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Old Business

  • Patriot Act Event



[8:03:49 PM] <wodensday> I call this meeting to order at 9:03 Eastern standard time.
[8:03:59 PM] <wodensday> May I receive some IDs?
[8:04:05 PM] <Nolan> Nolan S., IA
[8:04:08 PM] <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[8:04:10 PM] <wodensday> Anthony Jay, IN, Outreach Chair
[8:04:28 PM] <wodensday> https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=Outreach_09/28/2021
[8:04:32 PM] <papegaai> Title: Outreach 09/28/2021 - United States Pirate Party (at wiki.uspirates.org)
[8:05:14 PM] <wodensday> Today is Thunderdome day for our Patriot Act event. I believe we have enough planning and guidance from everyone to get to work.
[8:05:48 PM] <wodensday> (I also received a pretty clear mandate from the PNC to rev up the Thunderdome)
[8:05:55 PM] <wodensday> First, dates.
[8:06:15 PM] <wodensday> The PNC suggested three days from October 25-27. Is that cool with everyone?
[8:06:34 PM] <pmchi> Those days work for me
[8:06:34 PM] <Nolan> Yeah, yeah
[8:06:36 PM] <wodensday> (Also, remember to keep the wishes of Radiojoe in mind)
[8:06:45 PM] <Nolan> ???
[8:06:53 PM] <wodensday> He's not dead, just absent
[8:07:04 PM] <wodensday> Sorry, I made that sound like he's dead
[8:07:08 PM] <wodensday> He is not
[8:07:22 PM] <Nolan> So, what we're his wishes
[8:08:04 PM] <wodensday> Nothin too much, I just want us to keep him in mind if he doesn't show. Pmchi and I should be able to do that though, don't worry
[8:08:17 PM] <Nolan> Ah
[8:08:19 PM] <wodensday> So, October 25-27
[8:09:10 PM] <wodensday> We want to keep a constant line of discussion throughout that event.
[8:09:23 PM] <pmchi> I do believe that October 25-27th is a good climax period for the actual event itself
[8:09:37 PM] <wodensday> Yes, yes
[8:09:57 PM] <wodensday> For Pirates, we've decided that this will include near constant social media coverage, including our newfound ability to use video. What else should Pirates be up to during the climax?
[8:10:09 PM] <Nolan> Uh
[8:10:20 PM] <Nolan> I'll put up a sign on my window if that works.
[8:10:26 PM] <pmchi> I think reaching out to content creators is a must
[8:10:39 PM] <wodensday> Oh yes, that's pre climax work though
[8:10:54 PM] <wodensday> I'm talking about Pirates specifically, during the climax specifically
[8:11:02 PM] <wodensday> Like, should we stream? That sort of thing
[8:11:12 PM] <wodensday> There are many facets to this, we need to go 1 by 1
[8:12:30 PM] <wodensday> My suggestion would be that we have one or a few pre-created videos or articles up, as well as put Bosun and a few others from other orgs on a stream to chat
[8:12:51 PM] <wodensday> About the current state of digital privacy
[8:12:56 PM] <wodensday> This could happen on the 26th
[8:13:01 PM] <wodensday> Thoughts? Pmchi, Nolan
[8:13:05 PM] <pmchi> Maybe a live Q&A with the topic being “Privacy in a Post-PATRIOT Act World” and just spend the Q&A promoting policy under the guise of Patriot Act
[8:13:22 PM] <Nolan> I do agree with that idea.
[8:13:46 PM] <Nolan> Along with Mitch's
[8:14:05 PM] <pmchi> Maybe we could have Bosun and/or Jamie do a voiceover video and we could find/hire and animator?
[8:14:48 PM] <pmchi> I’m just spitballing here
[8:14:59 PM] <wodensday> I'm not sure our budget for this event can go beyond our own pockets
[8:15:46 PM] <Nolan> Yeah, le money really is a bit of an issue with this party.
[8:16:11 PM] <wodensday> We are trying to fix that! But I doubt it will be fixed in enough time
[8:16:50 PM] <wodensday> Maybe we should only hog one day. That way, other organizations can have their own streams and such on the other two
[8:17:01 PM] <wodensday> We can still have an article or something to fall back on 
[8:17:49 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, does that work?
[8:19:01 PM] <pmchi> That works with me! I would like to put on record though that I’m willing to spend up to $200 dollars for an animated video
[8:19:39 PM] <pmchi> Only because I believe it’s so easy to digest, I think people would be receptive and the invest, thus, would pay for itself
[8:19:54 PM] <wodensday> Hey, you sure? I know from personal experience that starting a new website is not easy on the money.
