Outreach 09/21/2021

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  • Anthony Jay, IN
  • Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
  • William Dappen, CA


New Business

  • Patriot Act Event



[8:13:21 PM] <wodensday> Meeting called to order at 9:13 eastern time.
[8:13:23 PM] <wodensday> IDs?
[8:13:28 PM] <wodensday> Anthony Jay, IN
[8:13:50 PM] <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[8:14:06 PM] <Radiojoe> William Dappen, CA
[8:14:25 PM] <wodensday> Agenda: [https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=Outreach_09/21/2021](https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=Outreach_09/21/2021)
[8:14:27 PM] <papegaai> Title: Outreach 09/21/2021 - United States Pirate Party (at [wiki.uspirates.org](http://wiki.uspirates.org/))
[8:14:32 PM] <pmchi> We weren’t waiting on you specifically, anyone would’ve done fine. We were hoping for you specifically, though!
[8:14:45 PM] <wodensday> I cleared our schedule for the patriot act event, thinking we can come back to youtube whenever we're ready
[8:15:18 PM] <wodensday> I went ahead and compiled what I seem to be hearing from everyone so far. Let me grab that.
[8:15:46 PM] <Radiojoe> great! I was just about to ask about something like that
[8:16:32 PM] <wodensday> So, we want to do some kind of multi-pronged approach with digital activism that involves getting multiple groups and orgs together to stage a protest. SO far, some of the proposed parts include:
[8:17:02 PM] <wodensday> - Social media profile picture change
[8:17:02 PM] <wodensday> - Education on what the patriot act is and the rights that it take away
[8:17:02 PM] <wodensday> - Calling representatives
[8:17:02 PM] <wodensday> - Media (articles, videos, etc) discussing the patriot act going up around the same time from different groups
[8:17:02 PM] <wodensday> - Get editorial coverage
[8:17:02 PM] <wodensday> - Protests if we can stage em
[8:17:12 PM] <wodensday> Some combination thereof
[8:18:27 PM] <wodensday> I can't easily grab this and post it in chat, but I would suggest everyone make sure to real jokeefe's thoughts that were posted in both #general and #outreach-committee on the discord earlier today
[8:18:39 PM] <wodensday> As well
[8:18:48 PM] <wodensday> How is everyone feeling so far?
[8:19:17 PM] <wodensday> As Jokeefe mentioned, we want to do a small selection of things effectively as opposed to doing many things poorly
[8:19:44 PM] <Radiojoe> makes sense, I am working on the group coordination, and am trying to just compile a list of possibly interested parties
[8:19:50 PM] <Radiojoe> also one thing to add:
[8:21:05 PM] <wodensday> Don'r forget that a lot of us may be using personal connections, I know of one very small activist group I'm going to reach out to that would be more than happy to help, for example.
[8:21:05 PM] <Radiojoe> to the education, it might also be useful to include some examples of this hurting peoples rights, and the amendments it bends or breaks, as that info is pretty widely available
[8:22:20 PM] <wodensday> It would definitely be nice if we could put out some kind of engaging and informational material on the subject
[8:22:52 PM] <Radiojoe> Ok, my step-by-step plan includes that, I was planning on getting the list and putting it on an etherpad and letting pirates add groups or contacts
[8:23:06 PM] <Radiojoe> I may need somehelp setting that up however
[8:24:05 PM] <Radiojoe> with that we can get one unified list from all the pirates for contacts, form a concise explanation once we know what we will be doing, and doing som good ol cold calling
[8:24:19 PM] <Radiojoe> do some*
[8:24:26 PM] <wodensday> You can use the PPI's etherpad if you click on any of our etherpad links and shorten the link so you're going to the main website. IT should take you to a big create button
[8:25:20 PM] <Radiojoe> ah ok, thanks, I wasnt sure if it was a personal server that needed direct contact or something, thats good
[8:25:31 PM] <wodensday> AT least it worked for me I think
[8:25:47 PM] <wodensday> So, let's start by discussing our scope.
[8:26:11 PM] <wodensday> Jokeefe seems to suggest we can keep our momentum and do things for more than just a few days. What does everyone thing?
[8:26:32 PM] <wodensday> think*
[8:26:49 PM] <wodensday> Originally I was thinking like a week
[8:26:58 PM] <wodensday> Where things happen
[8:27:11 PM] <Radiojoe> hmm, it makes sense, but I think we should regulate our self to only 2-3 weeks at most
[8:27:39 PM] <wodensday> I suppose if we have momentum afterwards we can just channel it in to something else
[8:27:46 PM] <Radiojoe> a week (maybe 1.5) seems like a good idea, just to keep things really up and ^
[8:27:59 PM] <wodensday> Alright. What do you think about timespan? Pmchi
[8:28:05 PM] <wodensday> When you get the chance
[8:29:40 PM] <pmchi> Sorry gentlemen was driving. I think everyday, nonstop promotion for 7-14 days would do us wonders
[8:30:08 PM] <pmchi> I really liked the changing of our profile pictures for the events, throughout the two weeks
[8:30:16 PM] <wodensday> Other questions I'd like us to know by tonight include the group of things we're doing, what kind of structure or set up, and how to maintain momentum and channel it in to the pirate party
[8:30:23 PM] <wodensday> Two weeks then?
[8:31:09 PM] <Radiojoe> I think we should set a minimum and grow from there
