Outreach 08/17/2021

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  • Anthony Jay, IN
  • Rose Klein, CA, pnc chair
  • Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager


New Business

  • Social media posting schedules
  • Pamphlet review



[8:04:00 PM] <wodensday> I think we can start, then.
[8:04:18 PM] <wodensday> Meeting called to order at 9:04 eastern time.
[8:04:24 PM] <wodensday> IDs?
[8:04:28 PM] <wodensday> Anthony Jay, IN
[8:04:37 PM] <Yari> Rose Klein, CA, pnc chair
[8:06:10 PM] <pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicagoland/ILPP, Swarmcare Manager
[8:07:00 PM] <wodensday> Here is our agenda: https://wiki.uspirates.org/w/index.php?title=Outreach_08/17/2021
[8:07:01 PM] <papegaai> Title: Outreach 08/17/2021 - United States Pirate Party (at wiki.uspirates.org)
[8:07:35 PM] <wodensday> It should be complete, but if I've missed something, let me know either for this time or for the next meeting. It's been a busy week so something may have fallen off.
[8:08:47 PM] <wodensday> That being said, though, posting schedules - primary for twitter.
[8:09:24 PM] <wodensday> I believe we talked somewhat about wanting to see a certain amount of tweets from each person per week. Is that still where we are?
[8:10:14 PM] <Yari> Yeah, i haven't set aside time in my schedule yet to do social media stuff
[8:10:24 PM] <Yari> So as far as I'm aware, yes.
[8:11:12 PM] <Yari> Planning on having a few specific tines each week where i check and post stuff
[8:12:07 PM] <wodensday> Excellent. Do you have a number of tweets per week in mind? One we can all try to strive for.
[8:13:14 PM] <Yari> Personally i was thinking 3?  But its an arbitrary number
[8:14:06 PM] <wodensday> We don't have to make some hard rule of course. It's just good to discuss.
[8:14:13 PM] <wodensday> 3 sounds like a good number
[8:14:29 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, do you have any thoughts? Once you get the chance
[8:15:28 PM] <pmchi> I also think 3 is a good place to start. Not too little, not expecting one a day. You get minimum 9 tweets a week between us
[8:15:38 PM] <pmchi> Sounds reasonable enough, no?
[8:16:06 PM] <wodensday> Sounds like a generally active twitter account for an organization
[8:16:16 PM] <Yari> Better than the zero it is now
[8:16:37 PM] <wodensday> Indeed
[8:17:13 PM] <pmchi> Everyone needs rehab ahead they break their leg. Baby steps, we’ll be running in no time
[8:17:22 PM] <pmchi> **after
[8:18:03 PM] <wodensday> Do we have any thoughts on what it is we'll be posting? 
[8:18:50 PM] <wodensday> Pirates takes on the news, with caution (since we're speaking for the party)
[8:19:50 PM] <Yari> Remember that its okay to retweet things also, just check then first
[8:20:23 PM] <Yari> Politifact is your friend
[8:20:53 PM] <wodensday> Yes, yes
[8:21:47 PM] <wodensday> And of course we will be drawing attention to the activities of our pirates on the ground (mainly the MAPP)
[8:22:34 PM] <Yari> the feed should have stuff from international pirates too, doesnt hurt to boost then every so often
[8:22:47 PM] <Yari> Mainly keep it US though
[8:23:26 PM] <Yari> should wwe coordinate our schedules?
[8:24:19 PM] <wodensday> Doesn't tweetdeck do that for us, if we're setting up most of our posts in advance? A to-be tweeter should be able to see if a day has too many?not enough tweets
[8:24:38 PM] <wodensday> Or can one not see other's scheduled tweets
[8:25:22 PM] <Yari> Im not sure
[8:27:02 PM] <wodensday> If we can't, twitter is much more of a tweet-per-week kind of social media than one that wants to be rigidly scheduled. So long as none of us make too many tweets per day, I think we should be fine
[8:27:37 PM] <pmchi> Perhaps 3 day rotation? You don’t have to tweet unless you see no tweets have been tweeted. If it’s your day, you have to make sure you tweet something for the day
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[8:29:14 PM] <pmchi> So say it’s my day on a Monday. If Yari and Wodensday both tweeted something that day, I don’t have to worry. My next day is Thursday. If, on Thursday, no one has tweeted anything, I’m forced to make sure the account is active
[8:29:14 PM] <wodensday> My suggestion is that we keep tweet scheduling fairly casual. 
[8:29:34 PM] → dreamer_ has joined
[8:30:12 PM] <Yari> Honestly i like what pmchi is suggesting though
[8:30:44 PM] <wodensday> Oh, I think I get what you're saying.
