Outreach 06/22/2021

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<wodensday> We can go ahead and proceed, I'm sure something can come of this, if only minor.
<wodensday> Let's go ahead and ID
<Yari> Rose Klein, California
<wodensday> Anthony Jay, Indiana
<Bosun> joseph Klein USPP First Mate
<wodensday> Alright. As far as I'm aware, our only important old news is currently awaiting PNC decision. So, let's just keep that discussion going.
<wodensday> Does anyone have any comments they'd like to bring up?
<Yari> comments on?
<wodensday> The discussion we've been having the past few meetings. Or anything else, really
<Yari> Ah - I suppose I wanted to continue discussion on the different methods of maintaining our presence for outreach
<Yari> website, socials, youtube/discord, newsletter
<Yari> we talked a bunch last time about the socials and how to do permissions for them
<Yari> I guess I wanted to perhaps address some of the other items on there - I know Bosun is here, so perhaps we could talk about the website, or perhaps we could continue the discussion on youtube shorts that was brought up Sunday
<wodensday> I'm a big fan of what we proposed, but it seems as if the PNC may have a lengthy debate about that one. I'm curious to see if any of them propose alternate solutions.
<wodensday> Oh yes, didn't you want to speak with Bosun about the website anyway?
<Bosun> what do you want?
<Yari> Our current site uses drupal, correct?
<Yari> Bosun?
<Bosun> Te crew sites does. The main site is WordPress
<Yari> Okay gotcha.
<Bosun> The ..
<Yari> Okay - I just noticed that we are actually using Pirate Rogue, it seems like we just need to put a whole bunch more pictures on it
<Bosun> So, what do you want?
<Yari> I want the main site to be more attractive to newcomers
<Yari> And I think maybe the best way to do that is add more pictures and stuff
<Yari> but I didn't realize we were already using the Pirate Rogue theme, which means we can definitely add that stuff easily
<Yari> It's just a matter of producing the content
<Yari> Actually - to that end - what if we started working to get some quality pirate photos going?
<Bosun> Production side isalways the problem.
<wodensday> That's an excellent problem for us to have, because outreach would love to help with that.
<Yari> Bosun, you have shirts, right? Maybe you could take some fancy photos of yourself?
<Yari> I can ask the same of pmchi, I know he has shirts
<Yari> ... I need to get a shirt.
<Bosun> USPP shirts!
<wodensday> (I do too)
<wodensday> Are shirts a thing we have, or is that a product of a bygone era?
* pmchi (uid481182@id-481182.tooting.irccloud.com) has joined
<Yari> Does anyone have USPP shirts?
<wodensday> Sorry, that's off topic. But I'd love a shirt
<wodensday> Ahoy pmchi!
<pmchi> Ahoy sorry for the delay
<wodensday> Please ID
* gannon (4b61042f@unknownnetwork-a.clients.kiwiirc.com) has joined
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Swarmcare Manager, Chicagoland/ILPP
<gannon> Is this the outreach meeting?
<Yari> (Welcome gannon! yes it is! If you want to participate, please ID using name and state)
<gannon> Gannon B. (he/him) Pennsylvania, PAPP
<Yari> wodensday to answer your question, shirts are generally a thing we have
<Yari> I don't know if we have USPP shirts specifically
<Yari> most of the time, I've only seen prints of state party shirts done
<Yari> I feel like that's a Bosun Q
<wodensday> That's pretty cool regardless.
<wodensday> Anyway, back on topic (as much as I want to talk about shirts)
<Bosun> I was thinking of working on that.
<Yari> Bosun - on shirts?
<Bosun> Some thing like that. Just some research.
<gannon> Bosun I have some knowledge on demand tshirt printing from a few sites. I think you could print a logo on the front of on for a white t shirt for around 12 bucks. :)
<Yari> I think Bosun's done print runs with this before as well
<Yari> just not USPP?
<Yari> it was WIPP I think
<wodensday> Sustaining some kind of pirate store, given we have the resources to, would be a decent way to make some money. (I'm sure this has been suggested before to moderate follow through, but it remains a decent idea)
<Yari> wodensday agreed
<Bosun> I have plenty of WIPP shirts.
