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[20:00:21]  <pmchi> Ahoy!
[20:00:34]  <@Bosun> Hello, how goes?
[20:00:51]  <Olivia_> Hey everyone!
[20:01:31]  <pmchi> Good! Had to pick up an extra shift at work so will be popping in an out as possible
[20:02:21]  <@Bosun> Pizza?
[20:02:21]  <Olivia_> An enemy of mine the past decade who used to work for Breitbart when he was still alive is admitting he thought of and planned the nazi attempted coup on the Capitol.
[20:03:16]  <pmchi> Pizza grind is very real, yes
[20:03:37]  <pmchi> I’m starting to think these Nazi folk are bad news
[20:04:02]  <pmchi> (Sarcasm, Nazis obviously always bad)
[20:04:10]  <Olivia_> I'm actually eating pizza now as we speak LOL.
[20:04:31]  <@Bosun> My son John was a Papa John's manager. 
[20:04:31]  yari (~yari@ip68-109-73-167.oc.oc.cox.net) joined the channel
[20:04:40]  <yari> ahoy
[20:04:46]  <@Bosun> ahoy
[20:05:03]  <yari> Sorry I'm late, working on an application
[20:05:14]  <yari> Thanks for the ping
[20:05:29]  <Olivia_> We're talking about pizza and nazis.
[20:05:35]  <@Bosun> I am dead tired. Sebastion was running around from 1-3 am then had the indecency to get up at 8am.
[20:05:44]  <yari> Ah. Fun.
[20:05:58]  <yari> We can make it short.
[20:06:01]  <yari> Shall we?
[20:06:04]  <yari> IDs please
[20:06:19]  <Olivia_> My nephews tired me out this Sunday lol.
[20:06:36]  <yari> Rose Klein, California
[20:06:42]  <Olivia_> Olivia Kristiann, volunteer
[20:07:22]  <@Bosun> Joe Klein USPP char/Wisconsin
[20:07:54]  <yari> pmchi ?
[20:08:05]  <@Bosun> We need to write the convention agument and I need to get out an impeachment PR.
[20:08:39]  <yari> Yes. Old business was the convention argument, impeachment PR carried over from the Sunday meeting
[20:08:44]  <@Bosun> Mitch is here will making pizza.
[20:08:54]  <yari> Let's talk the convention argument first. 
[20:09:16]  <pmchi> Mitch Davilo, ILPP
[20:09:20]  <yari> Have you had the time to draft anything yet?
[20:09:29]  <@Bosun> I shall free wite.
[20:09:33]  <@Bosun> write
[20:10:20]  <@Bosun> We believe in the power of government being derived from the people.
[20:10:34]  <yari> we should not do this right now
[20:10:38]  <pmchi> For the people, by the people, of the people
[20:10:55]  <@Bosun> Currently political parties do not represent all Americans in their conventions.
[20:11:21]  <Olivia_> I still say this isn't a free speech issue it's actions have consequences.
[20:11:28]  <yari> PAUSE
[20:11:37]  <yari> We are talking about the convention argument
[20:11:41]  <@Bosun> Currently territories, the district and PR have no convention say.
[20:11:42]  <yari> Not the impeachment PR
[20:12:06]  <yari> Bosun, can we hash this out on a document
[20:12:10]  <yari> And not in the meeting
[20:12:31]  <yari> I feel like you're going over stuff right now that we've already discussed
[20:12:40]  <@Bosun> Currently party convention do not give proportional votes by population.
[20:12:55]  <yari> And there's no way we're going to finish all of the wording tonight in meeting
[20:12:58]  <yari> That would take too long
[20:13:21]  <yari> We draft proposals outside of meetings
[20:13:29]  <@Bosun> OK essentialy going over the main points - that is about it.
[20:13:39]  <yari> okay, was not clear
[20:14:44]  <yari> Regardless, point still stands - proposals get drafted outside of meetings
[20:15:01]  <@Bosun> I can be opaque sometimes.
[20:15:09]  <@Bosun> OK
[20:15:11]  <yari> So let's just table for now and bring it up again next week?
[20:15:27]  <@Bosun> I will submit draft then.
[20:15:50]  <yari> Okay - remember also that you can and are frankly encouraged to collaborate with other people in the drafting
[20:16:01]  <yari> (Email me)
[20:16:14]  <@Bosun> Impeachment, I am basicly pulling the lines out of the meeting notes.
[20:16:32]  <@Bosun> Yep - you all want drafts?
[20:16:52]  <Olivia_> If you want to send it to SAB?
[20:16:56]  <yari> First, are there any objections to tabling the convention rules draft?
[20:17:03]  <@Bosun> no
[20:17:07]  <yari> No this is a proposal that is not yet drafted
[20:17:15]  <yari> It should not go to SAB
[20:17:25]  <Olivia_> okay
[20:17:40]  <yari> SAB is for revising and sometimes getting general consensus data on proposals about to be submitted
[20:17:45]  <@Bosun> You get a copy though to chew on.
[20:17:59]  <yari> This one hasn't been written yet
[20:18:04]  <yari> It doesn't exist
[20:18:45]  <yari> At least, that's my take
[20:18:54]  <@Bosun> I want to get the impeachment statement out by noon EST tomorrow, as the house vote is tomorroe.
[20:19:12]  <yari> yes. Objections to tabling draft?
[20:19:17]  <@Bosun> no
[20:19:25]  <@Bosun> no objection
[20:19:38]  <yari> Hearing none, moving on.
[20:19:44]  <yari> impeachment
[20:20:08]  <yari> What was the wording discussed at the meeting?
[20:20:13]  <yari> On Sunday?
[20:20:45]  <@Bosun> I think we have an opportunity - we may see a breakup of the GOP.
[20:21:18]  <@Bosun> We are for it.
[20:21:33]  <yari> For impeachment?
[20:21:40]  <yari> To clarify
[20:22:57]  <Olivia_> This is McConnell's last term that he just won during reelection is what I'm seeing being tweeted.  So with his career about to be over in a couple years when his term ends, he might vote to impeach.
[20:23:50]  <@Bosun> He said he is for it.
[20:24:03]  <@Bosun> McConnell
[20:24:07]  <Olivia_> He was reelected.  So with this being his last term according to twitter lol, he might impeach after what just happened at the Capitol so to save his reputation what little he has left.
[20:24:07]  <yari> Did he really?
[20:24:28]  <Olivia_> Really??  WOW yeah I haven't caught up on today's news yet.
[20:25:00]  <@Bosun> Yes - according to staff leaks
[20:25:17]  <@Bosun> He wants Trup purged from the GOP.
[20:25:59]  <@Bosun> Liz Channey is one of three Rs in the house who say they will vote to impeach.
[20:26:20]  <Olivia_> He's a Trumpist too and so many of the GOP such as Graham and Rand Paul and many others.
[20:26:23]  <yari> Yeah, and looks like McConnel might actually work to make it happen
[20:26:24]  <yari> wow
[20:26:50]  <Olivia_> Because Pence would not invoke the 25th.
[20:26:52]  <yari> bizarre
[20:27:05]  <yari> Okay, so what is our statement
[20:27:07]  <yari> ?
[20:27:15]  <yari> We are pro impeachment, of course
[20:27:18]  <yari> What else?
[20:28:25]  <yari> Do we want to take a stance on the republican members of congress who questioned elections and encouraged the violence?
[20:28:46]  <@Bosun> https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/12/us/mitch-mcconnell-trump-impeachment.html
[20:28:47]  <papegaai> Title: Mitch McConnell Said to be Pleased About Trump Impeachment Efforts - The New York Times (at www.nytimes.com)
[20:29:21]  <@Bosun> Fiery rhetoric has consequences.
[20:30:16]  <Olivia_> Pence is dirtier than Trump is many say he's worse but hides it better many say.  Pence's nephew is involved in the shell company Kushner started that stole over $600M from the reelection campaign fund.  And it was Kremlin agent Manafort who insisted that Pence be picked for VP (!) when Trump wanted his friend Chris Christ y instead.
[20:30:26]  <@Bosun> Corporations - big corporation now refuse to donate to them.
[20:31:14]  <Olivia_> The GOP millionaires and billionaires who fund these people are to blame they have blood on their hands they need to be in prison too.
[20:32:13]  <@Bosun> The Capital Cop who committed. suicide - his father's company organized the rally. May have had some guilt issues.
[20:32:39]  <Olivia_> The Super PACs have to be destroyed who fund this.
[20:33:12]  <Olivia_> His father died 15 years ago.  Many say the video of the cop being dragged out and beaten was him.  He was beaten and maybe the injuries pushed him to suicide.
[20:33:24]  <yari> Speaking on funding of the people would be very much in line with the pirate ideals
[20:33:27]  <@Bosun> Ye I shall put in a word about election reform and financing.
[20:34:32]  <yari> If spending is a form of speaking, as they wish it to be, then the speech of this spending should be treated equally as heinously
[20:34:39]  <Olivia_> I still don't know if the cop pictured face down being beaten with an American flag pole is the cop who was murdered or the one who killed himself.  yeah there's a weird Manafort connection too tied to his father but he died 15 years ago.
[20:35:21]  <Olivia_> The cop murdered is a Trump supporter!
[20:36:10]  <@Bosun> It helps that Trump is not contrite. It is pissing off center right GOPs
[20:36:11]  <pmchi> Something tells me most of, if not all of, those cops were Trump supporters. That doesn’t shock me. But any Manafort connect should raise red flags
[20:37:01]  <@Bosun> Parlor screen shot talks about attempt II on the 19th.
[20:37:02]  <Olivia_> Police unions are tied to the NRA which means automatic Republican.  Not all cops are evil bastards though.
[20:37:32]  <pmchi> There are good men and women who work as cops
[20:38:19]  <Olivia_> I've heard both 17th and 19th.  i think they're trying to fuck with us.  That area pulled permits but it was Trump who forced the National Park Services whatever it's called to give the permits.
[20:38:25]  <pmchi> But we should hold all government employees to a high level of accountability. Police especially
[20:38:26]  <@Bosun> The parlur hack is revealing a lot.
[20:39:18]  <Olivia_> The Capitol pulled the permits but Trump had another group above them give the permits.
[20:39:29]  <pmchi> The amount of Paler usernames with “1488” really churned my stomach. These really are the worst of the worst we are dealing with
[20:40:39]  <Olivia_> They also had shirts with the symbol that means 6 million jews were not enough.
[20:40:53]  <yari> Agh wtf
[20:40:55]  <yari> Okay 
[20:40:58]  <yari> We should end
[20:42:32]  <yari> Bosun, do you have questions about your statement that you would like to ask
[20:42:37]  <yari> Before we end?
[20:42:39]  <@Bosun> OK - yes - many evil people.
[20:42:42]  <yari> Other opinions
[20:42:59]  <yari> Or specific suggestions you might like to ask for?
[20:43:20]  <@Bosun> What do you want us to say?
[20:43:51]  <yari> Is that a question for everyone?
[20:44:02]  <@Bosun> I should end on a high note. This business is sad and painful.
[20:44:20]  <@Bosun> yes - question for everyone.
[20:45:08]  <Olivia_> I think that rally also served as a distraction for him murdering over 350,000 people with Covid.
[20:45:29]  <@Bosun> Yes - 
[20:45:31]  <Olivia_> The rally that backfired after.
[20:45:55]  <pmchi> It’s currently overshadowing the potential war with Iran
[20:46:01]  <Olivia_> OMG Clarence Thomas' wife Ginni funded it too paid for 70 busses to bus these people in!!!
[20:46:06]  <@Bosun> You gin up a crowd - you get a mob.
[20:46:21]  <@Bosun> Saw that -
[20:46:35]  <pmchi> Charlie Kirk, in a since deleted tweet, said Turning Point funding part of the bussing and rally
[20:46:43]  <Olivia_> Maybe that can get him kicked off the bench!!
[20:46:49]  <yari> I would like three things to be said in the statement
[20:47:06]  <@Bosun> OK yari 
[20:47:16]  <Olivia_> Charlie Kirk also gave them free hotel stays.
[20:47:22]  <yari> 1. - that trump should be impeached for his actions both with the mob and previously 
[20:47:30]  <@Bosun> Please state 3 points
[20:47:41]  <yari> 2. - that many republicans are complicit in his actions
[20:49:42]  <@Bosun> or at least the Republican need to raed the history of the last day of the Roman Republic.
[20:49:51]  <@Bosun> read
[20:50:15]  <yari> 3. That wealth and white supremacy were used to leverage both mob and police in the coup.
[20:51:51]  <@Bosun> The free speech memos show some complicity at the top levels of the military and police.
[20:52:35]  <pmchi> Maybe all this division got everyone at all levels picking sides
[20:53:03]  <@Bosun> It's OK they are just exercising their free speech rights. No need to call in the National Guard.
[20:53:27]  <pmchi> None of them were black so they didn’t feel the need
[20:54:10]  <Olivia_> The ones who peddle conspiracy theories should be in prison too.
[20:54:10]  <@Bosun> OK - got that.
[20:54:41]  <@Bosun> Q Anon is part of the toxic mix.
[20:54:56]  <@Bosun> Racism as well.
[20:55:00]  <yari> Bosun, other questions?
[20:55:49]  <Olivia_> Lauren Boebert is Q too and only on the job for 3 days when she tweeted Pelosi's location while they were all inside.
[20:56:05]  <@Bosun> I mat send you people a draft tomorrow morning. I will caffeine and write.
[20:56:41]  <Olivia_> Two female Dems so far have Covid due to the savages inside they were hiding with who REFUSED to wear masks.
[20:57:04]  <yari> Okay, we should end if Bosun doesn't have other questions then
[20:57:37]  <@Bosun> move adjourn
[20:58:09]  <Olivia_> Republicans who helped plan that rally and other Trump supporters in the Senate and House refused to wear masks and have now infected Dems.  I would put them in prison too.  Sorry for venting. 
[20:58:28]  <yari> 2nd adjourn
[20:58:37]  <Olivia_> 3rd
[20:58:39]  <@Bosun> They are now talking fines.
[20:58:43]  <yari> No worries Olivia, just want to to keep moving
[20:58:48]  <yari> I'm mad too
[20:58:58]  <yari> Okay, we are adjourned
[20:59:06]  <@Bosun> night.
[20:59:07]  <yari> Bosun, can you post notes please
[20:59:17]  <@Bosun> yes
[20:59:21]  <Olivia_> Goodnight everyone!
[20:59:24]  <yari> Thank you very much