Outreach 10/20/20

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[20:06:17]  <Yari> Ah cool! 
[20:06:22]  <davidd> hi Bosun
[20:06:28]  <Yari> Lovely to have you 
[20:06:35]  <Yari> Hi bosun
[20:06:40]  <@Bosun> hello
[20:07:07]  <@Bosun> sorry I was adding ram to my humble ol computer
[20:07:15]  <davidd> i run the papegaai bot that is in the channel providing titles for links
[20:07:19]  <Yari> No worries 
[20:07:30]  <Yari> Oh cool davidd 
[20:07:34]  <@Bosun> So what are we up to?
[20:07:43]  <davidd> https://www.twitch.tv/aoc
[20:07:44]  <papegaai> Title: Twitch (at www.twitch.tv)
[20:07:52]  <davidd> i am watching Aoc on twitch
[20:07:55]  <@Bosun> waatching
[20:08:16]  <davidd> 300K views
[20:08:23]  yariValtean (~yari@ip68-109-73-167.oc.oc.cox.net) joined the channel
[20:08:32]  <Yari> Oh nice, I should check out her channel, didn't realize she was on twitch 
[20:08:42]  <davidd> its her first day
[20:08:49]  <yariValtean> fantastic
[20:08:56]  <yariValtean> Oh hm
[20:09:13] Joining channels has been delayed because because you haven't identified. Perform “/autojoin” to join channels without identifying.
[20:09:21]  <yariValtean> I think it didn't give me my nick bc I was already joined
[20:09:24]  <yariValtean> oh well
[20:09:51]  <@Bosun> identify
[20:10:00]  <yariValtean> Rose Klein, California
[20:10:12]  <@Bosun> N o to the nikserv
[20:11:10]  <@Bosun> "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>"
[20:11:16]  <yariValtean> oh
[20:11:20]  <davidd> the yari is identifies
[20:11:24]  <@Bosun> if you set up a password.
[20:11:27]  <yariValtean> I did
[20:12:07]  <@Bosun> I am confused.
[20:12:19]  <yariValtean> hi
[20:12:24]  <yariValtean> hm
[20:12:32]  <yariValtean> I should just relog
[20:12:35]  <yariValtean> hangon
[20:12:38]  yariValtean (~yari@ip68-109-73-167.oc.oc.cox.net) left IRC (Client Quit)
[20:12:44]  <davidd> so do you want to stay connected with both?
[20:13:30]  yariValtean (~yari@ip68-109-73-167.oc.oc.cox.net) joined the channel
[20:14:21]  <Yari> No
[20:14:28]  <@Bosun> AOC is playing a game.
[20:15:06]  yariValtean (~yari@ip68-109-73-167.oc.oc.cox.net) left IRC (Client Quit)
[20:15:31]  yariValtean (~yari@ip68-109-73-167.oc.oc.cox.net) joined the channel
[20:15:48]  <yariValtean> Okay I logged out so I don't know why this isn't working but whatever
[20:15:58]  <yariValtean> It doesn't matter
[20:16:07]  <yariValtean> Let's just do the meeting
[20:16:14]  <yariValtean> I want to go watch AOC
[20:16:44]  <yariValtean> Well actually I need to finish my other work first but
[20:16:47]  <yariValtean> irrelevant
[20:16:55]  <@Bosun> Let us never be confused like AOC on Twitch. I want to see Trump play doom.
[20:17:08]  <yariValtean> Bosun to answer your question
[20:17:33]  <@Bosun> OK - shall we regroup and try another day?
[20:17:38]  <yariValtean> Today I think is just check-ins and then also I think I'd like to assemble an agenda for next time
[20:17:41]  <yariValtean> No?
[20:17:42]  <yariValtean> Why 
[20:17:44]  <yariValtean> what
[20:17:53]  <yariValtean> What about me messages implied I was giving up for the day
[20:18:00]  <yariValtean> Is that what you want to do?
[20:18:01]  <@Bosun> OK - your ideas.
[20:18:26]  <@Bosun> No - I am the wish wash chair,
[20:19:04]  <yariValtean> I mean, you're not on many issues
[20:19:16]  <yariValtean> But 
[20:19:30]  <@Bosun> E-mail me agenda ideas and I'll call you Thurday and we can straiten out any glitches.