[8:21:01 PM] <wodensday> Your generosity is noted, though. You have the go ahead to see if we can't make an animated video on the topic work
[8:21:56 PM] <wodensday> Other than that, pirates should be on social medias as much as possibe, posting and making conversation. Is there anything else I'm missing about this part of the project?
[8:22:09 PM] <wodensday> If not, we can move on to what we're asking of others, pre-gane, etc
[8:22:15 PM] <wodensday> Nolan. Pmchi
[8:23:14 PM] <Nolan> I think that it's sounds good to me. I don't know, I know a lot about politics, but don't really know how to attend or talk in political meetings lol
[8:23:26 PM] <Nolan> Oh wait
[8:23:43 PM] <Nolan> Anyways, I think the current plan is alright
[8:23:59 PM] <wodensday> That's alright! You will learn lol. I will let you know a secret, I don't either. And I have local political experience too. It's hard to get down, it takes a while
[8:24:55 PM] <pmchi> Yes it’s a lot of money but this is something I believe had grounds to be successful and a good look for us moving forward. I don’t think there’s anything you’re missing. But I think we should not only remain active, but try and get those profile picture filters up ASAP
[8:25:02 PM] <pmchi> At least, figured out
[8:25:13 PM] <wodensday> Oh yeah, for sure
[8:25:27 PM] <pmchi> We don’t need to have them until 2 weeks or so beforehand, imho
[8:25:56 PM] <wodensday> I think we can split the remaining things up in to two categories: What we want from everyone, and what we want from organizations and creators specifically 
[8:26:38 PM] <wodensday> Let's talk what we want from everyone. Profile picture, hashtag, pestering of representatives, attend and engage with the conversation. That right?
[8:28:17 PM] <Nolan> Yeah, that would work well
[8:28:31 PM] <pmchi> Yes yes
[8:28:37 PM] <wodensday> Okay, excellent
[8:29:08 PM] <pmchi> I think we should encourage to pester, but not without a pre-written copy-paste message to send
[8:29:41 PM] <pmchi> Dear [YOUR REP HERE], My name is [NAME] I’m I’m writing because I’m concerned...
[8:29:52 PM] <wodensday> As for platforms, we want them to: spread this checklist with their followers, make their own content and fuss about this issue online (both in the lead up to and during the event), keep the conversation going, and engage with us and each other as much as we can. Right?
[8:29:55 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, noted
[8:30:51 PM] <pmchi> Yessir that is correct
[8:31:07 PM] <wodensday> Am I missing anything for any of these categories? Any additions? Any objections?
[8:31:46 PM] <wodensday> Because the time is now, so I am in lightning round mode. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
[8:32:08 PM] <pmchi> I don’t believe so. From my understanding, that is everything we’ve discussed and agreed upon
[8:32:24 PM] <wodensday> Democratic Wodensday is no longer with us. You are speaking to an outreach emperor 
[8:32:38 PM] <Nolan> Creepy
[8:32:39 PM] <wodensday> Excellent!
[8:32:57 PM] → Radiojoe has joined
[8:32:59 PM] <pmchi> Yes Mr. Outreach
[8:33:14 PM] <Radiojoe> howdee
[8:33:16 PM] <pmchi> Joe del Radio!
[8:33:44 PM] <Radiojoe> how are things going?
[8:34:54 PM] <wodensday> Very well, actually. We have confirmed and streamlined all sorts of things 
[8:35:02 PM] <wodensday> Regarding the Patriot Act.
[8:35:27 PM] <Radiojoe> nice! I'm glad thats been rolling
[8:35:51 PM] <Radiojoe> should I just go back through the wiki after to catch myself up?
[8:35:55 PM] <pmchi> Wodensday care to copy and paste what you just sent? Perhaps radiojoe will see something we missed
[8:36:04 PM] <pmchi> Or that
[8:36:24 PM] <wodensday> There is one thing I think we might be missing though. How are we contacting the press? Similarly to the way we're doing orgs and people? Or should we ask around, read some Swarmwise, and give ourselves the power to do whatever we find out in discovery 
[8:36:31 PM] <wodensday> Let me get it>
[8:37:35 PM] <wodensday> Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/3d2310f42497df137275555f39469555/pasted.txt
[8:37:42 PM] <wodensday> There ya go Radiojoe
[8:37:50 PM] <wodensday> Also, please ID
[8:38:37 PM] <Radiojoe> William Dappen, CA, also whos animating the video and whos paying them?
[8:39:00 PM] <Nolan> No one yet Radiojoe
[8:39:06 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi volunteered to figure that out
[8:39:10 PM] <wodensday> He is supplying the budget
[8:39:58 PM] <pmchi> I’ll pay for that if we can find someone willing to animate a 3-5 minute Bosun/Jamie narration for $200
[8:40:22 PM] <wodensday> If we're lucky, it might be almost as sexy as the Czech pirates' musical ad
[8:40:56 PM] <pmchi> We can dream damnit!
