is a bit full tonight
[9:33pm] yari: hm, fair.
[9:34pm] yari: Wodensday nominated pmchi, if I recall
[9:34pm] Wodensday: Yes
[9:34pm] pmchi: I also will take upon that role, as nominated by Wodensday should it be accepted by the board
[9:34pm] Joe: I 2nd
[9:35pm] yari: a subcommitte can operate as it wills, honestly. Are there any objections to pmchi taking up the role of alternate platform committee chair?
[9:36pm] yari: hearing no objections, we move on. Joe - I will put the question of PPI delegate on the agenda for next time.
[9:36pm] Joe: Thank you.
[9:36pm] yari: New business - we had a request by an at-large member of the USPP to hold occasional PNC meeting earlier in the day
[9:37pm] Wodensday: How early?
[9:37pm] Joe: ^
[9:38pm] yari: If I recall correctly, this was given to me by an expat who is in the UK
[9:38pm] yari: so sometime that would align with UK was requested by them
[9:38pm] Oz: at large? they got an APB out on em?
[9:39pm] yari: lol no, just - they are a member but not part of a state party
[9:39pm] Joe: Their time difference is 4 hours
[9:39pm] Joe: From est
[9:39pm] Oz: im sorry i couldnt help myself 
[9:39pm] Joe:
[9:40pm] yari: Might this be something that we give to someone as an action item, to organize and find times?
[9:40pm] yari: Or do we want to reject it?
[9:40pm] Wodensday: A discovery may be good
[9:40pm] yari: Wodensday, motion for discovery?
[9:40pm] Wodensday: Motioned
[9:40pm] pmchi: 2nd
[9:40pm] yari: any discussion or debate?
[9:41pm] yari: who will be the appointed discoveree?
[9:41pm] yari: (I don't think that's a word)
[9:41pm] yari: discoverer
[9:41pm] Radiojoe joined the chat room.
[9:41pm] yari: welcome Radiojoe, please ID
[9:42pm] Joe:
[9:42pm] papegaai: Title: When2meet (at
[9:42pm] Radiojoe: hi, I should probably just lurk toight
[9:42pm] Wodensday: I would suggest we just have the at-large member give us something to chew on
[9:42pm] Wodensday: For discussion at the next meeting
[9:42pm] Joe: May I make a suggestion Wodensday?
[9:42pm] Wodensday: Of couesw
[9:43pm] Joe: I just linked a tool Liz from NY used to help us. Perhaps prepped and sent to the PNC at large would be helpful.
[9:43pm] yari: Joe agreed.
[9:44pm] yari: You know what? actually I can do this one.
[9:44pm] yari: This can be my action item - this week is much less busy than last week for me
[9:44pm] Wodensday: Motion to amend my motion to say we should send this to all PNC members including the member at-large to see if there is a better time than currently available?
[9:44pm] Wodensday: Ah, alright
[9:45pm] yari: Um. I'm just going to say let's do a vote on this?
[9:45pm] Wodensday: Aye?
[9:45pm] yari: voting on whether to go to discovery specifically
[9:45pm] Wodensday: Aye
[9:46pm] yari: Joe, pmchi
[9:46pm] Joe: I support a discovery
[9:46pm] yari: I'll count that as an aye
[9:46pm] Joe: Aye
[9:46pm] pmchi: Aye
[9:47pm] yari: okay three for, 0 against
[9:47pm] yari: I will report back next week with results
[9:47pm] yari: (someone please remind me)
[9:47pm] Joe: I have a motion as well....
[9:47pm] yari: yep, getting to it.
[9:47pm] yari: It's on the agenda
[9:48pm] yari: I'm going to suggest we skip over Pirate National Conference planning and delay that until next week.
[9:48pm] Joe: Motion to move WI to inactive status.
[9:48pm] Joe: Sorry, I should have waited.
[9:49pm] yari: no worries, I'd like to get to Kentucky proposal before state status
[9:49pm] yari: So suggesting skipping the Conference planning
[9:49pm] yari: any objections?
[9:49pm] Wodensday: None here
[9:49pm] Joe: None
[9:49pm] pmchi: None
[9:50pm] yari: okay, hearing no objections, I will move that agenda item to next week.
[9:50pm] yari: Next agenda item is Kentucky state proposal
[9:50pm] yari: Oz, do you have all your materials? Is there someone to sponsor KY?
[9:51pm] Wodensday: If Kentucky has everything, Indiana will gladly sponsor. Though I haven’t seen a progress report in a bit so I’m not sure if they’re ready. Is this a sign they are?
[9:51pm] Oz: Is stand by
[9:51pm] yari: Oz has indicated as much.
[9:51pm] Wodensday: Oz, do we have the requirements met over there?
[9:52pm] Wodensday: I don’t need to see the full proof, I just want an aye
[9:52pm] Oz: We have had an official meeting, established a membership council and I have established Alternate Representative
[9:52pm] Joe: MAPP also sponsors KY
[9:53pm] Oz: and created a twitter page, working on domain
[9:53pm] Wodensday: INPP sponsors then, does MA second?
[9:53pm] yari: Does IN move to give representative status  to KY?
[9:53pm] Wodensday: Yes
[9:53pm] Radiojoe left the chat room. (connection closed)
[9:53pm] yari: Are there any seconds to the motion?
[9:53pm] pmchi: 2nd
[9:54pm] Joe: 2nd
[9:54pm] Joe: 3rd?
[9:54pm] yari: It has been properly moved and seconded - Is there any discussion or debate on the motion? The motion cannot be amended.