[20:19:32]  <yariValtean> irrelevant again
[20:19:51]  <yariValtean> Why email, why not just talk about it now?
[20:19:55]  <@Bosun> OK ... then go ahead.
[20:20:02]  <yariValtean> This is for our meeting on tuesday
[20:20:04]  <@Bosun> I wait.
[20:20:04]  <yariValtean> Not for Sunday
[20:20:14]  <@Bosun> OK
[20:20:27]  <yariValtean> So our primary focus is recruitment, yes?
[20:20:46]  <yariValtean> ILPP, CAPP, WIPP, and now Ohio
[20:20:56]  <yariValtean> Those are the ones on our radar last I checked
[20:21:02]  <yariValtean> correct?
[20:21:03]  <@Bosun> Yes - and I need to gather my little scaps of paper with e-mail address.
[20:21:21]  <yariValtean> Can we have that task done by next week, or would like more time than that?
[20:21:24]  <@Bosun> Yep.
[20:21:58]  Olivia_ (uid458852@id-458852.hathersage.irccloud.com) joined the channel
[20:22:02]  <@Bosun> We can meet in two weeks. 
[20:22:19]  <yariValtean> Okay. I would be happy to work on establishing and extending the email system I've already started compiling for CAPP into something that can be used for all states
[20:22:20]  <@Bosun> Nov 3rd.
[20:22:23]  <Olivia_> Sorry I'm late I thought it was Monday!
[20:22:35]  <Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, PPI volunteer
[20:22:36]  <yariValtean> Not an email system, just a... tracker?
[20:22:39]  <@Bosun> It is Tuesday all day.
[20:22:49]  <yariValtean> Spreadsheet. Fancy spreadsheet
[20:23:01]  <yariValtean> Olivia_ , no worries, welcome
[20:23:09]  <@Bosun> Better than my scraps of paper.
[20:23:10]  <yariValtean> Bosun, why two weeks
[20:23:15]  <yariValtean> ?
[20:23:28]  <@Bosun> You said you need more time.
[20:23:46]  <yariValtean> That was in reference to the stuff for the Sunday meetings
[20:23:49]  <yariValtean> Not for this
[20:24:00]  <@Bosun> Oh OK
[20:24:04]  <yariValtean> We can meet and should meet next week for this
[20:24:11]  <yariValtean> And frankly we should meet every week for this
[20:24:13]  <@Bosun> Ok 
[20:24:17]  <yariValtean> I don't want to break stride
[20:24:24]  <@Bosun> How is Olivia?
[20:24:31]  <yariValtean> Unless we have an emergency of some sort of course
[20:24:42]  <Olivia_> I'm here
[20:24:51]  <@Bosun> How goes?
[20:25:13]  <Olivia_> Major personal drama but nothing I can't handle.
[20:25:58]  <@Bosun> OK, we need genius ideas on getting more people involved.
[20:26:01]  <Olivia_> Will there be an election night happening where it's streamed while others watch?
[20:26:29]  <@Bosun> We talked about that ... 
[20:26:31]  <yariValtean> Olivia, that seemed to be where the Sunday meeting was going with things
[20:26:33]  <Olivia_> We can possibly get foreighn Pirates to join too.  bailey said if she isn't working she will attend.
[20:26:51]  <Olivia_> Okay
[20:27:06]  <yariValtean> I think we should keep the talk about the Nov 3rd thing to the Sunday meeting, if we're planning about that specifically
[20:27:07]  <yariValtean> although
[20:27:21]  <Olivia_> To get more people involved how the USPP twitter account starting up again?
[20:27:36]  <Olivia_> how about*
[20:27:44]  <yariValtean> Is the USPP twitter not currently active?
[20:27:58]  <@Bosun> Gaaa ...  we have two weeks to get our collective act together.
[20:27:58]  <Olivia_> There's already Discord and I don't know about Facebook though.
[20:28:05]  <yariValtean> Bosun
[20:28:34]  <yariValtean> Nov 3rd is not the deciding night of the pirate party
[20:28:56]  <yariValtean> Its not even the deciding night of the US presidential election
[20:28:59]  <@Bosun> I don't have the keys - I am asking. Ywitter keys.
