PNC 01/23/2022

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  • Outreach had a successful meeting on Tuesday. After more discussion over the zazzle store we moved to tweak our existing merch so that it is updated and we can buy some for events. That is all we have as of right now.





Old Business

  • Discussion of long term viability of Discord as a platform for USPP (limited to 15 minutes)
  • Motion by WI to vote on PPI membership
    • Presentation by chairperson of PPI, Bailey Lamon
  • Discussion of National Pirate Conference

New Business

  • Introduction of PA organizer: Drew Bingaman, and KY organizer: Ethan Osborne
  • Motion by MA to move NY Pirate Party to probationary status


  • WI - Megan Klein
  • IN - Anthony Jay
  • MA - Joseph Onoroski
  • CA - William Dappen (arrived around 9:40pm)


  • Rose Klein, Chair
  • Joe Klein, Vice-Chair
  • James O'Keefe, Secretary
  • Drew Bingaman - PA
  • Ethan Osborne - KY
  • Bailey Lamon - Chair of Pirate Party International


Meeting started at 9pm Eastern.


  • IT - Updated blog software, working on crew, updating files in Wiki
  • Platform - Have a list of potential platform text we could review
  • Outreach - Updating Zazzle merch


Discussion of whether discord is the right discussion tool for the national party. Decided we need a larger discussion of this topic.

Joining PP International

Bailey L. talked about what the Pirate Party International does and its purpose.

Megan asked about perception that PPI is very European focused. Bailey pointed out that more non-European parties have joined and they are trying to be less European-focused by changing meeting times to work for other regions of the world. They are working to foster different perspectives.

IN seconded WI's proposal. Vote was 3-0-0. Motion passed.

Organizing a Party Conference

Aiming for June. Still working out details. Bosun will work with the Outreach chair to come up with a proposal. Proposal including date, place and other details will be presented at the next PNC meeting.

Introduction of new organizers

  • Drew Bingaman, PA:
    • Local Constable that oversees security at polls;
    • Knowledgeable of PA election laws and has a good working relationship elections officials;
    • Former Chair of LP of PA and local country LP;
    • Aims to focus on where we agree than where we differ;
    • Looking to have organizational meeting by March 15th;
    • Goal to get several candidates elected to municipal offices in 2023.
  • Ethan Osborne, KY:
    • Been involved in 3rd party politics since high school in GP/LP;
    • Union organizer and arborist;
    • Running for US House against Thomas Massie (4th District) as an indepedent. Focusing on cannabis legalization, criminal justice reform and the environment.

Meeting adjourned at 10:04pm.


The meeting was held on Jitsi and streamed over Youtube. The recording can be viewed here: