Outreach 11/16/2021

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Old Business

  • Discovery: New State Care Package



[8:25 PM] Woden’s Day: Meeting called to order at 9:25 PM EST
[8:25 PM] Woden’s Day: Please re-paste those IDs for me
[8:25 PM] Woden’s Day: Anthony Jay, IN, outreach chair
[8:25 PM] pmchi: Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[8:26 PM] ILstateRep Richard: Richard carro, ILPP alternative rep, and outreach campaign subcommittee director
[8:27 PM] Woden’s Day: Here's our agenda: https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=Outreach_11/16/2021
[8:27 PM] Woden’s Day: First, though, our campaign director has something for us. 
[8:27 PM] Woden’s Day: @ILstateRep Richard ?
[8:29 PM] ILstateRep Richard: well, I’d like to say we got everything done, but things have been fairly lackluster. things were quiet this week and I assume everyone was busy. but I’ve been looking at the IL-1 environments and keeping an eye on it. also loading up on campaignvgrwphics
[8:31 PM] Woden’s Day: Thank you!
[8:31 PM] Woden’s Day: I for one have definitely been busy, and I do apologize
[8:31 PM] Woden’s Day: Any thoughts so far on campaign fundraising?:
[8:31 PM] ILstateRep Richard: no need to apologize!
[8:31 PM] ILstateRep Richard: still waiting on Mitch to set up the account for crowdpac
[8:31 PM] ILstateRep Richard: hoping we can get it out soon
[8:32 PM] Woden’s Day: Excellent. Any questions that we should get to treasury?
[8:33 PM] Radiojoe: Hey, I'm going to be off and on
[8:33 PM] ILstateRep Richard: hoping @Radiojoe (treasury(m)and @pmchi can work on setting up an account
[8:33 PM] ILstateRep Richard: then we can use that as our campaign  fundraising channel
[8:33 PM] ILstateRep Richard: then I’ll try to work on actually fundraising
[8:34 PM] ILstateRep Richard: getting cash in the account
[8:34 PM] Woden’s Day: Should we send Joe a DM then?
[8:34 PM] Woden’s Day: Joe being treasurer
[8:34 PM] Woden’s Day: At least get Mitch in touch with him so we do things legally
[8:34 PM] ILstateRep Richard: sure.
[8:35 PM] Woden’s Day: @pmchi Can you remember to speak to treasury for legal purposes?
[8:35 PM] pmchi: Of course
[8:35 PM] Woden’s Day: Sweet, thank you
[8:35 PM] Woden’s Day: We should move on to our current old business
[8:36 PM] Woden’s Day: We've been asked to develop a plan for some kind of Pirate state starter kit. We've seen that slowly evolve into wanting to set up a free resources zone as well as a shop so these items can be replicated.
[8:36 PM] Woden’s Day: What are our thoughts so far?
[8:36 PM] ILstateRep Richard: also, tmmrw if @pmchi could make an attempt on voter rolls, that would be so great
[8:36 PM] ILstateRep Richard: awesome
[8:37 PM] pmchi: It’s been on the to-do list, I’ll make the extra effort this week to try and get it done. Re-enrolling into school is a headache
[8:39 PM] Woden’s Day: Congrats by the way! Proud of you
[8:39 PM] Woden’s Day: So, where do we want to start this project?
[8:39 PM] Woden’s Day: Actually, let's start where we've already started
[8:39 PM] ILstateRep Richard: well, we need to look where we can buy these
[8:39 PM] Woden’s Day: Organizer care package. What should it have?
[8:40 PM] Woden’s Day: Of course, that's important too richard. On that note I've been eyeing redbubble.
[8:40 PM] Woden’s Day: It's easy to make stuff there, you get a decent profit, and I believe it's not hard to order for your own distribution
[8:41 PM] Yari: Hello hello.
[8:41 PM] Yari: Rose Klein, CA
[8:41 PM] Woden’s Day: I do think we should figure out what we're sending people, though
[8:41 PM] Woden’s Day: Welcome Yari!
[8:42 PM] Woden’s Day: Topic if discussion is state care package and making everything we make/send easily distributable over and over again
[8:42 PM] Yari: you mean the pamphlets, etc?
[8:42 PM] Woden’s Day: Yes, yes
[8:43 PM] ILstateRep Richard: red bubble would be good
[8:43 PM] Woden’s Day: And anything else we're looking to send to our organizers
[8:43 PM] Woden’s Day: They should be able to get it easy
[8:43 PM] ILstateRep Richard: yes.
[8:43 PM] ILstateRep Richard: each package might cost 50 bucks
[8:44 PM] Woden’s Day: For things like pamphlets, we just need a section on our website with the resources. That's easily to make duplicatable
[8:44 PM] ILstateRep Richard: pamphlets should be cheap?
[8:44 PM] Woden’s Day: For things like buttons, that's where setting up a store by the end of this is going to become useful
[8:44 PM] ILstateRep Richard: what if we have pirate party flags
[8:44 PM] Woden’s Day: Any Pirate should be able to buy a button at any time as soon as we've made some
[8:44 PM] Woden’s Day: Even if we try to give em out for free often
[8:45 PM] ILstateRep Richard: ?
[8:45 PM] pmchi: Someone recently sent an email to the national party about a USPP flag
[8:45 PM] ILstateRep Richard: and we need yard signs
[8:45 PM] Yari: I like this
[8:45 PM] pmchi: Said they wanted to “fly it from their truck”
[8:45 PM] ILstateRep Richard: BASED
[8:45 PM] Yari: yard signs actually feel like a good idea, honestly
[8:45 PM] ILstateRep Richard: love that
[8:45 PM] Woden’s Day: The USPP is painfully missing a domestic way to get a black sail flag
[8:45 PM] Yari: more generally applicable than flags
[8:46 PM] Woden’s Day: DOn't we currently have to import them from Sweden if we want one?
[8:46 PM] Yari: I'm all for a pirate flag and someone flying it from their truck - I also think that a yard sign is going to be used by more people and get more comments
[8:46 PM] Yari: maybe our focus should be on the yard sign first, though both would be good
[8:47 PM] Woden’s Day: This is why I think this inevitably ends in pirate resource network
[8:47 PM] Yari: like... order of importance:
1. pamphlets
2. buttons
3. yard signs
4. flags
[8:47 PM] pmchi: Full agreement on the yard sign. All the eyes that’ll see a yard sign everyday should surpass the amount of eyes seeing your flag/bumpersticker
[8:47 PM] ILstateRep Richard: we need pirate party deodorant
[8:48 PM] ILstateRep Richard: that smells like a pirate ship
[8:48 PM] Woden’s Day: That's called not showering for a full voyage
[8:48 PM] ILstateRep Richard: and it’s a great idea
[8:48 PM] ILstateRep Richard: when someone sniffs you
[8:48 PM] ILstateRep Richard: you tell em
[8:48 PM] pmchi: I’d like to throw stickers if there with buttons. The stickers I put around that popped up around IL-01 look great when among stickers and standing alone
[8:48 PM] Yari: so how are we going to get the pamplets made?
[8:48 PM] Woden’s Day: 😛
[8:49 PM] ILstateRep Richard: I will self fund the deodorants
[8:49 PM] ILstateRep Richard: for the party
[8:49 PM] pmchi: So the pamphlets
[8:49 PM] Woden’s Day: So, I'm hearing we are starting with the small handouts first and foremost.
[8:49 PM] ILstateRep Richard: we should charge minimal
[8:50 PM] Woden’s Day: But that by the end of that process, we will inevitably be laying the groundwork to do other things.
[8:50 PM] ILstateRep Richard: like a dollar
[8:50 PM] Woden’s Day: Would a reasonable first selection be:
[8:50 PM] Woden’s Day: Pamphlets, stickers, buttons, yard signs
[8:50 PM] Radiojoe: I'm back, what'd what'd miss
[8:50 PM] Woden’s Day: Please ID my child
[8:51 PM] Woden’s Day: We are discussing the order in which we tackle pirate merch
[8:51 PM] Radiojoe: William dappen, CA rep
[8:51 PM] Radiojoe: Also I think you all @ed the wrong joe earlier
[8:52 PM] Yari: I think the order has been established well enough
[8:52 PM] ILstateRep Richard: what about pirate shirts
[8:52 PM] Woden’s Day: That seems to be going in flag category.
[8:52 PM] Radiojoe: .
[8:52 PM] Yari: shirts somewhere around or after yard signs
[8:52 PM] Yari: maybe before?
[8:52 PM] Woden’s Day: IS everyone cool with focusing on these first four things?
[8:52 PM] ILstateRep Richard: 1. pamphlets
2. buttons
3. yard signs
4. flags
5. Shirts
6. Underwear’s and panties
[8:52 PM] Radiojoe: Why underwear?
[8:52 PM] Woden’s Day: Richard you're going to kill me
[8:53 PM] Yari: Yes this is a good start
[8:53 PM] Yari: How do we do it though
[8:53 PM] Woden’s Day: That's what we should get up to next.
[8:54 PM] Woden’s Day: We will have a resources and store section on our website eventually. In one section there should just be downloadables. We can put the pamphlets there
[8:55 PM] Woden’s Day: We can still be courteous and send some to our organizers though of course
[8:56 PM] Woden’s Day: Stickers and buttons can be done through just about any online store that'll take a small profit to run it for us. Personally I'm good with that
[8:56 PM] Woden’s Day: Yard signs, however, are a specialty item. We will need to have them made the old fashioned way.
[8:57 PM] Woden’s Day: Thoughts, everyone?
[9:00 PM] Woden’s Day: (Also, we started 20 minutes late, so we still have some time)
[9:02 PM] ILstateRep Richard: so when before we sleep, everybody know weee on team pirate
[9:03 PM] ILstateRep Richard: @Woden’s Day we should have the pamphlets downloadable online and printable
[9:03 PM] ILstateRep Richard: so folks can make their own pamphlets too
[9:03 PM] Woden’s Day: Yes, that's the goal
[9:03 PM] pmchi: Pamphlets should absolutely be available online and for free download. As for the store itself, anything that works, will work. I like having the setup of getting straight to the store from the USPirates.org
[9:04 PM] Woden’s Day: We should have a page right there, either one or two clicks away.
[9:04 PM] ILstateRep Richard: underwear’s are soft and comfy and would begood
[9:04 PM] ILstateRep Richard: and he underwear and shirt would look good together
[9:04 PM] Woden’s Day: Either both RESOURCES and STORE both at the top, or an ORGANIZERS section that takes you to both
[9:04 PM] ILstateRep Richard: come as a set
[9:05 PM] ILstateRep Richard: so we need to get those 4 things
[9:05 PM] Woden’s Day: Yes, to my understanding
[9:05 PM] Woden’s Day: Oh yes. A PDF should be in our resources section
[9:06 PM] Woden’s Day: And the link to the physical
[9:06 PM] Woden’s Day: Should we make our own store then, somehow? If we do it ourselves we can put things like yard signs and books up there with the rest. That just sounds resource intensive
[9:06 PM] Yari: Okay but... in terms of actually creating the content for this?
[9:07 PM] Yari: Like, who is making the pamphlet? Who is making the buttons?
[9:07 PM] Yari: etc
[9:07 PM] Woden’s Day: I can try to make a pamphlet, or a few.
[9:07 PM] Yari: we should all probably iterate on them too
[9:07 PM] ILstateRep Richard: we need physical no safe harbors
[9:07 PM] Woden’s Day: We could also revive Mitch's project
[9:07 PM] Yari: frankly
[9:07 PM] ILstateRep Richard: 6 in 1 package
[9:07 PM] ILstateRep Richard: no safe harbors is a  key indoctrination, uh I mean educational piece
[9:07 PM] Woden’s Day: Let's get what we have first done
[9:08 PM] pmchi: This is something that can be done. I do believe I’ll be switching it up a bit to a clearer pamphlet set up, cutting the fat, etc
[9:08 PM] ILstateRep Richard: motion to extend this meeting 20 minutes as this is a CRUCIAL topic.
[9:09 PM] pmchi: It’ll probably look less like the Argentine Pirate’s pamphlet and more like the Carlist pamphlet
[9:10 PM] Woden’s Day: There is a motion on the floor to extend this meeting to 10:40 or so.
[9:10 PM] ILstateRep Richard: second
[9:10 PM] ILstateRep Richard: we need to discuss this
[9:10 PM] Woden’s Day: You made it lol
[9:10 PM] ILstateRep Richard: can’t be lackluster
[9:10 PM] ILstateRep Richard: damnit
[9:10 PM] ILstateRep Richard: thought u wouldn’t notice
[9:10 PM] Woden’s Day: Can't pull one over on me.
[9:10 PM] Woden’s Day: Whether or not that goes through, we can delegate this.
[9:11 PM] Woden’s Day: Let's consider all of these strictly research and design for now. Let's not worry about where they're going
[9:11 PM] Woden’s Day: Can we get someone to research yard signs?
[9:12 PM] ILstateRep Richard: @Woden’s Day this is why we need to extend this meeting
[9:12 PM] ILstateRep Richard: WE NEED TO DISCUSS THIS PLS
[9:12 PM] Yari: I'll look into it
[9:12 PM] Yari: yard signs that is
[9:12 PM] Woden’s Day: Thank you so much! That is taken care of.
[9:13 PM] ILstateRep Richard: can research buttons
[9:13 PM] Woden’s Day: Also, that is for the committee to decide. I cannot help you with your motion unfortunately.