[20:29:03]  <Olivia_> How about the list of antifascists I had emailed to you both?
[20:29:10]  <yariValtean> Like I keep saying, votes won't be counted that night
[20:29:38]  <yariValtean> Back up back up
[20:29:45]  <yariValtean> one idea at a time please
[20:29:47]  <@Bosun> You are so certain. I bet it is called by 12 Central.
[20:29:56]  <yariValtean> ONE IDEA at a time please
[20:30:00]  <Olivia_> If you don't have the keys, could Liz be who has them?  I can ask her we talk on twitter too.
[20:30:07]  <Olivia_> sorry
[20:30:17]  <@Bosun> Ask her
[20:30:29]  <Olivia_> Okay I'll ask her after we leave here.
[20:30:45]  <yariValtean> Bosun, the ennui is not appreciated
[20:30:45]  <Olivia_> I can ask now hold on.
[20:31:06]  <yariValtean> Sorry, 
[20:31:10]  <yariValtean> That was out of line
[20:31:31]  <yariValtean> Wish I could strike that from the record
[20:31:32]  <@Bosun> Am I listless?
[20:31:46]  <yariValtean> It sounds like it, a little yes
[20:32:10]  <@Bosun> Sebastian woke us up at 4:30.
[20:32:18]  <@Bosun> I am tired.
[20:32:18]  <yariValtean> Fair enough
[20:32:35]  <yariValtean> apologies
[20:32:56]  <yariValtean> So, let's talk about things we can do
[20:32:59]  <yariValtean> Small actions
[20:33:04]  <@Bosun> I am chair - I am the one who takes the darts. :-)
[20:33:05]  <yariValtean> Things that are manageable
[20:33:28]  <yariValtean> As opposed to biting off more than we can chew
[20:33:44]  <@Bosun> Can you do Twitch? Is that possible.
[20:33:57]  <yariValtean> For what purpose? For Nov 3rd? No.
[20:33:59]  <yariValtean> I work.
[20:34:24]  <yariValtean> Generally? Yes, but I'm hesitant to say yes because I'm already stretched thin.
[20:34:45]  <@Bosun> OK - Think MASS was thinking jitsi
[20:35:07]  <yariValtean> Are we talking about Nov 3rd, or general?
[20:35:12]  <yariValtean> Generally?
[20:35:57]  <@Bosun> For the election watch.
[20:36:00]  <yariValtean> Okay
[20:36:09]  <yariValtean> Respectfully, I suggest we stop talking about Nov 3rd
[20:36:14]  <yariValtean> And save it for Sunday
[20:36:19]  <yariValtean> When there are more ppl
[20:36:21]  <@Bosun> Olivia - don't bombard Liz.
[20:36:52]  <yariValtean> I think we should focus on getting a few more people to join our ranks before then
[20:37:06]  <yariValtean> If we can recruit even 3 more dedicated Pirates to our cause
[20:37:12]  <yariValtean> In the next two weeks?
[20:37:21]  <yariValtean> That is three more people who can help man the ship
[20:37:40]  <yariValtean> Three less of US who have to be stretched to the breaking point by this 
[20:37:42]  <@Bosun> Overall I agree. I should try and get Mitch - the guy running for an Illinois CD in 22
[20:38:06]  <Olivia_> okay
[20:38:22]  <yariValtean> Besides, The Nov 3rd thing was brought up in the Sunday meeting
[20:38:30]  <yariValtean> And was not suggested as an outreach thing
[20:38:40]  <@Bosun> @Olivia_ are you helping us?
[20:38:40]  <yariValtean> Therefore it should not be part of our duscussion
[20:39:19]  <@Bosun> Yes we talk about it Sunday.
[20:39:23]  <Olivia_> I'll help if i can.
[20:39:29]  <@Bosun> the Election thing.
[20:39:52]  <Olivia_> I can promote it to PPI channels for Pirates from other countries to attend.
[20:40:07]  <Olivia_> Bailey said she will if she doesn't work.
[20:40:13]  <@Bosun> Can you - Olivia come up with a social media plan?
[20:40:21]  <Olivia_> Oh yeah.
[20:41:19]  <Olivia_> I can make a graphic and all I need are the times and the links for viewing and any other info about USPP you want included on promotions.  And any Party logo with a transparent background too if you want.
