Outreach 02/16/21

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 [meeting called to order at 21:01:25 EST]
<Yari> ah, bosun
<Olivia_> Hey hope everyone is doing well.
<pmchi> Ahoy pirates!
<pmchi> @Yari: sorry you’re not feeling well
<Yari> we can go ahead with the meeting since we have people, I would just ask that we keep it short then
<Yari> thanks pmchi
<Yari> okay well let's get started then
<Yari> IDs please
<pmchi> Mitchel Davilo, Chicago/ILPP
<Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, SouthWest, volunteer
<Yari> Rose Klein, California
<Yari> Bosun ID please
<Bosun> Joe Klein USPP
<Yari> thanks. Last time we talked about doing a bi-monthly newsletter. We need to learn more about the publishing methods, and it sounds like jokeefe is willing to teach. Would next week work to host him and learn?
<Yari> during our meeting, that is
<pmchi> That sounds good
<Yari> any objections to hosting jokeefe next week?
<Olivia_> Would it be on jitsi with a screen share?
<Bosun> I don't object.
<pmchi> Hearing none
<Yari> Olivia that's an excellent question
<Olivia_> On IRC is harder to understand and would take much longer.
<Yari> I imagine it would
<Yari> agreed
<Olivia_> typing everything
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<Yari> okay, hearing no objections - we will do it pending jokeefe's schedule
<Bosun> agreed.
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<Yari> PNC has asked us to create social media guidelines
<Yari> would be good for future operation of the party, esp as more people come on board
<Yari> any volunteers?
<Olivia_> for drafting guiddelines?
<Yari> olivia yes
<pmchi> I volunteer
<Yari> thank you pmchi
<Yari> if you would like assisstance, or if anyone would like to assist
<Bosun> we have a mail list - we should use it for drafts.
<Olivia_> I would if no one objects I'm already inside it
<pmchi> Would you like platform specific guidelines or general platform rules
<Yari> pmchi that's up to you I believe, there was no guidance from PNC
<Yari> Olivia if you would like to help, please coordinate with pmchi
<Olivia_> Do you want drafting to be done on the outreach mail list or a board for it on Discord?
<Bosun> I think it is more along the lines of logical argument, no ad hominan attacks ... etc
<Bosun> Outreach list.
<Yari> Olivia_ I think the outreach mail list is better for drafting
<Olivia_> Should Bosun/Meg and Jamie be included in the drafting?
<Yari> Bosun, what do you think?
<Bosun> Everything gets submitted to the board for approval.
<Yari> no need to include them then, just the mail list
<Yari> besides they can sign up for the list if they want
<Olivia_> What gets tweeted would need approval?
<Bosun> I am on the mail list.
<Yari> Olivia Bosun is referring to the proposed guidelines
<Bosun> We are not here to micromanage.
<Yari> they will get submitted to the PNC
<pmchi> I could draft up a quickset of rules and set it in mass email by tomorrow. All could contribute
<Bosun> The outreach mail is just us here.
<Yari> okay, pmchi will draft and others will contribute by email, Olivia will take point on edits and assistance.
<Olivia_> Because I didn't see a problem with what I had tweeted I don't think I can say much about guidelines even though I heavily edited myself and held back greatly.  
<Olivia_> I did ask Bosun beforehand about what I can and can not tweet.
<Yari> Olivia this is more about future social media managers than past actions
<Olivia_> No cursing and no arguments I would think are top two.
<Bosun> Tes
<Bosun> Yes
<Yari> any objections?
<Bosun> NO.
<Bosun> no objections.
<Yari> hearing none
<Yari> wiki editing
<Yari> we had brought up a while ago that we wanted a team to help update the wiki
<Yari> is there a way perhaps we could recruit from the discord for that?
<Bosun> We should hook up a news feed - for the news section.
<Yari> Bosun that sounds like more of an IT thing
<Olivia_> Do you want a call out on the blog and twitter about volunteers and what type of vounteers?
<Yari> though I would agree - I can bring that up at PNC
<Olivia_> I put ore suggestions on the Discord about citizen journalists too.
<Yari> Olivia_ that might be helpful
<Olivia_> Writers are greatly needed for all Parties.
<Bosun> Yep.
<Bosun> More writing.
<Olivia_> and videos for the youtube to build it up
<Yari> maybe a general call then? for writers, for opinion pieces, for wiki editors, etc?
<tom> Just to let you know, for some people proprietary mass survailance platforms like discord are inaccessible to them
<Yari> tom - point taken, and agreed, please keep in mind that if any at large members wish to speak in the meetings they must ID first
<tom> Ok
<Olivia_> Should a Discourse forum be added along with the Discord for those who can't access Discord?
<pmchi> Olivia_: I think a Discourse forum would be a great idea
<Olivia_> It's open source too which might get international Pirates to join.
<Yari> I don't know how to set that up
<Olivia_> Would Jamie or Joe know?
<Yari> although I could do the research?
<Yari> Jamie and Joe both have a lot on their plates
<Bosun> I need to go, I have a crying 2YO here.
<Yari> okay thank you Bosun
<Olivia_> Goodnight!
<pmchi> Bosun: I wish you my best
<Bosun> speaking of plate - or small dishes.
<Bosun> night all
<Olivia_> Discourse seems to be now the popular open forum to use.
<Yari> Okay, Olivia I think it would be helpful to put out a general call for writers, etc. Though maybe run it past Bosun first, in case he wants to add anything
<Yari> Could you do that in the next week or two?
<Olivia_> I can draft up a small blog post and send it to the outreach mailing list.
<Yari> that would be wonderful
<Yari> thank you
<pmchi> Discourse is really easy to use. Idk about setting it up, but if we can get it going, it’ll be good to attract people and overall having a convenient spot to discuss Pirate issues
<Olivia_> How about tech help too?
<Yari> Olivia_ that would be a question for jokeefe
<Olivia_> a call for it
<Olivia_> okay
<Yari> pmchi I'll look into it and try to coordinate with jokeefe to see what needs to be done to set it up this week
<pmchi> Do we have a pirate forum already?
<Yari> no idea
<pmchi> Internationally, I mean
<pmchi> Okay, just wondering
<Olivia_> I think the Discord is.  But there are in other countries but most are not in English.
<Yari> Okay I would really like to call it if y'all dont mind
<pmchi> Of course
<pmchi> By the way, Nick Sarwark sends his regards to the USPP
<pmchi> Meeting today went well
<pmchi> Good advice
<Yari> oh nice!
<Olivia_> Several Parties have forums but mostly not in English.  But a general English speaking forum for Pirates I haven't heard of.
<Yari> cool cool, glad to hear it
<Yari> Unless there is objection, I am adjourning us
<Olivia_> !
<pmchi> Hearing no objections
<Olivia_> I will post the minutes in the Discord after you put them up.
<Yari> sure I'll put them up in a bit
<Yari> gnight 
<Olivia_> Goodnight everyone!
<pmchi> Goodnight!
[meeting adjourned at 21:33:42 EST]