[8:30:50 PM] <Yari> It means we have to keep checking the page anyway,  and it means the page gets updated.
[8:31:00 PM] <Yari> We can still schedule tweets if we want
[8:31:05 PM] <Yari> But we dont have to
[8:31:15 PM] <pmchi> It allows the “tweet as you will” pace, it’s just making someone accountable for a day
[8:31:49 PM] <wodensday> Would we have three wet days per week to tweet? (You post Mon, Thu, Sat) Or would it be every third day? (Yari day, pmchi day, Woden's day)
[8:32:05 PM] <wodensday> Ignore the pun
[8:32:15 PM] <pmchi> I was thinking every third day personally
[8:32:22 PM] <pmchi> I don’t know if I can ignore that pun
[8:32:52 PM] <pmchi> It was well done
[8:33:10 PM] <wodensday> I had no real choice in the matter, I had to
[8:33:26 PM] <Yari> Good pun
[8:34:01 PM] <wodensday> Yari, does every other day sounds good to you?
[8:34:08 PM] <wodensday> Not every other day, every third day
[8:34:17 PM] <Yari> Not really. 
[8:34:25 PM] <Yari> The world works on weekly schedules
[8:34:41 PM] <Yari> Unfortunately, i am forced to do the same
[8:35:09 PM] <Yari> I would suggest two rounds of three and then sunday is all of us
[8:35:20 PM] <wodensday> Pesky society, at it again
[8:35:29 PM] <pmchi> We live in a society
[8:35:44 PM] <pmchi> But Yari, I like that proposal
[8:36:38 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, your reference does not go unrecognized, but it will go unrewarded
[8:36:56 PM] <pmchi> Understandable
[8:37:38 PM] <Yari> We were all thinking it
[8:38:33 PM] <wodensday> Memes with hard to describe contexts? In MY internet-based political party?
[8:39:10 PM] <wodensday> ...Anyways
[8:40:16 PM] <wodensday> I'm hearing weekday-based schedule
[8:40:45 PM] <pmchi> Should we set schedules now or give it a week?
[8:40:51 PM] <Yari> I'll take whatever days work best
[8:41:16 PM] <wodensday> We could start Thursday.
[8:41:31 PM] <wodensday> Thu-Fri-Sat being the first instance of our new posting order
[8:42:31 PM] <Yari> actually, if there are no objections, i can take thursday and monday
[8:42:36 PM] <Yari> Start us off
[8:43:12 PM] <pmchi> I’ll take Tuesday Friday, Tuesday is my first day off so I’ll have the most free time
[8:43:41 PM] <wodensday> Well, that leaves me with Wednesday-Saturday. I've no objections to that
[8:43:52 PM] <wodensday> I can even post tomorrow 
[8:45:11 PM] <wodensday> Don't forget to look at how other political parties tweet - you may be able to steal a few things
[8:45:20 PM] <Yari> And remember, this doesn't mean that we're limjted to only these days
[8:45:36 PM] <Yari> Just that we are minimally responsible for these days
[8:45:37 PM] <pmchi> Just held accountable for them!
[8:46:03 PM] <wodensday> Excellent, glad we're on the same page there!
[8:47:45 PM] <wodensday> Does anyone else have any other input on this subject?
[8:48:26 PM] <pmchi> Replying to viral tweets can be as helpful as tweeting if the input and message is good
[8:48:51 PM] <pmchi> Not viral “haha” tweet, relevant viral
[8:48:58 PM] <Yari> Nada from me
[8:49:08 PM] <Yari> Good point
[8:49:26 PM] <wodensday> Oh absolutely. Use all the tools in the twitter arsenal - tweets, retweets, replies, quote tweets, you know the drill 
[8:50:38 PM] <wodensday> Pmchi, would you like to discuss your progress on the pamphlet for a few minutes?
[8:51:36 PM] <pmchi> I would love to! I’ve set myself a deadline over a busy week, but I have compiled what is the roughest of rough drafts, and would like and appreciate any input
[8:52:25 PM] <pmchi> https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/MHIzPly8/Pirate_Pamphlet_Draft.docx
[8:54:04 PM] <Yari> Wonderful! I'll take a look!
[8:59:15 PM] <wodensday> Make sure to keep us updated over the course of the next week!
[8:59:55 PM] <Yari> pmchi do you have a preference for receiving input?
[9:00:02 PM] <Yari> Method that is
[9:00:06 PM] <Yari> Email or
[9:00:09 PM] <Yari> Discord
[9:00:10 PM] <Yari> Or
[9:00:26 PM] <pmchi> Email would work best, but any form will get to me
[9:01:24 PM] <Yari> Cool
[9:01:33 PM] <Yari> Wodensday, could we adjourn?
[9:01:41 PM] <Yari> Or is there other stuff?
[9:02:11 PM] <wodensday> Was just about to ask! We should be ready for a motion to adjourn. Though, since it's the two of you, we just need pmchi's input
[9:02:32 PM] <pmchi> I’m absolutely okay with adjourning
[9:02:54 PM] <wodensday> Meeting absolutely adjourned!