[20:41:43]  <yariValtean> Olivia, do you have Bosun's email?
[20:41:44]  <@Bosun> We need a divisaable mail list and the same with discorn - some type of matching regional forums.
[20:41:47]  <Olivia_> Do I include MassPirates too?
[20:42:04]  <Olivia_> Yes I have his email address.
[20:42:15]  <yariValtean> Bosun, we're not going to get that in the next two weeks
[20:42:20]  <@Bosun> Yes open, transparent, shared.
[20:42:21]  <yariValtean> There's no way
[20:42:50]  <yariValtean> That is absolutely biting off more than we can chew
[20:42:51]  <@Bosun> I am not suggesting in the next two weeks.
[20:42:54]  <yariValtean> okay
[20:43:03]  <yariValtean> Yes that is the eventual goal
[20:43:05]  <yariValtean> clearly
[20:43:15]  <Olivia_> I can start promoting this week once I make a graphic with information included.  the hyrdke will be tech I assume.
[20:43:27]  <Olivia_> The hurdle*
[20:43:31]  <@Bosun> Let's shoot for Christmas.
[20:43:50]  <@Bosun> Or ... winter soltice.
[20:44:03]  <yariValtean> Okay Bosun please make sure to put this in the agenda for Sunday then
[20:44:42]  <yariValtean> Both the Nov 3rd even and the eventual plans for regional or state division of email/discord
[20:44:53]  <@Bosun> OK
[20:45:14]  <yariValtean> I would suggest leaving the second to a vote of some sort, just making it a plan and asking for volunteers to help implement
[20:45:34]  <Olivia_> I can email Bosun about the rest about promotion for the election.
[20:45:40]  <yariValtean> Leave details of implementation for later since we won't have time on Sunday
[20:45:51]  <yariValtean> Okay
[20:45:56]  <@Bosun> I agree.
[20:46:03]  jokeefe (~jokeefe@ joined the channel
[20:46:03] ChanServ sets mode +o jokeefe
[20:46:09]  <yariValtean> Re: Recruitment
[20:46:17]  <@Bosun> We are trying to collect the scial media accounts.
[20:46:40]  <Olivia_> I'm not a Facebook person.
[20:46:52]  <Olivia_> Is there a Telegram?
[20:46:55]  <@Bosun> Do you have CA phone numbers?
[20:47:05]  <Olivia_> no
[20:47:22]  <Olivia_> Can this for me be done online?
[20:47:35]  <yariValtean> I do not have Ca telephone numbers
[20:47:41]  <yariValtean> Olivia, you don't need to do CA stuff
[20:47:42]  <@Bosun> Oh I have avoided facebook myself as of late.
[20:47:43]  <yariValtean> That's mee
[20:48:18]  <yariValtean> Why do we want CA phone numbers?
[20:48:26]  <Olivia_> I've become a target by others and staying anonymous for me is now more important than ever and I don't want anything to hit PPI and USPP.  The past 2 days for me.  
[20:48:34]  <@Bosun> I should put to gather a directory of sorts.
[20:48:37]  <yariValtean> Most stuff for pirates is online
[20:49:24]  <Olivia_> Bailey knows about it too and it can get bad.  I have to stay calm too and quiet.
[20:49:42]  <@Bosun> Calm and quiet is good.
[20:49:51]  <yariValtean> Why do we want CA phone numbers?
[20:50:09]  <Olivia_> The complete opposite of me if you knew me before I was a Pirate.  LOL
[20:51:32]  itspara (~rose@c-69-243-101-125.hsd1.md.comcast.net) left IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[20:51:50]  <@Bosun> Sometimes calling people works besst.
[20:52:20]  <@Bosun> I try and talk with people who contact us.
[20:52:37]  <@Bosun> ... and I am phone shy.
[20:52:38]  <yariValtean> Okay, yes true. I don't have phone numbers. I cannot get phone numbers without them giving numbers to me. So. Effectively useless, since I must first pass through the filter of those who use email 
[20:53:10]  <@Bosun> OK ... not a big deal.
[20:53:21]  <yariValtean> Moving on, since I need to go soon and it's late
[20:53:26]  <yariValtean> Recruitment
[20:53:31]  <@Bosun> yes.
