Outreach 06/15/2021

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== Meeting called to order 9:09PM EST == Meeting adjourned 9:59PM EST

<wodensday> Shall we begin then?
<Yari> let's!
<wodensday> Alright, let's ID
<wodensday> Anthony Jay, Indiana
<Yari> Rose Klein, California
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/ILPP
<wodensday> So, there are a few things I know we wanted to get to.
<wodensday> I know last time I was around there was talk of creating some poster-approval process for our social media accounts. I take it that's still a WIP?
<Yari> pmchi would know more about that than me
<Yari> I don't think it was a poster-aproval process per se
<Yari> oh wait yes we were talking about that
<Yari> my bad misremembering
<wodensday> That's alright, do we still want to do that?
<Yari> pmchi is it still just you and Bosun that are posting?
<wodensday> If anything, I can start to help out if you'd like
<Yari> some sort of poster-approval process seems like a good idea, honestly.
<Yari> I don't recall us getting anywhere substantial on it
<Yari> I'd have to pull up the notes
<pmchi> I actually still don’t have social media access
<pmchi> So just Bosun
<Yari> oh wow
<wodensday> Oh, I'd suggest that we ask him about that
<Yari> that seems... like a problem
<wodensday> Sorry, didn't mean to italicize
<wodensday> More people-power on social media is a must have.
<Yari> agreed
<wodensday> Opening it up to leadership as a whole could be a good start.
<wodensday> And then, if necessary, we can devise a system of getting people in there to help out
<pmchi> I think the initial discussion involved a potential moderator? Anyone could post, but one person moderates to make sure everything was good and presentable
<pmchi> If I’m not mistaken
<Yari> wodensday by leadership do you mean pnc?
<wodensday> Yes
<wodensday> pmchi That also works
<Yari> I feel like since giving of social keys is something that should be regulated by the pnc directly, this is a vote of the pnc - and also I would like to suggest that we make a resolution to them
<Yari> In fact, I would like to propose a resolution to be forwarded to the PNC
<wodensday> Oh, definitely. I just wanted to get some opinions on what we're proposing before we do.
<wodensday> How do we go about voting with three people
<wodensday> ?
<Yari> chair doesn't have a vote but can take part in discussions
<Yari> and of course can state opinions
<wodensday> Two people!
<wodensday> But I do ask for the motion, correct?
<Yari> once someone submits a motion to be voted on, that motion is on that table
<Yari> Well, I haven't formally submitted a motion, but I was about to
<Yari> you don't always have to ask for a motion - sometimes the members just submit one
<Yari> but sometimes they are reluctant or there should be a motion for something - and you have to ask
<wodensday> And here I thought I had those rules of order in the bag, haha
<wodensday> Thank you
<Yari> So, once the motion is submitted and on the table, it's a simple majority vote by the members
<Yari> you call for the vote
<wodensday> Can we get a vote, then?
<Yari> well, I have to submit a motion first
<Yari> I haven't said what exactly we're voting on - I just said I wanted to propose a specific resolution to be forwarded to the PNC
<wodensday> Oh wow, I'm way off base here. Sorry about that.
<Yari> So at this point, I am about to say what my idea for the resolution is, and then we can either go to voting or choose to amend the resolution
<Yari> So, my resolution is this: That the PNC assure access to the social media to each of the officers of the PNC, as well as each chair of the PNC subcommittees. Additionally, that the PNC commit to researching a implementing a method of tracking the original author of each post made to USPP social media accounts.
<Yari> *and implementing
<wodensday> Excellent. If we are all on board with this, would it be time for a vote?
<Yari> yeah so if pmchi or yourself want to modify it in any way now would be the time
<Yari> or if you think it sucks, let me know
<pmchi> I’m on board with Yari’s resolution as it stands
<wodensday> Same here. All in favor?
<pmchi> I
<Yari> aye
<wodensday> Fantastic!
<Yari> motion passes
<Yari> hey we did a thing
<pmchi> Yay!
<pmchi> Progress
<wodensday> I am very happy to do things
<Yari> I know this wouldn't solve everything with the social media, but it's a start
<pmchi> It shows we’re at least trying to do something about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<wodensday> I think this will help us get there
<wodensday> Did we gain any insight from the conference that either of you want to discuss here at outreach?