[9:54pm] Wodensday: No
[9:54pm] pmchi: None
[9:55pm] Joe: Oz, please link your twitter and the like?
[9:55pm] Joe: Anything you can send us would be appreciated.
[9:55pm] Oz: @bluegrasspirate is the twitter account
[9:56pm] Joe: Perfect, thank you.
[9:56pm] Wodensday: Also, outreach will be in touch to help the bluegrass pirates with their brand development (I totally forgot, remind me$
[9:56pm] Oz: will become more active soon with a registered domain name
[9:56pm] Wodensday: That’s good enough for me. Vote! Vote! Vote!
[9:57pm] yari: Hearing no further discussion or debate, we move to the vote: All in favor please say aye, all opposed please say nay.
[9:57pm] pmchi: Aye
[9:57pm] Wodensday: Atw
[9:57pm] Joe: Aye
[9:57pm] Wodensday: Aye
[9:57pm] yari: The motion passes. Three ayes, 0 against, 0 abstain.
[9:57pm] yari: Welcome, Kentucky!
[9:57pm] Wodensday: A motion for a ten minute extension to hear the final item of business (a conclusion may not be reached, but I want to begin the discussion)
[9:57pm] Oz: Awesome thank you!!
[9:58pm] yari: Any seconds for Wodensday's motion?
[9:58pm] pmchi: 2nd
[9:58pm] yari: it has been moved and 2nded, please vote aye or nay to extend by ten minutes
[9:58pm] Joe: Aye
[9:58pm] yari: KY you may vote
[9:59pm] Wodensday: Aye
[9:59pm] Oz: aye
[9:59pm] pmchi: Aye
[9:59pm] yari: motion passes
[9:59pm] yari: Joe you have the floor for the last agenda item
[9:59pm] Joe: Motion to move WI to inactive status.
[9:59pm] pmchi: 2nd
[10:00pm] yari: moved and seconded. Any discussion or debate?
[10:00pm] Wodensday: One point, more than anything
[10:00pm] jokeefe: WI would need to be probationary first
[10:00pm] yari: jokeefe makes a good point, actually.
[10:00pm] yari: oops!
[10:01pm] jokeefe: A State may be declared, by majority vote of the PNC, a Probationary State if any of the following conditions are met:
[10:01pm] jokeefe: No Representative from the Pirate Party of the State attends two consecutive PNC meetings, or:
[10:01pm] jokeefe: If the Pirate Party of the State no longer meets the requirements set forth in §3 An observer state can apply for probationary status as a stepping-stone to full membership. Art. III §2.
[10:01pm] Joe: The reason for a directly moving to inactive is the simple fact that both members whom attended resigned. We have no othwr contacts from that state.
[10:01pm] Wodensday: This is a very unique situation, we have a whole party resignation. I want to make sure we take the appropriate action, whatever that might be.
[10:01pm] Wodensday: According to the bylaws, probationary is correct. Though, it’s a strange kind of probationary where nobody is coming back to claim it. I guess this is proper for decorum?
[10:02pm] yari: I will point out that we have at least one WI member in the discord, active
[10:02pm] Joe: Very well. Then...
[10:02pm] jokeefe: Gives the opportunity for them to come back should things change
[10:02pm] Wodensday: I support the idea, I just don’t know how to deliver in practice.
[10:02pm] Wodensday: Motion to move WI to probationary.
[10:02pm] Joe: Motion to move WI to probationary status.
[10:03pm] Joe: 2nd
[10:03pm] yari: I will count that as a motion and second
[10:03pm] yari: discussion or debate?
[10:03pm] Wodensday: None remain here
[10:03pm] yari: hearing none, we move to the vote. please say aye or nay on the motion to give WI probationary status.
[10:04pm] Wodensday: Aye
[10:04pm] Joe: Aye
[10:04pm] pmchi: Aye
[10:04pm] Oz: aye
[10:04pm] verity_ joined the chat room.
[10:04pm] yari: four ayes, the motion passes.
[10:04pm] Wodensday: I motion we adjourn.
[10:04pm] Joe: I would like to nominate Jokeefe to Vice chair if he will accept.
[10:05pm] Joe: Though I did not discuss such a thing with him.
[10:05pm] Joe:
[10:05pm] jokeefe: I cannot be secretary and vice-chair
[10:06pm] Wodensday: Makes sense.
[10:06pm] Oz left the chat room. (connection closed)
[10:06pm] yari: there is a motion on the table, though folks are welcome to discuss this as we have 4 more minutes
[10:06pm] Oz joined the chat room.
[10:06pm] Joe: You keeping us to the rules 💯 makes you a great leader.
[10:07pm] Wodensday: How vital is the vice  chair position? Surely the chair needs an assistant. Though I don’t know if that can be solved tonight.
[10:07pm] Joe: Food for thought. 2nd motion to adjourn.
[10:07pm] yari: moved and seconded. Please vote aye or nay to adjourn.
[10:07pm] Wodensday: Aye
[10:07pm] Oz: The PNC chair has resigned correct? I just want to make sure I understand whats going on
[10:08pm] Joe: Aye
[10:08pm] Wodensday: The vice chair has, yes
[10:08pm] pmchi: Aye
[10:08pm] Oz: oh ok
[10:08pm] Oz: aye
[10:09pm] yari: four ayes, motion passes. This meeting of the PNC is adjourned at 10:08 pm EST
[10:09pm] yari: thank you everyone, and congrats KY!