PNC 02/06/2022

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Old Business

  • Proposal for a Pirate National Conference theme, and some additional details.

New Business

Discussion of dues put forward by Joe Onoroski at previous meeting. Clarification needed
Youth/Young USPP

Put forward by WIPP:

Youth USPP

Who is considered “pirate youth” : anyone wanting to be involved with the pirate party, who lives in (resides within) one of the 50 states or one of the United States Territories, who is also under 18. Youth are required an age tag, icon, ect, in all settings indicating they are not of legal age(18), if they want to participate in debate, they require a valid* delegate to vouch. (no we wont need a photo ID, email and first and last name and DOB is more than enough to confirm)

  • valid delegate(examples for specific language needs for proposal): known member of USPP, age over 21 years, or current board member to PNC

Young Pirates

Who is considered “young pirates” : anyone wanting to be involved with the united states pirate party and is between the ages of 18+ 24hrs, (made specific for clarified language) and 21 years of age. To move from “young pirates” to standard pirate: formally apply by petitioning PNC or valid delegate of USPP. Young pirates can get signatures, run for PNC board seats, run for public office, ect.

what a "petition" to the PNC would look like: Hi my name is Ahab and I would like to join the pirate party and be a representative.

  • valid membet totally named Moby* Awesome! lets meet up for lunch/*covid era response so people won't pick apart everything that's said in this example* so we can get a better understanding that you do not have 3 heads, last name is not trump, you have just one beating heart, and swear you are up to no good except the pirate kind of goods.

Purpose: to prevent minors without legal responsibility being confused with legal adults with legal consequences and to prevent unsafe members abusing anonymity to do hurtful things to the United States Pirate Party in its young fragile state.

Platform Items


Probationary States

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Washington



Meeting called to order at pm EST.


Old Business

New Business

Meeting adjourned at pm EST.


Record of the meeting