Outreach 9/8/20

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[20:15:23]  <@Bosun>	I call people when they contact us, often.
[20:15:31]  <yari>	How do they contact us
[20:15:37]  <yari>	Where does that information go
[20:15:38]  <yari>	Is there a list
[20:16:06]  <yari>	Or is it just the mailing list
[20:17:53]  <@Bosun>	It is on the mail-list somewhat, some is in crew.
[20:17:57]  <yari>	My increasing understanding of this organization's structure, Bosun - is that we need to get more people who are able to do things so that you can delegate more. Because it honestly seems like way too much of what goes on is just. You.
[20:18:07]  <yari>	And jokeefe
[20:18:38]  <@Bosun>	Yes it is a total organizational mess. Yes. I agree.
[20:18:57]  <yari>	Okay so first priority for you should be to stop taking on responsibilities
[20:19:10]  <yari>	please
[20:19:16]  <yari>	Force them onto other people
[20:19:48]  <yari>	Anyway. 
[20:20:03]  <yari>	Okay I think we should have a separate list for recruitment
[20:20:30]  <yari>	a transient list, something that people are deleted from as soon as they are involved in the organization in any way
[20:20:52]  <@Bosun>	I agree. We should have multiple state lists as well.
[20:21:01]  <yari>	yes, ideally.
[20:21:25]  <@Bosun>	And state IRC and discord channels
[20:21:47]  <yari>	okay so this is a question that I had which I think kusanagi should weigh in on
[20:22:09]  <yari>	Because kusanagi created region specific discord channels 
[20:22:15]  <yari>	Instead of state ones
[20:22:24]  <@Bosun>	ahh
[20:22:27]  <yari>	And I'm curious what the reasoning was behind that
[20:22:45]  <yari>	And if that was meant as a replacement for state channels
[20:22:53]  <yari>	Or in addition to
[20:23:03]  <yari>	Or something else entirely
[20:23:49]  <@Bosun>	I am asking Megan - she knows more about discord.
[20:24:06]  <yari>	With the uspp transition to discord coming on the horizon, I think we might want to focus more on the question of state specific channels there
[20:24:23]  <yari>	Maintain a unified front and all that
[20:25:33] 	Sayyida (~Sayyida@ joined the channel
[20:25:41]  <Sayyida>	Ahoy!
[20:25:52]  <Sayyida>	Megan Klein Vice chair - for the record
[20:26:14]  <yari>	Benefits of state specific channels: organization. You can still have people self-identify.
[20:26:14]  <yari>	Negatives: ???
[20:26:16]  <Sayyida>	I was asked to join for help
[20:26:32]  <yari>	asking about state-specific channels on discord
[20:26:38]  <Sayyida>	*nods*
[20:26:41]  <yari>	Kusanagi made region-specific ones
[20:26:43]  <yari>	why
[20:26:59]  <yari>	Do we know?
[20:27:10]  <yari>	Not a bad idea, just curious
[20:27:11]  <Sayyida>	I assume *have not asked her about this* it was to either fill a space or a plan she had in mind
[20:27:23]  <Sayyida>	I see the roles are more like mini admins
[20:27:28]  <Sayyida>	so admin is well admin 
[20:27:44]  <Sayyida>	but these regional roles look like they are in charge of their own respected channel
[20:27:58]  <yari>	They are not, that's not how roles work
[20:28:18]  <Sayyida>	like i said I was guessing
[20:28:28]  <Sayyida>	Im just looking at the page set
[20:28:51]  <yari>	also there are no channels for the regions yet
[20:28:52]  <@Bosun>	sorry - running three conversations at once
[20:29:03]  <yari>	So that's a whole other thing
[20:29:18]  <yari>	I feel like either way kusanagi should be in on this convo
[20:29:33]  <yari>	And that's fine, because we can plan around this question
[20:30:03]  <Sayyida>	looking at this its not structured to be state by state
[20:30:08]  <Sayyida>	i remember when she set it up 
[20:30:17]  <Sayyida>	victor was on it and trying to get stuff going
[20:30:42]  <Sayyida>	I'll ping Liz and see if she can answer any of this
[20:30:57]  <yari>	no worries if not, I don't think this needs to be answered now.
[20:31:03]  <yari>	Like I said we can plan around it
[20:31:19]  <Sayyida>	ok. so what are we wanting to do 
[20:31:38]  <yari>	Ask kusanagi, of course
[20:31:41]  <Sayyida>	I arrived late to the party and I can  not see the previous discussions
[20:32:21]  <yari>	and I think the ideal here is to have some sort of state specific thing (which I'm happy to help set up, I have lots of discord bot exp)
[20:32:26]  <yari>	But that's just me
[20:33:02]  <yari>	If there's a specific reasoning for not doing that, we can set up something else.
