Outreach 04/13/2021

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<Yari> so let's open this up
<Yari> Calling this outreach meeting to a start
<Yari> at 9:06 PM EST
<Yari> IDs please
<wodensday> Anthony Jay, IN
<Yari> Rose Klein, California
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/ILPP
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<Yari> lovely I think its just the three of us? Unless jokeefe is planning on participating (though I know we aren't doing civiCRM tonight)
<Yari> okay old business
<pmchi> PNC had no meeting, so the guidelines haven’t been presented. So if you guys’d like, we can discuss that
<pmchi> I drew up the bulletpoints, it’s really the only changes
<Yari> ah, nice - can we get another link for the wiki?
<pmchi> Wiki?
<Yari> I was referring to the meeting minutes, but now that I think on it the link will be broken soon so statement is irrelevant
<Yari> link for my benefit would be appreciated though
<Yari> unless that's not easy to do?
<Yari> pmchi pinging
<Yari> okay, we can return to that particular point of old business later.
<Yari> the old business from last time was with regard to the structure of outreach's social media efforts, but I think it would be best we discuss that when more ppl are active and here.
<Yari> wodensday, do you have any insights on the subject that you've thought of in the past week?
<Yari> for the record so that we can start with those thoughts next week or the week after when discussing
<wodensday> I still like the model I proposed, but I think it might work better as a long-term temporary solution. 
<Yari> noted, and agreed. 
<wodensday> For the immediate future, we should probably figure out some other way of appointing social media people.
<wodensday> That's both quick and fair
<Yari> We have two who are trading off right now, but its very temporary
<Yari> and somewhat irregular
<Yari> well, with that on record, I'd like to move on to new business and ask your thoughts on the two things you brought up in the discord channel
<wodensday> Sounds good!
<Yari> specifically, a brand kit (suggestions for going about that?) and swarmwise (what insights did you gain from it?)
<wodensday> As for brand kit, I don't know what the USPP has already made over the years, but we could also start from scratch.
<Yari> for the record, Swarmwise refers to the book by Pirate Rick Falkvinge
<wodensday> I just think it would be valuable to have the party's logo and promotional artwork be accessible. And if we don't have much of that so far, we should make some.
<wodensday> A consistent brand across the website and social media that matches would also be a good step.
<Yari> I agree. 
<Yari> I hadn't really thought of that when I was thinking of our outreach work, but it is certainly important.
<wodensday> I look at, say, the German Pirate Party, and they have a really clear image. 
<wodensday> I think we could benefit from that.
<Yari> agreed. I can take on that project actually - I have some art and design skill
<Yari> and experience with brand management
<Yari> I'll bring it up next week for sure
<wodensday> I'm not a professional, but I do have a lot of experience doing that sort of thing as a hobby as well.
<Yari> thoughts on swarmwise?
<Yari> nice!
<Yari> I can message you on discord if you think you have the time
<Yari> we could collab
<wodensday> That's a big topic. 
<wodensday> May be worth more than one meeting.
<Yari> oh, swarmwise?
<Yari> and how it could be applied?
<wodensday> Yeah
<wodensday> Though, I do have one main takeaway.
<Yari> good to know - definitely worth reading then. I'll have to download it.
<Yari> which is?
<wodensday> Falkvinge attributes much of his success to making things clear and direct. Make it easy to find out how to get involved and make your most practical and tangible goals the forefront. The best way to get and keep attention, in his mind, is a direct road to progress.
<wodensday> He places this above regular advertising, saying it's next to useless if an outreach effort isn't direct and motivating.
<Yari> that makes a great deal of sense
<wodensday> I think we could see better results if we kept this in mind. Engage people through what they can do to contribute right now. That way, if they're interested in pirate values, they can start.
<Yari> agreed.
<Yari> It's about agency, in a way
<Yari> I like that
<wodensday> The ideological musing is something for the entrenched members, he mentions
<wodensday> The direct action is for the newcommers
<Yari> and direct action is what we want
<wodensday> Which makes a lot of sense to me
<wodensday> Absolutely!
<Yari> yeah
<Yari> okay, well - 
<Yari> I'
<Yari> I'm excited to hear about your other takeaways and I'm excited to read it
<Yari> let's definitely talk more about it at another meeting
<Yari> thank you for bringing it up
<wodensday> He calls that energizing the swarm. Make people excited about what you're excited about and watch as your new companions make it happen with your support.
<wodensday> Sorry, your messages didn't load!
<Yari> I'm excited to hear about your other takeaways and I'm excited to read it
<Yari> let's definitely talk more about it at another meeting
<Yari> thank you for bringing it up
<Yari> any objections to adjourning for the day?
<wodensday> None here
<Yari> okay then, without objection this meeting is adjourned at 9:40 PM EST
<Yari> thanks for being here