Outreach 03/23/21

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<Yari> I'm calling this meeting at 9:06 PM EST, outreach meeting is open
<Yari> IDs please
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/ILPP
<Yari> Rose Klein, California
<Yari> Bosun would you like to participate in the meeting?
<Yari> I ask because you usually do
<Bosun> Joseph Klein USPP chair
<davidd> can i say something
<Yari> jokeefe you are of course welcome as well
<davidd> David van Deijk Netherlands
<Yari> davidd please go ahead
<davidd> i am not sure if i said thanks to jokefe and others here for the video you send to us in the netherlands
<davidd> we definitely used it
<davidd> i just send it on to our social media team
<davidd> not sure if i replied to jokefe
<jokeefe> Glad it helped, davidd
<Yari> that's wonderful!
<Yari> I'll have to take another look at the video
<davidd> we also had a virtual meeting with 3 of the 4 european parlement pirates
<davidd> its all in english so maybe you enjoy it
<jokeefe> please do share
<Yari> yes, link please
<jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Mass., observer
<Yari> thank you jokeefe
<davidd> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7SkjC5ncWg
<Yari> thank you davidd
<davidd> i realise it is easy for me to get pirate content because i speak german
<davidd> and a bunch of other languages
<davidd> btw i am chairing/presenting that meeting with the MEP
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<Yari> I'm glad our video was useful to you all
<Yari> Was there anything else you wanted to share, davidd?
<davidd> sadly we didnt win a seat
<davidd> but we grew and our party became stronger during the campaign
<davidd> not a wasted effort in my book
<Yari> often that's the best we can hope for
<Yari> and work towards
<Yari> agreed
<davidd> had fun while doing it
<davidd> any questions you want to ask this oldtimer?
<davidd> ive been a pirate for 11 years now
<pmchi> What’s the selling point for you when talking about voting Pirate?
<davidd> my elevator pitch:
<davidd> knowledge is power, and we want to bring that power back to the people
<davidd> there has been a paradigm shift with the revolution in internet and telecommunications
<davidd> vast possibilities but also grave dangers
<davidd> and the elected officials really seem to be missing both
<davidd> the oppertunities for greater democratisation and the dangers 
<davidd> we pirates have better understanding and knowledge of these ICT things
<davidd> and that knowledge should really be present when these big decisions are being made
<davidd> is that a good awnser to your question pmchi?
<davidd> `monologue
<papegaai> davidd: Your current monologue is at least 10 lines long.
<Yari> I'm certainly going to being using that pitch though
<pmchi> It is, I’ll be using it as well
<Yari> or something similar
<Yari> I like it
<Yari> davidd is there a way people here could contact you for additional questions?
<Yari> there are many things we need to address at this meeting
<Yari> and I would like us to move on to those items
<davidd> you can email me at davidd@piratenpartij.nl but i often miss emails there
<davidd> if you just join here and mention my name during european evenign hours you have a good shot of chatting to me
<Yari> cool, thank you
<davidd> thank you too, have a great meeting
<Yari> Okay so there is one item of old business I'd like an update on
<Yari> thank you
<Yari> which is the social media guidelines
<Yari> pmchi - what happened with those?
<Bosun> My fault. 
<pmchi> Bosun: had looked over and fixed up the initial draft, and I cleaned it up a bit post his edits
<Yari> okay, that sounds good to me. Next steps?
<pmchi> https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1lYFTxza8K1MBlVTQvIJSznDiIirEV8Thof7aneoe4bU/mobilebasic
<papegaai> Title: Google Documenten: maak en bewerk documenten online, helemaal gratis. (at docs.google.com)
<Yari> we could review it and approve it next week to go to PNC
<Yari> if you think its ready for that final step
<pmchi> Relooking at it, it needs a little more cleaning
<Yari> Would you like two weeks, or three?
<pmchi> I’ll have a final submission next week, and then we can send it to PNC next Sunday
<pmchi> Just need until Tuesday
<pmchi> Not even
<Yari> fantastic! Even better. I'll take a look at it before then as well
<Yari> I encourage anyone who intends to be at the meeting next week to do the same
<Yari> thank you pmchi and Bosun
<Yari> next - a rather urgent bit of new business
<Yari> and related to social media
<Bosun> Ok - turned out nice thanks to mitch.
<pmchi> And please, work with me if you have comments and concerns, suggestions or improvements! I’m not picking on people with these rules, just want to make a broad stoke
<pmchi> Stroke
<Yari> a good point, pmchi - will do
<Bosun> OK urgent?
<Yari> Our social media has been quiet since the last manager turned in keys. We need to change that.
<Yari> The last twitter post was on the 6th
<pmchi> And they were mostly ill interactions with the Green Party
<Bosun> What is our goal?
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<Bosun> I can commit to one post on every odd day.
<Yari> I guess I'm mostly asking this committee whether, as your rep to the PNC, I should call for a specific nomination 
<Yari> for a new social media person
<Yari> or some sort of team
<Yari> or an entirely different solution
<Bosun> team trade off. Delegate days or odd even.
<Yari> Bosun - suggested number of posts? or does it matter?
<pmchi> Maybe an elected chair with the immediate responsibility to have social media updated and also power to distribute access to the accounts? That way those that wish to volunteer still can, but there’s always one trusted elected Pirate
<Yari> Either way I think we need an interim solution
<Yari> interim solution can just be Bosun posting
<pmchi> Bosun: I can trade off days with you if that’s how you’d wish to delegate in the interim
<Yari> or that
<pmchi> Just so you’re not overloaded
<Bosun> Chicken and egg - we need to generate interest so we get more volunteers.
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<Yari> Agreed, Bosun, but posting at all should be priority one.
<Yari> I think we can farm discord for volunteers actually
<Bosun> Hey Liz!
<Yari> any other long term solution suggestions?]
<Bosun> she must be lurking
<pmchi> Might I suggest a merchandise store? I know we’re not exactly swimming in cash, but perhaps a store to raise funds, coupled with something to promote. I don’t want to be a merchandise focused party, but a shirt or mask would be cool
<Yari> pmchi I think thats a lovely idea, and definitely more in the jokeefe wheelhouse
<Yari> and Joe
<Bosun> Volunteer Joe. :-)
<Yari> Okay I have other items of new business but they are much less pressing so I'm just going to put them on the agenda for next time
<Yari> any other pressing items for today?
<Yari> anything else someone wants to say about the social media issue?
<Bosun> No, I need more sleep - Sebastion has been waking up at 4-5 each morning.
<Yari> yikes
<Yari> pmchi could you move to adjourn?
<pmchi> Motion to adjourn?
<Yari> awesome
<Yari> any objections?
<Bosun> No
<Yari> cool 
<Yari> we're done
<pmchi> Motion passes
Note: meeting ended at 9:41 PM EST