[20:53:42]  <@Bosun> your ideas?
[20:53:55]  <yariValtean> CAPP - status, no change. Signatures requires for ballot: 60,000. Holy guacamole.
[20:54:14]  <yariValtean> I gotta start emailing more often
[20:54:20]  <yariValtean> And 
[20:54:23]  <yariValtean> I have a request
[20:54:36]  <yariValtean> If anyone has any idea how I can get the keys to the CAPP twitter
[20:54:40]  <yariValtean> I would be forever grateful
[20:54:41]  <@Bosun> Go ahead.
[20:54:49]  <yariValtean> I have of course
[20:54:52]  <yariValtean> Contacted them
[20:54:57]  <yariValtean> That didn't work
[20:55:27]  <yariValtean> They haven't tweeted in ~6 years I think
[20:55:29]  <@Bosun> yes I know the return on e-mails is low and can approch zero.
[20:56:11]  <Olivia_> Is it a large account or would it be best to start new yourself with your own?
[20:56:14]  <yariValtean> Expect more progress by next week, since, as with all of us, I will be attempting my darnedest to recruit at least one person to be a part of the crew
[20:56:25]  <yariValtean> It's a pretty large account
[20:56:30]  <yariValtean> Would be useful
[20:56:39]  <yariValtean> CAPP was BIG
[20:56:44]  <yariValtean> Before it went dark
[20:56:55]  <yariValtean> that's my report on CAPP 
[20:56:56]  <@Bosun> I need to muddle a multi state strategy.
[20:56:59]  <yariValtean> Questions?
[20:57:02]  <Olivia_> No one knows where the key holders are?
[20:57:24]  <yariValtean> I don't. But I also don't know who to ask
[20:57:42]  <yariValtean> So I've just been asking every time it comes up.
[20:57:55]  <yariValtean> Or, starting to.
[20:57:56]  <@Bosun> Sayyida/Meg is working on it.
[20:58:02]  <Olivia_> There should be a system set if you're leaving, to hand the keys over to whoever is Chair.
[20:58:07]  <@Bosun> give her a day or two.
[20:58:24]  <yariValtean> Thank you Bosun
[20:58:40]  <yariValtean> Questions?
[20:58:48]  <Olivia_> no
[20:58:57]  <@Bosun> Obviously - we need a survivable way to pass info to our succesors.
[20:59:09]  <yariValtean> agreed
[20:59:14]  <yariValtean> ILPP?
[21:00:08]  <@Bosun> Really need to get Mitch moving. He is the one who needs it.
[21:00:41]  <@Bosun> Easier to run for office if you have people to go door to door.
[21:00:56]  <yariValtean> Anything we can do as a group to help him?
[21:01:12]  <@Bosun> The party is to be organized to run campaigns.
[21:01:40]  <@Bosun> Work on the discord stuff.
[21:02:00]  <yariValtean> With the ultimate goal of throwing more IL people his way?
[21:02:06]  <yariValtean> In this particular case?
[21:02:37]  <@Bosun> Yes - and I need to get somone to run against Ron Johnson in Wisconsin.
[21:03:05]  <@Bosun> Or - I wish.
[21:03:14]  <yariValtean> Right. Do you still have your radio show?
[21:03:32]  <@Bosun> No - :-(
[21:03:42]  <yariValtean> Ah. Didn't think so. darn.
[21:04:02]  <@Bosun> I need to plug into Chicago stuff.
[21:04:17]  <yariValtean> There is undoubtedly something similar. 
[21:04:17]  <@Bosun> he pandemic makes things hard.
[21:04:24]  <yariValtean> true
[21:05:21]  jokeefe (~jokeefe@ left IRC (Quit: jokeefe)
[21:05:24]  <@Bosun> Let's call it a night - I need sleep.
[21:05:28]  <yariValtean> Okay. Well, Let us know next week what else specifically we can do to help Mitch. I want to make this campaign less work for him
[21:05:41]  <@Bosun> OK.
[21:05:42]  <Olivia_> Goodnight everyone!
[21:05:49]  <@Bosun> Night.
[21:06:06]  <yariValtean> Bosun
[21:06:11]  <yariValtean> Can you post records?