[9:13 PM] Woden’s Day: Sweet, thank you.
[9:14 PM] Woden’s Day: @pmchi Do you want to work together on pamphlet and stickers? You have an invested interest in both and figured you could use some help
[9:14 PM] Yari: I gotta go
[9:14 PM] ILstateRep Richard: is it stickers or buttons
[9:14 PM] Yari: Sorry
[9:14 PM] pmchi: Absolutely
[9:15 PM] Woden’s Day: That's alright, thank you for stopping by
[9:15 PM] Woden’s Day: It's stickers AND buttons
[9:16 PM] Woden’s Day: It is about the time that we either adjourn or humor a motion to extend.
[9:17 PM] ILstateRep Richard: Humor the motion to extend
[9:17 PM] ILstateRep Richard: need to talk more.....
[9:17 PM] ILstateRep Richard: get work done
[9:17 PM] Woden’s Day: You will need a 2nd
[9:17 PM] ILstateRep Richard: someone 2nd
[9:18 PM] pmchi: For my fellow Illinoisian, I will 2nd the motion from the point of the proposal. So we’d have ten more minutes to speak
[9:18 PM] Woden’s Day: All in favor?
[9:18 PM] pmchi: Aye
[9:19 PM] Woden’s Day: @ILstateRep Richard
[9:19 PM] Woden’s Day: @Radiojoe, if still present
[9:20 PM] ILstateRep Richard: Aye
[9:20 PM] Woden’s Day: I'll consider that passed!
[9:20 PM] Woden’s Day: Ten more minutes expected
[9:20 PM] Woden’s Day: So, we have a research team.
[9:20 PM] Woden’s Day: What else do we need?
[9:22 PM] Woden’s Day: @ILstateRep Richard Did you have a topic in mind?
[9:22 PM] ILstateRep Richard: crowdPAC when
[9:23 PM] Woden’s Day: Seems like a question for @pmchi
[9:24 PM] pmchi: I will just say “soon”. That’s the best I have at the moment, I do believe there’s steps I need to finish beforehand
[9:24 PM] ILstateRep Richard: what about the voter rolls tmmrw
[9:26 PM] pmchi: I think I’m making a trip up SoS tomorrow regardless
[9:26 PM] Woden’s Day: Are these by any chance questions we could defer to private communication between candidate and campaign secretary?
[9:26 PM] pmchi: So I think it can be done
[9:26 PM] pmchi: Yee
[9:27 PM] Woden’s Day: Sweet
[9:27 PM] Woden’s Day: Anything else? Our extension will soon run out unless there is something we must discuss
[9:28 PM] pmchi: I have none
[9:28 PM] ILstateRep Richard: @pmchi pls make try
[9:29 PM] Woden’s Day: Any motion to adjourn?
[9:31 PM] Woden’s Day: @ILstateRep Richard @pmchi
[9:31 PM] ILstateRep Richard: abstain
[9:31 PM] ILstateRep Richard: @Woden’s Day Is the longest outreach meeting ever
[9:32 PM] Woden’s Day: Hm, strange situation with only two people. I handle your abstinence by endowing @pmchi with full power to adjourn the meeting.
[9:32 PM] Woden’s Day: Probably the longest one since I’ve been here!
[9:32 PM] ILstateRep Richard: I revoke my abstaination
[9:33 PM] Woden’s Day: Haha, silence after a certain point is abstinence too, for the record.
[9:33 PM] Woden’s Day: @pmchi You still with us?
[9:35 PM] pmchi: Motion to adjourn
[9:35 PM] Woden’s Day: @ILstateRep Richard ?
[9:35 PM] ILstateRep Richard: objection
[9:36 PM] ILstateRep Richard: outta principle
[9:37 PM] Woden’s Day: I am not sure what Robert would want me to do in this situation according to his rules, as the chair cannot break ties.
[9:37 PM] Woden’s Day: However, I believe it’s best to count Richard’s vote as an abstain and let the one remaining member pass their motion to adjourn.
[9:37 PM] ILstateRep Richard: not an abstain
[9:37 PM] ILstateRep Richard: k
[9:37 PM] Woden’s Day: If anyone has any issues with this, please meet me outside the Evansville west side Denny’s parking lot at 4 am.
[9:38 PM] ILstateRep Richard: K nvm
[9:38 PM] ILstateRep Richard: aye
[9:38 PM] pmchi:
[9:38 PM] pmchi: Thank you Richard
[9:38 PM] Woden’s Day: Meeting adjourned at 10:38 OM EST.