[8:41:12 PM] <Radiojoe> hmm,, maybe a orchestral lol limewire cover
[8:42:26 PM] <pmchi> If the animated video goes better than the Army recruitment animated video did, then we’re golden
[8:42:44 PM] <wodensday> A reasonable and modest goal
[8:42:55 PM] <wodensday> Okay, okay, press? Any thoughts
[8:43:31 PM] <wodensday> We can always just include a line in our thing that's vague but mentions contacting the press, so we give ourselves the freedom to do it.
[8:43:44 PM] → yari has joined
[8:43:49 PM] <wodensday> I just don't think we can contact them quiiiite the way we plan on contacting other organizations.
[8:43:55 PM] <wodensday> Welcome! Yari
[8:44:09 PM] <wodensday> You are in the PATRIOT Act Lightning Round Thunderdome:tm:
[8:44:12 PM] <yari> Hiii this is Rose Klein, CA
[8:45:23 PM] <Radiojoe> arent there avenues for contacting these news sites online?
[8:45:30 PM] <Radiojoe> like a tip line but for news
[8:45:53 PM] <Radiojoe> I dont see why we can't include them in a similar way
[8:46:21 PM] <wodensday> yes, but the way we contact them won't be the same way we ocntact a biased party that's clearly on our side
[8:46:29 PM] <Radiojoe> i mean, not inviting htem to join, but just informing them about it a few days or so in advance
[8:46:33 PM] <wodensday> So I don't know if we should lump them in with our other contacts
[8:46:37 PM] <wodensday> Yes
[8:46:40 PM] <Radiojoe> ok
[8:47:47 PM] <wodensday> Sorry, trying to type what we have so far 
[8:48:46 PM] <Radiojoe> sure sure
[8:49:49 PM] <yari> Yeah im lost a bit
[8:49:57 PM] <wodensday> Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/47d6a4610360b515fbce983858db1463/pasted.txt
[8:50:03 PM] <wodensday> This is what we have so far
[8:51:43 PM] <yari> I can make the profile picture things
[8:52:01 PM] <yari> It would be great to also get a snapchat filter up if we can
[8:52:08 PM] <wodensday> Ooooh
[8:52:38 PM] <wodensday> I mean, is this in the shape to execute? I want to make sure we have an agreed upon, democratically decided base that we can then expand upon and gp crazy with
[8:52:45 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, Nolan, Radiojoe, Yari
[8:53:01 PM] <Nolan> What did you have to ping me for sorry
[8:53:16 PM] <Nolan> Oh right, pfps
[8:53:34 PM] <pmchi> Yes yes I think so far so good
[8:53:35 PM] <wodensday> Well, the whole thing
[8:53:48 PM] <Radiojoe> hmm, sounds good to me, Ive got to take a second brb
[8:54:07 PM] <wodensday> That's alright!
[8:54:46 PM] <wodensday> Sorry if I seem about redundant in my direction, I just want to make sure we know the plan we are executing. If it's time, I could hear a motion to give us the power to do so
[8:55:36 PM] <yari> so moved.
[8:55:56 PM] <wodensday> Any seconds?
[8:55:59 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, Nolan
[8:56:04 PM] <Nolan> I second
[8:56:10 PM] <wodensday> All in favpr?
[8:56:18 PM] <yari> Aye
[8:56:18 PM] <wodensday> favor*
[8:56:19 PM] <pmchi> Aye
[8:56:25 PM] <Nolan> Aye
[8:57:00 PM] <wodensday> Counting the "brb" vote as an abstain, it is officially go time.
[8:58:39 PM] <wodensday> Well, nah, we should give Radiojoe the time to say something if he so chooses
[8:58:53 PM] <wodensday> Though, after a few minutes, I could hear a motion to adjourn
[9:00:08 PM] <Nolan> Final jeopardy theme plays
[9:00:49 PM] <Radiojoe> im bck whatd i miss
[9:00:53 PM] <Radiojoe> oh god
[9:01:09 PM] <Radiojoe> uhh
[9:01:10 PM] <Radiojoe> aye
[9:01:30 PM] <wodensday> The council will let you live... this time
[9:01:48 PM] <wodensday> Is there a motion to adjourn?
[9:01:57 PM] <yari> So moved
[9:02:07 PM] <Nolan> I second
[9:02:28 PM] <wodensday> All in favor?
[9:02:39 PM] <yari> Aye
[9:02:44 PM] <Nolan> Aye 
[9:02:50 PM] <Radiojoe> aye
[9:02:54 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi
[9:03:12 PM] <pmchi> Aye
[9:03:17 PM] <pmchi> Sorry was showering
[9:04:18 PM] <wodensday> Meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM EST