<gannon> wodensday Agreed, i’d purchase ASAP
<Yari> That would definitely verge into treasury territory
<Yari> almost to the point of a seperate committee
<Yari> Not trying to discourage
<Bosun> Not really. Just the receipts go to treas.
<Yari> Fair.
<wodensday> Treasurer would definitely need to be closely involved with that one
<Yari> We could work with IT to set up the shop
<Yari> Either way we need more content on the main page first
<Yari> ^opinion
<wodensday> Not sure a separate "dubloons committee: would receive enough to do, though. That would be their only project, so it would probably just be a joint effort between multiple offices.
<Bosun> OK  - I am looking at feeds.
<Yari> wodensday fair point
<Bosun> Make a little prototype and move forward. Baby steps.
<Yari> prototype shop?
<Yari> or prototype shirt
<wodensday> Might I suggest saving this project for later? Let's reward ourselves with fashionable pirate shirts after we figure out how to distribute pirate content. 
<Bosun> Both perhaps.
<Yari> I mean, we can do both at the same time
<wodensday> That's fair
<Yari> setting up shop feels like a partly IT job anyway, so if we delegate that?
<wodensday> That would work best for sure
<gannon> Off topic from the merchandise store, what can I begin to do to develop the Pirate party in my town? I have a few friends interested but my local state chapter is kind of very unactive. I talked to one individual over facebook and they said they’re reorganizing the facebook page. Should I just wait or begin to develop a small membership in my
<gannon> town? 
<wodensday> We may have to take that one outside of the meeting for time's sake, but it's a very good question. 
<gannon> Got it!:) 
<wodensday> Would you mind reminding us of this in Discord later?
<gannon> Of course.
<wodensday> Excellent
<Yari> ^ second that
<Yari> I have thoughts
<wodensday> When it comes to the website, I'd like to move forward with a certain ethos in mind. That is, we need to funnel on-boarding pirates from being interested to why they should stay to what they can do.
<Bosun> PA needs porganizing - you should do it.
<Yari> wodensday agreed
<Yari> could I have permission to mock up some ideas and share them next week?
<wodensday> When I first found the USPP, I was a bit confused as to what I could do to help. I would have been lost to the point of leaving forever if I didn't happen to find a small discord button.
<wodensday> Of course!
<Yari> I can mock up designs, but at the end of the day we still need content to fill it
<Yari> Partly that's limited by the pandemic
<Yari> I mean... we can take some stuff from MAPP with permission but I would feel bad about using their images wholesale
<Yari> also that would render our websites indistinguishable which is not the point
<Yari> I can do some trolling for the old CAPP images
<Yari> Bosun, can you pull up any WIPP stuff you might have?
<Yari> OH! and maybe any images you have from your trip to the UN
<Bosun> Yep ... I'll send you my images from pirate stuff.
<wodensday> Should we fill the space with graphic design work for the time being? I'm trying to practice that skill personally, I wonder  if we could mock some things up
<wodensday> Inforgraphics, that sort of thing
<wodensday> *info
<pmchi> Maybe each state should offer the same shirt, the logo with their state specific silhouette, then as the state party grows, the members may add accordingly to their wants with the help of us, the USPP
<pmchi> Give states more control over their store, allowing state uniqueness, while still having a sense of conformity
<pmchi> Also gives a base for every state to start from
<Yari> pmchi your comment is somewhat confusing to me - are you talking about the shop? we're talking about the main page
<pmchi> Oh yes I’m sorry I was talking about the shop
<pmchi> I’m sorry that’s on me for coming late
<Yari> no you're good, we changed topics somewhere in here I think
<wodensday> We have about five minutes. If interested parties want to stay around, we can. Can I get an informal consensus on that?
<Yari> on... ending?
<wodensday> Or extending things a little bit.
<Yari> oh, no I kinda think we should end
<Yari> frankly
<Bosun> https://github.com/United-States-Pirate-Party-Cooperative/Art
<Bosun> We can keep it on github.
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<Bosun> The Art that is
<Yari> sure, that makes sense
<wodensday> Spunds good to me
<Yari> motion to adjourn
<Bosun> 2nd
<wodensday> Meeting adjourned. Thank you all! Was worried about attendance for a moment there