[20:33:08]  <yari>	And we move on
[20:33:21]  <yari>	I really only need the answer to that question
[20:33:25]  <Sayyida>	i got the answer
[20:33:30]  <yari>	cool
[20:33:44]  <Sayyida>	"that is in progress but I'm waiting on rules"
[20:33:46]  <@Bosun>	Hey I am trying to work out #cap with the IRC SYSOP so please dont get mad at me if i am slow
[20:34:13]  <@Bosun>	We have three - we just make the rules up and do it.
[20:34:19]  <yari>	Waiting on rules, meaning?
[20:34:56]  <@Bosun>	being nice to the board.
[20:35:03]  <Sayyida>	I think she's popping on for a second
[20:35:11]  <@Bosun>	cool
[20:35:14]  <yari>	cool
[20:37:33]  <Sayyida>	Not sure, I assume its her night or she's getting ready for bed 
[20:37:53]  <Sayyida>	So we want to make sub channels in the channel? 
[20:38:42]  <@Bosun>	Can we do the US->Region->state
[20:38:49]  <@Bosun>	??
[20:38:52]  <Sayyida>	I am a crusty old turtle when it comes to discord. I am still learning about it, and all of its hidden secrets 
[20:38:56]  <yari>	You can only make one sup category
[20:38:59]  <yari>	sub
[20:39:08]  <yari>	Like, only one level
[20:39:14]  <@Bosun>	why do regions?
[20:39:14]  <yari>	So Region -> states
[20:39:26]  <Sayyida>	we'd end up with an insane amount of channels
[20:39:46]  <@Bosun>	56
[20:40:02]  <yari>	yeah, actually it would be best to organize by regions to allow filtering of notifications easier
[20:40:03]  <Sayyida>	ON TOP OF what's already there
[20:40:12]  <@Bosun>	56 state, territories, and the district
[20:41:16]  <yari>	Anyway we can hash out how to do it later, the important thing is that it gets done
[20:41:21]  <yari>	How is not what this meeting is about
[20:41:25]  <@Bosun>	relly bad at least Usenet back in the 1980s has infinite sub catagories.
[20:42:04]  <Sayyida>	she will not be joining us tonight, she has her prior obligations
[20:42:08] 	kusanagi (~lkg@pool-72-89-29-204.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) joined the channel
[20:42:12]  <@Bosun>	I have email list on my radar along eith irc fixing
[20:42:16]  <@Bosun>	with
[20:42:17]  <Sayyida>	oh i stand corrected
[20:42:22]  <yari>	hello kusanagi
[20:42:25]  <yari>	ahoy
[20:42:31]  <kusanagi>	hi
[20:42:44]  <yari>	ID plz
[20:42:47]  <kusanagi>	so as i posted in the discord, the regional roles were a shortcut
[20:42:50]  <kusanagi>	Liz gorski, NY
[20:42:53]  <yari>	thanks
[20:42:59]  <@Bosun>	The angel doth decend upon our humbel meeting
[20:43:04]  <yari>	Welcome!
[20:43:13]  <yari>	Makes sense
[20:43:33]  <yari>	We were just saying it could be organized by region anyway if we ended up having state specific channels
[20:43:40]  <yari>	Region->states
[20:43:45]  <kusanagi>	yeah
[20:43:47]  <kusanagi>	that's the idea
[20:43:54]  <yari>	Oh damn okay cool
[20:44:05]  <yari>	Well if that was your plan all along
[20:44:23]  <yari>	lol
[20:44:23]  <@Bosun>	stoner mama-turtle can't remember anything.
[20:44:50]  <yari>	then we just spent a good 15 minutes guessing toward that point
[20:44:55]  <yari>	lol
[20:44:56]  <Sayyida>	Ya know, I wasn't planning to be here tonight and I was medicating accordingly 
[20:45:03]  <kusanagi>	it's IN there already if you read thru the backscroll
[20:45:10]  <yari>	ah 
[20:45:15]  <@Bosun>	cool
[20:45:15]  <yari>	My bad
[20:45:22]  <yari>	welp
[20:45:24]  <yari>	Thank you
[20:45:34]  <@Bosun>	we need lessons or a web page to guide peopl.
[20:45:51]  <yari>	I mean not really, there will be a guide on the welcome page
[20:46:04]  <yari>	Already is
[20:46:06]  <@Bosun>	So add instructions to your CA letter - and I will use the model for FL and IL
[20:46:10]  <kusanagi>	still waiting on rules for the discord btw
[20:46:26]  <yari>	Ah, right
[20:46:35]  <yari>	Rules - as in?