[8:31:39 PM] <wodensday> I do think it might be good for us to have a set scope for this initial event. If it's a massive hit, then we just don't stop
[8:31:53 PM] <Radiojoe> just so everything doesn't spread to meet a time frame thats too large
[8:31:55 PM] <wodensday> We should just be ready to capitalize on any and all momentum
[8:32:01 PM] <Radiojoe> ^
[8:32:28 PM] <Radiojoe> so whats our verdict? 7-14?
[8:33:09 PM] <wodensday> If you're worried about time in relation to what we're doing, we could always talk content of the event before timespan
[8:33:19 PM] <wodensday> Get ourselves a list
[8:33:30 PM] <Radiojoe> that may be the best bet in my opinion
[8:34:26 PM] <wodensday> What all do we want to do? The most talked about items seem to be profile picture protest, congressperson pestering, and education/awareness
[8:34:55 PM] <pmchi> Minimally, I’d like to see: profile pics changed, the USPP Twitter active everyday in the two week span, and for us to work with one or two minor parties, in addition to a group like Fight for the Future. Should maybe have our first YouTube shorts being education of the Patriot Act
[8:35:17 PM] <wodensday> If we go ahead and include writing media and such as a broad category, we could have an event full of 1-2 weeks were politically minded protest on social media, discuss the patriot act with one another, and call their congresspeople
[8:35:19 PM] <Radiojoe> ^
[8:35:40 PM] <wodensday> where the politically minded*
[8:35:58 PM] <wodensday> That is a good minimally
[8:36:01 PM] <pmchi> Congress pestering would be incredible, I think the USPirates website should feature a copy-paste email template to send to your congressperson
[8:36:12 PM] <wodensday> I know a guy who can help us write one
[8:36:17 PM] <Radiojoe> that could work, just have it as a post
[8:36:27 PM] <Radiojoe> gnome guy?
[8:36:30 PM] <wodensday> Yes
[8:36:34 PM] <Radiojoe> nice
[8:36:39 PM] <pmchi> Gnice
[8:36:52 PM] <wodensday> If either of you want to format what Mitch and I said in to one motion, we can pass it so long as the other one seconds
[8:37:19 PM] <pmchi> Radiojoe I’m still driving if you’d be so kind
[8:37:19 PM] <Radiojoe> ok, first, we might want to get more specific on education
[8:37:25 PM] <Radiojoe> mk
[8:37:35 PM] <wodensday> I don;t think we need to
[8:37:54 PM] <Radiojoe> ok, let me start writing then, one moment
[8:37:56 PM] <wodensday> Just give yourself the protocol within the motion to give yourself enough control to talk education
[8:38:01 PM] <wodensday> Then we can figure it out later
[8:38:05 PM] <wodensday> Since we gave you the power
[8:38:19 PM] <wodensday> So, just mention that education is part of it
[8:39:01 PM] <Radiojoe> should we do a beta order of operations?
[8:39:44 PM] <Radiojoe> after, i mean
[8:39:50 PM] <wodensday> I really think all we need is a general plan that we can sahre around, All of the intricate details are going to be developed between us in the coming hours and days
[8:39:58 PM] <wodensday> Share*
[8:40:03 PM] <Radiojoe> mkmk
[8:40:13 PM] <wodensday> This is mainly for the record, something everyone can understand. A mission statement
[8:40:22 PM] <wodensday> That we can execute
[8:47:58 PM] <wodensday> Radiojoe, you alright?
[8:47:59 PM] <Radiojoe> The Outreach Committee proposes that in the weeks surrounding October 26th, the Pirate Party forms a coalition with other National parties, activists, and other interested parties to call for a reform of the PATRIOT act. The protest will include separately the USPP Twitter active everyday in the two week span, a profile picture changing movement, a
[8:47:59 PM] <Radiojoe> letter/email writing campaign to local policymakers, and possibly the first Pirate Party YouTube shorts being on education of the Patriot Act, along with other ideas to be determined.
[8:48:02 PM] <wodensday> There we go!
[8:48:03 PM] <Radiojoe> ^
[8:48:25 PM] <Radiojoe> only slightly suffering from dehydration, and scurvy ofc
[8:48:32 PM] <Radiojoe> be right back
[8:48:42 PM] <wodensday> (y)
[8:51:26 PM] <Radiojoe> im back, and we forgot jokeefe's [change.org](http://change.org/) proposition
[8:51:39 PM] <wodensday> You know
[8:52:00 PM] <wodensday> This may not be the most solid way to answer these questions, as much as I want to make them in an official and democratic setting
[8:52:27 PM] <wodensday> It may be better to discuss the intricate details in pirate chat
[8:52:28 PM] <Radiojoe> ? please elaborate
[8:52:33 PM] <Radiojoe> ah
[8:52:50 PM] <wodensday> I don't feel as if we're getting to the core of what we'd like to do here.
[8:53:45 PM] <Radiojoe> ok, want to continue this on jitsi?
[8:54:04 PM] <Radiojoe> wait that is pirate chat
[8:54:43 PM] <Radiojoe> sure, I'm on, until then, should we adjorn for now?
[8:55:11 PM] <wodensday> Sorry, having a bit of a crisis of chairmanship at the moment. Trying to figure out how to best lead us through this one
[8:55:48 PM] <wodensday> I wouldn't mind adjourning, let's think on this. Is that a motion?
[8:56:24 PM] <Radiojoe> I move we adjorn to pirate chat to edit and improve the previously stated motion
[8:57:35 PM] <Radiojoe> wodensday?
[8:57:50 PM] <wodensday> We'll need to hear from pmchi when he can to truly adjourn
[8:58:20 PM] <pmchi> Aye
[8:58:29 PM] <wodensday> That works for me!
[8:58:33 PM] <Radiojoe> sure
[8:58:41 PM] <Radiojoe> aye lol
[8:58:46 PM] <wodensday> Meeting adjourned at 9:58 PM