<Yari> Oh yeah for sure! I looked at the analytics
<Yari> So I can send you both the pictures of our analytics on discord later, but the main takeaway that I could actually pull from the data was this:
<Yari> Whenever we made a new video or did a new livestream, people also went back and watched our other content
<Yari> and, most of our views were from direct links that we put in the discord
<Yari> (so the more we mention it, the better, and the more we make videos, the better)
<Yari> which - kind of obvious
<Yari> but
<wodensday> It sounds to me like we should work on engaging our existing members more
<Yari> Yeah, I agree. Our members on Discord are largely unaware of the platform points and much of the content behind the pirate party
<Yari> They are, in many respects, an audience waiting to be engaged
<pmchi> It also appears that, once they’re in the Discord, that’s where we garner the most intrigue and interest
<wodensday> Discord is a place of fantastic opportunity, we have a lot we can capitalize on there
<Yari> We need a "what is the pirate party?" video
<wodensday> Oh yes. I'd love for us to somehow get more traditional youtube informational content on there, about who we are and what we do
<pmchi> I agree. Something we could put on the front page of the website. Something that’ll sum us up in 5~ minutes
<wodensday> Do we think we can make youtube a project of priority?
<Yari> Joe said something about working on a more standard youtube setup
<wodensday> That would be great. I think there is good potential with out YT page, and was wondering if the conference could tell us something about that
<Yari> I don't know if it's worthwhile to make youtube a priority project - we have so many plates in the air right now, I'd like to get more people on board. But, I think we should definitely keep making youtube content no matter what
<Yari> that's part of the reason I want to discuss whether we should move to jitsi or BBB more permanently at the meeting on sunday
<Yari> Because if we can make content without doing more work...
<wodensday> Not a priority overall of course, but a priority for PNC outreach. 
<Yari> Just keeping up a regular presence on youtube is... enough to keep the ball rolling.
<Yari> hmm
<Yari> I mean, what else do we have?
<Yari> newsletter, youtube, discord, socials
<Yari> website
<Yari> what am I missing?
<wodensday> I think that's it
<wodensday> If we want to get the word out, YT is a great place to be. It is, strangely enough, a center of american politics
<wodensday> For better or for worse
<Yari> Of those, I would personally rank them as such: website, socials, youtube/discord, newsletter
<Yari> It's most important to maintain a professional look on the website, and also arguably the least amt of work
<Yari> once things are set up
<wodensday> We can definitely continue to work on the website. What do we have to do over there?
<Yari> Frankly, I think we could do better with the website, but... I have to talk to Bosun and jokeefe about that
<Yari> Website stuff would be like writing articles about the things that happen
<wodensday> It's presentable, but definitely a little bare bones. 
<Yari> See the MAPP site for reference
<Yari> that thing is beautiful
<pmchi> The MassPirates website is one to behold
<Yari> So there's a few things that need to happen for that to change:
<pmchi> Everything about MA is something to be modeled after imho
<Yari> first, I need to talk to bosun and jokeefe and convince them to dump drupal in the trash
<Yari> second, we need to have content written
<Yari> with nice photos
<Yari> That's it. And they don't ever write much, it's always very to the point
<wodensday> Sounds good. Let me rescind my YT comments and zoom out to the bigger picture. How about we focus on making quality pirate content that gets people engaged and lets them know what they can do to help?
<Yari> Yeah of course, I think honestly that anything that does that successfully will help a lot
<Yari> and of course that second part is really important
<wodensday> Definitely. It's about both getting people in and making them stay. If you don't give them a reason to be here, you lose em.
<Yari> youtube would be great, articles would be great, anything
<Yari> The thing is we can cross-post stuff
<Yari> heck, you write an article and I will read it in a youtube video and then do commentary
<Yari> this is content
<Yari> As long as everything has links about where to get involved and help
<wodensday> Oh definitely, we can be resourceful.
<wodensday> I take it we should close up soon enough? I do want to write a closing summary before we close up entirely, for our current and future selves.
<Yari> yeah I usually close at the hour, latest
<Yari> for my own sake as well as for others
<wodensday> Alrighty. If we are all fine to, let's wrap this up.
<Yari> motion to adjourn
<pmchi> 2nd
<wodensday> Adjourned
<pmchi> Goodnight gang! See you guys Sunday
<Yari> (normally after the 2nd, that means it is now a motion officially, and you can ask for votes, but since there's only two of us, eh)
<wodensday> (Yeah, I figured but there wasn't much else to do, haha)
<wodensday> Goodnight, I will see you then
<Yari> okay, I will post notes