[20:46:42]  <Sayyida>	Like rules for behavior or code rules
[20:46:45]  <Sayyida>	coding*
[20:46:48]  <@Bosun>	from who? Us?
[20:46:48]  <yari>	COC?
[20:46:55]  <kusanagi>	CoC iss already there
[20:46:58]  <yari>	I thought we already had that
[20:47:04]  <kusanagi>	I was hoping for rules as well
[20:47:06]  <Sayyida>	I know which is why im confused
[20:47:13]  <Sayyida>	Oh like things more specfic
[20:47:21]  <kusanagi>	Specifics for the discord
[20:47:27]  <Sayyida>	like a FB group rule section
[20:47:27]  <kusanagi>	I asked for those in July.
[20:47:29]  <yari>	Oh I see
[20:47:45]  <yari>	The cop channel has stuff, but not the rules
[20:47:50]  <yari>	*coc
[20:47:51]  <kusanagi>	Correct
[20:47:54]  <yari>	autocorrect
[20:47:59]  <@Bosun>	Can't we just put up the agreed COC?
[20:48:07]  <kusanagi>	It is already there.
[20:48:23]  <kusanagi>	In fact, there's even a little reaction thing to show you've read it.
[20:48:35]  <yari>	okay, I will bring it up at the next general meeting kusanagi
[20:48:39]  <kusanagi>	Okay
[20:48:54]  <yari>	I feel like that's more of a general meeting thing
[20:49:06]  <yari>	But I can go over the COC and see if there are things maybe it doesn't cover
[20:49:08]  <@Bosun>	Oh - much too legal for me.
[20:49:13]  <yari>	Any suggestions?
[20:49:23]  <Sayyida>	plenty
[20:49:25]  <kusanagi>	... legal?
[20:49:27]  <yari>	Thoughts on what needs to be covered in rules?
[20:49:31]  <kusanagi>	That's not legal at all.
[20:49:34]  <@Bosun>	yes - check off if userers agree.
[20:49:51]  <@Bosun>	moderators are Goddesses
[20:49:55]  <Sayyida>	Specific things such as what we will consider hate speech or bullying
[20:50:04]  <kusanagi>	yeah
[20:50:08]  <Sayyida>	making too generic will give too much room for interpertation
[20:50:15]  <@Bosun>	suggest 3 strikes.
[20:50:25]  <kusanagi>	That's part of it.
[20:50:30]  <Sayyida>	things like don't block admins act 
[20:50:45]  <Sayyida>	I can probably find a base list over other IRCs and adapt it
[20:50:49]  <kusanagi>	They can block admins on discord. Admins still can see what'sd posted.
[20:51:02]  <kusanagi>	I have a few places I can pull one from
[20:51:14]  <kusanagi>	But it would need some editing and time
[20:51:28]  <Sayyida>	I don't mind spending the next 10 min coming up with a draft for the Pirate Email
[20:51:29]  <yari>	Kusanagi if you can just discord me any raw versions you find that would be great
[20:51:32]  <kusanagi>	and time I am exceptionally short
[20:51:36]  <@Bosun>	OK some fine tuning ... can we get this rolled in 2 weeks?
[20:51:49]  <Sayyida>	Thank you very much kusanagi for helping and coming
[20:51:56]  <Sayyida>	It is greatly appreciated. 
[20:51:56]  <yari>	Yes thank you
[20:52:09]  <@Bosun>	We meed again next week? 
[20:52:33]  <yari>	Uh, outreach? sure. We didn't get through nearly half of what I had planned so yes
[20:52:49]  <yari>	We got almost as sidetracked as the general meetings do
[20:53:01]  <yari>	Also Bosun
[20:53:12]  <yari>	Is the transcript from this going online?
[20:54:03]  <kusanagi>	nw
[20:54:33]  <@Bosun>	Yes.
[20:54:47]  <Sayyida>	Night guys. I am taking off. 
[20:54:47]  <yari>	Cool, are you taking care of that? I don't know how to do that
[20:54:51]  <yari>	Night Sayyida
[20:54:57]  <yari>	Night kusanagi thank you
[20:54:58] 	Sayyida (~Sayyida@ left IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[20:55:04]  <yari>	Calm seas to you both
[20:55:26]  <@Bosun>	I will make a place for it - outreach committee reports.
[20:55:34]  <yari>	Thank you Bosun
[20:55:51]  <@Bosun>	Thank you.
[20:58:24]  <kusanagi>	no worries. i made sure to make notes of everything i did and it's in the discord