Outreach 04/06/2021

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<Yari> per Bosun, then - we will wait another week for the CiviCRM meeting
<Yari> okay I am going to call a normal Outreach meeting to order
<Yari> meeting called at 9:05 EST
<Yari> IDs please
<Yari> Rose Klein, California
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/ILPP
<jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Mass.
<wodensday> Anthony Jay, Indiana
<Bosun> Joseph Klein USPP Chair
<jokeefe> BTW: Bosun, is there a way to get the civicrm menu to appear when you click CiviCRM on the main menu?
<jokeefe> I see it in a row at the bottom of the page
<jokeefe> I mean column
<Bosun> yes I am still playing with the UI
<Yari> old business first, pmchi and Bosun, have you since edited and polished the social media guidelines?
<Yari> and pmchi could you link current version for the benefit of all here
<pmchi> https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/JLZ2yVAi/USPP+SOCIAL+MEDIA+GUIDELINES.docx
<Yari> I recall that you wanted them approved this meeting if possible
<Bosun> I would just take it as is now.
<pmchi> Here is the final draft
<pmchi> I received no objections, and if none arise, this is the copy I wish to present to the PNC
<Yari> having read over it, I personally find no objections with it either. I encourage everyone to take a minute to just skim it and re-familiarize themselves with its points though
<Yari> in case we want to make any final additions or changes
<Bosun> @wodensday have you registered @crew.uspirates.org?
<wodensday> Not yet, I found the old UI a bit confusing and hard to find. I can do that ASAP though.
<Yari> I trust everyone has had significant enough time to refamiliarize themselves with the final draft
<Yari> hearing no final changes, do we have a motion?
<Bosun> motion to accept the draft for presentation to SAB.
<Yari> motion on the floor. second?
<jokeefe> I suggest defining logical fallacies and ad hominem attacks
<Yari> bosun would you like to retract or maintain
<jokeefe> or at least linking to good definitions
<wodensday> Perhaps there should be a second document on that?
<wodensday> That we just have around to inform and educate
<Bosun> We can add foot notes.
<jokeefe> ==excellent
<Yari> agreed, footnotes would make sense - a whole second document seems too much. This is internal.
<jokeefe> ++excellent
<Yari> for the most part, internal. But for transparency shared
<Yari> bosun would you like to amend your motion? 
<pmchi> Would you all like to have a second copy next week with the footnotes? Or shall we just add the footnotes and send the copy for next Sunday?
<Yari> personally I think we should just add and send
<wodensday> Agreed.
<Yari> get it out the door, as it were
<Bosun> yes, agreed.
<Yari> motion is on the floor, though.
<Yari> and dying like a fish
<Bosun> call the vote
<pmchi> I 2nd the motion
<Bosun> good
<Bosun> call the vote
<Yari> shall we assume the motion is with friendly edits?
<wodensday> Yes
<Yari> Motion would then be: submit to SAB with footnotes
<Bosun> yes, agreed
<Yari> pmchi?
<pmchi> Yes, the document will be sent with the expected amendment of an addition of footnotes
<wodensday> We can/should keep this moving
<Yari> lovely
<Yari> all in favor?
<pmchi> Aye
<jokeefe> aye
<Bosun> aye
<jokeefe> pmchi - do you have a wiki account?
<pmchi> I tried to create one the last few days, it wouldn’t let me log in
<jokeefe> let me check
<Yari> opposed?
<pmchi> I also just tried logging onto crew, that wasn’t working either although I’m starting to question what email I might’ve used
<Yari> hearing no objections, the motion passes - the vote is called
<Yari> wodensday you can vote here fyi
<Yari> okay moving on
<wodensday> Thank you! I wanted to ask.
<wodensday> Wasn't going to risk blundering on the public record twice in a row
<Yari> This committee was asked to work together to monitor and coordinate the social media presence.
<pmchi> It’s happened to the best of us wodensday
<Yari> wodensday questions are always welcome and yes what pmchi said
<Yari> so apart from just a set of guidelines, we are also coordinating and acting as the volunteers to post things
<Yari> I'm wondering what this should mean - Bosun and jokeefe especially - I don't think giving all outreach members keys is a good idea. (since this committee is always in flux). 
<Yari> how could this committee help make more posts on social media?
<Yari> and how should that be coordinated?
<Yari> discuss
<wodensday> Should social media posters apply if interested and then either confirmed or denied?
<Yari> could happen through crew.pirates as well, that's a thought.
<Yari> we don't need to answer this now - and I also want to call for time.
<wodensday> An easy, temporary if necessary solution could be that they're bureaucratically appointed by the existing leadership after reviewing their application. Not exaclty pirate style, but the switch could be made to something more democratic in time
<Yari> But think on it for next week?
<Yari> wodensday that makes sense
<Bosun> We will make mistakes.
<Yari> perhaps we should decide what this application has then? or who we want?
<Yari> anyway
<Yari> I would like to call for time
<Bosun> Send the app to HR.
<Yari> yeah
<Yari> any pressing issues?
<Yari> before ending the meeting?
<Bosun> We need to post more. I got that part.
<wodensday> I don't believe so, I like the track we're on though. Look forward to seeing what happens.
<Yari> lovely. Without objection, I will consider the previous issue tabled
<Yari> could we have a motion to adjourn?
<pmchi> 2nd
<Yari> sure that works
<Yari> any objections?
<pmchi> Oh you said “can we” hahahah I’m sorry
<Yari> heck lets vote
<wodensday> Aye!
<pmchi> Aye
<Yari> yay wodensday voted
<jokeefe> aye
<wodensday> That felt good
<Yari> i bet it did
<wodensday> Like I'm a real pirate now
<wodensday> Yahoo
<Yari> awesome voting closed motion passes
<Yari> meeting adjourned at 9:36 pm EST